Inma no Hado chapter 229

Inma no Hado chapter 229: Beautiful Reaper



“Well…well then, finally it’s my turn…”

The second ejaculation is sucked up considerably and the third succubus smiles with a grin while watching Kenichi who is exhausted. As ever Mariko is masturbating, Cecil who swallowed the sperm completely begins to sigh and holds on to Kenichi´s upper body with a full smile and starts to lick his nipples. From the two who swallowed Kenichi´s magic sperm, you can see a red aura rising like a flame.

“Huhuhu…. Mariko and Cecil are amazing…. Then, I also want to get serious…. My devil blowjob, which cant be watched in a video, will be tasted plentiful…”

This ultra popular AV actress licks her red lips with her long tongue while laughing happily. Her evil expression is like that of a cat cornering a mouse. A red aura rises from her body.

According to Juri’s words, she usually doesn’t have sex with a partner seriously when photos are taken or in private. If she is serious, it will quickly violate and dry out her partner. Even if the opponent is a veteran AV actor and battlemaster, it is a transcendental technique and a sweet structure that will let him cum in just a few minutes. In order to gain sexual energy from men because its food, succubi are designed so that their whole bodies draw ejaculation.

In addition, there are red tentacles around Juri now. The Inma wave corrodes the wave of the subject and resonates with it. As a result, the partner becomes sexual excited until its abnormal and the sexual sensation is increased to the maximum. Those red tentacles lift their creepy riffle like snakes aiming at their prey.

The tip of Kenichi´s penis is swallowed slowly by Juri´s sexy red lips, which tighten tightly.


As usual, Mariko’s crotch is blocking his mouth, so Kenichi can only raise a melancholy voice. Still, he can’t stop the pleasure coming out from his mouth as his dick is swallowed up by a Juri´s evil mouth.

(Aaaa…awesome… so great…th, this…)

Thin, elongated red tentacles come out of Juri’s body and entangle around Kenichi´s body which is lying on the bed naked. Every time it pulsates with a rhythm matching the heartbeat, you can see that the aura that was trying to protect Kenichi´s body is dyed red.

(This is…this is the power of an Inma…)

The horror of an Inma is realized by Kenichi himself again. Kenichi learns about excitement with his whole body cells boiling and experience a shudder from the overwhelming power he also has as it attacks him.

The mucosa of the mouth envelopes the whole long bow and slightly moves to stimulate a sensitive part. Occasionally sucking strongly, along with obscene sounds like scratching, the pleasure that let the hip bone melt runs through. The tentacles entangled around his body move according to it and are so violent that they swell up several times.

(This kind of pleasure, ordinary people can’t bear it…)

Being overwhelmed with unilateral pleasure beyond humanity, Kenichi remembers fear in the sense of his whole body melting into a mud.

A box type machine is placed in the room of this apartment where Mariko lives. Continuing to raise boom sounds and low roars, that machine cancels out Kenichi´s own wave, so that his powers are sealed and he is an ordinary human right now. Only then did you understand the overwhelming power and terrible nature of a devil.

The wave destroying machine that “SHADO” developed has been adjusted to cancel the wave of Kenichi emitted by Arisa Shinomiya who is a genius with an IQ of 180.

As a result, the abilities of Kenichi is the same level as an average person. Juri, who shakes her head is using red tentacles to torture the defenseless Kenichi. The standpoint is reversed as the power has weakened to an ordinary man level although Kenichi is usually the one who violates females.

Being excited about that, Juri performs a thick caress violently more than usual and her whole body burns with a sadistic excitement.


Spreading his legs as the penis reached its limit, Juri let the red tentacles enter Kenichi´s asshole. When Cecil bites the nipples as she aimed at it, a large amount of mucus overflow from the glans. A split second later, the cheeks are tightened and the love liquid is sucked up.


Since Kenichi came here, he cummed twice now, but Kenichi´s pleasure doesn’t show a sign of declining and the size gradually increases on the contrary. The third ejaculation runs from the back of his waist into Juri´s mouth.


Kenichi´s dick kept pulsating for a long time as it cummed for the third time. The popular AV actress swallows the high viscosity sperm with happy eyes. Meanwhile the red tentacles inside Kenichi´s anus incredibly prolong the ejaculation as they keep creating pleasure. Like receiving a electric shock, Kenichi´s body trembles.

“Uhuhuhu…it was delicious…”

With plenty of magic sperm of her dear man in her stomach, Juri smiles happily. Because she knows that gets better pleasure from Kenichi than usual, so it is joyful for her. It is the highest pleasure for the three succubi that their favorite man feels comfortable.

“Now, the real thing…. I’ll make you feel more comfortable. Next time I will squeeze it with my lower mouth…”
“Aaah, I can’t endure it anymore. I want to do something ecchi…. I don’t want you to be sad”
“I too…. I want to have Ken-chan inside my pussy soon…. I want to get fucked by a raw cock…”

Each of the three succubi absorbed exquisite energy released by Kenichi and have more physical strength than ever. Even if they single handedly can have a number of men at the same time, they meet Kenichi together like starving tigers eating a child rabbit.

“I will make it impossible for you to have sex with other women…”
“When we leave this apartment, you will be captivated by us…”
“You will never be able to return to your former self, so be prepared for it…”

The same dialogue that Kenichi tells pretty girls. The appetizer is over. It is real sex now. Three female Inmas attacked Kenichi who lies quite unprotected and having his bright red eyes glittering with desire.



Kenichi released a lot of cum, while his body trembles. It comes out from the tip pressed against the fetus of a half-beauty and hits the open uterine hole and spreads to the inside.

“Ah…it hits…it feels good…”

Receiving a intravaginal shot and being enchanted by its luscious stimulation, Yuuki Cecil never stops her slow waist movement. Doing so, the internal mucosa will squeeze out the last drop and twirls around the root and tip. No matter how high-quality the masturbation is, you can’t imitate the complexity and exquisite movement of this structure.

From Kenichi´s body lying in bed naked, a white fog rises. It is the sexual energy spit out from the ecstasy, eventually becoming a whirlpool and drifting around slowly, before it is sucked into the body of the three beautiful women on the bed.


By the absorption of a large amount of food, the three succubi share the comfort and Juri sub spirits breathe seems seemingly differently. All three beauties with ecstatic expressions are like junkies that ingested drugs. After all, the energy absorbed just now is the finest thing that a true devil can release. They are crazy about this delicate order of magnitude.

“It’s time to change…”
“Aah, I wanted to do a little more…”

Kenichi wonders how many times he ejaculated already with this. Now as Mariko crosses his groin, she swallows his penis that didn’t wither yet into her superior vagina. While each of the three have a magnificent pussy, the interior s delicately different in taste. Cecil’s pussy is crowded with numerous folds that tangle around the glans and Mariko tightly clamp as a whole like a virgin.

“I can’t do it anymore…”

Kenichi raised a pitiful voice a couple of times already in this room. After ejaculating into each of their mouths, he now has to ejaculate alternately into their vaginas. He accumulated sex energy of many pretty girls, but it is almost exhausted already though it should have been full until coming here. Kenichi´s magic power is sealed by the wave destroying machine and he endures desperately so that his consciousness doesn’t fly away.

If he loses all the energy as it is, the Inma inside his body will disappear and he becomes a scrap. While frightened by fear, he is still unable to resist the feeling of excitement and still refuses to give up many times.

“It’s not impossible! Even though we say such things, we won’t forgive you…”
“From now on, yet…. Okay, we will thoroughly squeeze you out today!”
“Hey…this is comfortable, right? Please put out more quickly”

While being tightened up, sparks came out from the eyes when it comes back of the waist. Since the root is tightened so as to congest, the blood that has flowed into the cavernosum eliminates the visit and the mucosa scrapes the glans.

“Cum!! Again! Again, I’m cumming!!!”

Raising a female voice like scream, the whole body which is sweaty shakes over and over again and releases in large quantities. White sperm packed with the Inma wave is called magic sperm and is poured into the womb of this pretty model and at the same time a great deal of sexual energy is exhaled from Kenichi´s naked body again.

“Al, already…no more…”

Kenichi tweets with a hoarse voice. Understanding intuitively that he is coming to the limits of justice, he looks at the three succubi alternately with eyes that ask for forgiveness. His expression was timid like his own self a year ago so to speak, this is Kenichi´s true figure as if he is bullied by a classmate from junior high.

(Is it okay…. Although Arisa has said that the machine will stop properly…. If it doesn’t stop, it can’t be helped…)

The wave destroying machine installed in this room should be programmed to stop just before Kenichi’s energy runs out. It is because he know that, that Kenichi let those three succubi do as they want.

There are several reasons for Kenichi himself to seal his magic power and intersect with three succubi this time. One of them is to increase the capacity of his magic power. Recent research on “SHADO” found that the absolute capacity increases as muscle mass increases after exercising when recovering after exhaustion of magic power to the last minute. Although Kenichi grew to an intermediate Inma, it is advantageous also in the confrontation with the coming “SHADO” if the capacity further increases.

(If…if the setting of the machine is wrong…no, it is a precision machine, there is enough possibility that it will be broken…)

Thinking about that, a cold sweat flows down Kenichi´s back. Instruments that sense biological waves are fragile due to the complexity of their structure. If it breaks here now, his magic power will be erased as it is sealed all the time.

(It is likely that it won’t go smooth…)

All three beauties thinking that the safety device will work automatically don’t realize the fear of Kenichi because they are crazy about the pleasure.

“I still…I still want more…more…please give me more…”

Mariko seeks the next pleasure and energy, even when she squeezed a lot of sperm. It isn’t floating in her crazy head that Kenichi’s residual energy is barely finished and she is using her hips vigorously with skillful movements.

(And besides that, Arisa herself originally hated me…. If, if the hypnotic suggestion had already been solved…)

Shinomiya Arisa who was an former ace of “SHADO” was tied to Kenichi through sex, even though he is the enemy and she wanted to assassinate him. But essentially the contents remain the same and although she is absolutely obedient by the hypnotic suggestion, from the bottom of her heart she wants to kill Kenichi. While having that antinomic ambivalent, Arisa curses her own body that is still crazy by pleasure and the last holding of her own is purposely unintentionally intentional.

If Arisa was already able to solve the hypnosis and was pretending to follow Kenichi on the surface……Kenichi thought about that possibility and a cold sweat spurt out of his whole body.

“Aah…dont hold back, please put it in Mariko…”

Without being aware of the fear of Kenichi at all, Cecil laid up smattering and laughs further the feeling of sexuality. Because she understands where and how Kenichi feels it by her wave, the stimulation that she produces is literally brutal and precise like a devil. Ten fingers, tongue and mouth skillfully blame the weak points of Kenichi´s upper body. Like the current pleasure tramples Kenichi’s efforts that desperately endure with fear, his penis is enveloped by a great body.

And in the open crotch, Juri extended her tongue and stimulated the balls. Positioning her face in front of the waist floating with the pillow down and use a technique that she can have it as much as she want with her cunning tongue or lips. She confirmed that Kenichi was at the cliff, crawling her tongue at the root which is covered with honey sh urged the red tentacles to further stimulate Kenichi´s anus.


An intense and violent stimulation runs through the backbone and the ejaculation valve is desperately blocked so that it won’t come out. A hot mass runs through with the momentum to shave Kenichi´s own life and blow up high everywhere. It is the energy necessary for survival of the bastard, the source of life itself.

(Already…it is really the last time…)

Kenichi convinces himself this time. It is the end with the next ejaculation. In the past, when Noriko’s trap was felt, the survival instinct as an Imma also triggered like now.

“Well, next is my turn…”

The black-haired beauty looking down on Kenichi with heartbroken eyes laughs with a grin. That smile was the Shinigami itself.

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