Inma no Hado chapter 233

Inma no Hado chapter 233: Ema’s first Love



From the six beautiful girls something like a white mist rises occasionally and is sucked into Kenichi’s body each time. It goes without saying that it is the development of sexual energy and less quantity, but the quality of it satisfies Kenichi’s desire. This young ladies academy is a great hunting place where you can get many beautiful girls. A place where you can’t get a blank. But that is not the only thing Kenichi realizes.

(When you come here, the magical power never strengthens…)

The black aura like a wave comes out of his body again. Waves are powerfully spreading around and wrap around the school building. There is no such a strong force elsewhere.

Until recently he didn’t know how strong the wave will be in this place, but the cause was clarified by Arisa’s investigation. This school is right under the point where the negative energy flow intersect at the sky and the magic power is strengthened more than anywhere else. This school is a singular point where strong energy gathers.

Therefore, although Kenichi is wary of the attack of “SHADO”, this school building, especially as long as it is in this dim room, he doesn’t feel like losing anything. Furthermore, if a member of “SHADO” came to this academy, even if they concealed individual waves with a wave cancelling machine, various cameras and sensors stuck in the school could make a system to recognize them.

The radar of the black wave and the eyes of the machine which Arisa made. It can be asserted that it is impossible even for those with state-of-the-art equipment to approach through these two things.

(But I shouldn’t underestimate them as it is…)

The opponent is an organization that has a network in the whole world. It isn’t supposed to run away from origin. Betting on his own survival, Kenichi made preparations after concluding.

The wounds owed by the battle with Usami are healed perfectly and the magic power has increased more than before thanks to the fellowship with Juri. In addition, Arisa is gathering information, Noriko and Masako are constantly monitoring and protecting himself. He is ready to fight anytime.

(And there is also the last trump card…)

While enjoying the passionate service of 6 young girls, a grin appears on Kenichi´s face in the dim room.

“Hey…Sensei…. Already…I can’t endure it anymore…”
“Yah. I too…. Please give it me…. Sensei´s amazing thing…”

Eriko and Nanako who were shaking their heads between Kenichi´s legs while sitting on the floor and begging with wet eyes. Pretty girls who are high in level but stand out even among the female students in this academy as they want to have sex. When Kenichi´s raise Eriko’s body up lightly, he pushed his dick inside from the side of panty in the face-to-face sitting position.

“Ahiiii!!! It hurts! It hurts, but I feel good…aaaa!!!”

Elegantly shaking her body to the pleasure while raising a scream. The muscles trained with short distance running squeezes Kenichi´s penis strongly as it invaded the womb. Eriko reaches ecstasy just by it. A large amount of energy flows out immediately, which is absorbed into Kenichi´s body and he realizes that it is enormous vitality. His own black wave increases day by day.

(Come if you want to come…I will give a definite decision…)

Probably the next will be the final battle with “SHADO”. Kenichi ravishes Eriko´s tightened meat jar, while quietly saving power in preparation for that time.


“Ahiiiiiii!! Ikuuuuu!! Ichyuuuuuuuu!!”

Sakura whose body has convulsions releases a apocalyptic groan and Kenichi withdraws his son at the point when it got out of shape. It is full of young girls juice and when he pulled it out he hit the inside gills once again.


The weapon which was pushed into a narrow secret hole is released and Kenichi exhales a deep breath. All six JKs were all aligned, their pussies are extremely narrow and the penis was tightened so that it remained pain all the time while fitting.

“Hey, you there, come”

While moistening his throat with mineral water placed on the desk, Kenichi speaks to the old door right beside him. It is a door separating this room from the science laboratory. Of course it is still lunch break, so you only see darkness next door through the foggy glass of the door. When the door opened, a tall girl appeared from the dark. The beautiful girl with short cutted hair walks towards Kenichi while looking angry. She has long legs on a slender and supple body.

“…So much… eating so much and scatter them around…”

The beautiful girl who seems to throw up by the rich female smell looks around as if she is dull. Her cold eyes emanate a red light that is disgusting. Beyond that gaze, six beautiful girls are lying on the sofa and the floor after having sex. All of them were deprived of bioenergy and can’t move.

“Aa…. I’m grateful that you always have a delicious feeling everyday. Even so, everyone is cute but with a sense of freshness…. Rimi, your choice is the best!”
“Kuu! …I…I…”

Kenichi laughed with a grin after he had sex with six female students in their uniforms. All of them were cute juniors who were pretty in love with Rimi. Rimi Makino who was robbed of every important lover trembled with anger as she saw Kenichi laughing.

It was Rimi who planted the suspicious pleasure of Lesbians, taught them the pleasure of the flesh as they were virgins who didn’t know anything. She carefully caressed those girls who just graduated from junior high school and gradually unraveled, but this man always takes them from her side. Then it is over. The girls who were fucked by this devilish man will become his belonging without any exception.

“Here, don’t stand around like that, please clean my dick quickly…. Please lick the juice that sticks to it and make it clean”
“Guu!! …Uuuu!”

Kenichi orders so and Rimi only stares at his meat pillar that towers firmly between his legs. Rimi who has high pride distorts her face to the compassionary humiliation, but as she bends her knees, she sits down on the floor and moved near Kenichi´s penis.

(Aaa…great smell…aaaa…my head is dizzy…)

Kenichi´s penis was inside the womb of Sakura until a while ago. A rich sex odor rises from it as the temperature rises due to the friction movement. Who spewed out? On the black surface where the blood vessels emerge, serious juice like egg white is attached every once in a while.

(Not god…smell…aaa…)

A strong sex smell after sex. As the switch was turned on, Rimi who became excited stretches out her long tongue and slowly licks from the root. Kenichi’s penis attached with honey from six different girls is the favorite thing for ice cream for this pervert lesbian. Wrapping her thin and long fingers around the root, she slowly caress and licks joyfully.

(Will he ejaculate from here?)

The desire that he didn’t put it out even when he fucked 10 women since this morning will gradually rise from now on. Even in the sense of supplementing magic powers to Rimi, which is a capacitor, it would be better to release his desire in the clean mouth of this cool beauty.

(But they seemed delicious…. Who will I eat first…)

Kenichi remembers the faces of the new female teachers who he met in the staff room this morning. They are just beautiful and have a good style, as they were just chosen by visual selection. Everyone seems to have a boyfriend or husband, but that only amplifies Kenichi´s appetite. That young married teacher is particularly attractive. It seems fun to deprive this newly married woman from her husband by flirting with her and making love together.


When Kenichi´s evil face distorts with a grin, his penis in Rimi´s mouth swells with force and shrugs. Even now it feels like a bomb vibrator that rubs inside her mouth and a sharp stimulation runs through her spirit and a sweet voice comes out of the nose.

“Today as well, Makino-senpai, will get to drink it. I wish that I could drink it completely…”

Eriko who finally recovered raised her body and hugs Kenichi. The crotch is occupied by the always cool and intelligent Rimi, who moves up and down in search of ejaculation with pure enthusiasm and technique.

“Aaa…Sensei…I will make you more pleasant…”
“We will make your whole body slimy with the spit from us high school girls…”

Six tongues and 60 fingers caress the whole body. Technique itself is still immature, but the service full of affection is nebulous and delicate. A collective service by seven beautiful girls. It is not a custom to wear the uniform. All of them are still students. Moreover, serious students of a young ladies academy who taste exquisite pleasures that can’t be bought even if they pay large sums.

“I will take it out”

The seven people who heard Kenichi´s murmured voice warmly increase their caress. Rimi puts on the last trick with both hands and mouth, showing a lustful face.


While sucking up the sweet tongue of Kyoko, Kenichi ejaculates his white desire. The black wave pulsates and the accompanying seven lovely girls are swallowed by a wave of ecstasy.

Eventually the wave spreads concentrically and spreads to every corner of the school building and on the way it reaches the people inside this room.


Kenichi´s perception that spread like a radar caught the surprising appearances of the three new female teachers quickly. They are exposed to the black wave and you can see them trembling from the momentary stimulation. As expected, the compatibility of the wave seems to be good. If this is the situation, resonance will occur in the blink of an eye. After all, Kenichi will interact with them from now on.

“More…I want more…”

Smiling joyfully at Rimi who drinks his semen completely, Kenichi accumulates his strength in his nest in preparation for the coming fight with “SHADO”.



“Hayasaka-san, let’s go home together”
“Uh…okay, but I have lessons today, so I’m going to the station…is that okay?”
“Ah, I’m going to cram school today, so let’s go to the station together”

On the way home from elementary school. Talking to a classmate boy, Hayasaka Ema answers with a whisper. Some people of her class are already dating, but it is embarrassing to walk alongside a boy in this way. Between boys in elementary school, boys and girls were meaningless and hostile, but it will soon be gone by sexual budding, but even if they are made fun of friends they want to escape.

Ema was called out by a classmate who lives in her neighborhood. She is the most popular among the girls as she is good at study and exercise. As a matter of course, since Ema also holds favor, she is very glad that she was invited like this and she feels that her sunken mind that has been setting up recently stands up.

“What do you do Hayasaka-san? Do you still take the Junior high school exam?”
“Yeah…but, I am not good at studying…. I don’t know what to do…”

If Ema is smart, she will be in the top three. But she wasn’t in an all boys school. She wonders if she won’t be able to meet this boy again. Thinking such things in her heart, her emerging heart sinks a little.

“But, Hayasaka-san is aiming for being an idol, right? That’s amazing!”

With clear eyes shining glittering, the boy who doesn’t know her inner heart stares at Ema dazzlingly.

As for her cuteness, Ema is famous in the elementary schools in this neighborhood. She was told many times so by this boy since she became a 6th grader and sometimes she was asked by junior high school students to go out with her. Sometimes she was followed by squared guys who wore glasses and were watching from far away, and when Ema noticed they were gone.

Big eyes on a oval face. It emphasizes cuteness rather that a little corner is going down. She is aware of that and have decided to become an idol since she was a kindergarten. Her dream that she hoped to achieve for a long time.

“… U, Uh…. I am doing my best, but…”

The recent impatience has made her feel depressed so she is looking downward while walking with her favorite boy.

Two good friends who attended the same dance school passed the audition for two consecutive times. Ema is more shocked than being happy about that. Her 12 year old heart with no stability runs through emotions like a roller coaster.

“Hayasaka-san is so cute, so you definitely will be an idol!! I will guarantee it!”

The boy speaks loudly to the depressed Ema, who instantly blushes whether she noticed the size and content of his voice. Still, as if to prove it is true, she gazed gently without warping her eyes while walking.

“…U, Uh…thank you!”
“It’s absolutely fine! You´re much cuter than the idols in that area! Please have confidence!”

The boy keeps on talking. About his younger brother and mother. A story about games and school friends who he was interested in recently. At first he was only to hit a bang, but as they walked on the way to the station and hit a counterpart, the heart of Ema learned a little.

“Well then, here…”
“Yes, then, see you tomorrow at school!”

They are parting with short words. In front of the stairs heading to the home in the opposite direction, but the boy stopped his feet, turned around and came running to Ema.

“Wh, what’s wrong?”

The boy was lost of words while blushing, but he raised his face as he decided.

“Here, next time…if you are okay, will you do homework with me? Because my house is near and my dad and mum are working, nobody will be at home in the daytime…”

An amazing picture. But as soon as she smiled nicely, the boy raised an surprisingly loud voice.

“Good. Tell me when to study together”
“Honto! What the hell!!!”

The boy who had the guts pose shakes his hand as it is and left. While watching the black school bag which shook on the big back of the boy, Ema thought that this was her first love.

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