Inma no Hado chapter 237

Inma no Hado chapter 237: Reiko, again



The designated place was a lounge of a famous chain hotel in Yokohama. Even during the daytime on weekdays, a huge hotel has many guests. However, the lunchtime is over and the front desk has already passed the checkout time so much that there are only a small number of employees including the waiter.

A woman was already in the designated lounge. Even from the back her figure wearing a black suit, the goodness of the style can be seen. Her brown waved hair is wavy, creating youthfulness that can not be thought of her age.

“Yaa, it’s been a long time”
“!! …Oh we, well…. Thank you for coming…”

It is a reunion since that incident. It was Reiko Arisawa whose whiteness stands out, but her complexion is now even more white. It seems like she is a little thin, though it is due to her mind and a black shadow is formed a little around her eyes. But it may be ironic that she seems more and more sexy than before. Kenichi sits down on the other side so as not to feel any kind of feeling. The waitress came near quickly, and make notize of the ordered coffee and immediately scooped away.

(Huuh…. It seems you are preparing properly…)

From Kenichi´s body, which is no longer necessary to hide, black wave is flowing out so as to still overflow. Although its power is weaker than at the young ladies academy, even if it is still this distance, it reaches Reiko’s body firmly. But that wave slips through her body as if nothing is there.

Needless to say, Reiko use the wave cancelling machine to protect herself from the devil´s wave. The change that had not existed so far in the previous encounter is more evidence than anything else to show that she knows Kenichi´s true identity.

“So, what are you waiting for?”
“…Kuu! Di, Different, dont say stupid things!”
“What the heck are you talking about with me, have you lied to your husband and children, have you tried repeatedly and you came to see me?”
“Kuu…dont say stupid things…. I didn’t do that…”

Reiko excels herself in frighteningly panic. From this panic, it seems that this conversation is being eavesdropped by members of “SHADO” somewhere. Kenichi doesn’t know how many members are here, but he is already under surveillance. Although it is doubtful whether the subordinates believe the previous excuse, though. Kenichi laughs with a grin after seeing the reluctant Reiko.

“Are you telling a lie now? Well, in front of the subordinate, you can’t say yes. Reiko also has a position…. But what if it’s not for your pussy?”

While drinking the served coffee, Kenichi answers while smiling with a grin. When looking at that face, Reiko bits her lips, but eventually she breathed out and became cool. The other party is making fun of herself. As it is, it is important to control her emotions and Reiko noticed that it is meaningless to ride the opponent’s provocation.

“You…a devil host…you’re also a male type Inma called Incubus… arent you?”

It is a confirmation rather than a question. However, Kenichi keeps smiling to her face and he won’t try to lose his good posture.

“Come on, what is it? I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

That man is alive and outrageous. Listening to that joking answer, Reiko bites on her back teeth again.

“Devils, Incubus…. Reiko, are you okay? Such beings don’t exist in this world…”

Kenichi says so in a foolish tone. But Reiko who regained her usual calm deposit, despite the momentary embarrassment, ignores the words as if there is no room for further discussion.

“We cannot afford to leave such a presence as you, who will avenge mankind. A male-type Imma that is captivating women as a source of energy with the power of the devil. Because of you, how many women and the people around them have been victimized? And, as it is, your presence is the trigger and many wicked energies are gathering here in Tokyo. This world will move on to the road to ruin…”

Lightly from Reiko´s mouth, comes the words of the destruction of the world. It is by no means an exaggeration. Of course, the devil itself is a harm and must be removed. But what is really frightening is the evil energy that has gathered with Kenichi´s existence as its core. The amount of negative energy swirling over Tokyo has already swelled to five times more than usual.

“We…can never miss a presence like you. Because it is the work of “SHADO” to erase devils who became a harm for mankind from this world, to protect a safe and peaceful world”

Reiko raises her right hand at a higher altitude. Then, the music which flowed low was stopped and everyone in this lounge including the guests, the waitress and waiters made a sharp expression and turned around to Kenichi.

“You know what? In this lounge, everyone is a member of SHADO. You can’t get away from here anymore…”

When Kenichi stares while sitting on the couch, Reiko is right in sight and all people are looking at them. There are employees, some of them dressed as customers and in each hand are some equipment or weapons. What is common is that everyone has a piercing look at Kenichi. The black wave released like a radar, but the wave slips through all of their bodies.

(A great deal for only one person…)

There will be ten people in a rough estimate, only from the range that can be seen from here. There should be members who restrict the comings and goings of the general employee and the guest in the place not seen. Not everyone is good at fighting, but given that there are three or four people in a normal strategy, there are too many to deal with only one devil host.

“Do you understand this?” You can’t get away anymore”

Reiko who is bullish while making her face become pale with tension. Sharing all the power of SHADO, she wants to erase Kenichi. It’s a place where every member is in this hotel lounge, but it’s a huge trap to capture only one devil host.

“Hmm. So, what are you gonna do?

But Kenichi, while drinking coffee, asks in a calm expression. Reiko arranged her breath a little and kept on speaking in a low voice.

“I’m going to arrest you as a suspect in a fatal injury incident in Shinjuku”

Her voice echoes far in the lounge which is quiet with the scene. Every SHADO member is listening to the direct conversation of their director and a devil host now.

“An fatal injury incident? Arrest? I don’t know what you mean”
“The murder case of the former vice-principal of the young ladies academy where you work, Yousuke Usami”
“I don’t remember doing that, but is there evidence that I am the culprit or is there someone as witness?”

Kenichi is boasting triumphantly.Reiko is jammed involuntarily by the dialogue. The incident occurred in front of her, but there were three witnesses, including herself. However, the other two women who are Kenichi´s women aren’t sure to testify and it is not possible for them to do because they will have a mental loss state at the moment above all. There is one possibility to remain if.

“…I’ll testify…I will testify to the whole story!”

After a moment of silence, the mind never say. The face is pulled, and the white forehead is slightly sweaty. Reiko can’t help it to be so. It is a last resort though it is not possible to take a super-legal correspondence.

“Hmm… is that okay? If you do such a thing, that day, you had sex with me until the morning in secret to her husband? That’s not all. If you look a little, we had sex at any time I send you a mail and you came running immediately. Your husband will know that you´re a lewd and nasty slave to me, so are you sure you want to reveal this secret to your husband?”
“…That person…he will understand…”

That voice that mutters as if to tell herself is trembling without a problem. Her subordinates who are in clothes are listening to her as much as they can hear, but her heart pulsates like a basketball and a quick bell. But more and more women will suffer if they don’t detain the man in front of her and isolate him from society. Although Reiko doesn’t regret to sacrifice personal life for the peace of mankind though, she seems to be tightened as soon as she considers the feelings of her husband who knew of her infidelity. Looking at Reiko with such a tragic resolution, Kenichi who grins becomes a slight serious expression.

“Hmmm. I didnt think Reiko-san would go that far and accept her fate…. But what happens to me after being arrested?”
“In the meantime, until the magical powers of the devil inside you is gone, you will be detained at a detention center…. But it doesn’t mean that you die…. The devil living inside your body will disappear and there is a possibility that you can go back to original…”

When she told her last words, Kenichi didn’t miss seeing that Reiko’s eyes swam slightly. Kenichi knows. “Possibility of returning to original”. That word isn’t a lie, but it is not true either.

Even if you check all the records remaining in “SHADO”, there are no examples where the devil has disappeared and the host is restored to his former self. The possibility may not be zero, but it hasn’t been proven. In all cases the devils disappeared, the spirit of the host has also collapsed and they became scrapped people.

“I don’t tell you anything bad…. Well, you can’t win, so don’t resist and get caught quietly…. Let yourself have a original human life”

Kenichi was silent for a while by Reiko´s mother-like tone, but laughed when she lifted the edge of the mouth.

“…Return to the original? …In that life? I definitely don’t want that!”

His face is laughing, but his words contains a spur of anger. He gradually gets reddish and he glows like his red eyes. The iris in his eyes are shaking like copying the flame of the inside.

“Isn’t my original human self stupid? I guess you are not saying that…. You elite, you know the hotness of people like me!”

Strong words like throwing away. There, the depressed feelings from the early years have been condensed, and Reiko, who was beaten up with emotions like curse, loses her complexion. As she walked in a picturesque happy life with the elite, she was shocked by the dark feeling that is similar to the accumulated grudge of the man before her eyes, who was stupidly ignored by everyone.

Of course it is also due to Kenichi himself. Kenichi’s self-righteous and unsociable attitude has been increasingly isolating himself. But this man who sent lonely and dark youth can’t honestly accept that such depression is his own work. He doesn’t want to accept it.

The red eyes that are full with dark passions give off a laser-like light.

In conjunction with Kenichi ‘s passion, when the black wave spreads without sound, it spreads so as to cover the huge hotel completely. Synchronized with the negative energy accumulated in this big city, it is unexpectedly powerful magical power from the time it was weak. As if catching it, high concentrations of negative energy concentrate around this hotel.

(So…so much…. Again, did he power up?)

Reiko flashes under the pressure of negative emotion, like receiving wind pressure. She is overwhelmed by the devil’s aura that is blown straight from the front and even if she has no super sense, she feels its power with the skin. Just as if she entered the cage of a beast, survival instinct warns her and Reiko endures desperately to want to run away according to her escape instinct.


How long did it last? But the pressure stopped like a lie when the man in front of her was laughing. Reiko who sweatily gets sweaty in her palm breathes out as she finally could do it. The sweat that gushes out from her whole body is unbearable and disappointing to slip on the moist skin.

“…That’s why I refuse”

Kinichi drinks coffee with a laugh at a cynical, with a straight face like a lie. Although the words are light, their determination can not be shaken, and Reiko realized there is no room to discuss.

“I got it …. Then we negotiate and break up.”

When I exhale, I raise my face. There is no hesitancy left behind slightly in the expression.

“I guess that’s like that … I came to the hotel with a lot of thought … Let’s have a fresh pussy here…”

While attaching a vulgar laughter, Kenichi continues to tease.

“You don’t had sex lately, so you’re in a pile, right? You said that you couldn’t be satisfied with such a small husband, while being embraced by me the other day. Hey, lets go to the top room now and have a lot of sex. You’ll get raped from the back by your favorite penis. I’m going to take it out in plenty, because your waist is too cute today. And, because you seem to like it, I’ll dig up your anus like the other moment”

For a moment, the sex with this wicked man revives in her mind. It reminds Reiko of unbelievable pleasures like melting as a bitch. Lawful enough to undermine reason and throw away her family.

Surely she was drowning in sex with this devil for a while, as she lost her dignity and arrogance as a human being. At the same time as her memories revive, a sweet and frustrating feeling runs through the spine and Reiko intentionally closes her eyes and trembles with her body.

Now the magical power of the devil shouldn’t work on her. However, Reiko´s ripe female body accustomed for a long time seems to melt by that remembered pleasure.


Reiko chewing her lower lip so that a severe pain runs and trying to stay on her feet. Now she is in front of her subordinates and is in the midst of a strategy. She cant collapse here.

She was thinking for a while, but eventually breathes out. The storm of violent passion was stopped and her reason worked. Reiko isn’t like her former weak self. When Reiko raised her mouth, she glanced at Kenichi laughing at her from the top with his eyes.

“You…I will never forgive you…”

Kenichi was playing with her own body and mind and she was about to throw away her family. A devil who approached her as he know that she was the director of “SHADO” and tried to make her his puppet. And the enemy of mankind who has acquired many beautiful girls and women and makes them his sex slaves.

“Oh, I’ve been hated…. So what are you going to do?”

A sarcastic tone. Surrounded by more than ten enemies, Reiko feels angry with Kenichi who doesn’t break his attitude that is still affordable. If it is known that you´re surrounded, you usual try to escape or counterattack. To be so calm so far, Kenichi in front of her may be hiding something. However, it is a carefully planned strategy. There is no need to worry about measures taken by the devil who is the key player.

“…I will restrain your power”
“Hee? How are you doing?”
“…Do it like this”

Reiko who raised her left hand this time though it was the right hand earlier. The next moment, Kenichi’s body collapsed without sounds on the spot.

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