Inma no Hado chapter 249

Inma no Hado chapter 249: A Comfort woman



Miwako who has been assigned at the same time as Noa opened her legs on the bed and her crotch was being licked by Kenichi as he liked, while Noa could only stand trembling. She tried to escape with fear and disgust and shame, but her body wouldn’t move at all after coming to this room. On the other hand, her eyes were drawn to the obsessive acts done in front of her eyes and she couldn’t keep her eyes off.


Just some chaotic confusion because she couldn’t move while standing.

“Huhuhu… At last, the new teachers who were aimed at were finally here…”

The beautiful woman standing next to Noa was laughing. A colleague who was very popular at school and also the English teacher said these words and Noa whose head was confused couldn’t react at all.

“Midou-sensei is a pervert that loves to lick the embarrassing part of a woman that is sweaty and isn’t washed…”

Junko explained while giggling, with a casual feeling like introducing a hobby. Listening to those words, Noa´s eyes which were settled with astonishment opened more surprisingly.

“That place…nooo!!! Aaa, if you lick like that…aaahh!!!”

In front of her eyes, Kenichi´s head was buried inside Miwako´s crotch, moving in small increments. She couldn’t see directly from there, but obviously, if you listened to the sound of what he was doing, it was understood, as Miwako´s voice was mixed with sweetness.

“Th, this is…why…”

Noa finally squeezed out a word.

“At the social gathering of the parents’ association, the mothers aren’t just the only ones who are deepening friendship with vice-principal Midou… That’s why we let you join too”
“…What!! Su, such a thing…!! Such a thing!!!”

Unable to digest the too ridiculous explanation, Noa clogged her words while raging high. It is said that there is a social gathering where teachers and mothers have sex every time they meet. In the first place were mothers with children and husbands. It is an act which is not permitted even though it is ethically and morally thoughtful in common sense. Moreover, it is not 1 or 2 people. There are close to 30 mothers in this room. A teacher with 30 mothers at the same time. Such abnormal and unrealistic situations shouldn’t be tolerated and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

“Mothers and teachers… That’s too much…a lot…”

Then a beautiful woman who was lying down on the floor and staring at the bed raised her body and came beside Noa. As usual, her elegant and gentle face was kept intact, her eyes and cheeks were red. Shizuka Tojo who was the president of the Parents Association spoke with an obviously lustful expression.

“We are comfort women for vice-principal Midou…”
“…Co, Comfort women?”

Noa was surprised by those words. But the upper-class wife, who had both education and intelligence continued to talk about it as a matter of course.

“That’s right… He is a teacher that is always active in school management and we give comfort to him literally by using our bodies… He is fighting at the forefront of the education scene every day, so we are his comfort women…”
“Yes, when I meet him at school, I will be the teacher’s partner…”
“As soon as Sensei calls, I will visit and heal him soon…”
“Several times a year, this is a social gathering for everyone to serve until the morning…”

Unnoticedly Saki and Manami resurrected from fainting, joined the discussion and explained.

“Besides, we mothers have always come to school by turns so that we can create opportunities for our Sensei anytime…”
“…Th, That…that is… Aaa…aaa!!”

At first, Noa thought that it was too absurd, but it was linked to a certain matter which was spoken at today’s parents’ association and Noa raised her voice.

At this parents’ association, next to the president’s office, a parents office room is established and when several mothers come to school every day, they will be waiting there. There wasn’t such a thing in her former school, probably there is no school with such a facility even if she looked throughout Japan. Noa was wondering, but she was convinced without permission that she might be able to get close contact with the parents.

(Such…no way…no way…within the school…)

If the current story were to be true, the vice-principal of a dignified academy and mothers of the students intend to indulge in sex every day from now on. Recalling the past, sometimes mothers who passed by her in the hallway had a red face and Noa had seen them walking with a shocked look.

“Such…such an absurdity!! Generally, if it is known by my brother-in-law or Anzu, it will end!”

Screaming with a squeaking voice while memorizing an uncomfortable feeling resembling dizziness, Noa´s older sister Saki remained calm. However, the two other mothers look at Noa and made an ‘oh’ expression.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t the parents association one of the most important activities in school management?”
“That’s right, is it a matter of course for parents to become helpful to a professional teacher?”

The two other mothers seem to be totally timid. Furthermore, Saki was going to catch up.

“Besides that…Anzu knows it…as she too sometimes, together with me, take care of Midou-sensei…”

Noa was frozen by those shocking words. Anzu Tsujimoto was her niece, a senior high school student, who attends Ellis young ladies academy.

“Yui too. She likes to serve Midou-sensei with Anzu, so she is always willing to participate by herself…”
“…Meaning…those girls, they have had more time to have sex with Sensei than us… I wonder if they´re sly?”
“There is no choice about it, Yui and Anzu are always at school, so there are many opportunities to meet with Sensei…”
“Aah, then, we have to make the daily cycle sooner…”

(Th, That…that… Wh, What are these guys saying…)

What those mothers talked about shattered Noa´s reality. Though it was not permitted only by their own act of infidelity, it was tolerated by their children who have not been old enough yet and that they were competing with their mothers for having sex with Kenichi. Her real sister in front of her looked like an alien.

“Hey, it will start soon…”

Looking forward to Junko´s voice, Kenichi who embraced Miwako´s body in the normal position finally tried to drive his penis into her womb. The huge sting of a poisonous scorpion was aiming for the sacred shrine of the new teacher from the side of her pink panty.

“…Aaa, stop…don’t…. I…I have a man who I will get married to soon…”

Miwako who was controlled by sexual feeling and freedom of her body by the red tentacle could no longer plead with her faint voice. Kenichi himself felt a thrill from fucking a woman who keeps her reason without completely be in estrus.

“Is that so…congratulations… Well, this is a present for your marriage from myself… I will loosen this place enough for your boyfriend…”
“Noooooo!!! No!!! Don’t do such a thing!!!”

When Kenichi confirmed the position of his huge tip, with a laugh, he thrust his penis into that female teacher’s opened vagina swiftly.


A shocking reality flashed before Miwako´s eyes. Forcibly spreading the meat that still had hardness, Kenichi progressed as if it gets wet, although it was wet. Miwako´s pussy quickly clung to Kenichi´s body. Surrounded by black pubic hair, her pussy seemed like a carnivorous plant that had captured its prey.

“Yaaaa!!! Stop it!! It hurts! It hurts!!! Hiiiii!!!!”

Miwako spoke while feeling pain, as her secret hole was spread open by a dick twice the size of her boyfriend’s.

“Ah…that, I know… For everyone, it hurts at the beginning…”
“That’s true. Because vice-principal´s penis is big and hard… I thought I was going to die at the first time…”
“Now that you mention it… Hey?”
“…Uhuhu. Following…that pain will let you become addicted…”

The women talked about Kenichi´s penis, which was a different order of magnitude than past men, including their husbands as it gives a burning pain by breaking the vagina. But they know. Such pain is a sign of huge pleasure that attacks you like a tsunami and becomes a spice to let you see multiple colors.

“Aaaa…th, that far inside…inside…aaaa…”

At the back of the womb that has never been reached by her boyfriend, Kenichi´s huge penis crawled around. Miwako remembered the illusion of her body being skewered, to the sense that she felt that she was invaded everywhere. With trembling fear, sweat accumulated on her forehead.

“Aa…the entrance is spread wide…”
“Such a big mouth… Yeah…erotic…”

It took a lot of time, but Kenichi’s son was embedded in Miwako’s honey jar. Noa floated an expression of fear while seeing it and the females other than her made hot and envies gazes.

“Kuhiiiiii!!! Aaaaaguuuu!!!!”

Her toes wrapped in stockings were twitching and it was clearly understood by her movement. The penis remained inside Miwako and let her feel a new experience as if she already belonged to it. It was so deep inside that it already started to change the accustomed size of her husband’s into its own size.

“Aaa…ah, it’s unbearable… Something is being pushed up in the back…”
“It’s killing a woman. It comes into the depths of the back, and you will know immediately when it gets caught in the womb…”
“If you know that, anyone who is a woman is decided to fall…”

Saki and Manami were fascinated while holding their lower abdomen and remembering the feeling until a while ago. The pleasure which cannot be tasted by another man absolutely has captivated those married women who were chaste completely. There was no hesitation to betray their husbands to obtain this pleasure.

But…it’s great from here…”
“Yes… It’s going to be real”

As inspired by the words, the vice-principal, who was enjoying the internal tightening for a while, slowly begins to move his hips. Then, the lovely Miwako raised a voice not suitable for her appearance and began to be in agony while her body trembled.

“Huaaaaa!!! Hiiiiiiiiuguuuuu!!!”
“Well, it’s a terrific voice. But I’m going to rub the inside because it’s like that”
“What are you talking about? Manami, did you hear that?”
“Nooo… If you say that Saki…”
“Well, that cute teacher will soon become someone like us and will reveal her true self”
“Hooooooo!! Aaaaa!!! Sokooooo!!! Sokohaaaa!!! Higuuuuuuu!!!”

Saki giggled and laughed, as Miwako began to raise her voice like a beast in rhythm in a few minutes. Reason and shyness were destroyed, the mask that was usually attached during sex was peeled off and the instinct of having a strong colt was exposed.

“Aaah, you can’t do that anymore…?”
“Well, yes. You don’t feel like having a lover anymore”
“If you know something like that, anyone would be crazy”

Because they were so, they both knew well. A poor husband couldn’t be compared to sex with that man. Once a woman knew the taste of this forbidden fruit, she would no longer be able to substitute with fakes or imitations. Her ripe body awakened to true joy as this woman became a possession to that man and not of her husband any longer.

(Such…Such a thing!! Aaaa…but…nooo…)

“Aaaa!! Therreee!! Theerrreee!!! Aaaahiiiiii!!!”

A sweet tone was mixed within the soft voice. The voice was covered with sweetness and joy so that Noa who was listening was astonished. Like the act with her beloved lover, Miwako raised a voice with passion and intensity more than that and conveyed pleasure to the man who was raping her.

“Ohooooooo!!! Iiiiii!!!”

The penis that was covered with magic sperm was piercing through the womb, stimulating each part that could be felt. With the black wave, the erogenous zone of Miwako is totally understood. It was a one-sided pleasure act to which the word cheat becomes even lighter, unreasonable.

“Ahiiiiiii!!! Guuuuuuuaaaaaaa!!!!”

Twisting the nipples with exquisite timing while striking down and deep, Miwako was boiled by supersaturated pleasure. She shook her light brown head and drool was flowing out of her mouth.

“Wow! Amazing voice…like a beast…”
“Roughly…blowing to the tide… Shameful…”
“Uhuhu… having such a cute face, that is the nature of that female teacher…”

As pointed out by Saki, semen and love honey splashed from the joint, wetting the white sheets. However, Miwako wasn’t conscious of it. Exposed to this violent pleasure, there seemed to be no dislike or deadly embarrassment while being seen by five beautiful women. Her legs were wrapped around Kenichi´s waist and she clawed on his back with both hands. This young female teacher opened herself and actively accepted the pleasures as if having sex with her favorite man. The fangs of the Inma driven into her body pierced deep into the heart of this pretty and bright beauty and painted it black.

“What do you think will your boyfriend say when he sees that?” Feeling good by having sex with another man”
“Now? …She will not be able to recover for a while…”

Miwako responded positively herself rather than disliking and she opened her mouth when Kenichi comes to rob her lips and entangled each other´s tongue. Passionate deep kissing like lovers.

“Oooohoooo!!! Theree!!! Theerreee, moorreee!!! Push morreeee!!!”

Ridiculously the raping totally changed to a sex act with a beloved lover, Miwako no longer reacted with fierce strength and did not show any dislike anymore. On the contrary, she felt it even more and she actively created pleasure by using her lower back from the bottom. Miwako’s honey was dripping down on the root and as a reaction of it, the penis started to stimulate the vagina so much that more honey was leaking out. This pussy which has been completely adapted to Kenichi´s huge size will never be satisfied by someone else again.

“Here, I’ll take it out…”
“Ahiiiii!!! N, Nooooo!!! Aguuuuuuu!!!”

Kenichi who eventually will rob Miwako´s energy soon embraced the newly acquired prey closely. If he gave an unprecedented pleasure and poured his evil seed in her, she will never be able to leave his side anymore. Pushing into the end and pressing down on the bell, he poured a great amount of sperm from the bulging tip into the uterus that opened its mouth.

“Hiaaaaaaaa!!!! Hiiiguuuuaaaaaa!!!!”

The penis was pulsating and semen was released deep inside the vagina. Miwako was pushed up to the highest orgasm of the day, she cums which she had never done before by having sex with her boyfriend, and screamed while trembling with her whole body. Saki and Manami who looked at her showed an envious expression.

“Ah… That, it is irresistible as soon as it is released inside…”
“Once you know that goodness, you’ll be addicted…”
“Me too…Me too…”
“Aah… I want him to pour it inside me…”

(Really…really inside…cumming inside…?)

Looking at the joint part that intersects at the normal position, Noa got a cold spine. She could imagine what it meant easily if she sees the testicles lifting up and then trembling with bumps. And when a large amount of white mucus overflows from the vagina, she turned into despair and fear. The vice-principal raped a female teacher of the school and didn’t care about the risk of pregnancy without reserve.


As soon as the man raised his body, his dick reappeared with a slimy sound. It was still fully erect and was attached with a shiny slimy liquid that was just released. Noa was stunned whilst sobering. Such a huge thing was really in a female body.

“Aah… Ejaculating so much… Sensei is in trouble… I will clean up now…”

Shizuka who came out from the side immediately jumped over, looked up and swallowed the penis with her graceful mouth in a blink of an eye. Ejaculating and giving off an intense smell, Shizuka sucked with a fascinating expression as if she was enjoying the finest dish. No, this beautiful woman really loves the taste and smell of semen.

Meanwhile, Miwako, who was raped, suffocated and left her legs wide open on the bed. Her skirt was rolled up, the back of the torn black stockings and pink panty turned to the side, looked out and white mucus came out from the wide opened mouth. Being unaware as if her consciousness left, Miwako didn’t seem to mind that she was exposing her embarrassing crotch.

“Aah….more than one deserves…”
“Nooo…me too…”

Saki and Manami flocked around Miwako´s pussy and began licking the white cloudy liquid overflowing from the opening in front of Noa’s eyes. For them, this body fluid was a medicine, as it was the best rejuvenating medicine that enhanced their beauty. Noises could be heard as two mouths sucked around a females crotch.

“Now… next is Mr. Saegusa-sensei’s turn?”

Two red eyes captured Noa in this dimly lit bedroom. The moment Noa saw these eyes, the kind of dense fog that covered her head was clear and reason came back quickly. As with encountering a beast, her escape instinct acted immediately.

“Hiii…nnoooooo!!! Nooooo!!!!”

Screaming from her throat. Following a glittering desire like a carnivorous beast, Noa moved her powerless limbs and tried to escape. Desperately going to the door, but her legs tangled and she kneeled down. Still somehow moving both legs, she desperately struggled to run even if by crawling. From her whole body, a blue aura was rising.

“It looks like I will enjoy it…”

Kenichi moved his tongue, sniffed with his nose and moved away from Shizuka and attacked like a black wolf from behind the female teacher who was wearing a tight business suit.

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