Inma no Hado chapter 251

Inma no Hado chapter 251: Inspection



When Ema arrived at the station she pushed through the adults and hurried to the exit. She ran as fast as possible from the stairs and went outside. When she thought that the molester would chase her, she felt scared, so she didn’t turn around and ran at full speed. On the way, she crashed with people many times and heard a scream or angry voice from behind, but she continued running without pretense.

Because she ran very hard, she didn’t remember where she came along and when she noticed she was standing on the street of an unfamiliar residential area.

The area was completely dark and it had been raining for a long time. In the meantime, Ema who lost her umbrella unexpectedly seemed to cry and had been squatting away, holding her satchel and bag with both hands.

(What to do…What shall I do?…)

It wasn’t the station that Ema should have to get off, so she has no idea where she was. She thought about going back to the station, but when she thought that there was a pervert, she didn’t want to go. Besides she didn’t even know the direction to the station.

(Cold, cold…)

Because she was wearing light clothing, it got stuck on her body when it got wet with rain and it was uncomfortable. But the rain continued and deprived Ema of her body temperature. There was no one around and the lights of the houses only illuminated the wet road surface. Anyhow, she went to a place with a roof somewhere as she walked in the rain.

As she walked towards those with bright light, she got on a relatively larger road. It was a trunk road like a bus that runs parallel to the road and an elevated bridge that seems to be a highway that runs over the road. Although there were street lights, there were no open shops. The store facing the road was drawing a gray rusty shutter. Finally, she found a store with red small vinyl eaves, she took shelter under it and got a breath.

(What to do…the battery of my smartphone is also empty, and…)

Just to be sure, Ema took her smartphone out but the remaining amount was still zero. Since she went to school, she didn’t charge it and thought of doing it at the dance school. Most of the time, her father and mother were working, so they couldn’t come to pick her up anyway. Besides, there were only less than 500 yen in her wallet!

Then, from the road running in front of her eyes, something came slowly towards here. The car approached as if to slide and stopped in front of her. The black car looked like a left steering wheel and when the door opened in front of her eyes, a man appeared from inside.

“Ema-chan? …You´re Ema-chan…in the same production as Risa?”

Ema couldn’t recognize the person in the beginning because of the backlight, but as her eyes got used to it, she could identify him. He has a face with no particular features, a man with a thin body that is lean. However, Ema who saw that face reacted with her body like a power shot.

“What happened? Wasn’t today a dance lesson, why are you in such a place?”

That man was on good terms with Ema, as he was called “Papa” by Risa Ito. And the other day, this man had sex with two super popular idols of “CGX”.

According to Risa’s story, this man’s semen had magical power. if you drink it or accept it into your body, dance and singing will improve by leaps and bounds. Somehow Ema recalled the sight she saw from peeping from the closet of the hotel.

“If you stay wet like this, you will catch a cold. Well, I’ll send you to the dance lesson, so get in the car”
“…E…bu, but…”
“I just sent Risa to the dance school. Ema-chan was on the way to the dance school, too, right?”
“…Ye, Yes… But…”

Still hesitant Ema panted. That was no problem. Anyway, she had never told him about it. Besides, the sixth sense warned her a little while ago. This man was dangerous.

“Don’t worry…I will send you there properly… Anyway, it’s not good for your body…”

When that man touched her shoulder casually, something hot flowed from there and made Ema tremble with her small body. Apart from the cold that she felt until a little while ago, goosebumps rose on her whole body.


Ema raised her face to tell words of refusal, but when she saw the man, she was astonished. His two shining red eyes shot her like a laser. As soon as she saw those eyes, a hot impulse ran throughout her body.

“A, Aa…aaa…”

The thoughts in her head were dismantled and her emotions became grueling misleading this 12-year-old girl. As if it struck the gap, Ema couldn’t use any force and could no longer resist and walked with her shoulders embraced. She took the passenger seat and closed the door. While listening to that sound, the girl felt that she would be taken to a different world and was baffling out of the rainy windows while being puzzled at the end.

(What to do…coming to such a place…)

When she entered a strange room, the first thing she saw was a large bed in the center. The bed seemed unreasonably huge. And in the room where the air was drifting somewhere, the sofa and game machines which are not understood well were put.

“Is it your first time coming to such a place?”

Whispered so with a gentle voice, Ema nodded obediently. Of course, it was her first time since she was born. For a 12-year-old middle school student, there was no opportunity to come to such a love hotel to have sex.

“Now, take off your wet clothes. For the time being, take a bath and get back some warmth…”

Once the man disappeared into the back room, there was a sound of water. Then, when Ema came in front of a screen that standing barely, he handed her a bath towel. Now his eyes didn’t shine red and he had a gentle expression on his face.

“You were scared… It’s all right now. Get well first”

While gently rubbing her rain-wet hair, the man told her so gently and Ema kept silent. Until she came to this love hotel, she was asked why she was standing in such a place and Ema talked about having been molested in the train.

“Here…I will take it off, uncle…”

Her blouse that got wet and adhered to the skin was white so it stood out against the color of her skin and underwear. Ema´s 12-year-old body was not fat and had a normal body length. Her limbs were slender. She was also wearing a bra for children, as there was little swelling under it and it covered her chest.

A pretty middle school girl who came as if she was hypnotized, while being embarrassed, she couldn’t stop stripping her wet clothes in front of this man.

Meanwhile, while watching the young body, Kenichi smiled with his smart face and showed a kind affection, while his inner heart was suppressing his lusty animal desires as he licked his tongue.

(Aaa…, JC is good, but JS are more exciting for my penis…)

Recently JC’s sex slaves including Risa were on the rise, and there were many opportunities to enjoy their young, innocent bodies. As JK, which was lingering at school, fat was also attached, but at JC the body was still fresh. Moreover, if it became a JS, there was almost no meat attached and it seemed that even the ribs were floating. There was almost no waist, everything was thin and stiff with both neck and limbs.

(But it is good…)

Peeling off the rain wet blouse, a somewhat tanned skin appeared. Kenichi guessed that Ema´s body became tanned in the summer pool. Her delicate body that didn’t smell like a woman yet, smelled somehow like milk. Her chest was covered with a white cotton bra for girls and it was lovely that there was a small flower decoration at one point in the chest. There was almost no bulging, but it could be clearly seen from the top of the bra that the protrusion of the apex was pointed and sharp.

“Well, let’s also take off the skirt…”

A beautiful young girl was in front of Kenichi. As pretty shy twelve-year-olds, both Risa and Naoko, who were different types, were not particularly shy or resistant. Although her eyes occasionally regained light, they were somewhat empty.

(Is it a feeling of dream…?)

After finding shelter from the rain and using the red tentacle, as usual, it seemed that Ema was half awake in a semi-hypnotized state. Kenichi didn’t intend to do so, but was it the affinity with her wave which became particularly powerful recently? Anyway, for the devil, he was positively oriented.

The checked mini skirt was full of frills and cute. If someone jumped in front of his eyes wearing such a thing, Kenichi wasn’t confident of suppressing his urge to rape. In fact, Risa and Naoko while wearing stage costumes, were raped many times in a fascinating style that favored his style and pervertedness.

When removing the skirt, Ema´s panty with blue horizontal stripes appeared. It was deeply worn, shorter than ordinary panties as it was made of cotton, it was soft and bit into a small crack and raised the muscle inside clearly.

Kenichi instinctively swallowed his saliva. For this pervert, it was a sight he saw in his dreams. The penis in his trousers pulsed for a moment and black blood flowed into it slowly. However, while he was raping her in his heart, his face had a gentle smile on.

“You told me, you were touched by a molester, but how far have you been touched?”
“…Th, that is…”
“Don’t be shy, because it’s an important thing, will you tell me properly?”
“…Ye, yeah…but…”

Her face became red and shy. It was a matter of course that was almost unknown. However, as Kenichi´s hobby was to rape females he wasn’t merciless.

“Look, I have to look it up properly. If you have been touched inside, I have to check to see if there are any scratches?”
“…Is, is that so…?”
“Oh yeah, if a scar is found over there, a bacillus will enter from there and it may swell… It might be a terrible fever at night, on the contrary, you even may get in trouble, is not it?”
“Th, that’s right…”

Kenichi said appropriate things. However, Ema was too young to doubt his words.

“You may have heard from Risa, but this uncle is a science teacher, so if there are any scratches, I can find it and I’ll take you to the hospital”
“Come Come… Believe that uncle is a doctor, come over here…”

When it was likely that Ema completely regained her reason, Kenichi shot a red tentacle. Although light seemed to return to her black eyes, Ema also has a boat-looking expression as it scattered and haze was applied. Next Kenichi raised Ema who was no longer a companion doll to the bed and spread her crotch.


Even in a semi-hypnotic state, a painting that raised a strong shame leaked out. However, as her body felt powerless, her long legs were spread open by Kenichi ‘s hands and remained open as it is.

“Now, I will inspect whether your hymen was scratched with my inspection”
“Don’t be ashamed if you think that uncle is a doctor?”
“That’s not true… It’s embarrassing…”

The twelve-year-old Ema had a red face and was still tolerating desperately. Her panty with blue stripes stuck to her crotch and the unevenness inside was clearly standing out. Kenichi who saw it licked his tongue and his face gathered to the part where the center got a little dirty.

(Aaa… JS’s panty…)

Kenichi tasted that girl’s odor with enthusiasm and outrageous sexual desire. While watching the images and videos of the junior idol until dying with the fantasy, he had a dream that one day he would do this. When he was a lecturer at a cram school, he had pretty children as students and he dreamt to press his face against their crotches.

The penis in his trousers had already swollen and had expanded to the greatest extent it ever did in his life. His slaves must be jealous while being amazed when Natsuki, Junko or Reiko saw it. From the tip of the huge glans, like a virgin boy, pre-cum was dripping out.

“It seems to be okay for now…”

Kenichi said appropriate things. He stared plenty and burned this wonderful scene on his retina and inhaled that sweet fragrance many times. Every time Ema was ashamed, her legs wanted to close but Kenichi held them firmly. This beautiful girl’s skin was fine and it was hard to keep suppressing the desire to stroke it.

“Now, I will inspect…”
“Noo…it is scary…”

Kenichi bothered himself to give a foretelling notice and dared to scare the shame of Ema. While staring at her crotch, he put his fingers on the cloth in the groin and turned it aside.


Two voices rose at the same time. A thick body odor rose up and the beast was stimulated more and more. It appeared there was a crack in the meat that had not yet had pubic hair. In the middle of pure white skin, a pink fold folded complicatedly. At the bottom of it was a little but glittering liquid overflowing, which connected to the backside of the panty and became a small thin silver bridge.


Kenichi heard the sound the second reason was cut off from his life. He completely forgot about the nominal investigation of the scar that the molester hanged and roared to the 12-year-old crotch whilst the menarche still did not come and sucked while raising his voice.

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