Inma no Hado chapter 254

Inma no Hado chapter 254: School infirmary trap



After the math class was finished and the students thanked the teacher, some third graders approached to ask questions. Since the exam was approaching, every student’s face was serious. The level itself wasn’t very high because it was not a strict school. But the students still felt the enthusiasm for study. It was a scene Noa often saw in a school area.

The job of a teacher was surprisingly heavy on labor and filled with worries. Moreover, the salary of many teachers wasn’t very high either. So they were by no means better than people in other professions. Even so, Saegusa Noa liked to work as a teacher and she liked to teach people and to see the students grow.

(Huuu… Next is free time…)

Finally, she was released from the students and walked in the corridor to the staff room. In the afternoon after this, there was no lesson. Thus Noa had idle time until the HR of the receiving class which she was in charge of as a teacher. Two students passed by Noa. There were many upper-class girls in this prestigious young ladies academy and their etiquette was more sophisticated than the public high schools she was used to being in.

She went down to the first floor and then walked by the school infirmary. She saw two girls from there. They both were walking in flat footsteps while interacting with each other even as they opened the school infirmary door. Their exceptionally short red checked skirts were swaying and their faces were bright red. Even in this young ladies academy, the two of them were exceptionally pretty, even though they were deliberately arranged.

(Certainly…first grade student Hayakawa-san and Minami-san…?)

Among the first-grade students who took math classes, Aya Hayakawa and Minami Sakura were prominent for their beauty. They were so cute that they would easily pass off as idols. Their beauty was acknowledged even by Noa, who was of the same sex. The two were red-faced and walking in a friendly manner. Their eyes were vaguely in focus and both had a faint smile on their faces.

(These two people…by all means…no way!!)

At first glance, it seemed to be nothing and it would have been overlooked if it were the previous Noa. But now she knew it. She could now look behind those girls’ faces. And that’s how Noa found an anomaly that she could say to the two in front of her.

“Hayakawa-san…Minami-san… What happened? Are you okay? What happened?”

The two people who were walking fluffily and above the clouds stared at her with eyes as if they had noticed Noa´s existence for the first time when they were called out.

“Ah, I’m sorry… Hello…”
“Nothing…there is nothing… Uhuhu…”

As they said so, the two laughed so crazily that one couldn’t think of them as 16 years old. Aya and Sakura went back to the classroom while laughing. Noa was convinced that there was an atmosphere that enclosed these two, which was clearly different from other female students.

(After all…these two…until just before…well, there is that man here right now…?)

At this point, Noa looked at the white door of the school infirmary. The place where the two students had been till a while ago.

(With the students, doing that… Aaaa…)

Imagining an indecent scene being performed there, a chill ran down through her spine. And Noa´s body, which had been transformed since that day, slowly heated up against her will.


The other day, Noa was present at an unusual place held in the name of a social gathering with parents. There were nearly 30 mothers of students from this academy who were unimaginable in a hotel suite with just one man. The mothers had their ripe bodies wrapped in beautiful clothes and had an orgy with the man who was the vice-principal and director of this academy. They were all drowning in pleasure from afternoon to late evening.

The beautiful mothers referred to themselves as a special team for this male teacher. They opened their crotch and raised their buttocks to have sex with a man who wasn’t their husband. The male teacher had a huge penis and incredible energy. One after another, he fucked indecent mothers and made them go crazy with extraordinary pleasures, including Saki, who was her real sister. The improper relationship and act between this male teacher and the student’s mothers happened in front of Noa. It was also unusual that it was 30 to 1.

However, that day wasn’t the only shock that hit Noa. That sneaky man even raped her and she was astonished at the extraordinary sight.

At first, the man who raped a colleague just before attacked Noa. She was trying to escape from the suite by crawling on the floor as he enjoyed her sweet body in bed. She didn’t know why but she couldn’t resist and had her skirt rolled up and her stockings torn and then she was raped from behind.

When other women, including her real sister, were looking at her and how that huge penis plunged into her vagina, Noa felt good even though she was disgusted. When she was fucked while having her ass slapped, pleasures of different dimension penetrated her whole body. While she felt fear, aversion, and despair before, she was fascinated with unprecedented pleasure when she was caught by big waves several times later. Finally, when a vaginal cum shot was made and the pulsation of the penis poured into her womb, she had released it with her consciousness.

But that was not the case. After regaining consciousness and being fucked again, her body reacted shallowly and contrary to the disgusting feelings, she was treated so violently that her body and mind were so drenched as though they had turned into mud. The sex act with her boyfriend who was cohabiting with her was nothing compared to this extraordinary degree of pleasure. After all, until the morning sun dyed the window of the hotel suite red, vice-principal Midou-san kept enjoying pretty women.

After that, the vice-principal acted as if nothing had happened and Noa had no idea what kind of attitude she should have. But after all, she continued her usual school life. However, from the conversation with the mothers and other female teachers on that day, it seemed that the vice-principal had made this school his own harem with not only the student’s mothers but also other female teachers and even the students.

If Noa hadn’t seen it with her own eyes she would’ve never believed this fact. However, when thinking about it, Noa realized that there were some unusual points in this prestigious young ladies academy.

For example, all young female teachers were beauties who had all-in-one and all were wearing clothes that emphasized the lines of their bodies. The beauty and style of those women who were just different from models were not always hiding their love and affection for the vice-principal. Also, among the students, pretty students were all wearing extremely short skirts and they were all unfriendly to other students. In addition, a room called the parent-teacher meeting room had recently been created in the school and some beautiful mothers were coming to school every day. It seemed that there was no particular business, but the mothers who were beautifully dressed with careful makeup and were coming to the school in turn and going to that room.

And such beautiful women and girls sometimes showed up at school with lustrous looks like Sakura and Aya showed just before. It looked as if that man embraced them and their bodies received plenty of energy. Noa could now understand the true nature of such strangeness which she didn’t understand until recently. They all had a relationship with that vice-principal, who was a source of their sexual desire.


(In this…is there still someone…?)

While holding the class materials in both hands, she swallowed her spit and stopped in front of the door. In school, the 6th class had already started. The figure of people walking in the corridor was invisible. If Noa´s guess was correct, there should still be a teacher inside. But when she tried to approach the door and listen in, no sound was heard.

(In such a daytime at school…)

At first glance, it reminded her of the face of that ordinary teacher and the situation at that time came back to her mind. Noa shook her white body, which was wrapped in a suit, again in a bullish motion. At the same time, her body became hot and the crotch in the back of her panty was aching.

(Why…why I…like this…)

As Noa was raped, she was treated wildly like a thing in a one-sided act and had her personality hurt. However, while feeling fear and despair for such a sneaky act, she felt that she couldn’t help herself at the same time.

Since then, she had sex with her boyfriend, who has been cohabiting with her, several times. But she had been corrupted by the taste which was too good. Even if her mind was filled with the act with her beloved boyfriend, her body, that had learned the pain of the flesh in a state of jealousy, was still cold and so much hopelessness could be felt. Noa herself was aware of it. Her whole body had been completely changed by a single night’s act with that disgusted man.

She looked at the situation while the white sliding door opened. She was hesitant to make no noise, but then she checked the left and right of the corridor and then step into the room. The smell of a disinfectant particular to a health room reached her nose. She could see a white curtain on the window and a black chair where the nursing teacher usually sat, but no one else was there.

(I wonder if there is no one…)

At that time, there was a slight sign of people from the bed placed in the back. It was surrounded by white curtains so Noa couldn’t see inside. It sounded like a rub of clothes coming from there.


(Hii!! …After all!…someone really is there!!)

The voice of a woman could be heard clearly now and the surprised Noa shook her body viciously. As she stopped her breath, she heard a sound like the splashing of water from the other side of the curtain. It continued all the time while rising and falling.

(N, No… After all this…)

A watery sound with a sweet breathy voice occasionally leaked out. Imagining what that meant, Noa and her face and body were scorching. There was fear in it and she tried to go out as it is, but something that ignored the instinctive warning was tying up her mind and body.


Finally, a meaningful word was spun, but the voice seemed sweet and full.

(Just…I will just take a small look…)

When she thought so in her head, it gradually became numb. Noa killed her footsteps and slowly approached the curtain and looked into the inside of the gap gently.

(Hiiiii!!! A, After all!!! …Aaaa!!!!)

A man was sitting down on a white plain bed placed in the back, and his legs were wide open. In the center, a slimy black meat pole was standing in the middle of the crotch and its tip was sunk in the red mouth of a beautiful woman whose neck was stretched in the crotch. A young beautiful woman was moving her neck up and down with a slow rhythm while spreading her mouth full and moaning. Accompanied by that, a whistling sound was heard and white fingers were wrapped around the root to treat it in rhythm, but a large diamond was shining on the ring finger.

(Ka, Kawasaki-sensei!!! Aaaa…. Af, After all…)

The brown hair shook and the white profile was seen and disappeared shortly after. But it was no doubt that it was Maiko Kawasaki, who had been transferred to this academy at the same time as Noa. The Japanese language teacher had a cute and childlike face like that of someone who was still passing university. Even if she was a university student, she was providing oral service with her eyes closed. The act was enthusiastic to see didn’t seem to be disgusting and she seemed to be actively doing it by herself.

“Noooo…so stiff…aaaah…”

Small pink lips were wrapped around the huge dick and treated it soothingly around the step on the glans. While doing so, a surprisingly long tongue came out and licked the tip that was full of love juice.

That day, this colleague should have been fucked as hard as Noa. It should have been a climax of happiness just recently engaged. However, now she was giving a rich and lavish oral service to this man’s penis.

“Huhu…you’re in an ecstasy… Are you so enthusiasm with your boyfriend?”

As if reading Noa’s heart, Kenichi Midou, who was the vice-principal, asked while laughing. He rubbed Maiko´s breasts from the top of her blouse as if it was his own property.

“Nooo… That…that is different…”

Maiko gave a quick answer. When she put her lips on the penis again, as if she was lonesome even for a second, she made a sound and sucked it with an intensity that didn’t match her baby face. Her skillful technique had a real sex appeal as well.

“You have such a pretty face. You´re hiding it from your boyfriend but to my cock, you show it every day with such a bitchy expression… I want you to show this kind of figure to your boyfriend”
“No…Midou-sensei is mean… That…please don’t say that…”

Maiko objected with a sweet voice, but of course, she didn’t really hate it. By bringing in her beloved fiancee, both Kenichi and Maiko were making it spicy to encourage excitement.

“Because…Midou-sensei is bad…it’s such an amazing taste to me… If I know something like this, it is only natural that I can’t be satisfied by my boyfriend. Even though I have sex with my boyfriend, I don’t feel it at all…”

(Wa, same as me…)

Maiko’s words were cruel and selfish but that also applied to Noa as well. The fact was that sex with this hateful guy felt dozens of times better than sex with the beloved boyfriend. It had been desperately denied with head and reason, but that was an undeniable fact.

“Hey…vice principal… Naughty. Letting Maiko become so ecchi…”

The Japanese teacher mumbled while sucking the tip with her tongue. Maiko was a new teacher and was enshrined like a sister by her students because she was near their age. But now she looked like a prostitute.

“It is a terrible picture to show off this child… Hey…put this in Maiko´s pussy… This vicious cock, please let it screw up my secret hole that is already soaking wet…”

(Hiiii! Wh, what! What, what is she saying…!!)

Maiko was begging for sex while voluntarily emitting a rhetorical language like that from an erotic comic. Noa, who was crawling over the curtain, was shocked by the gap between her pretty face and those words. But she also felt the excitement in her body rising.

“What…you can’t stand it anymore?”
“That’s because my pussy has been aching for a long time now. I want Sensei´s cock and love juice is dripping down all the time into my panty… Yeah, not good…it’s unbearable… Please accept my pussy, I don’t care if I’m cheating on my boyfriend secretly… ”

Maiko spoke in an obscene language and invited Kenichi while treating his huge glans with her red lips. It seems that she hated to shake her body around her waist.

“Huhu…don’t you think it’s bad for your boyfriend?”
“Because I don’t feel it when I have sex with my boyfriend, I don’t want it… It’s thin and small, so I don’t know if it inside me or not…it also can’t reach as far as Sensei´s penis at all… Yaahh… This extra-large cock, made me become a bitch… So please take responsibility…”

Maiko uttered lewd words that only a prostitute would say. There seemed to be no hesitation in giving up her boyfriend and Noa made a point in the gap between her words and her cuteness.

“That’s right… Well, before that, there is one more person, right…”

His eyes were gleaming red eyes. At the same time as these words were said, those eyes shot like a red laser at Noa who was crawling over the curtain.


Caught by the red eyes, Noa couldn’t move as if she had been tied to gold. Like a leopard, Kenichi jumped out of the bed and approached the beautiful math teacher Noa. He grabbed her thin arm and dragged her into the back of the curtain.

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