Inma no Hado chapter 259

Inma no Hado chapter 259: Three conditions



A week has passed since then.

That night, Shioya bowed his head to his annoyed former classmate in a mad humiliation and anger. Of course he didn’t want to apologize for the past. It is inconvenient to apologize for his bullying during middle school and after 20 years, everything goes into decree. If Kenichi didn’t like being bullied, then he only had to say that. Shioya felt intensely angry about bringing it out now, but he couldn’t help it.

Shioya still cant get in touch with his wife. Under this condition, discussions on divorce will go on and on. If this continues, he will lose his current position of managing director, not to mention the cost of compensation and medical treatment. Shioya had to rely on Kenichi to avoid that.

As a result, Kenichi contacted Shioya yesterday and it was said that he could meet Keiko at a hotel today. He was a little worried that it was a hotel room and not the lobby, but it was rather convenient because he didn’t want to let other people hear them.

(She wont answer her phone to answer any call!)

His wife, Keiko, has been phone called and mailed by Shioya all the time, but she hasn’t replied at all. Everything is told by contact through a lawyer, and there is no opportunity to meet her directly. Then, when Shioya was almost exhausted, an answer came that he could meet her today.

(But if I meet her, I’ll do it somehow! I’ll do it somehow!!)

Shioya has absolute confidence. After all, he met Keiko when they were in the first grade of middle school and have been dating since then. It was said that they were the best couple in the fifth grade, and Shioya thought so himself. The love and trust that they have developed over the past 20 years can not be shaken by such things.

Pressing the button to the top floor, Shioya suppress his feelings. A proud suite at this super luxury hotel is the location of today’s meeting.

(Eei!! I’m nervous!)

The door opened when he pressed the bell beside the door while pounding.

“Hello, Shioya-san…”

Standing in front of him was the female lawyer who Shioya had met several times before. She wears a black tailored suit and holds her long hair behind. They met each other many times, but seeing her face, Shioya wondered.

(That…she has such a face? It’s true, but it’s so beautiful?)

Up until now he was distracted by the divorce talks and didn’t pay attention to the appearance of the female lawyer in front of him, but once again in the hotel room it was an attractive beauty. Her eyes are large and match her small face, making her look younger than her actual age.

(And…this…appearance…. This person, has such a big chest?)

And one more eye-catching thing is the huge chest that lifts up the blouse. When Shioya looks at the bright sunlight in this suite, his eyes are attracted to the abnormal bulge. It protrudes forward as if tearing apart the white blouse and it shakes every time the female lawyer walks and the second button is about to fly away. Moreover, the underwear that wraps the bust was clearly visible through the thin blouse. It’s a green lace bra and it’s clear that it’s biting into the white skin.

“Now, here please…. Is an ice coffee acceptable?”

Shioya sat down on the couch in the suite and had a drink. Shioya, who was nervous and thirsty, drank it, and followed the appearance of the female lawyer with the corner of his eyes. Glamorous limbs highlighted by a suit that is attached to her body.

He was distracted by the lawyer’s beauty and huge breasts for a while, but at that time he remembers the proper business.

“Ke, Keiko? Where is Keiko?”
“She will be here soon”
“Then quickly!! Quickly call her!”
“Well well, let’s settle down…. Before you see Keiko, I would like to point out some points from her”
“What! Say it quickly!!!”

Shioya yells while being frustrated, but the female lawyer laughs thinly as being calm. Sitting on the sofa diagonally in front of Shioya, her large open chest plunges into Shioya´s eyes and his line of sight is attracted to it.

“I am an lawyer requested by your wife Keiko. Therefore, it is the principle that all negotiations go through me”
“I know that!”
“Yes. On top of that, your wife wants to divorce with Shioya-san”
“I, I heard that before”
“I just want to check the history so far, just in case…”

The lawyer speaks in a slow tone somewhat while laughing. Perhaps because of that, the anger and irritability of Shioya gradually settles and his eyes are increasingly drawn to the big chest that shakes in front of him. When he raises his eyes occasionally, the female lawyer smiles and her white face is visible painted with red lipstick on her lips.

“Therefore, according to the wish of your present wife, in addition to property sharing, 10 million yen is required as a comfort fee and also the stock certificate owned by both of you…”

(I already heard that…. The same thing over and over again…)

A description of slow intonation spun from the red lips. Using legal terms, it has been heard many times and Shioya heard its contents all the time. The focus of his eyes is gradually fixed at one point, and he realizes that he got sleepy because of the lunch he ate. He was looking at the red lips moving in front of his eyes as he began to feel hazy.

“…So, if negotiations come to an end in the future, then unfortunately we have to take into consideration the case in a court case. In that case…”

The pleasant voice of the beauty entered his ear. As he listened to that voice, his head slowly became numb. The voice of the female lawyer gradually moves away. The red lips move slowly.


At some point, while listening to the flowing, but tedious female lawyer’s explanation, Shioya began to feel sleepy on the couch in this suite.


“Shioya-san! Shioya-san!! …Sh-i-o-ya-san!!!”

Shaking his body strongly and hearing his name called loudly, Shioya opens his eyes. Because the room is bright, the light blinds him for a moment, but after adjusting his eyelids, he looks around.

(What…here…. Aaa, did I sleep…)

Shioya remembers his memory and understand where he was and then he looks at the face of the beauty in front of him and remembers what he has done. He came to a luxury hotel to meet his wife, Keiko and was meeting with the female lawyer beforehand, but he fell asleep while listening to the monotonous explanations.

“Ah…I, I…”
“Don’t sleep in such a place, please be firm. You will see your wife soon!”
“…What!! Is, Is that so…”

Shioya who wakes up, raises his body and sits straight on the couch. The big-breasted beautiful woman in a black suit in front of his eyes looks at himself with cold eyes. As if she was observing something.

Not long enough to wait, the door of the suite opened and someone came into the room. Shioya raises his face quickly.

“…Ke, Keiko…”

His wife who entered the room turns straight ahead and approaches the sofa where he and the female lawyer are sitting. Shioya tried to stand up to hug his wife for the first time in a long time, but with his eyes, he sees how she sits down without force.

There are no emotions in her eyes. The pupils look at him like a roadside stone or a grass moth. Of course neither anger nor remorse has come to light, neither pleasure nor surprise. An expression like a noh mask is looking at Shioya.

“W, why…why are you here! Midou!”

And Shioya noticed. A man who is right behind Keiko and is trying to cuddle next to her. Its his former classmate, who had been bullied a long time ago.

“Midou-san will be present at the wish of your wife”
“What! This is a marital problem!!”

Shioya sees Keiko and Kenichi sitting side by side on the sofa in front of himself and he exudes anger at the explanation of the lawyer.

“Even if you say so, Shioya-san actually used violence on his wife. As a woman she felt uneasy to meet you alone, so she asked a male friend, which is Midou-san to come together”
“Th, That…!! That person, why…”

Shioya still asks. Why is this man involved in a private matter between himself and his wife?

“I hate being raped by you again”

Keiko who sat on the sofa opened her mouth. The voice isn’t cold, but no emotion is attached to the voice. A cold feeling runs through Shioya´s back by that tone.

“Ah, that is! Rape…it wasn’t rape!”
“No, that was fledged rape. You forced me to hate you…”
“Th, That is…we are a couple!? …Des, Despite this…”

Shioya tries to oppose. Then, while a disgusting look came from the side from the female lawyer, he became silent.

“Even if you’re a couple, you raped her. Above all, your wife is seriously hurt by the act of stepping on her dignity. Oh, I’m sorry, but all this conversation has been recorded. In case of emergency, we will submit it to the police or the court as evidence…. So please be careful about your own remarks”

The lawyer points out that the logic is in order and Shioya loses two phrases.

“So, I will start talking again. As I have told you before, your wife wants a divorce with Shioya-san”
“Th, that’s not good! You can’t respond to that!”
“It is a problem…. Even if you say so, your wife has been subjected to terrible violence, including hospitalization for two days because of raping wounds that takes about five weeks to be healed. There is also a medical certificate from a doctor, so I think that this is the reason why it is difficult to continue the marriage and your wife want to take this divorce procedure…”
“No, no! I’m not going to accept this divorce! This is only a couple´s quarrel, I can’t be divorced!”

Shioya desperately consols the lawyer who is trying to complete the process. Keiko observes Shioya like that, but her emotions are still floating on her face.

After that, the female lawyer insisted on the divorce instead of Keiko and the situation continued that Shioya rebutted emotionally. There is no compromise here and the discussion continues with similar lines forever. He may love Keiko, but the main reason Shioya doesn’t want to divorce is because he doesn’t want to lose his current position of managing director. The thought is seen through at the ends of his words.

“If I get divorced, what will be with my position in the company!? The relationship with the president will get worse and the position will be in danger and I will have to quit the company in the worst! The next job will be decided by my present age and I can’t think of it and above all, I have been a managing director, but it is a pity I’ll need to give up on it!”

Shioya talks even such a thing with the female lawyer. It might be that he was excited while he was talking, but even though the lawyer hides insults as an overt word, Keiko sitting on the sofa remains expressionless as ever.

“I have contributed to the company so far and I have made Keiko happy. That’s only a small couple quarrel, so there is no need for a divorce! If I get divorced and I lose my job, do you think that I can pay the alimony?”

Shioya shouts. He has such a selfish logic, that there is no single apology or confession. There is only the convenience for himself and it is only a self-assertion based on one-sided self-preservation.

Keiko who looked at such a Shioya in an expressionless expression finally opened her mouth.

“Good…. If you say so, divorce will be on hold for a while…”

Listening to these words, Shioya´s face immediately shines.

“Re, Really!!! It, it’s good! It’s good! You mean, we…”

Keiko cut Shioya off when she said it.

“There are a few conditions to make it happen. If you accept it, let’s see for a while”
“What is the condition?”

Shioya asks with momentum. At that time, Shioya noticed the change of his wife.

While he wasn’t watching her for awhile, the atmosphere of Keiko has completely changed. From the face that was originally pretty, the shadow of childhood and innocence disappeared and she exudes a bewitching sexiness. The makeup that was natural is also concentrated and the blue eye shadow and bright red lips are shiny. Whether her hair is well-maintained or not, it adds to the glamor and luxury combined with her fancy appearance.

Furthermore, the clothes were also changed. His wife used to prefer loose-looking clothes for adult eyes and she used hemp and cotton as the material. However, his good-looking wife who sits on the sofa wears a tight blue mini-dress that fits perfectly on her body and the short skirt looks like you can see her underwear while sitting. From the large open chest, a white valley is peeking out and a surprisingly large meat scoop lifts the fabric forward. Black stockings are worn on the legs that extend from the skirt and silver anklets are shining on the high heels.


After 20 years of getting acquainted, Shioya should have known Keiko’s fashion and cosmetic preferences. If anything, his wife should have liked sober and natural materials. Even though they didn’t meet for only a few weeks, all of it has changed over time. For example, the flashy makeup is as good as a hostess or club mama.

(These guys…maybe…after all…?)

He noticed at the same time. Keiko who is looking at himself with eyes that don’t feel any emotions is trying to get close to their former classmate who sits next to her. It is an instinct in a sense, there is no reason there. However, Shioya felt the peculiar air that there was something between his wife and Kenichi. It is a unique sense of distance and atmosphere that both men and women share the joy of meat.

(Keiko…Keiko can’t betray me…. And the other person is supposed to be this guy…. But… let’s see…being here, after all…but such…)

Shioya denies it with his reason. Keiko prefers a strong, wild man like him and she should hate nerds like Kenichi.

(Unacceptable…. But it is impossible to happen by accident…)

“There are three conditions under which the divorce will be on hold for a while…”

As if it had been prepared in advance, Shioya was unable to dispel the black suspicion coming up in his mind, looking at Keiko, who laid out the conditions to forget the divorce.

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