Inma no Hado chapter 268

Inma no Hado chapter 268: After all, there was nothing



Finally the last day of training camp. Divided into each subject they presented their results and in the afternoon there will be a summary of the whole and the whole camp will dissolve.

Ryohei wakes up naturally before the bedside alarm clock rings. Then he hears the familiar voice from next door, even if he doesn’t do anything.

『Aaah…Sensei…amazing. Still, it is so hard…』
『No…its so bright now…. We really did it all night long… Amazing…so great…』
『This was crazy…. Aaa…I cant go back…』
『Even though there are seven of us, Sensei was the only one who withstand till the morning…』

(7 people!!! Did she really say 7 people?!)

There were four women before going to bed, but now three more have been added from these words. Did they come while Ryohei was sleeping? He feels sleepy in an instant and Ryohei opens his mouth. There is no such a desperate thing even in AV what may be expressed anymore.

『Thisssss!!! This is gooodddd!!! Ohoooooo!!! Stick it in…stick it iiinnnnn!!!! Stick it to the interiorrrr!!!』

It may be that some have joined again. Ryohei can hear the noise of the bed and the loud voice of a woman. It is likely the married woman from the voice.

『Still that…. She really love it…』
『I thought I was too lewd, but I lose to that married woman…』
『That’s right…. But her husband is poor…. His loving wife is being fucked by another man all night…』
『Huhuhu…. If he sees her like this, he might commit suicide…』

The voice of a laughing woman is heard through the thin wall.

『Well then, we shall return to our room soon. I have to change clothes…』
『Yes…. In the training where there is everyone, I cant go with the same clothes』
『Ah. My hair is messy…. My skin is also sticky and uncomfortable…』
『Then, Sensei. She is so addicted to you so that she doesn’t want to make it to her husband』

It seems that they leave the married woman and the man who are still connected alone as those other six women say goodbye and left. And the door in the next room opened.

(What kind of people are they…. I want to see their faces!)

When Ryohei jumped up and desperately bites into the door pit, it didn’t look like those women had already passed by. He tried to open the door and then he just tried to look at them, but this time the chain gets stuck and won’t open. When he finally removed the chain and opened the door with his hand, the women were already around the corner and nobody was in the hallway.

(Tsk! Fuck!! Who was it!!)

I wondered if I would follow him for a moment, but I realized that I could not go outside with one piece of pants. When I give up and go back to the room, the sex of the married woman still continues next to me.

『Aaaaa!!! Amazing…so great…!! That person…that person is completely different…!!! To the end…go to the very end…my body is scooped out!!! My head becomes whiteeee!!! Hiiiiiii!!!』

Perhaps they are in the cowgirl position. The obscene married woman straddles the waist of that man and shakes her hips freely and falls to orgasm. The woman who enjoys the pleasure with greed like a hungry carnivore, climaxed once again without knowing how many times so far. If someone marries such a lewd person, he will dry out in no time.

『Nhiiiiii!! Guuuuuhuuuaaaaaa!!!!』

A beast-like voice that no longer cares about the surroundings. When the ecstasy wave is over, the woman becomes quiet for a while. But that’s also a bunch of things. The bed squeaks again and again and the married woman’s sweet voice is heard intermittently.

『Sensei…more…more…. Nooo…after all…Sensei is very good…. Our physical affinity is too good…you hit the places which let me feel good with your cock…』

The married woman may not have been satisfied by her usual marital life and it might have been accumulated. She still seeks for sex greedily after the other women returned.

『Beco…become…. Sensei´s…I will be Sensei´s female mistress…. Aaah…. Please return to the other side…. Without telling that person, please fuck me…』

It may have been said by that man, but the married teacher is still asking with a sweet voice full of emotion. It may be a affair of teachers who work in the same school from the conversation. It is a common pattern.

『Cheating penis…cheating penis is so great…. Ohooooo!!! Thereeee!!! That’s a weak poinntt…. Agaiinn…again wonderful…amazing cummiinnggg!!!』

The noise gradually becomes louder and faster. At the same time, the voices of women also become entangled and the voices that tell the time of collapse are rising.

『Together!!! Aaaa!!! Not me aloneee!!! Together!!! Put it out inside me!! Its okay to let me become pregnant!!! Aaaaa!!! As it is…as it is cumm!!! …Hiiiiii!!!!』

The orgy continues without knowing when it is finished. While listening to the voice like BGM, Ryohei continued to prepare for the morning by slowing down.


Ryohei´s physical condition was the worst with the hangover and lack of sleep. When he went to the breakfast room while rubbing his sleepy eyes, he looked around while exchanging greetings with some teachers he knows.

(Neither Yoshikawa-sensei nor Shimomura-sensei have come…)

Who he was looking for was the two pretty female english teachers. At dinner yesterday he was together with them, but Rinka didn’t appear at the bar again as mentioned. Ryohei had no choice but to find a male teacher who was in the same group as him and sat next to him and started to have breakfast.

When he ate almost to the end, he felt that the whole venue was swaying and raised his face. When he looked at it, he saw a beautiful woman who showed up at the entrance and all men around her stared at her at once. Junko Yoshikawa working for the same school as Ryohei.

(Uhhohh…this morning those two are together…)

Soon after Junko, it was Rinka Shimomura who made a fancy appearance. Rinka and Junko are having fun talking together side by side as it seems they get along well and the eyes of the men around are nailed to the both of them. Ryohei waved toward those, but they both seem to be crazy about the story and are not aware.

And behind them, came two other female teachers who Ryohei ate lunch together with yesterday. The two are as pretty as Rinka and they follow while laughing. Soon after that, Saegusa Noa and Miwako Kawasaki appeared wearing a skirt that was short enough to be called micro. The tight skirt closely attached to their hips is short enough to reveal their underwear when they bent a little. Miwako is speaking with a calm face, but Noa is walking with embarrassment seen on her red face

Six pretty women appeared in the hall at one time. The impact is such that the atmosphere in the venue changes dramatically. All men show eyes of desire and envy and the women throw in a mixture of jealousy and disdain. However, six people acted in such a way that there was no relation to the surrounding air and they took seat at a table far from Ryohei.

(Well then, they will stand out here…)

The eye-catching six people start eating breakfast while talking happily as they get along well before long. Junko and, of course, the five other high-level beauties, will definitely be blessed as the top six in this training camp. All the men in this room are staring from far away and couldn’t make out their voices, probably because they had no courage to enter the beauty group.

(As always…no courage…. I will show an example)

Ryohei laughs at such male teachers with a snort. He felt the envy of the men and the gaze of some women, as he called out when he approached the table with the six people.

“Good morning”
“Ah, Anzai-sensei…. Good morning”
“Good morning”

When the six beauties look at Ryohei’s face, they return greetings with a smile at once. They are all beauties who are well-matched. Overwhelmed by the sight when he sees them again, Ryohei immediately recovered and continue talking.

“How about the training? …Are you ready to make the presentation?”
“Yes…. I’m pretty confident that the other teachers worked hard, so I’m pretty confident…. We could take the top?”
“Eeeee!!! Yoshikawa-sensei, is that right? My group is also confident…. What about you Anzai-sensei?”
“Yes, I won’t lose, Yoshikawa-sensei…”

Group announcements will be made this morning. They vote in each subject and give a simple product to the top. Junko seems to be confident, but Ryohei is satisfied with the content of the announcement while he was planning to take the top this time.

Ryohei talks about the content of the presentation and the training without a chat. While each of the six members try to beat each other, the conversation progressed around Ryohei. It is good to enjoy a morning conversation with six beautiful teachers while feeling the hostile eyes of the men around him.

“That’s right, what did your wife do?”

However, such a pleasant feeling was blown away by Junko’s bomb statement.

“Ee…. A, Aaaa…. She doesn’t seem to have come yet…”
“Eeee! Anzai-sensei, you’re married!?”
“That’s right…. He has a beautiful wife who is a science teacher at our school. And she is also here in this training camp…”
“…Heee…. Is that so…. My goodness…”

It is strongly pointed out by Reiko. At first Ryohei was surprised when he saw Rinka´s face and then it turned out that her expression turned into a cold thing in a matter of seconds. It was not unreasonable, as he lied that he wasn’t married, so it might be reasonable. The other three people except for Noa have heard the conversation with a seemingly embarrassing expression as if they felt a subtle atmosphere.

“Ah, I’m sorry! Speaking of which, I have to prepare for the announcement, so I have to go back…. Then I´m going…”

Ryohei cant stand the stabbing gaze of Rinka and he leaves the table. While leaving sweat all over his body, he leaves the venue with a crawling body. Behind him, the six beauties smiled before finally laughing loudly, but Ryohei couldn’t afford to worry if they were laughing about himself.


After the group presentation of the training was over, it was finally the last program. All divided by subject gathered in one place and received the last educational lecture from a prominent scholar in a large hall. The long, short, two-night, three-day training camp is almost over.

(After all, there was nothing…. If it was only a little more…)

Looking back at the training camp, Ryohei sighs involuntarily feeling depressed. The cause of the problem was that Rinka, had changed from yesterday and had a disappointing attitude towards Ryohei. However, since it was falsely approaching if he was single, it can be said that it is rust that came out that it would happen. Junko was the cause for that, but nobody can blame her as it was originally due to his own lewd mind.

(Huuu… there is no help…)

He lost the chance to catch a big fish and sighs. Furthermore, he was upset in the morning, so he missed the presentation and was unable to take the top of the vote. There was also a wonderful presentation by Junko, but it was regrettable that he couldn’t win. Of course, there were also a lot of male votes that came out because of Junko´s preeminent beauty.

(Huaaa…. I’m getting sleepy…)

A boring talk follows. Junko Yoshikawa, who sits next to him, makes notes while listening to the lecture seriously. He wondered if she got enough sleep last night, as hr beauty is even brighter and her skin is white and smooth.

(That is…Kumiko…. And next to her, the vice-principal…?)

Looking at the other side, Ryohei could see that Kumiko, his wife and vice-principal Kenichi Midou sit side by side in a slightly distant back seat. The vice-principal listens to the story while looking forward and his wife who sits next to him has her face slightly down. He thought she was asleep at first, but it seems that it is not so. Sometimes she raises her face, talk to the vice-principal in a child’s voice and repeat the action from time to time. When Kumiko raised her face, her expression Ryohei saw in a glance seemed to be red a little as if she endures something.

(I wonder if she feels bad again…)

His wife who has gynecological problems may sometimes feel ill because of that. Her menstruation is heavy and irregular, and it is not uncommon to get an irregular bleeding. She is always anemic, so it is essential for her to go to the doctor.

While he was watching, his wife and the vice-principal stood up and while they were speaking, they opened the back door and went out. It looks like vice-principal Midou paid attention to his wife who seems to be in a bad condition.

(Is she going to the toilet…?)

“Are you worried about your wife?”

Junko who sits next to him notices the gaze of Ryohei and talks with joy in her low voice.

“Eh!! N, No…th, that is…”

Ryohei suddenly turned his face back. It is a reaction as if he thinks that his chances to make Junko his become less. While looking at such a good looking woman from the side, Junko lifted up the corner of her mouth at an invisible angle and was smiling with an evil smile.


Soon after, the lecture ended and the entire training program was over. Teachers who get to know each other in this training, say goodbye to each other and promise to meet again. Ryohei also made great effort and called out to Rinka, but she was just replying with “I’m thanking you”. Ryohei was lying and approaching her, even though he was married, so it might be worthwhile to take such an attitude, but it was a shock for Ryohei that put aside his depression from this morning.

And to further depress Ryohei, Rinka showed a happy smile to vice-principal Midou and was about to reminisce forever. In addition to Rinka, the two other pretty female teachers he saw this morning were also together, talking passionately around the vice-principal. The eyes of those three turned to the vice-principal were so passionate that they were more passionate than yesterday. Seeing the vice-principal surrounded by three beautiful females, Ryohei’s envy and jealousy were unrestrained.

There are rental buses from the training hall and Ryohei and Kumiko and the four other teachers from the same school, take the same direction for Shinjuku Station. Ryohei feels like he has met his wife for the first time in a long time, but he feels relieved, as his wife looks surprisingly healthy.

“How was the training or what did you do?”
“Eh…. I studied very much…. You?”
“I’m not so good…. To be honest, it was a little disappointing”
“I see…. What a shame”

The couple keeps on the conversation while getting on the bus side by side. It is a routine as usual, and although it is a public place, it is a sweet time for newlyweds. For Ryohei who had various training, it was a time he could feel relieved.

(After all…Kumiko is the best woman…)

He thinks so again while looking at the profile of his beloved wife. Of course in terms of beauty, lions are better, and in youth and brilliance they are more likely to be in bloom. However, the elegant and clean Kumiko is kind and gentle above all and has a healing aura that wraps around herself. It can be asserted that there is no woman better than Kumiko as a wife.

“Hmm? This, what happened?”

At that time, he found something in the backlight of his wife’s white neck. It is a red stain that looks like she was scratched by something. It is here and there around Kumiko’s slender neck.

“A, aa…this is…. This is…so, something like that, there was an insect in the room and it seems that I was scratching myself while sleeping…”
“Is that so…. This is normal because the countryside is rural”
“Th, that’s right…. When I opened the window and went to bed, it seems that insects came in…. Ho, How about you…did you slept well?”

Although he was at a loss for a while after asking his wife, Ryohei started talking to his wife about the next room with a small voice.

“Actually…you may not believe it…”

The guy next door called a woman who seemed to be a married woman to his room on the first night and had sex all night long. Another young woman at noon the next day, and three more at night and then the married woman appeared again. When he woke up on the last morning, there were seven women in that room. And even though the other women returned, only that married woman was left to the end.

“Good grief…. I didn’t know who it was till the end, but they were really insane…. That guy pulled women into his room during the training and that for more than 3 days”

While he was talking, his wife’s complexion changed and she felt like she heard something unbelievable. Seeing that, Ryohei thinks that is natural. If you hear such a story from people, you will not believe it because it is too stupid. His wife is a serious character, so she must be surprised to hear that such insane people were participating in this training camp.

“Lies…lie…such things…”
“You can’t believe it, but…it’s not a lie…. Thanks to that, I havent slept well and I’ve been out of bed all the time…”

Ryohei gives an explanation to his wife. The insane and embarrassing behavior taken by the next door teacher may not be understood by Kumiko.

“What happened? Did you feel sick?”
“…U, Uuh…. I´m all right…. Just a little bit surprised”
“Is that so…. I’m sorry for such a lively talk…”
“…Uuh…not that much…. Its fine…”

When Ryohei holds the white hand of his wife she gently holds it back. Her hand is warm and you can clearly see that the two people are in touch. Kumiko shakes her lips while her complexion turns pale, probably because the story was a shock. Ryohei has always held hands so as to motivate his weak wife.

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