Inma no Hado chapter 271

Inma no Hado chapter 271: Light, darkness and shadow



It was Arisa Shinomiya, who belongs to the research group of “SHADO”, who first noticed a strange thing. Checking with the Tokyo Police Department database, she compares the file and takes confirmation.

(This is the third person…. It’s not a coincidence…)

What Arisa is collecting is the data of the devil hosts of “SHADO” and the data of the man who was found dead on the street yesterday. Although the identity of the person found at the time of discovery was known and the person was found to be a devil host, the man was found in a state of unconsciousness although no abnormality was recognized in his body.

And these days, two devil hosts have already been discovered in the same way in a unconscious state. The devils who had merged with both of them have disappeared and it seems that they have been abandoned because of the reaction. There is no certainty about this man yet, but there is a high possibility that the devil, which had been merged in the same way, was naturally eliminated or intentionally erased for some reason. At first Arisa thought that the energy was exhausted and it disappeared naturally, but it is unlikely that three people will follow the same outcome in quick succession.

(If it wasn’t natural, then someone had targeted and attacked those devil hosts and erased them. But who…for what…how…)

Arisa who sits in her seat at SHADO’s headquarters thinks alone.

In this case, in view of the situation, the three people have been annihilated in a short time. It is possible for SHADO to isolate the fused devils and eliminate them, but it takes time until the energy of the devils is exhausted. There is no technology to make the devil disappear in a short time with “SHADO”.

(Killing devils…? No, that’s impossible…. If it is about devils, it is only a physical destruction and the psychic body cant be erased…. Besides, devils should take a distance originally and not interfere with each other…)

All three devil hosts found were men, aged 20 to 30 years old. Two of them are devils and one of them is a half-devil, a semi-magical existence with a low magical power. All three were found to fall on the street, but there were no fighting marks or injuries and they were abandoned with the destruction of their minds.

(It can only be thought that only the psychic body has been erased in a completely different way from the wave destroying machine. But how was it done…)

Arisa tried to access and search the data of “SHADO” headquarters just in case, but similar cases didn’t appear. No matter how she thought, she couldn’t find the answer and Arisa stood up to report to Reiko Arisawa, her boss and aunt.


The two beauties sigh as they take their eyes off the machine in a white room lined with equipment.

“There is no doubt…. The wave unique to the devil is completely gone. After all, the devil who has merged with this man was completely erased…”
“So…. After all, your guess was correct…”

Reiko Arisawa, director of SHADO, looks at the face of the 30 years old man sleeping in a hospital bed, with Arisa powering down the wavemeter radionics and messing. The man was discovered yesterday in an unconscious state behind the alley. Now the devil who he had united with is completely erased and his mind was destroyed and therefore he is in an unconscious state.

“Now, it’s almost impossible to ask who did it…”
“It seems that there are no witnesses and it is tough to get more information…”

They mobilized a police officer and heard about the scene, but no one saw this man doing anything. The man is asleep at first glance. Even if he wakes up, he cant hear the situation because his mind is destroyed and he cant speak any words.

(It’s like Emily…)

Arisa remembers Terasawa Emily who is hospitalized at the same hospital by chance. She was raped by a male type Imma and she was discovered in the state like this man now. Since then, there is no sign of waking up as she continues to sleep.

“Aunt…this person…is…?”

Arisa who finished the preparation asked with a small voice. It doesn’t matter if she talks in a low voice, especially because there is no one around, but that’s always a habit. The name is no longer named.

If there is an entity that can eliminate devil hosts, it means that it is a new enemy. Now that he relieved of his natural enemy “SHADO”, that fact is something that Kenichi cant overlook. On the other hand, if the purpose of the existence is to eliminate devil hosts, that is not a bad thing for SHADO. It is their role to protect the society from the devils, the enemy of humanity and the existence with the same purpose is at least not their enemy. Because the enemy’s enemy is an ally.

“That’s right…. What should we do…”

One man is floating in the mind of two beautiful women. For the people who belong to “SHADO”, he is someone who is an essentially enemy. Should they tell that man this fact or should they keep silent?


The beautiful aunt and nephew shake their bodies at the same time. Just remembering that man makes it look like a conditional reflection. Their developed bodies responds shallowly to the memories of the hot and dark hell-like pleasure. It is understood that the vulva is lightly congested and the indecent mouth opens at the back of their underwear. It cant be helped as well. Since they haven’t been asked to come by that man for about another month, their bodies become hungry.

“F, For now, let’s call…”

Reiko proposes so. She didn’t know for herself whether it was for reporting or an excuse for meeting.


“Hmm…then, why did it happen, who did it, I guess you can’t understand the details…”
『Yes… The sure thing is that the devils who have merged with all three have been erased…. I don’t know if that someone is an individual or an organization, but it is intentionally removing the devils』
“Aren’t there any other people or organisation besides your ” SHADO”?”
『I have never heard of that…. Other than us, there should be no organization that is aware of the existence of devils in the first place…』

While receiving a report from Reiko Arisawa, Kenichi Midou creases the wrinkles on his face. If the story is true, it means that a threat stronger than “SHADO” has appeared. But if he doesn’t have much more information, he can’t be bothered here.

“Understood…. Tell me again if you find something new”

Saying that, when Kenichi tries to hang up the phone, a loud voice roars over the phone.

『Ah…wa, wait…. Anyone you need to talk directly…』
“No, I don’t need that?”
『Bu, but…Arisa also…. A little more detailed explanation…』
“It’s late today, so I’ll listen closely next time. Until then”

Ignoring Reiko who is still saying something, Kenichi hang up the phone unilaterally and throw the smartphone to the bedside. She may call again soon, but that’s not something Kenichi cares about.

“Aah…hey, Sensei…kiss me more…”

Top floor of a high-rise apartment building near the downtown area. Next to Kenichi who lays in a huge bed is a beautiful girl with an elegant face dyed in pleasure and snugly embraced in his arms. It was Ruriko Asakura, a graduate of Ellis young ladies Academy, who stretched her pink tongue with plenty of saliva and did a deep kissing since a while ago. This girl that has been loaded with indecent techniques over the course of a year is now able to do a clever erotic kiss like prostitutes.

“Huhu. Ruriko…you’ve changed too much…. You’ve been so erotic in just a year”
“Yaah…Sensei taught me everything…. Because Sensei did this for me who didn’t know anything…”

Ruriko who became a female university student wears a black murderous lingerie and use her long tongue to experience Kenichi’s mouth and squeezes the inside of his mouth and gives plenty of sweet saliva. There were no signs of hate. Her mind and body are completely corrupted and her expression in the joy of serving is so bewitching and sexy that no one would believe that it comes from this 20 years old pretty girl.

“You got such a big chest…”
“Aaah…more… touch me more…”

Her bust is rubbed against Kenichi’s naked chest every time Ruriko moves her body. Wrapped in a black lace bra, her breasts are huge without matching her slender body. A 90 cm chest is pressed against Kenichi’s chest and the elasticity of the fully packed breasts is pleasing.

As a result of continuously receiving the magic sperm like other pretty girls, Ruriko’s hormones changed by the influence of the magic sperm that shoots a wave and her bust and hip are ripe and her waist is slim. At the same time, the internal structure changed more intricately, becoming the finest pleasure organ go squeeze her beloved man’s penis. Her skin is also finer than before and it has a firm tension and luster from the inside. At just 19 years old, Ruriko was on her way from a pretty girl to a marvelous girl.

Because it is such a Ruriko, she attracts the attention of men more than before. If she walks in the city, many men approach her to talk to her and following her till she reaches the young ladies university she is attending. The male university students who got to know her through the tennis circle of the university are also trying to get close to Ruriko. If she shows her face on the side of the circle, it will be enough for the men to start fighting over her like lions.

However, Ruriko herself isn’t interested in other men at all. Her mind and body are all dedicated to the man who she’s kissing now. There is no space for men who are passionate about Ruriko to enter.

“Sensei…I’m feeling good…. I’m feeling so good…”

A sweet, simmering voice that makes her look crazy when the men aiming for her hear it. Rubbing her chest while kissing, she enjoys the pleasure that spreads to her whole body from the beginning. A seemingly elegant and modest female university student likes to be violently fucked and her whole body becomes muddy, but she also likes to enjoy it slowly.

(Shall I use the wave cancelling machine again…)

Kenichi who thinks about measures for the time being while sucking the sweet saliva of Ruriko. He recalls the machine developed by “SHADO”, which was used to make “SHADO” look around. The portable machine can be used to mechanically generate anti-phase waves and offset them to hide his devil-specific wave patterns.

(I don’t know who the other party is. Anyway, I have to collect information…)

It is not clear who this opponent is and it is unknown how they find out the devil hosts. Kenichi waits for the investigation of “SHADO” and, as before, will also order to Masako Muto and Noriko Aoyama to protect himself.

(It will be safe as long as I am here, but I cant afford to go outside…)

The recently purchased super luxury apartment room is located on the top floor of a 42-story building that rises near the downtown area. In addition to the latest security equipment that has been originally installed there, various sensors are installed by Arisa and are in good condition. Moreover, it is directly below the huge negative energy flow that flows in the sky, and if it is here, infinite power is rising without doing anything.

(No matter who the opponent is here, I won’t lose…)

From now on, this will be Kenichi’s nest were he will have orhies with his girls and women. Kenichi and Ruriko continue exchanging rich deep kissed without getting tired.

“Hey…Ruriko, you’re sly…. I also want to kiss…”
“That’s right…. I also want to do so…so quickly substitute…”

Two beautiful girls in their underwears from the right and left raise voices of protest to the two who are kissing as if they are lovers who love each other. Both of them are also female university students as Ruriko and they have different types but excellent beauty. While licking Kenichi’s chest and nipples, they are asking for a kiss with a hot breath. And two more girls rub their bodies on Kenichi’s legs that were thrown out and they wait for their turn while licking his legs without getting bored. In other words, a total of five pretty female university students gather around Kenichi’s body and caress his whole body.

All four are the same as Ruriko and they are all female university students who have a mesmerizing beauty. All were young women who had grown up in wealthy families and all were virgins until they were robbed of it by Kenichi, who have them introduced by Ruriko. And they became captivated, thus sharing the joy of meat together always. At first glance they are all beautiful women who are clean and elegant, but after being repeatedly corrupted by the poison of the Inma, their contents have been completely changed to a nasty and erotic woman as Ruriko.

“Do you feel it here…? Is it pleasant here…?”
“Aah…do it more, I want to feel better…”

Five people use their pink tongues and lips without getting tired and clean up the whole body of Kenichi. The whole body has become wet with the sweet saliva exhaled by the 5 female university students. It is a situation that everyone hate if it is a man, a scene that if the men who know them will see tears of rage. The five people are willing to clean everything from the neck and chest, as well as between the armpits and toes, the crotch and the anus. While entrusting his body to those female university students who make a sizzling sound in a frantic lingerie figure, Kenichi enjoys the extremely pleasure with eyes, ears and skin.

(These guys…they’re completely fed up like dogs…)

Kenichi is laughing. In fact, these pretty university students are hypnotized and when serving him, their tongues and lips become sexual zoney like nipples and the clitoris. As a result, just licking and sucking in this way, clear pleasure flows from the tongue and belly, even if Kenichi does nothing, it promotes sexual desire and their sensitivity increases.

“I feel it so much just from licking…so good…”
“If you suck the tongue, you’ll get it by itself. Aah, suck more…”

The female university student makes her tongue feel tight for her own pleasure, rather than cheering up the other party. This beauty is already enjoying the pleasure and her patchy eyes are filled with oil. With a little bit of stimulation, she will have a slight acme and her sexual energy has flowed from the beginning into Kenichi´s body constantly.

“More…here too… I want to serve here too…is it good, hey?”

With a squeezed look Ruriko has changed places, she played with the bulge on top of the black boxer shorts covering the lower body of Kenichi. The weapon that began to have power is wound in the pants and Ruriko´s clean expression is stained with a hot breath.

(They came…)

At that time, the door of the bedroom where Kenichi and his group were opened and four more women appeared.

“This is Sensei’s new apartment…nice place…”
“No…they already started…”

The four laughed at Kenichi lying on the bed and the five beautiful naked girls and they started taking off their clothes. Among them, a beautiful girl with a big bust gets closer to Kenichi and presses her huge chest wrapped in a white lace bra against him.

“I’m going to do something naughty here from now on…”

Saying that was Ayaka Kitajima who is a graduate of Ellis young ladies Academy like Ruriko. As a rhythmic gymnast, Ayaka is a first-year student at a physical education university, but her huge bust that protrudes out of proportion to her slender body is attractive. With a grinning smile, she begins to give a rich kiss to Kenichi.

“Ayaka, sly…. I also want to kiss with Sensei…”

From the other side, Yuriko Morishita, the former student council president, came to hug Kenichi. Now she is a freshman attending a private university. And while her matching blue and pink lingerie is different, two beautiful women with the same face and appearance are standing in a muddy state. The unique twins Eri and Yuri Kondo also attend the famous Sakai Catholic private university. All three of them are graduates from Ellis young ladies academy and are classmates with Ruriko and Ayaka.

There are nine good-looking university students in this room that is closed, but not narrow, so the room is filled with the sweet and sour smell of sweet salmon. All are already in estrus, dripping sweet honey from their crotches and craving for a hot night with Kenichi.

“Everybody imitate Ruriko and introduces me to cute university students”

Kenichi says so to the graduates and Ayaka watches the five girls who lick Kenichi´s whole body while being enchanted.

“Leave it to me, Sensei…. I will introduce a lot of cute little girls to you…”
“Me too…. I gather so many that you can’t eat them in one night”

Ayaka and Yuriko respond quickly. Both of them will be happy to offer female university students to Kenichi. The same goes for Eri and Yuri. In this way, the harem which Kenichi made will grew again.

“Then, first of all, let’s have Eri and Yuri give the cock…”

“Yes, Sensei…”
“I will serve you with Yuri…”

Eri and Yuri are happy when Kenichi appoints them and the other beautiful women have a sad expression. The twins approach from the left and right to the penis that erects in the crotch and two tongues start to lick and suck from the root. Subtly changing strength and weakness in mind, their pink tongues crawl around rigidly. It is an exquisite combination unique to these twins.

(These guys…after all the best…)

Kenichi doesn’t get bored after tasting it many times, this twin sisters double blowjob. Excited at the expectation of the supreme pleasure, Kenichi was staring at the dark sky with his red eyes.

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