Inma no Hado chapter 273

Inma no Hado chapter 273: Mother and son



The face of the man who looked back is mediocre, which is obviously a younger man than his father. But Ema was surprised to see that man´s face.

(Wh, Why…why…)

It is a person whom she knows well and has met so many times. Alone or with other girls. And Ema has done things with this 30-year-old man which she cant say to her boyfriend, Reiji.

“Both of you shouldnt come to such places, why don’t you come in?”

The man with red eyes smiles with a grin, while showing off his still erected penis. Reiji remembers the evil laughter and Ema remembers what she has done that cant be spoken about. White mucus dripping from the tip. Her small white throat swallows the spit like a reflex as you look at it.

“Now. Ema-chan….. As always….., why not come here and clean up uncle’s penis?”

Reiji didn’t understand what the words meant. However, in front of her boyfriend who doesn’t move at all, Ema opens the door wide like a mannequin who is manipulated and she approaches to the front of the man. The man got out of the king-sized bed. It is a distance not more than 2m from Reiji.

When Ema kneels at that man´s feet, she distorts her pretty face and look up at it. The man smiled with a grin to such a pretty girl. As if it was the last signal, Ema moves her little lips closer.

“…Eh! Wa, Wait…”

When Reiji instinctively raised a cry, Ema shook her body. Then she get a crying face and was hesitant for a while, but when she stretched her small tongue out, she pressed it against the huge dick.


Something gets stuck in her throat and she can’t say anything.

To behold, the violent dick was muddy by the mucus exuded by the man and Reiji´s mother. However, Ema who loves herself doesn’t care about the intense sexual smell, so she begins to lick it eagerly as if it is her favorite ice cream.

(Ema…Ema- chan…Ema-chan…)

Following his mother’s haunting curiosity, Reiji is shocked at the horny oral service that his girlfriend is showing. No, it’s not a lifelike thing like an impact. It’s like his head hit by a hammer. His trembling body squeezes like being in the cold or frozen, and the head, on the other hand, boils like he has been in the hot bath for too long.

When Ema holds the root, she treats it like a lollipop and makes her small tongue crawl on the wet black surface. The white juice dripping from the tip is received on her tongue and the residue attached to the bed is also fried using the tongue. It was obviously a familiar action, as she has been doing it over and over again. Is it because her red face is excited or is she embarrassment seen by Reiji? In any case, Reiji could understand that this beautiful girl was already used to oral service to a male genitals, even without sexual experience.

“Now, let’s see it this time…. As always, suck it out”

It was said that she always does such a thing…..Ema distorts her face with embarrassment and apology. Doing something like that in front of her boyfriend, her small heart jumps up by the feeling of confession. And she feels a strong sense of guilt by sucking a adult penis in front of her favorite boy.

(But it’s exciting like it’s crazy…)

Grinning devil. This girl is very excited to do such a betrayal act. The evidence is that the aura wrapped around her small body is poisonously reddened even though Kenichi isn’t doing anything.

Reiji is frozen over the door. Seeing what happened in front of him, he raised his long eyebrows and Ema opened her small thin lips wide and scooped up the love juice from Kenichi´s crotch.

(However, there are chances…. Well, is this an invisible edge or a destiny?)

Enjoying Ema´s enthusiastic and polite sucking, Kenichi smiles with a grin while standing. From the time he came to this apartment, he noticed with the wave radar that Ema was hiding in the children’s room, but he was surprised at the accident and couldn’t suppress his excitement.

(It would be a shock to such a brat that he saw his mother’s cheating in front of him and then show off his favorite girl’s blowjob on another man…)

For elementary school students, it’s too hard to be cuckold and it will be 2 bars. Seeing the still unconscious mother, Kenichi then looked at the boy standing outside the door. He looks like a girl with a pretty face, but that face is about to crumble now.

“Ema-chan also got a good skill. Have you done it already?”

When Kenichi says so with a loud voice, the movement of Ema stops and she looks like as if she is crying now. However, when he moved his waist lightly, Ema turned her eyes down as she gave up and started shaking her face slowly again. While making a water sound, in the mouth she uses the tongue vigorously to stimulate the tip. The 12-year-old girl who has tiny cheeks sucks up the dirty liquid. Reiji didn’t know, but the body fluid of Imma is the finest sweet and sour for women, and it is a magic liquid that every woman wants. It doesn’t change even if it is a young girl before having her menarche.

Furthermore, Ema sought from the bottom of her heart the power to dwell in the body fluid of the Inma. That power was absolutely necessary to pass the next audition. She didn’t think she could see it today, but for her it was the magic drug needed to be an idol.

It is raining down outside with noise. The heavy rain slammed the window, and the room sounded like it stopped.


The noise seems to have woke up the mother who fainted. Then she slowly raised her body on the bed and noticed Kenichi, who had become a king, and a girl who was sticking to his crotch.

“Wh, Who!? That child is…who!?”

Dusky couple’s bedroom. The mother, who was in a haughty blouse, wears the sheet in a hurry. The business suit she was wearing was beaten down to the floor and the black stockings were torn and the crotch was exposed.

“Ah…. Did you notice…”

Kenichi answers in a relaxed tone and Ema only gave a glance at Reiji´s mother and returns to an obscene work. The spit of saliva slowly move the frozen time.

“Who…? Who, hey, where did this child comes from?”

This mother who have been in a relationship with Kenichi many times have often been fucked together with other women. That’s why she isn’t surprised at that, but it’s her own home. It is not surprising that a strange girl suddenly appears in the sanctuary that she thought was the only one and it is no surprise that a man who put others in his house makes a silent anger.

But the man’s answer was shocking to this mother.

“That child? This child is your son’s girlfriend…. And it seems that those two peeked through the gap of the door when the both of us had sex a while ago”

Seeing the grinning face of a devil, the mother moves her face with motion like an oiled robot. The door of the bedroom was open at some point and a familiar small figure stood there. The face that is intelligent and always laughing is squeezing with tears. Knowing everything, the face, the hair and the clothes.

“…No…noo…lie…lie…that…aaaaa…. Noooooooooooooo!!!!”

Reiko Arisawa, the chief officer of “SHADO”, squeezes her cool and beautiful face and it is the moment when she understood that her own child is in front of her, she vomited a wail of the soul from her mouth like curse.



It is raining. How many hours has it been raining down? When the rain cloud in the city is heavy and dark, it reminds of a friend who had been transferred from the country.

(It was raining that day too…)

Speaking of which, it was a rainy day when Ema first met this guy. She remembers the events from there vividly, but like in the afternoon class where there was a pool, the sensory organs were veiled in thin veil and there was no real sense of reality.

“Nooo…mo, more…already stop…”

Ema opened her mouth in front of Reiko. She licks the white semen that overflows from the vagina and listens to the thin voice of the woman that is heard from above her head. The body fluid which Kenichi ejaculated is a large amount. Sucking it all with her mouth, Ema moves her small throat and swallow it. Her boyfriend’s mother’s genital area is in front of her and her tongue crawls like a cunning creature over it.

On the bed in the couple’s bedroom, Reiko who is equally beautiful from the same sex sits down and is carried by Kenichi from behind. His hands are turned forward and he kneads the huge bust wrapped in a blue bra and the long neck is kissed. Her face was distorted with pleasure, aversion, shame and fear, but at the same time she was unbelievably beautiful.

And between Reiko’s open legs, Ema takes a stand and licks the white semen while being commanded by Kenichi. It is a body fluid that has been consumed many times before, but it has a mysterious taste, which makes her become hot when she drinks it and Ema want to taste it many times like her favorite yogurt. Moreover, every time she drinks it, her body is full of power and the condition of dance and singing will increase. Extending the tongue into the vagina, she pulls out the accumulated mucus liquid. It was probably shot in quite a lot, as it overflowed later.

(But…I’m sorry…I’m sorry, Reiji-kun…)

While feeling the gaze on the back, Ema apologized in her heart. The boy of the same age stands by the side of the bed and is looking at their entanglement with a resolute expression.

His mother had sex with a man he didn’t know in front of his eyes and said she was crazy. That was shocking enough, but it was shown that the girl who he loved would lick that man’s penis. The little lips he kissed first. It was crawling on a bizarre meat pole like love eater. Seeing that unbelievably cruel reality, the boy is initially surprised, then sadly crying, and now his soul has fallen out of no way.

“Stop…don’t do it anymore…. That…something like that, don’t show it to that child…”

Reiko who is Reiji´s mother has her bust played with from behind by Kenichi and her neck kissed while her body and reason melt to the pleasure that emanates from there. Kenichi´s fingers bite into her huge white breasts that have grown completely and the hands move slowly so as to check the ripeness of the inside and the erected nipples are touched by the fingers as they pushes up the fabric of the lace bra. Reiko tries to escape, but she is deprived of her freedom by resonating waves and she can only shake her white body. She continues to show her affair with a man who is not his father to her son.

However, even at this time, Kenichi´s caress feels so good that her soul is shaking. Pleasure nerves are mercilessly stimulated and a law pardon that can get stuck to the tip of the finger runs through her body. Although denied by reason, her body shed in pleasure is at the mercy of the man.

“Did you say something Reiji-kun? As you see, your mama is so lewd, right?”
“Noooo!!! Th, That, child, hiiii!!!”

She desperately raises her voice, but Kenichi picks up her erect nipples from the top of the bra as if aiming clearly and a electric current runs through her body suddenly and Reiko loses her voice on the way. While watching at Reiji, Kenichi kept talking to him with his red eyes.

“That’s why your mom was doing naughty things with this uncle during daytime without your dad. Your mommy loves this uncle’s penis”
“Hiiiii!!! Yaaaa!!!”

His voice, which speaks quietly, will surely reach Reiji´s in the rain. This smart boy understands the meaning of the words correctly and at the same time cant react to the shocking content. Even his empty head shows that this man is telling the truth. Above all, his mother’s attitude supports it.

While doing so, the man’s hand goes through his mother’s chest, as if it was his own possession. His mother dislikes it by mouth but it is still as it is. Distorted face. The eyes are connected. Something has been sent to him. Barking body. It has a rich, embarrassing smell. Reiji understands that it is his mother’s sexual feeling even when she sees him.

“Your mom also feels sorry for your dad…. Because your mom is married to your dad, she really doesn’t want to have sex with other men…. But she cant help it, as your mom’s body is no good without this uncle and if she doesn’t have sex with this uncle, she cant suppress the unevenness that she want to have sex”
“Aaa….that kind of thing…that kind of thing…”

Kenichi’s words aren’t a lie. On the contrary, it is an unmistakable fact. That’s why it pierces Reiko´s chest. That’s why she doesn’t want to talk to her son. Even though she didn’t want her son to know that his own mother, is a humiliation, immoral and a slut.

Reiko invited Kenichi today on her own effort. Her body was left alone for a while so she felt unbearable pain and sent him an email and asked for a meeting. Although she resisted to be held at home in the daytime without her husband, Kenichi told her that he would not see her if not at her house, therefore Reiko reluctantly agreed. By that day, there should be no one at home as her sons should have been at the grandparents’ house today. What a bad luck.

(This too…this is also a punishment given by God…)

Reiko is in tears. Kenichi doesn’t care about her mother’s feelings for her son or her love and he forcibly sucks on her neck with lust. Reiko, who knows the power of the devil, knows that it is due to magic. It is understood that human fundamental desires cant be controlled by reason or effort.

“Mom…. Dad…is Dad not good…?”

The words of her son who leaked out, let Reiko and of course Kenichi stop their movements. A room that is thin and dominated by silence. Only the sound of rain resounds.

Eventually Kenichi stood up silently and let Ema stand on the bed. For this reason, Reiji could see Reiko’s crotch sitting on the bed and having her M-shaped legs right in front of his eyes exposed. It is soaking wet with nectar and saliva and it spreads its horny and greedy mouth for further pleasure, but Reiko no longer has the vigor to hide it.

Reiko is stunned and still looks for an answer. When Reiko lifts her waist at this chance, Kenichi quickly puts his waist underneath.

“Eh!? Wh, What!? What’s…”

Being back sitting in the so-called “disturbed peony”. Kenichi´spenis is standing up from the crotch with its triangular head like a viper aiming at its prey.

“Aaa…this is…it can be seen…noooo…”

It is a large dick that sticks tightly to her wet crotch. A hot chunk of meat is pressed between the still thin and aching crotch from there and a breath like a wolf is transmitted from there, that’s why Reiko feels fear while feeling the painful eyes of her son. She tried to close her legs, but Kenichi didn’t allow it and conversely spread them further.

“Close! Keep it open so it looks better!”
“…Nooooo…. Don’t look…don’t look…”

She cant go against him if she is ordered. Reiko is only able to close her eyes and shakes her neck, exposing her ashamedly figure to her son in front of her eyes.

She thought it would be inserted immediately in front of her child’s eyes, but Kenichi was just staying as it was. As usual he enjoys her big tits with his hands and sucks on her white nape and leave traces of immortality. Reiko’s white neck has already been marked with innumerable kissing marks on both sides.

(Why…what does he want…)

At first she didn’t know his intention. However, she realized that the horrible desires that had developed in her in the meantime has erupted and Reiko feared Kenichi´s intentions.

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