Inma no Hado chapter 275

Inma no Hado chapter 275: Virgins




In order to prepare for the virgin loss, the 12-year-old vagina hole is carefully caressed to every corner and Kenichi finally gives a thick sigh when he is satisfied. In the meantime, Ema, who has repeatedly had small orgasms, didn’t stop her daunting swing, but it was hard work for her young body. She is now down and lying in the bed. The small girl is sweating all over her body and her cute forehead is full of sweat drops.

“Sorry…you were Reiji…”

Kenichi talked while drinking a warm beer to Reiji who shook his body. The expression is different from the crying face he had before, and he now hates Kenichi. He was shocked at first when his mother and girlfriend were in Kenichi’s arms but he seems to have finally got angry at Kenichi.

“You are…Ema-chan’s boyfriend?”
“Is that so…. That was bad. After your mommy, Ema-chan had been monopolized by this uncle. I was a little acquaintance with Ema-chan and I’ve always played with her a couple of times, right?”

Kenichi apologizes in words, but his tone is clearly amusing.

“Ah, even though I said we played, we kissed and she gave me a blowjob, but we had no sex…. Well, today I’m going to take Ema-chan’s virginity soon…”
“No, no good! Th, That’s…not good!”

Reiji immediately rebelled. Ema is the first girlfriend he has made and she is also his own true companion. He was shocked to see her kiss and suck another man, but Reiji cant allow her virginity to be taken by another man.

“You…want to have sex with Ema-chan?”
“…Yeah, that’s…thats obvious!”

The 12-year-old boy who shouts while his face reddens with excitement from anger and shame. In fact, he had never thought about that until he came here today. Reiji wants to be with Ema, he wants to hold hands and he wants to kiss if possible. He thought so, but he had never thought about it. Precisely because he is still a child, he was thinking that he couldn’t do it yet, somewhere in his heart.

The boy who is 12 years old, both mentally and physically, is predominantly a child compared to Ema of the same age. Such is the kind of sexual desire he has. However, black desire spreads like a stain to the mind of this young boy, seeing the fresh sex of his mother and Kenichi.

“But…. I guess you’ve never been horny? This old man is a veteran in taking virginities, so I think Ema-chan will also be happy…”
“Hayasaka is…Hayasaka is my girlfriend! I…I will do it!”
“Can you really do it? Taking a virginity as a virgin!”
“…Do it! I will do it!”

Being provoked by Kenichi, Reiji fights back. He is not confident because he has only the knowledge of the internet, but he can’t afford to come here afterward.

“Then, let’s try it first. If you can’t, then…”
“Ab, absolutely…I’ll do it! Hayasaka…Hayasaka is my girlfriend!!”
“I see…. Then you can try it. This uncle is looking from here”

Kenichi grinned and drank his beer, while spreading the thin legs of Ema who is lying on the bed. The crotch, which had been caressed by Kenichi’s naughty tongue until a while ago, had the panty flipped over and left exposed. It suddenly appears in front of Reiji’s eyes and the boy spouts with surprise.

“Well, do you know how to do it? Uncle and your mom were there…”
“…I, I know! That’s it!”
“Yeah, then let’s try it…. If you cant do it, you will always be replaced by uncle…”
“Th, That’s not necessary…”

Reiji says so, but it is clearly puzzled what to do. Even though the confusion has subsided a bit, shocking things continue to appear and Reiji starts to panic as he has no sexual experience.

“What’s the matter? If you can’t do it, uncle will do it for you”

Kenichi teases the 12-year-old boy while his huge dick stands high up in his crotch. When he pulled Reiko who woke up a little while ago to his side, he pressed his crotch on her face while sitting on the bed.

“Hey, you suck at this”
“Nooo…my, my child…something like this…”
“You´re not persuasive even if you´re cool now. In front of your son, I made you reach heaven…”
“Aaa…don’t say it…”

It’s only Reiko who was hesitant. Focusing on the red tentacles in her mouth, her heart breaks immediately and the tip kisses her lovely red lips. If that happens it is easy. She immediately loses reason to the pleasure that the mucous membrane is rubbed and Reiko changes to a rich oral service in front of her son’s eyes.


Soon she has an happy expression ​​and swallows the huge glans by tightening it with her red lips and stimulating the tip. Wrapping her fingers with her shiny wedding ring around the ring finger on the root and make it synchronize with the movement of her head as she caresses it. It is a skillful, rich and great blowjob so that it is no longer an person for ordinary sex and manners. The use of her bold tongue was also prepared from scratch without the knowledge of her husband. While tightening her red lips, the tip and seam are stimulated.

“Do, Don’t worry about this, let’s get it done quickly”

Kenichi looks at Reiji who is about to have sex while enjoying his mother’s blowjob. In the unusual situation, the excitement of Kenichi increases without exception.

Reiji was hesitating for a while, but eventually he would never go to the bed. And after getting lost in thought for a while, he took off his pants and underwear by himself. His little penis is still cute, but it stood up a bit. Reiji has a red face. For boys of this age, exposing their genitals to the public would be shameful to death.

“Hey, don’t wait, do it right away. Or do you not know the place?”
“…I, I know! Damn it!”

Reiji is irritated in a relentless voice. If he doesn’t do it here, Kenichi in front of him will rob his girlfriend’s virginity. By any means it must be avoided. There is no need to resist Ema who was lying on the floor, keeping her thin and long legs open. Reiji swallows his spit, stares at the part and eventually covers it as determined.

“Ha, Hayasaka…I’m sorry…. This…I was supposed to do this…”
“But…but I like Hayasaka…”
“…U, Uh…I too…I also like…”

The little lovers are sure to look at each other’s and say love you before Kenichi who enjoys Reiji’s mother’s fellatio with an evil smile. Ema may be scared of losing her virginity and Reiji is still wondering whether Ema decided to prepare herself. Nonetheless Reiji in normal posture moves his hips in search of the virgin hole as ordered by instinct. However, his penis filled with desire reciprocates the part, but does not enter well.

“Th, that…damn…”

He controls the feeling of impatiens, finds the destination and moves his waist. The 12-year-old penis with sufficient hardness and volume, cant catch the entrance of the little girl. It doesn’t mean that Ema is not wet. On the contrary, her vagina has become muddy by the exhaled honey liquid. Then, while making a number of round trips on the crevasse, which was considered to be murky, a mass of scorching heat overflowed from the back of the waist.


Reiji who shakes his body raises a voice for the pleasure and Ema is surprised without knowing what happened. She felt something hot in her stomach and finally figured out what happened. While rubbing against the pubic area of ​​Ema, Reiji ejaculates by outbursts.

“…I, I’m sorry…”
“…Uuh…its alright…”

Two people who are awkward and embarrassed have a red face. However, Reiji was quick to recover.

“Let’s try it once more…”
“…Ok, I got it…”

It doesn’t become soft with one ejaculation, but he continues to move his waist again. However, the location isn’t fixed even if he reciprocates again and again and he cant understand the location at all. Under this condition, Ema’s virginity will be robbed by that man. As he think so, Kenichi instantly talks to this young boy.

“Hey, what happened? After all, is it difficult?”
“Sh, Shut up!”

Kenichi who makes fun of Reiji while enjoying Reiko’s boobs wrapped in a blue bra and her oral service freely. The married woman’s tongue crawls on the black surface with love and her red lips tightens while exhaling a lot of saliva. Reiko cant stop her oral service while caressing with the reason that her son’s predicament remains faint. The red tentacles entangled around her whole body exude extreme pleasure and her reason is broken down and she is absorbed in the black meat in front of her.

“Re, Reiji-kun…there…”

Ema, who became red and turned to the side, told the correct answer with a small voice. At the end, the tip gets caught in her virgin hole and the feeling that it sinks slightly into it let Reiji feel a sense of relief. The door of virginity is finally caught. Reiji just have to proceed as it is.

“Let’s go…”

Despite having fired once, the 12-year-old penis has become stiff. Keeping the tip inserted into Ema’s body, Reiji slowly apply power to his waist.

“Th, that…”

However, his small but stiff penis doesnt go far as something is blocking the way. Reiji put a lot of effort on his lower back, but he can’t go ahead with something like a wall as if the narrow entrance is closing.

“O, Ouch…”

The entrance is slammed many times and because of the pain, Ema released a painful cry. When he finally catches the vagina, Reiji desperately puts pressure on his hips, but he cant go beyond the pits. While doing so, he is stimulated again and he cummed in an instant with his young sexual feeling.


The penis which blows out white liquid for the second time pulsates. As if to clear the misery that couldn’t be opened up, he vainly stains the virgin hole od Ema.

“Aaa…it looks like it was no good again…”

Even when Kenichi mocks him again, Reiji only bites on his lips without saying anything.

“What do you do? Do you want to try again?”

With a wicked smile, Kenichi asks this question. Reiji´s penis that has ejaculated twice, doesn’t have much power and it is not likely to become hard again for now. Reiji understands it and listen to it.

“When you’re done, will you get out of there? This time it’s uncle’s turn”
“Even if you say that, you have had two chances…. And because you failed, you’re not good enough…”
“I don’t want, no…”

The 12-year-old boy who said so and shut up is unlikely to move in any way. Kenichi thinks about something and then opens his mouth again.

“Then, let’s do this. I’ll give you one more chance. But instead, you will keep it a secret to your dad that your mom and uncle are doing this”
“Aaaa! Nooo!!!”

Kenichi quickly made Reiko crawl on all fours, holds her ass and push his penis from the side of the blue panty inside her pussy casually.

“Noooooo!!!! This appearance…ahiiiiguuuu!!!”

Reiko´s whole body gets hot with the embarrassment of being fucked in doggy-style and she gets swallowed by ecstasy instantly even though she doesnt like it. Although she is in front of her son, the terrible aversion and shame that burns her brain only in front of her son, burns the blood of masochist and makes the reason drop. The soft, broken meat wall melt and squeeze together, while hoping to receive some baby juice. By taking the position that is most easy to get pregnant, the cervix opens its mouth wide and tightens the tip firmly.

“Theree!! Not…good!!! Aaaaa!!!”

Reiko holds the bed sheet with both hands and stands up to the rough orgasm wave. Her body developed carefully by Kenichi is melted into a mud like butter on fire. Although she exposes a disgusting face to her son who is watching, her face is distorted for pleasure and it is impossible to stop the saliva from overflowing from the mouth.

“Rei-chan…no…don’t look at mommy…don’t look…ohooooooo!!!”

As she was fucked from behind, lewd sparks were scattered in front of her eyes. Reiko exposes a living shame in front of her son while being fucked in doggy style. Her face was bewitching, lewd and beautiful.

“Damn it!!! Dammnn ittt!!!”

Reiji regained power again. He takes his eyes off his mother’s cheating and covers his girlfriend again.

(This time…this time!!)

Since he could grasp the position earlier, Reiji searched for the entrance without getting lost this time. It doesn’t mean, that he got impatient, but he has confirmed the state calmly. The hardness of his small penis is still sufficient and it seems to be able to get into Ema´s virgin hole that is still innocent.

“L, Let’s go…”

When Reiji looked at Ema´s face after making a slight kiss, she was smiling slightly, even though it was such a situation. The smile is dozens of times more pretty than he always sees in the classroom. His love for her was overflowing from the bottom of his heart and Reiji carefully prepared himself when he smiled softly and then pushed his waist forward slowly.

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