Inma no Hado chapter 277

Inma no Hado chapter 277: Discomfort



Ryohei Anzai is desperately spinning words while walking along the school corridor. He has been talking to a female teacher who walks next to him from the beginning, but he is nervous that he didn’t get a good reply like before.

“I found a good sushi restaurant in Ginza. Would you like to go there next time?
“Sushi restaurant…? It’s good…but isn’t it bad for your wife…”
“Th, That’s…. But it’s a story of the school, the story of the next teaching material…”
“What are you saying…. Even if the teacher goes to a meal, the story of such a job, will not at all?”
“No, this time we talk about work properly. So you are good, right?”
“Uh…what to do…. I am also busy recently…”

The person who is speaking is Junko Yoshikawa who is also a english teacher. She is a great beauty with wonderful limbs and Ryohei aims to have sex with her. He is on the offense and has succeeded in taking her to an restaurant about twice.

However, although he went to a good atmosphere last time, nothing has happened after all. Therefore, he is determined to decide on the next time and is inviting without asking in this way. However, since they came back from the teacher training camp the other day, the attitude of Junko has been disappointing. Although Ryohei thought that they are on good terms after meeting each other two times, he felt something like an invisible wall that he hadn’t seen before.

It is the audio-visual room that the two are heading for now. Checking out the English teaching materials there to see if they should change to new ones. The audio-visual room at Ellis young ladies Academy is located in the back of the fourth floor and if there is no use for it, no one will approach it. Now, it is the fourth lesson and all the students and teachers should be in the classrooms.

As they walk on the linoleum floor, it sounds like a screeching sound. The voices of students who are doing physical education at the playground are probably heard from a distance. This season, when autumn deepens, has neither hot nor cool nor a perfect climate.


Arriving to the audio-visual room, the palm of the hand which tried to open the door stopped just in time. When Ryohei was asking what was going on, he was told to keep quiet with Junko’s eyes.

“Don’t you think something is wrong?”
“Has something changed?”
“Because no one should use this room, why is the curtain hanging here…”

After this was said, Ryohei also noticed. The audio-visual room has black curtains on every window, allowing you to watch movies and videos inside. It is no exception for the square viewing window attached to the sliding door. But despite the room that no one is supposed to use, there is now a black curtain drawn.

“Is there someone…?”

Opening the sliding door so as not to make a sound gently, Junko peeks inside. Making a serious expression, Ryohei silently looks inside. The distance to Junko shrinks at once and the unbelievable good smell tickles his nose. It makes his heart pounding.

The room shaded by the black curtains is dim and have desks regularly arranged. No, it isn’t so. At the back of the equipment booth, he sees something moving. And at the same time he knew what that was, at the same time he also heard a noise from the door opening.

“Nooo!!! NoNoNoo!!! Againn!!! Again, cumminnggg!!!”

A woman in a black blouse with her hands on the desk screams and turns her body away. Behind her is a man who is covering her body and tries to slap her butt. Seeing that the black blouse is open, it is clear that the white breasts wrapped in a red bra are swaying in the dark.


Junko stops Ryohei who was about to raise a voice of surprise.

(Wh, What…What is it?)

He cant believe the sight in front of him. This is during school at daytime. Although they are in class, the two people in front are obviously having sex while standing. And when the first impact is settled, then another impact strikes Ryohei.

(Th, Thats…Saegusa-sensei…and Mi, Midou-sensei!!!)

Wearing a black blouse with a white mini skirt, the thin female body is swayed by convulsions. It is Saegusa Noa, a colleague and a math teacher at this academy. The face behind the red framed glasses reaches the top and floats an rosy expression. And behind her was vice-principal, Kenichi Midou, who was holding her hips. When Ryohei knew that, he heard a sound of meat slapping.

“Hey, why are you resting! Swing you ass more!”
“Aaa…. Understood…understood, don’t slap me anymore…”

The female teacher who looks back begs. However, two brutal slap came again and Noa screamed each time. Then she pushed out her white hips into the dark and began to slowly shake her hips as ordered. White meat shaking in the dark. Although it should have been forced, the movement seeks pleasure greedily.

“Aaaa…what…again…I’m cumming…”

Noa is burning up again too much. The movement of her waist gradually increases, and the panting voice also becomes louder and louder as she feels it clearly.

“Do you feel it when I hit you, you perverted teacher!”
“Yaaaa!!! Don’t say it! Aaa…noooo…”
“What are you saying, it’s the real thing! Every time I hit you, your pussy fastens! You M!”
“I don’t know that….aaaa…iii…”

Her buttocks is slapped and she screams, but her protruding buttocks twists. The lips with bright red lipstick spread and even the eyebrows are raised.

(Wo, Wow…)

A spectacular amorousness that this cold, but beautiful woman shows. Ryohei swallows his spit. The scene that those two close to him showed was so lewd and jealousy.

As Midou-sensei said, every time he slapped the butt, Saegusa-sensei shook her body a little, as she is pushed up to heaven every time. It is hard to imagine from her usual cool beauty that she shakes her hip while saying hihihi. The eyes behind the red-framed glasses are completely in love. Clearly from the reaction, it is always known that Noa, who has high pride, is a M who gets excited when slapped or abused.

“Aaaa!!! Cummingg!!! Again, I’m cummiinngg!!!”

She came again. The math teacher who makes her body warp again from convulsions, has her breasts which are surprisingly rich shaking again. Both legs wrapped in black stockings are fully stretched and tremble strongly.

Apparently that was her limit. For a while, she was immersed in the ecstasy, but soon she was sitting on the floor. And her crotch is exposed. A black dick slips out of it, but it’s abnormal.

(It, It’s big…is it a monster?)

Ryohei is surprised. Even at a distance from the corridor, its abnormal size was apparent. It’s bigger than his own, by 2, no 3 times and it’s wet with the nectar Noa released.

“Aaa…Se, Sensei…. Amazing…”
“Hey, it’s lunch break soon…”
“…Yes…I will serve…”

As Midou-sensei pushed out his hips, Noa, who had a rough breath, raised her face and turned her face to the huge tip while blushing. Saegusa-sensei, always intelligent and cool, opens her red lips as it is and swallows the tip covered with her own exhaled nectar. The eyes are enchantedly closed, while giving a rich oral service that is exciting just from looking.

Junko, who was looking at Ryohei´s eyes so as to be attracted to the situation, urges him to leave the place by pulling on his sleeve. They walked into the hallway without making noise and at a sufficient distance, they breath out.

“I saw a great one…”
“Aaa…something like that at school…. Midou-sensei and Saegusa-sensei…”
“That’s right…it’s a little overkill to do that at school…”

To the unbelievable scene they saw earlier, Ryohei’s heart is still beating fast. However, Junko is surprisingly cool and doesn’t seem as surprised as himself. Suddenly, Ryohei thinks of a question that came to his mind.

“Hey…did Sensei know? …That, that…that those two, have a relationship…”
“…Yes, I knew”

Junko responded promptly. She is back to her usual cool look for a while.

“Midou-sensei and Saegusa-sensei…. Are those two friends?”
“I don’t know if they are together…. But there is a boyfriend who lives with, Saegusa-sensei…”
“…Eh! …Th, Then…why…maybe, rape…?”

Ryohei thought that it wasn’t an agreement but force, but Junko’s answer was unexpected for Ryohei.

“It’s different…. I understand it because I saw it until the end. Saegusa-sensei is addicted to having sex with Midou-sensei, but……what about Midou-sensei? …Yeah, it’s different…. Speaking of which is it a sex slave…”
“Se, Sex slave…!!”

Ryohei isn’t able to understand the word lightly and returns it like a parrot. No, he understands it as the meaning of english. However, he doesn’t know how to understand it because it is too rough.

“Yes, sex slave, sex slave. It means the word…. Saegusa-sensei is addicted to the sex with the vice-principal, but she said that she is a sex slave even though there is a lover, as she is hiding it from her boyfriend”
“Se, Sex slave!”
“Well, that’s right…. Anyway, those two aren’t in love like lovers…. Saegusa-sensei is an M and Midou-sensei is an S. Those two are doing to enjoy the play”
“Pl, Play… such as in school…”
“Oh, I guess they are more excited because it is at school…. You see, Saegusa-sensei is an pervert that loves such a thing”
“Eeeh!!! Pe, Pervert…”

A surprising thing is said by Junko. Ryohei increasingly becomes confused. They approached the staff room and the explanation continued while making a shout.

“You know what? It’s a place like that, that her pervertness burns firmly…. And the vice-principal knows that and fucked her into a mess with his giant penis as he outstretched to various women. It seems that there are many sex slaves besides Saegusa-sensei who he put his hands on…”
“Th, That’s…that’s…”

Ryohei is surprised even beyond his surprise by the indescribable explanation. The vice-principal is a mediocre teacher who seems to have no features or charm at first glance in the eyes of a man. If he heard this fact an hour ago, he would have laughed. However, now that he saw the scene, he cant laugh at Junko’s explanation.

“I guess he has put out his hands to women here and there, but I think there’s still more here at the academy besides Saegusa-sensei…”
“Eh!!! Who else…?!”

Instead of answering that question, Junko comes to the staff room and takes a seat on her table. The air moves and the fluffy, sweet body odor spreads, and the usual fragrance spreads into Ryohei´s nose. The usual event at the usual workplace. However, with the loss of realism, Ryohei, who was sitting at his seat, was unable to move for a while.


The fourth period is over and the staff comes back. Ryohei who is still shocked from just before is preparing for the afternoon class.

(Ca, came…)

He looks up at the female teacher who enters the staff room with his face raised. The beauty who wears red framed glasses is like usual and has a cool and intellectual look on her face. Her lightly dyed dark brown hair is now up and she is a very talented teacher. No, not only the atmosphere. In fact, the math teacher is excellent and has a good reputation among the students and parents. Though.

(Such a normal face…. Like nothing happened…)

She was fucked from behind while standing in the audio-visual room before and Ryohei remembers her orgasm face after she reached heaven many times. And then, with a fascinated face, she sucked the vice-principal´s penis. Both faces don’t look like her current intelligent and cool face.

(But how can she change her expression so easily…. Is she working in a cabaret or something?)

Although he didn’t notice until now, he thinks so again seeing the figure of Saegusa Noa who has entered.

The black blouse has a frilled design at the bottom of the neck, but the fabric is seen to be thin and transparent from here. The lines of a red bra are also clearly visible, which is no different from seeing underwear. And what is eye-catching, is the too short skirt length. It is more than 30 centimeters above the knees and can be said to be a micro skirt. A white cloth is perfectly attached to the waist and her well-shaped hip curve is clearly visible. The appearance of her thin legs wrapped in black pantyhose looks like a woman from the night entertainment business if you look at it more and not like a teacher of a young ladies academy.

(But she is a good woman…)

While being slender overall, her huge chest is sticking out forward in the look and bolster the blouse. Thin and long legs. Ryohei looks at the beauty and style of Noa while he is waiting for the next lesson. Although he was fascinated by Junko Yoshikawa who was next to him, the pheromones that rises from noa´s whole body and the color over age evokes the love for her in his heart..

(She is a sex slave of the vice-principal. Damn…I also want to make such a good woman mine!)

Noa stands up. As usual, for lunch, she walks with a small lunch box to the back workplace to eat with her friends. The Japanese language teacher Kawasaki Miwako is there. Furthermore, Shiho Fujiwara and Ayumi Momoi have joined and they are eating the lunch which they brought happily.

(All these women aligned are beautiful…)

When Ryohei was transferred to this school, he was surprised to find that all the female teachers are young and beautiful, led by Junko Yoshikawa. The types are different, but everyone’s style is good and he is happy by coincidence.

Four pretty female teachers have lunch together happily while laughing. The center of the topic is Noa and from the moment she was asked something by another beauty, she answered shamefully. There are other teachers in this room, but only where the four young and pretty teachers are sitting is as colorful as the spotlight.

(Which reminds me, the other female teachers also have short skirts…)

Looking at the lunch box made by his wife, Ryohei see the sight of the four beautiful teachers in a row. Even from here, their thin long legs under the table look good.

(But, let’s see…. No, No way…)

A foolish idea came to Ryohei´s mind. However, now that he has heard Junko´s explanation, he cant deny it.

(Besides Saegusa-sensei, there are other teachers like her here…)

Young beautiful and attractive beauties. Among them, the fact that Noa, who seems to be the most rigid, is considered to be a teacher and is a sex slave of the vice-principal. Given that, Shiho, who has a playboy-like and Ayumi who has a bewitching atmosphere, are possible also sex slaves.

(No, surprisingly, Kawasaki-sensei maybe too. She is always together with Saegusa-sensei…)

Ryohei stares at the language teacher who had a lovely face like an idol again and again. Everyone seems suspicious when he thinks about it. In reality, it is impossible for two or three people to have a relationship with the same man, but for some reason the delusion cant be stopped. That still young vice-principal still has a mysterious atmosphere that makes Ryohei look like that.

At the age of 30 he was the vice-principal of this prestigious young ladies academy and he succeeded his uncle’s trace and became a director. It seems that until 1 year ago he was a science teacher at this school, but he arrived at an important post in this school in no time and is now rumored to be a shadowy person. The principal and the other vice-principal dont say anything, that he appears at school a few days in the week, but he seems to do nothing in particular.

(Come to think of it, Kumiko seems strange…)

It is the words that his wife said after they were appointed by the vice-principal that let Ryohei become suspicious. As a same science teacher, his wife often had face-to-face meetings with the vice-principal who she hated. At that time, he thought that it would be rare for his wife who is kind and gentle to describe others like that. The reason seems to to be true somehow, but when he thinks from now on, his wife’s intuition might have been hit.

(…What? Speaking of which, where did Kumiko go…?)

His wife, Kumiko, eats her lunch at her desk normally, but now he cant see her. The fourth period is over and she should have returned to the staff room by now, but Ryohei was distracted by the four beautiful teachers and didn’t notice whether she was here before.

(And…Yoshikawa-sensei hasn’t returned yet…)

They came back from the audio-visual room together and soon she disappeared and he didn’t see her anymore. Ryohei thought she was in the toilet because she took her porch, but it was too long.

At that time, as the four beautiful girls sitting on the workplace glanced from time to time, he realized that they were smiling and laughing while thinking about something. Ryohei doesn’t know what that means, but he couldn’t but ask why as he eats his lunch box all alone.

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