Inma no Hado chapter 279

Inma no Hado chapter 279: The feast of the devil



“Sister…? …Sister is that sister?”
“Yes. It’s a so-called nun…”

Kenichi Midou, who has heard something surprising and receives reports, moves in a flash.

“Was that what happened on the surveillance camera?”
“That’s right…. it means that it is a woman dressed as a nun”
“…Well, it is not Halloween, so there will be no cosplay in the city, so I guess its a real nun…. And that woman is alone?”
“Yes. She alone was on the scene”

Arisa Shinomiya, a member of the SHADO headquarters research team, shows a laptop screen in front of Kenichi who sits on a luxury sofa. An image of black and white rough particles reflected on the screen. Certainly, a woman wearing black and white nun clothes and a tall man are shown. In the screen, the woman talks to the man about something and when the man approaches, he suddenly touches his chest and begins to suffer and he falls flat.

“Show me again”

Kenichi stares into the screen. Seeing the video together again he doesn’t know how often Arisa has seen it many times. Here is the top floor of a high-rise apartment in which Kenichi lives. Arisa takes the materials and visits the room and explains the current situation based on the information that “SHADO” has obtained so far.

It has been a long time that devil hosts, who are just men, are attacked by somebody and the devil that has been fused was erased. Only six people have understood so far. All of them are relatively harmless devils called half-devils, but those who were to be watched by “SHADO” were attacked one after another and were abandoned. And last night, the sixth person was found to fall the same way in the back alley which entered a little from Shibuya Center Town, but the whole thing is reflected in the surveillance camera of a prize exchange place for pachinko which happened by chance.

“It’s a good story to beat the devil with a nun…”

After watching the short video three times, Kenichi laughs grinning while drinking his hand-held wine. However Arisa who doesn’t think that it is a joke doesn’t change the expression at all.

“Haven’t you said that “SHADO” which is you guys have never heard of such an scene?”
“Yes, I have also referred to the London headquarters and examined past cases, but there is no case that people other than ” SHADO” could eliminate devil hosts”
“That wave destroyer and oscilloscope, ……without those machines, would it be impossible?”
“To be precise, it is a way to invalidate the devil’s magic and restrain it and deplete it, so it depends on the amount of magic stored, but in our method it takes quite a while to delete the devil. It will take a few days for a short time and a week if it takes a long time…”
“As I watched the video, it’s too fast…. That’s why that woman is doing something completely different…”

Arisa shuts up and asks. She doesn’t know how to do it, to make only the devil disappear in a matter of seconds.

“As far as I see this, it doesn’t seem that this nun has physically done anything”
“Yes, I see nothing in the video…”

When looking at the video of the surveillance camera looking down from above, it seems that the man struggles by himself and falls down. During that time, the woman dressed in sister clothes doesn’t move while standing still watching the situation. But if she isn’t doing anything, there is no reason for the man to suffer.

“Well, if it’s not visible, is it like my power?”
“The possibility is high. Perhaps a special wave…whether it is also strong”

That is the conclusion. Because the man who fell on the street is a devil host who uses the power of a wave, the power to defeat it will also be a wave. When Kenichi glanced out of the window, there was dark darkness falling in it. The sky in the city don’t show a star and in the night without a moon, you can feel an illusion that a dark emptiness is spreading.

“The wave that destroys a devil …. That is the holy wave…”

Kenichi dares to say so in a silly tone. He doesn’t know if there is such a thing. However, as long as he looks at the video, it is also a fact that it cant be explained without making assumptions. If there is a negative energy and there is a devil’s existence, it is not strange that there is a positive energy at the other end of it and a holy existence. It is nice to say that such a sister is using such holy power.

“Don’t the devils and the angels fight?”

The eyes of Kenichi who seemed to be confused aren’t laughing at the other side of the words.

“Well, I was lucky that the other party was a woman…. And if she walks through the city with nun clothes…she will stand out…. Sayaka, …tell your friends, when they see a woman dressed in a sister costume, they shall contact me!”
“Understood…. If she is walking around in such a prominent look, they’ll find her right away”

The large living room with 20 tatami mats has many sofas. The black gal who was sitting down in one of those and drinking a cocktail in her uniform took out her smartphone immediately and began to write an email. It is Eto Sayaka who is a female type Inma and also a leader among the bad high school students. She is in touch with her friends in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

“About the churches and monasteries? Will SHADO investigate it?”
“Yes. I don’t know how many sisters are in the Kanto area, but I will list up the potential audiences”

Even though it is a rough resolution image, you can get some information such as height and weight. From there, SHADO look for people who are likely to be relevant and follow the lines to find the characters in the video. In that case, she is not here right now, but Masako Muto, who belongs to the research group, will be active.

(Well, if the other party has the same power as me, she would probably walk around the city and find out. If so, if I use it, is it okay for the time being?)

Kenichi who has fused with an devil can see the aura, which is a biological wave, by the magic power obtained by it. And if he uses that power, it is possible to easily identify the devil in a common man. Perhaps this sister is also using the power of an angel. However, in other words, as she remove the wave, it cant be identified. In other words, if he goes outside, he can use the personal portable wave cancelling machine.

There are not so many devil hosts with the magic power of Kenichi all over the world at the moment. Most are half-devil, sometimes low-level devils appear and intermediate leveled devils rarely appear. But still speaking in the long history, many intermediate devils have appeared since history. That’s about the number of stars.

However, in the case of Kenichi, the acquisition of the organization “SHADO” has surpassed all demonist people who have appeared so far. What they got is not only the power as an organization. It is knowledge and it is a great strength that it understands the principles, limits and applications of magic. And with the device that “SHADO” has developed, the power can be further increased and they can change it for themselves.

There is no reason for the person to know, but in addition to the psychic power as a true devil host, by the organizational power and scientific power of “SHADO”, Kenichi is now the worst devil with the strongest power since history.


“Well, is this the [Prey]?”

The topic is changed when it settles down. Looking at the huge bust of Koju Juri who is a very popular AV actress who takes a sideways swing, Kenichi who sits on the sofa asks Arisa who stands in front of him. At the end of the gaze is a woman who is detained by duralumin handcuffs. Her face is distorted to anger, but it is a beautiful woman with a perfect face. But her beautiful eyes are now burning up with the flaming blaze of fire.

“Yes. A female-type Inma we secured today. And it’s not a half-devil, but a genuine devil”

Kenichi raises a small surprise to Arisa’s explanation. The male and female devil hosts who he has met up until now were all half-devils who had no powerful magic except for Kenichi. For the first time, he found an Inma with the same authenticity as himself.

“Her name is Saori Izumi. She is Japanese, but she lives in New York. And because she is an international CA, her discovery has been delayed until now”
“Eh! She is a real CA when I thought it was cosplay?”
“What’s wrong! It’s super cool, but…”

Shiho Fujiwara and Mariko Asano laughed interestingly while sitting on the couch and drinking a cocktail. Saori who listens to the voices glares.

Arisa named a famous American airline. Because Saori was not usually in Japan, although SHADO had grasped her existence, it was difficult to capture her. Finally, in collaboration with the New York branch, she has been taken to Kenichi after being captured and usually under quarantine under the supervision of “SHADO”.

“Who are you guys? Where is this?”

Saori further lifts her long eyes and while sitting on the sofa, he grabs him while standing. That is no wonder. When she left Narita Airport Customs, she was asked by the police to accompany her arbitrarily and she was detained and taken here. It was explained on the way that she part of an investigation, but she didn’t know why she would be arrested. Besides, when she thought she would go to the police station, she was brought to such an apartment.

“What, you don’t know about this, …it’s pretty shocking…”
“I cant help you. To New York, are you tired?”

Yuzuki Cecil and Strauss Kasumi made a dissatisfied voice to the unknown woman. Because they are super popular half models and are exposed to TV and magazines every day, they are famous in Japan and no strangers.

“Ken-chan… touch my boobs me…”

Next to Kenichi who sat on a sofa for two people in a large living room, Juri was snuggling on him sweetly. On the large sofa next to them, are Shiho and Mariko and on the other side Cecil and Kasumi are sitting in their own way. In other words, six female succubus who have become the sex slaves of Kenichi at the moment are in a row in this room.

“You guys, what are you doing! While I was at the airport I don’t know why, but I was tied up and brought here!”

The tall beautiful girl who looks around, looks at Kenichi and the women with a hostile appearance like a wounded wild animal. Her face is also deeply carved like a Westerner and has firm eyebrows and eyes that look strong. Her beauty and style can be said to be that of a supermodel.

“So-so…. So you’re a devil host, who squeeze a man’s penis to get his sex energy as food for your succubus”
“…Wh, What are you saying?”

Saori admits while crawling. She doesn’t know if she should be called a succubus, but it is a fact that with strange powers she makes several men crazy and absorb their sexual energy. It is no use cutting white over this period.

“If so, do you know our identity? Use magic to see it”
“Look at me with power. Come on, quickly”

It was said that Saori was confused at first, but her face turns into surprise as her eyes start to glow red. Everyone in this room, except Arisa, have a body that was covered by a powerful aura different from ordinary people.

“Are you the same as me?”
“Well, that’s right. These guys are succubus like you, but all of them are my cute sluts”
“What, were you not a sex slave?”

Juri who snuggled up to Kenichi pressed her body on him while laughing. Looking at the exchange with Saori sideways, she embedded her face into Kenichi´s neck and licked it with her long tongue.

“That’s right…. I asked Arisa to bring you today, thinking that you would be my sex slave from today onwards”
“What! …As if I will become yours”

Kenichi is relaxed in front of Saori who is in a uniform while kept standing. The face that wore a white gown has plenty of room, which further stimulates Saori.

“Aren’t you going to go preying now? It would be the same thing? Let’s enjoy it together?”

Arisa takes off the handcuffs behind her when Kenichi looks at it.

“Hey…. Please play with us from now on. You will have a lot of fun today…”

While watching Saori with provocative eyes, Juri screams with a sweet voice. While holding up the body of a very popular AV actress, Kenichi keeps an eye on Saori while sucking Juri´s 101-cm bust. A black aura rises from his body wrapped in a white gown. It is the first time to see a real devil other than himself, but it is clear from that momentum that Juri’s half magic power has an order of magnitude more energy.

“…Fine. I’ll get rid of you and I’ll let you say Hihihi. I’ll take care of you, let me tatter and ruin you like other men”

After recovering from surprise and anger, Saori switched her head and got on Kenichi’s provocation. Since she has fused with an female-type Imma, she has devastated countless men and devoured their lives. For Saori, a true devil and female-type Inma, men are an energy source and only a bait. That’s the same for the man in front of her.

(I will squeeze a lot of energy…)

Saori licks her own red lips. You can see that she is delighted by shaking her hips, in front of the fine bait that has accumulated the spirit.

(There’s never been a big deal to say good luck…)

Looking at the man’s aura again. Certainly powerful, but still clearly inferior to her. The women who are his sex slaves are the same. Saori smiles grinning in her heart without showing it on her face.

“Then, let’s go to the bedroom…”
“Ok! Go fast!”
“I’ve been waiting for you!”
“It’s so exciting, I can’t sit still today”

Saori stands up from a sofa. Her red eyes are glaring for desire as early as expected for the fruition of the party tonight. Negative energy swirls today in the sky above the high-rise apartment. To be abducted by the power coming up to the body, tonight the meat party of devils begins.

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