Inma no Hado chapter 78

Chapter: 78: Oscilloscope




Kenichi hears some kind of machines sound, while he was about to overwhelm Kyoko immediately from the top and was going to rape her, he just lost power and lie on the bed. However, he did not faint. His eyes are open and his mouth moves a bit too.

(Huuu, that was close…I was nearly been raped…)

Despite the method that she used her own body as decoy and with the undercover name Utsunomiya Kyoko, Inspector Noriko Aoyama belongs to the popular “SHADO: Supreme Headquarter of Anti Devil Organization” section of the Tokyo police department. It is nothing new to say that she escaped in the last minute.

(Well, fortunately, he could be captured and I have to assume that it’s good…)

A man besides her lover, let her feel a chill when she thinks that he groped her body which is her duty.

(The wave motion destruction machine named oscilloscope operates neatly. Though I think that I didn’t have any problem because it went according to the training and because I used it in the actual fighting for the first time, my heart throbbed…)

To see the person who fused with the Inma not moving or turning around, Noriko confirms its effect once more, before breathing a sigh of the relief.

Originally the oscilloscope was a medical equipment developed in the early 1900s by Albert Abrams who was an american doctor. Abrams said that human bodies have a feeble wave and he discovered that the wave changed when people get sick. A different wave motion is applied from outside based on that, which was the first try to treat cancer. However, the effect of the medical treatment was denied by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so it has disappeared from the center stage now.

However, the research of this wave motion continued in details by the US army, before this wave destruction machine was lastly researched and developed by “SHADO” which inherited the study. And at last, in the 21st century it became usable as an anti-devil weapon.

Devils including an Inma releases a strong wave from their bodies, so they can manipulate people’s minds and interfere in physics matter. It can be said that the wave is the source of the devils magical power. Conversely if a devil is eliminated by the wave, the devil and the person who fused with that devil become powerless. This oscilloscope proved it.

Principally, it is the same as noise canceling. In other words, analyzing the wave pattern of the wave that the devil gives off, the wave destruction machine waves totally reverse it mechanically and hits it, so that the effect is neutralized and disempowered completely. Because the shape of every wave is different for each devil, it is necessary to collect data beforehand.

(It can be said that I deceive the Imma, by using self hypnosis on myself…)

A devil can read person’s mind. Therefore, when a member of “SHADO” approaches a devil and its host, they hypnotize themselves certainly and have to hide that they are an enemy. Otherwise the devil never falls into a trap and will escape leisurely.

When Noriko investigates this girls high school which is regarded as a hideout of an Inma, she chose the method to infiltrate as an cadet teacher. However, because her real nature is just seen through by the inma, she hypnotized herself and disguised as another person in this case as Kyoko Utsunomiya. And at the moment when she will be attacked by the Inma and is in a crisis, she set it so that the hypnosis was removed.

“Now, you will work for me…go on top of that man and have sex”

Junko who sits down in utter amazement as if her soul fell out listened to Noriko’s last instructions.


Junko who had slightly vacant eyes extend over Kenichi and have his weapon fit into her hole extremely well according to the instructions.



A faint voice leaks from each mouth. On top of Kenichi’s body Junko who does not move without an order has begun to move her waist erotically.

Using hypnosis on Junko, which was necessary in this way, Noriko decided to work with her captured piece. Getting information in this school by using this female teacher, the host of the Inma is lured out in the end in order to put an end to their life.

“O, O…Ooo…”

The moment Noriko brings her notebook that was in the kitchen, the science teacher groans small soon and shook his body shudderingly, because he ejaculated now.

The bar graph decreases on the screen of her computer at once and a small amount remained.

“Another two times…no three times…”

To eliminate the mental body of the Inma, whether the host is killed doesn’t matter, she need to exhaust the energy of the Inma. The killing of the host is the last-resort measure in Japan which is a law-abiding country, because usually you take methods to capture it in this way and to deplete its energy.

From the data of the screen, when she makes Kenichi ejaculate 3 more times, the energy will reach the bottom. So the Inma who is her target will be completely eliminated and disappears from this world.

(I thought so, yesterday, it was a correct choice to have used an false half devil)

Though it is possible to kill it if time is spent of course, but still the liaison with Shiho Fujiwara yesterday was convenient to consume the energy in quantities. Besides, because she took a photo and threatened him, Kenichi wasn’t able to replenish it with his female high school student lovers at daytime.

Shiho Fujiwara is an existence called “half devil”. Although she is parasitic by an devil a wave doesn’t go out from her body for some reasons. Therefore, although she has the ability that surpassed a human there is little influence on others or society. Shiho’s half devil is an Succubus, so she is labeled as “sexaholic” “leecher” and “pervert”.

“SHADO” has a list of “half devils” and they choose Shiho to infiltrate with Noriko this time.




As a faint machine sound is heard it overlaps with this broken man’s faint moaning.

Hearing a sound subtly far in the distance rumblingly, is it thunder? It seems to be raining outside now.

(State stability. All green. None abnormalities…)

In this bedroom among the oscilloscope and the wave measuring instrument radionics, the sexual intercourse continues as before on a bed.

However, something is extremely strange.

This man totally plops himself down like a log, he doesn’t move at all. On top of that, the beautiful woman in blue sexy underwear waves her waist indecently, while her face is as expressionless as an Noh mask.

White viscous liquid overflows slowly, whenever this beautiful woman moves her waist and an indecent sound can be heard. Noriko in her white underwear sits on the floor besides the bed and is peeping into the laptop put on her knees patiently.

A change is seen in the male voice soon, because a quiver ran through his body.

He ejaculated the third time in this room.

(Once more…)

The data of the notebook changed and the bar graph becomes smaller. It has hardly remained any longer and shows that the end of the Inma is drawing near.

The wave motion destruction machine counterbalances the wave motion of the Inma and completely offset the living body wave that Kenichi who is the host has at the same time. Therefore other than his penis pulsating fearfully, Kenichi can’t move one finger.

(There are no changes at all up to now…, the oscilloscope is moving perfectly as expected…)

Because she took enough data it is reliable, but she is still thankful to the latest changes developed by the machine technological Institute. Noriko thought whether Kenichi resisted it a little, but in this state, her victory is already sure.

“Do you hear it? Midou Kenichi-san. The Inma which fused with you is removed soon…and you lose your memory and will go straight to prison. ”

The life energy is about to be zeroed and the body of Kenichi can’t move, he is still conscious and both his eyes and ears are in good health. Therefore while grasping that it happens to his body, he falls into panic without understanding the meaning really.

“Because it’s the end, I’ll tell you. What fused with you is called an Inma who is a wicked spirit. You used its power to make girls your captives in sequence and to enjoy yourself”

Noriko speaks to the person who is going to die.

“However, it ends today, too.  If your devil becomes extinct, you become a disabled person and then my duty is completed…”

Kenichi seemed to react to these words subtly, which is insignificant. Junko is indecent as ever and waves her waist to begin spinning pleasure diligently.

“I think you can understand it yourself, that the energy vanishes when you ejaculate next time. If it’ll be so you and the Inma become extinct from this world”


Though it seemed he has screamed, it doesn’t become a voice either, it’s fear that the ejaculation is drawing near every moment so that even sweat streams down his face and body and goose bumps appear on his whole body.

Kenichi seem to be going to let the ejaculation go past desperately, which is unreasonable.

The powerful erection impulse which is picked with Junko’s vagina acts for five hours. Wrapped up in a vagina now, his penis towers irrespective of his own will and pushes forward the preparations to print the death semen out steadily. The meat pot of Junko which has been changed into the finest pleasure organ by the magical power of the Incubus, ironically becomes the weapon killing Kenichi.




Kenichi is lying on the bed and releases greasy sweat.

(Shit!! Shit!!!)

He will become a disabled person soon. Fear and despair arouse.

When the feeling of ejaculation increases desperately, Kenichi still struggles to evade it. He plans somehow whether he can break the situation, however he can’t move his body at all.

(Why did this happen? Who is that fellow? Why does Junko listen to that fellow? Why? Why?)

Kenichi thinks about the same thing repeatedly since a little while ago and of course there is no answer. It seems certain that what the woman next to him told is true. In other words, if he ejaculates another time, the Incubus inside him disappears and he becomes a disabled person and is sent to prison.

(Crap!! Why, why do you do this!!)

Being provoked by Junko who is one of his sex slaves, Kenichi came over to this apartment to enjoy the appetizing body of Kyoko. Attacking Kyoko his body comes to have been paralyzed suddenly and he can’t move it anymore.

(Was she an enemy…?)

What the Inma foretold him in his dream, let Kenichi realize that it was the appearance of Kyoko. I understand it now. This woman got into the school as a trainee to observe him and wait for an opportunity to remove him in this way.

But it’s already too late, Kenichi was captured in this way.

(Stop! Junko! Stoopp iit!!)

For his sex slave waving her waist with a hollow expression, he orders desperately in his mind. However, the pretty english teacher is heartless and pushes forward the countdown of the Inma elimination.

Recently, Kenichi thought that Junko seemed strange. The cause for this was Kyoko, while thinking about it, she probably hypnotized Junko with the hint of something.

Ironically, the transcendence excellent article which he forged climbs all over his dick that seem to pop at any moment persistently and wriggles her body lewdly to squeeze out his white sap. The inside of this beautiful woman who was the unattainable object that he longed for all the time and was his unrequited love is so pleasant that his gun melts even at such a time.

(Crap! I can´t die at such an place!!)

When he thinks about his current life, there were no good things.

Kenichi was bullied as a grade-schooler in case of his gloomy nature

and was unpopular by girls. There were no friends not to mention a lover, he shuttled every day alone between his house and school. Without his parents who were busy with work paying attention to Kenichi at home, he always spent time reading books in his room.

After escaping the darkness with the interview he appeared in the society, he was assigned straight to his employment.  After he got his livelihood as a lecturer of an private supplementary school, his uncle helped him to become a temporary lecturer at this all girls school.

It was two months ago that his sad life changed dramatically with the contract with the devil in his dream.

The life until then was totally rosy. A lot of beautiful women are made his toys and he played with them as he liked to please his sexual desires. From a primary school girl to a married woman, he kept eating to his heart’s content.

(For this life I will give you my soul!!)

Even if he is informed that his partner who he made a contract with is a devil, once again there is no regret at all. Even if his partner is a devil and he becomes a monster, before he returns to that gray life, Kenichi will bet his whole life.

(NO!! NO!! Already such life, Noooo!!!)

While releasing greasy sweat from his whole body, Kenichi endures it desperately.This ordinary and timid man who was gloomy and had no no merits clinged to the  superhuman strength lying in his body.




“Aah, already, there is no help for it …”

When Noriko says so, she put the PC aside and approached the bed. With the english teacher shaking her waist, she looks down at Kenichi who fused with the Incubus. The eyes of the science teacher haven’t lost light yet, so he hasn’t admitted defeat yet.

“You stick to it until the last moment…. Didn’t you have a delicious thought already until now? It is easy, give up already”

She sighed as being disgusted. Why can this man’s resist until now, Kyoko doesn’t know the reason. However, because it is just an inch, she will deal the fatal blow.

(Actually, I am sorry for Yusuke, though I don’t want to do it…)

To secure her chastity to her lover, Kenichi is led to the ejaculation by Junko and not her. However, because the ejaculation didn’t come at all, she decided to help unwillingly.

Kyoko stretched out her hand on the unexpectedly stout chest which was full of sweat and poke his stiff nipples with her fingers..


The science teacher lets his body feel scared. New stimulation is added to the place where he endured the ejaculation,  because the valve splits open and almost flew out.

“Now, you may fully put it out….inside Junko’s pleasant pussy, Put it out quickly…”

Saying so while gently fondling him, Kyoko plays with his nippled and increases the pleasure. In that way Kenichi is blamed for a while, until she made up her mind and brought her mouth near the nipples and licks it..


Kenichi greatly screamed. The superhuman willpower is already at the brink of collapsing.

“Uhuhu, it is comfortable. That’s a relief, because your life ends by having sex with 2 beauties…”

Licking the nipples, Noriko says these words joyfully. Junko greatly twist her waist so that she provokes the last ejaculation and let the sensitive tip rub inside her vagina hole. Many men attacked and lost until now against Junko’s proud secret hole.


A spark splashed in front of his eyes.

(Aaa!! Al, already…not goooood!!!)

The hot lump inside the waist is going beyond the limit at last. When Kenichi opened his eyes wide suddenly and was going to prepare for the moment, the world was wrapped in darkness suddenly.

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