Inma no Hado chapter 93

Chapter 93: Arisa


The beauty utters a delighted cry immediately.  Noriko is absorbed in enjoying herself loudly. As she lay down on the bed on all fours,  she is violated roughly from behind.


Noriko’s usually lovely and calm expression is now no longer enraptured by the pleasure. Her open eyes look at herself, and – as if she had dozed off, nothing seems to be reflected in them. Her half-open mouth which always spoke of the love between these two is drooling from the strength of the pleasure.


“Ohooooooo! Again… again, cumming.”


When Kenichi pierced her waist, Noriko arched backward, and an obscene voice cries out, plainly showing an orgasm. Yuusuke had not yet seen this expression when he and Noriko had sex – it is evident at a glance that she was tasting a great pleasure. Noriko’s fingers which clawed at the sheets were colored white from the strength she used.


“Cuuuummming!! Aah!! Al-Already not good!!”


The beautiful woman raised her white and plump hips, her body shaking and trembling – she collapses before long. However, Kenichi still holds her by the waist, and Yuusuke realized that Kenichi remained inside Noriko.


“Look! Consistent even at the end, Noriko! I need more energy. Hey, move your hips quickly on your own!”


The very moment Kenichi shouted cruelly, he slapped Noriko’s pure white hips hard without mercy. On her white skin, a red mark appeared instantly.


“…Aa… Ye-Yes… Kenichi-samaa…”


Noriko who had spoken desperately moved her body and shook her buttocks. Her face remains as dim as before but easy to see that this attractive woman is absorbed in pleasure once again. This policewoman shows off her true greedy character to both delight her master and to wriggle her waist so that she can please herself.


“Look, your boyfriend is watching us. Apologize properly.”


After Kenichi said that, Noriko looked ahead and her eyes locked with her boyfriend who is sat down on the sofa. As for Yuusuke, who cannot muster any strength because of the hypnotism, is no longer angry, rather, his eyes are filled with sorrow and despair.


“I-I´m soorry… I´m sorry… Yuusuke…”


Noriko finally remembered the situation, and her face twisted before she apologized. However, without stopping her waist, she strokes the penis of her new lover with her honey pot.


“Speak the reason why you’re apologizing clearly.『I´m sorry that I’ve been stolen』.”


“…Ah… I´ve been stolen by someone else, I’m sorry…”


Noriko’s chest is filled with guilt now, looking at Yuusuke who is watching the two of them with sorrowful eyes. However, without stopping this unchaste act, she continued moving her waist lewdly. Whenever Kenichi occasionally drives his waist forward, Noriko’s throat warps, and a squeal of pleasure can be heard.


“Were you unwilling at the beginning?”

“…Ye-Yes…. In the beginning, I was violated by force… I hated it very much.”

“Did it become enjoyable afterward? Did you come to like my penis?

“…Nooo…  B-But… But, if I knew this… forcibly…”


The fact that she spoke these words showed that her heart is filled with disgrace, immorality and a sense of guilt.


“Was it more pleasurable than your boyfriend’s?”

“Th-That is…”


Looking at Yuusuke who stares at her sadly, Noriko hesitates with her answer for an instant. However, even if she didn’t answer, her attitude speaks for itself.


“You like my penis, right?”

“Af-After all… When I’m given such a wonderful one, there’s no way I can disobey… Aaaa… greeaattt!”


After his penis is had rammed into her insides, Noriko closed her eyes and allows herself to be intoxicated by the pleasure.


“Although you have a boyfriend, you like to play around with my dick?”

“Ah, yes… I’m about to fall… Noriko… Noriko fell in love with Kenichi-sama…”

“You and I are what?”

“Ah…yes. I… Noriko is Kenichi-sama´s meat toilet…”


These words Yuusuke couldn’t bear to hear were said smoothly at such a time.


“Do you want to return to your boyfriend?”



Noriko is completely at a loss again. Having her beloved boyfriend sitting in front of her and saying that, her chest almost collapses from guilt.


Since Noriko entered “SHADO,” she and Yuusuke acted like lovers all the time. They encouraged and assisted each other during severe training. These memories were remembered as if they were yesterday, and something hot welled up inside of Noriko’s chest.


However, it is already too late. Noriko understood that she has been corrupted.


Since Noriko lost against Kenichi, she embraced him many times until now. Tasting pleasure to the extent that she could die, Noriko became a captive as if she were on narcotics. At night, on days when the two can´t meet, she goes crazy from the desire to meet him.


(I-I´m sorry…. Yuusuke, I… I have already changed…)


Noriko who had lowered her eyes raised her face before long. Large drops of tears run down as she remembers the memories made between her and her beloved.


“Ah… I cannot return… I can’t return anymore…”


Noriko cries in sorrow. However, Kenichi, who smelled her sensual scent blames her further with his words maliciously.


“You do want to return? Tell me.”

“…I-I don’t want to return…”

“Then whose are you?”

“Ye-Yes…. I… I belong to Kenichi-sama. My heart and body are offered to Kenichi!!”

“Do you love me?”

“Ah, I love you! I love you! Kenichi-samaa!!”


As soon as Noriko confessed her crooked love, the Kenichi who knew everything about her weak spots takes the opportunity to attack at once with his stout dick.


“Aaaaah!!!! Higuuuuuuuuuuu!!”


In front of her boyfriend, Noriko confessed her crooked love to the man who raped her, and at the precipice of delight, sin, and immoralities, she fell into the depths valley of pleasure.


Kenichi casts the exhausted Noriko aside and extracts a beer from the minibar again, drinking it with a jerk. Yuusuke himself was also thirsty, but he is so depressed that he doesn’t worry about such a thing.


His beloved girlfriend was raped in front of him, and her affection to her rapist is shown off. Despite what Yuusuke expected, to some extent, his intense anger doesn’t erupt anymore – as if his heart were paralyzed.


“By the way, wasn’t there another guest today?”


Kenichi grinned. Now, Yuusuke remembered Arisa. As a result of the shocking scene, he completely forgot about his other co-worker.


“Oi, Oi, did you forget your valuable partner?”


Laughing when he said so, Kenichi called out to the edge of the room.


“Hey, get up and come here.”


From the blind spot of Yuusuke, a woman appeared out the shadow of the room’s pillar. Her face has an angry expression, but she obeys the order of Kenichi – whom she should hate – relatively obediently.




Yuusuke was surprised to issue words by himself now. He wasn’t able to give a voice so far, but his voice started now to go out suddenly.


“Arisa! Yo, You…”


Stopping halfway, he noticed her state is abnormal. The face of Arisa is warped from anger and vexation; however, she approaches the bed obediently with Kenichi’s order. Although he is the enemy, she obeys his order without resistance.


“Well, I think you understood that this person is also under hypnosis. She will listen to everything I say… Both of your voices were made hoarse so that you are able to start talking when you saw her figure… Unfortunately, you absolutely can’t move your body…”



Yuusuke is at a loss for words. When he fainted, Arisa was very troubled.


The deployment of “SHADO” was stupid, because Noriko, with her outstanding hypnosis ability, was sent out alone. The power and the fear of the way she can handle it, Kenichi knows it best.


When hypnotism is used, besides interrogation and information gathering, she can manipulate images and the order of memories, but in general, the latter higher in the degree of difficulty. As for giving an order which goes against the subject’s intention, even in an unconscious state, the difficulty is high.  To make them follow orders while the consciousness is lucid, like in Arisa’s case, is a highly difficult technique. Writing the order on every layer into the depths of the deep psyche, your control must be on an instinctual level.


However, Noriko accomplished it. The talent she had, and “SHADO”‘s techniques which hammered into her, these abilities were more than doubled due to the influence of Kenichi’s devil sperm, and she became a particularly rare hypnotist.


“Now, take off your clothes.”


When Kenichi gives the next order, Arisa, in contrast to her face twisted with an agonizing expression moved her arms easily. Contrary to her strong will, she is taking off her blue combat suit.


What appeared from under her suit was her shining white body, covered with sweat. Arisa’s body is slender and nowhere can useless fat be found. Her breasts swell out moderately and are covered by simple and clean beige bra.


“St-stop it! Arisa!!”


Yuusuke raised his voice that was able to graze. Arisa’s body shook,  just before taking off her pants. Arisa was wrapped in a matching beige bra and panty set, and her pure white legs appeared. Her legs display a perfect curve, similar to those of a fashion model.


“Hohou…a good style…. They would even be able to walk on the catwalk of a Paris fashion show.”


Her cool beauty and long hair match her slim body, and as Kenichi said, she was like an atypical model. Her flawless skin is so white that even her blue vein peeks dimly out from underneath her clear skin.


“Even after Noriko, to give me such a present, “SHADO”´s generosity is high…”


At that moment, Kenichi drank the last of his beer and threw it away. He stood up and licked his lips. Turning around, he stands behind the nearly naked Arisa and immediately embraced her slim body.


“Ou… It’s intolerable, this body… Smooth and soft skin…”


Inside the dark room of the love hotel, Kenichi besieges Arisa’s naked body clad only in her beige underwear, while caressing her whole body lasciviously from behind. He gets excited due to the sweet smell of this young woman rising from her body and coming out of his erection pushed against Arisa’s lower part, he discharged pre-cum slowly.


“Stopp!! Get away from Arisa!!”


Unable to move his body an inch, Yuusuke cried desperately. While Arisa twisted her face full of humiliation and hatred, without doing anything and standing straight, I cannot prevent the Inma’s groping.


“Her sweat is also sweet…”


Stretching out his long tongue, he licks her white scruff. The feeling of the body of this beauty unable to move and is being played with has a different feel from when he uses his red tentacles to violate because the taste stimulates Kenichi’s sadist feelings.


“Put up both hands.”


After she is urged so, Arisa raised her arms against her will. As for her right side with broken bones, she strangely doesn’t feel any pain. This is probably the result of Noriko’s hypnotism.




Suddenly her armpits are licked, and Arisa’s feelings change from astonishment to anger. However, Kenichi grins, then he licked her further, and more thoroughly.


Such a shameful part is licked by that man. Goose bumps appeared on Arisa’s white skin from the pure hatred she feels. The slimy touch of his tongue, causes her close her eyes unintentionally and she tries desperately to endure his horrifying touch.


“Umm, though you stink of sweat, it doesn’t have a strong taste…. There is the feeling that it might be sour… The hair grows in it sparingly, as well, and it’s intolerable…”


While voicing such a thing deliberately, Kenichi also tastes the other side. Using his touch, he pointed out the existence of hair which is embarrassing for a lady, and Arisa’s face is deep red due to anger, hate, and embarrassment.


However, this pervert’s torture was persistent and doesn’t end with this.


While making her raise both arms, next, he gropes her chest from behind. From the top of the simple designed beige bra, he rubs and holds her milky hills.


Arisa endured this insult while clenching her teeth. Her body is played with by the enemy whom she should hate, and her head heats up from anger and shyness. However, the hypnotism is strong, and she still is unable to move her body an inch unless ordered.


“Oh, a B cup… If I were to compare it with Noriko, then it isn’t quite satisfactory at all… But isn’t the sensitivity about the same?”


Next, Kenichi inserted one hand inside her bra to check her reaction while groping her nipple. The moment her nipple is pinched tightly, her body reacted honestly, since her whole chest had been stroked for a while.


Until now, Kenichi hasn’t used his red tentacles and magic against Arisa at all. Without giving her an opportunity to move, he wants to enjoy the natural reaction of this strong-minded, beautiful woman.


When he pushed his dick into the crack of her plump hips, and whenever Arisa moved her body, his son rubbed against her panty and an unbearably pleasant feeling was caused. Kenichi buried his face in her long hair and enjoyed the smell of this beauty, before sticking to her thin scruff again.


“The color is white, so a kiss mark is perfect.”


When Arisa’s scruff is sucked up with average strength, a dark red kiss mark remained on her white skin. Each time Arisa made a hateful glance at him, Kenichi created possessive kiss marks while enjoying her stares.


“By the time you leave this room, you won’t hate it from your head to your feet. You will realize that every corner of your body belongs to me.”
Kenichi whispered in her ear while putting his other hand inside her beige bra and twisting her nipples. Arisa will realize it with her body soon, that he may be exaggerating, but not bluffing.


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