Just some original short.

After posting the NTR chapter from cheatman, I coincidentally watched a newly uploaded NTR hentai. (The NTR was not much relevant, That was just an excuse to turn her from pure to slut. so not much guilt was felt when fapping, as long as you skip the part where you can see the bf and hear his thoughts)

I’ve always wondered why do the boyfriends/husbands in NTR just watches and do nothing while their gf/wife get’s fucked in front of them.

So I decided to write a short which is seen from the bf/husband’s perspective, though, this is a win situation, unlike the usual NTR end.

I’ve noticed it so long already.


Yet, I just don’t want to think about it.


I never want to look at it.


I don’t want to hear about it.


I don’t want to think about it.


I never did want to..


Yet, they want me to notice. My girlfriend being stolen away from me.


They want me to be broken.


They want me to stop them.


They want to tell me how powerless I am while they fuck my girlfriend in front of me.


My best friend-no, my former best friend keeps on asking me how does my girlfriend’s pussy feel.


I really thought he was a good friend.


He was.


He helped me court her before.


Now, he’s doing her on the room next to mine.




And it’s not just him, he actually called a bunch of men I don’t even know over my house, enjoying the pussy of my girl.


What about my girlfriend? She now enjoys it, she even tells me how they do her.


Her pussy being fingered by 3 men, having her breast sucked, having her anus penetrated, how she swallows all the cum thrown at her.


Why does she not break up with me? I ask myself


Was this really planned from the start?


Did my best friend know that this girl is a slut and still let me court her?


Did this girl just want to milk me money and see me suffer?


I admit, I was entranced by her beauty before, I dedicated 3 years courting her, and I never knew that she was doing this kind of things until 4 years of our dating.


She was cunning,


I was a fool.


She takes videos of herself having sex with multiple men and sends them to me exclusively.


She wants me to watch her being stirred up with ugly fat old men.


God Dammit! I yelled in my mind.


I fell in despair when I first played the video, I told myself that I was dreaming. But she denied it when I tried to.


“You’re not dreaming, this is the real me.” She said


How can she hide that nature for so long? I never knew the answer.


I never said anything.


I couldn’t say anything.


I just ignored it and continue living.


Or at least, that’s what I think I’m doing.


Why? you ask.


That’s because I can’t do anything!


That’s because I’m so weak


My heart is so weak


So weak that I had to ignore it or else I will break.

So broken that I will lose the will to live and commit suicide.




That’s what they want to happen.


Once she got all she wants, she’ll break the man and have him commit suicide.


It was a perfect murder.


But I never let it happen.


I never did.

After refreshing my mind, I did start to move.


I did ask myself why she targeted me.


I was a son of a rich businessman, and a student at a university.


Maybe that’s why she thought of me as a big catch.


She can get a lot of luxuries from me.


Anyway, I had someone track all those men in the video.


I track them down one by one.


I discovered that those men were also rich people and most of them have a nice family.


Then why do these men seek that woman?


Were they unsatisfied with their wives?


Were they aroused by the fact that they’re cheating?


Do they seek the feeling of a younger woman?

I don’t know, I’m not them anyway.


I collected their information.


What’s next?

Kidnap their precious family.


Gather them in one place.


Call the men, and threaten them.


Force them to leave my girl alone.




I want her to lose all the men she’s dependent to.


I want her to come to me asking for forgiveness


And I will give her the false hope.


I will make her believe that I am still the same usable guy she knows.


I want her to make me do what she wants.


I want her to think that she’s still superior even losing the other rich men.


Then I will turn the tables.


I will bind her in chains


I will cut her beautiful skin


I will drain her blood.


Then supply her blood.


Then drain it again.


I want her to beg forgiveness.


I want her to wish for her own death.


Just like how she wished for me to die.


Of course, I will not let her die.


I want to see her suffer.

I will show her an escape path.


Then when she tries to escape, I will be waiting at the end.


Sending her back in chains.


I will do this until she turns insane.


I will do this until she depend only on me.


If she did, I will laugh


Laugh loudly.


So loud, that she will cover her ears and still hear it.


I want her to know that fooling me was wrong.


What about the Family of the men I threatened?


I sold them off to a human trafficking organization.


They were a good profit.


They don’t know it.


I told them that I’m taking care of them


That I’m not harming them in any way.


Well, if they discovered it, I can just have them killed so they won’t complain.


It’s not a loss for me anyway, I already gained money from them.


Oh, maybe I should buy their stocks.


I should do that.




I framed him up with murder.


He’s now in prison.


I do visit him sometimes.


Telling him stories about my girlfriend’s blood being drained and filled up again.


I love how he looks like he’s disgusted with me.


I then give him a bottle of her blood mixed with her waste products.


I forced him to drink it.


He’s about to barf, so I gagged his mouth.


Pushing down his own vomit on his throat.


I left the visiting quarters satisfied.


Now then, let’s think what to do next with him and her.

Yup, I’m a bad writer. lol. anyway, what are your favorite tags, and what is your hated tags in hentai/doujins?

Next two chapters of cheatman will be done tomorrow. both are non-H. don’t expect some star chapters.