Kama-sutra 20

I closed the distance between us in three strides, the world blurring around me at my superhuman speed, and before Kara could say anything, I stopped her lips up with mine.

We are strange creatures – humans. Our outlook on life is entirely subjective. We are more affected by the death of our pet dog than we are by thousands of starving children a continent away. Objectively, we know which one is the more significant of the two events, but our mind refuses to acknowledge that we can be anything but the centre of the universe.

Now for example, I knew for a fact that Kara was the one at fault, that she was the one who had taken an innocent life. I knew it to be true like the rising of the sun in the East. Yet, I couldn’t prevent the irrational spark of anger that burnt at the pit of my stomach at the very thought of another man touching, or being touched, by Kara so intimately.

That anger roughened my movements; that anger strengthened my grip on her wrists till I was sure that despite her cultivation there would be marks remaining afterwards.

Our momentum pushed us back till her back pressed up against the barrel with a thump. The towel wrapped around her loosened and fell away revealing her to me in the most primitive way possible – clad only in a garment of moonlight.

Kara struggled against me, trying to work out of my grasp but my strength now was greater than hers. All she managed to do was arouse me further by rubbing her soft body into me. I could feel myself stiffening, my member pressing up against her loins through the impediment of my trousers.

She turned her face to the side, her lips breaking contact with mine, yet still connected by a glittering line of silver as she gasped for breath. I didn’t mind, attacking her neck and ears with tongue and lip. She shivered in my grasp as my warm breath blew into her ear and my tongue tasted her the side of her neck.

“W-wait…” she gasped out. “The barrel… hah… it will overturn.”

“Then stop struggling.” I growled as I bit down on the lobe of her ear, hard.

She gasped out in pain, biting down on her lip to muffle her voice. I released her ear, running my tongue over the mark left by my teeth. She shuddered in my grasp as she breathed hard. I felt her juices soaking through my trousers where her lower lips touched my cock.

I tasted the barest hint of copper on my tongue, I had drawn blood.

“You killed him didn’t you?” I growled into her ear. She didn’t have to ask who I was talking about. Shuddering, she nodded slightly.

Stepping back with a jerk, I released one wrist and tugged on the other, swinging her around and pushing her against he barrel so that her back faced me. Single-handedly tearing off my shirt, I tied her elbows and wrists behind her with the torn strips of cloth. My knowledge of yoga meant that the knots were such that even with all the strength in the world, she wouldn’t be able to break free. She wouldn’t be able to put any stress on the bindings at all.

There is a Japanese legend about the Art of Binding – Shibari where a tiger attacked a village and killed the wife of an expert practitioner while he was away. When he returned, wracked with grief, he sought the beast out and while it was deeply asleep, sated as it was with food, tied it up with the hair of his late wife and left it to starve. Despite all its strength, no matter how hard it struggled, the tiger was unable to break free.

In yoga despite there not being a dedicated rope-art, there was an extensive study of joints and flexibility. Combined with how many of my students liked tying of being tied up, I had become quite the adept in Shibari.

Realizing her situation, Kara started to protest but I cut that off by gagging her with another strip of cloth. Now all that she could make were muffled moans.

Releasing her, I swiftly undid my drawstrings and stepped out of my trousers, tossing them onto the rock I had been sitting on a while ago. With the last strip of my torn shirt, I sealed off her sight. Blindfolded, gagged and trussed up like a chicken, she was utterly at my mercy. And I wasn’t feeling particularly merciful.

Bending down, I shouldered one of her legs and stood up, pushing her against the barrel and forcing her to balance on one leg as the other one got stretched to its limit. Aiming my erection with my free hand, I pushed against her and entered her shallowly, causing her to groan in pain as she did a full split. It wouldn’t damage her with her superhuman body quality but it sure would hurt like when a gym instructor pushed you down the final few inches as you were stuck doing a split.

Due to the hindrance of the leg, I couldn’t penetrate her deeply but I persisted in a shallow piston that grew deeper and deeper as her muscles adapted to the strain and I was able to push myself closer and closer to her body. Beads of sweat dotted her dark skin, glistening under the moonlight like stars in the night sky. Her taut breasts rippled under the impact of my thrusts and her inner folds twitched around my member, bathing it in a warm, moist heaven.

Finally, I managed to have her knee touch her chest and my member reached her innermost part at the same time. Throwing back her head, Kara groaned and I felt her leg twitching against my chest and her depths convulse on my dick as the ripples of her orgasm ravaged her body and mind.

Grinning evilly, I reached down and hooked my free arm beneath her other knee and drew her up. Kara’s scream of surprise was muffled by her gag as her bindings prevented her reflexive action of trying to throw her arms around my head. Instead, she curled her body over my head and I could feel the softness of her stomach on my crown and the fullness of her breasts pressing up against the back of my head.

Shouldering both of her knees, I set her ass on the broad rim of the barrel full of steaming bathwater. Without giving her the time to recover I buried my face in her snatch and put my tongues and lips to work on her still twitching pussy.

I was rewarded with a sensual moan as she curled up even tighter around my head and I felt her rock-hard nipples brushing against my neck. The yin essence overflowing from her moist cave aroused me thoroughly and I felt my body temperature rise at the same time as her breath against my nape grew extremely heated and her legs clamped down on my face a though trying to push my longue deeper inside her.

As I tasted her thoroughly, wrapping an arm around her thigh to tease her clit with a thumb, I drove her higher and higher up the stairs of climax before with a scream that made itself heard even through the impediment of the gag, she threw her head back and climaxed violently, squirting right into my face.

Disbalancing, she fell backwards and without the support of her arms, she plopped right into the warm water of the barrel.

The sudden shock caused her to struggle on my shoulder, nearly kicking herself off and headfirst into the barrel. It took all I had to hold onto her thighs and roll her off me so that she was hanging on the barrel with her belly on the rim and her legs hanging on one side and her head in the water on the other.

Grabbing her bound arms, I pulled her out of the bath before she inhaled any water and she tried to gasp in a breath only for the wet gag to thoroughly seal off her mouth. Struggling, she snorted to push the water out of her nose then breathed deep shuddering breaths.

From heaven to hell in an instant… if this wasn’t it then what was it?

I hadn’t planned for this but… my lips curved upwards and my eyes narrowed.

Searching on the ground with my eyes, I found all the tools I needed lying about. A thoroughly evil idea sprouted up in my mind.

Using my foot to pick up Kara’s discarded towel from the ground, I folded it and placed it under her belly so she wouldn’t be hurt by the rim before dragging an upturned empty wooden bucket that was near towards me with my foot. Kara squirmed as she tried to get off but I held her in place with a grip on her bound wrists.

Getting up on the bucket with one leg, I placed the other on the barrel rim before lining up my erection with her pussy. Rubbing it up and down to coat it thoroughly with her overflowing moisture, I thrust forward and penetrated deep into her from the back. My stomach pressed up against her tight, elastic butt. Kara arched her back like a quivering bow from the sudden stimulation.

There I was, standing with one foot on an upturned bucket, another on a barrel rim and a woman straddled across the rim and impaled on my cock held up only by my one-handed grip on her bound wrists from falling face-first into steaming bathwater.

I could feel how excited Kara was by the precarious position, her convulsing interior told me. At any moment, if I lost my grip on her, she could fall into the water so she had to stay as still as possible no matter what I did. As I drove myself repeatedly into her, her breath sped up, hitching whenever her hanging nipples touched the water in anticipation of being dunked.

After a while I got the knack of thrusting while keeping her head out of the water at the same time and then I lay into her thoroughly, slapping her ass with my free hand as I pistoned, setting off waves in the flesh.

With her only being able to breathe through her nose and her breathing rhythm disrupted as her breath hitched every time her face approached the water, very little oxygen was reaching Kara’s mind. That along with the blindfold thoroughly disoriented her and sent her into a sort of trance.

Her inner folds went wild around my cock, massaging it like a thousand tongues. With a low roar, I could hold on no longer. With a few hard thrusts, I released myself deep inside her.

Huge energy gushed out of her and into me, filling me with strength as an equally huge amount crashed into her body from me. And along with it came her signal. It was like the sound of a train’s whistle heard from beside the line. Dim at first, then it grew and grew and grew till it took over my entire mind.

My primal instincts totally overrode my thoughts and leaping into the barrel with a splash, I lifted Kara in. Ripping away all her bindings, including her gag and blindfold, I wrapped the dazed woman’s legs  around my waist and arms around my neck before I locked lips with her. Pushing her back up against the side of the barrel, I wantonly fucked her, setting off waves in the steaming water. With one hand I grabbed her butt and running my other hand up her smooth stomach, I crushed her breast, the nipple hard against my palm.

The sound of splashing water, our heavy breathing, the creaking of the barrel… all to the background of the symphony of her lust.

We made love beneath the moon.

Kids, don’t try this at home.