Kama-sutra 21

I woke surrounded by the warmth and softness of naked flesh. Lin lay snuggled up to me on my left, her head pillowed on my arm, her leg thrown over my thigh and her warm breath tickling the crook of my neck. Her soft mounds pressed up against my side as her palm lay flat on my chest.

On my right, Kara slept with her back to me. She still kept her distance, a few inches of space between our bodies. Unlike Lin, she didn’t trust me fully yet.

I looked out of the window. It was dark out still. The moon had set and the sun yet to rise – it was the darkest time before dawn.

The events of the previous night came sharply into focus and I couldn’t help but blush with shame. I had lost control. Despite telling myself repeatedly in my mind that Kara wasn’t my lover in the true sense of the word… that her prior experiences with men, her environment and upbringing, excused her actions to a certain extent… that she didn’t actually owe me any form of sexual loyalty when I was openly two-timing her – with a girl she considered her daughter, no less.

Despite telling myself all that, I had been overwhelmed by an ugly anger that I had vented upon her body. Vent. That was the word. I had selfishly held her body without any thought to her feelings. Oh, I had made an upholstery with saying that it was for her… that I was doing it to make her forget her animosity to all men. That I was trying to reform her with sex.

Bullshit. Paper-thin excuses. I was a hypocrite that paid little heed to her consent before I tied her up and fucked her, violently, because I was angry that she had ‘cheated’ on me.

I don’t know why it hit me so hard this time though. I was no stranger to swinging and open relationships. I had even participated in an orgy or two back on earth. I respected sexual freedom in all its forms. And most of all, I respected reciprocity. If you as a male want to have sex with multiple females, then why bother condemning a woman who sleeps around.

Kara raped me. She killed me once. Then she tried to rape and kill me again. After that we entered an odd relationship, a twisted one based on sex and benefits. Why did it matter that she had fucked a man other than me?

‘Why did it make me see red?’, I wondered as I lay there under the sheets, waiting for the sun to rise. This wasn’t like me. I was a reasonable human being who only held my partners up to the same standards that I myself could adhere to.

Since I wasn’t capable of sexual loyalty, I didn’t expect it from my women either.

Sarah, the blonde bombshell whose father was most likely the reason for my transmigration, and also the woman who I considered my closest lover back on earth. Even with her, I hadn’t shackled her to me.

She was a curious little nymph and a single man could never keep her satisfied. All I asked of her was that I be present whenever she had sex. That she never indulge behind my back. We had threesomes, two males and one female, and even then, my heart didn’t ache as much as it did when I learnt that Kara had slept with a man other than I.


What was the difference?

Did I ‘love’ Kara ‘more’ somehow?

If so, why? Sarah never tried to kill me, she never forced me to have sex, and the way she would grab me and not let me go in the mornings never failed to warm my heart.

There was only one answer.

The original owner of this body was a masochist.

Or, more likely, sex with Qi involved has odd effects on emotions. Or, transmigration affected my mind… Or –

Basically, I’m not sure why but I intend to find out. I’ve been taking things too easy these days. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of questionable points about my behaviour these days.

First, despite Lin’s beauty, her temperament and how amazing her body is, there’s no reason I should have wallowed in sex.

I had always been a firm believer of quality over quantity. Constantly rutting like animals wasn’t something I found lucrative. I tried my level best to make every instance of union a special occasion. To give each time we joined bodies some commemorative significance.

At the very least, I would take the woman out for a meal to try some cuisine the both of us hadn’t tried before I took her to bed. Even if it was a one-night stand.

Yet, what I did with Lin…

It was for cultivation at first. Fine. Then?

I didn’t stop even after both of us reached Spiritual purity. Why?

I need to understand. To clarify whether it is a malpractice of my transmigration, or my cultivation. Then I need ways of circumventing it. I don’t want to become a dog in heat and I definitely don’t want to become a pussy who screams NTR whenever my women even look at a guy.

I sighed as the first rays of dawn entered through the window.

Yesterday, I thought that Kara was enjoying the rough treatment because of how loud her signal was but with how fuzzy it was, now I’m not so sure that was the correct interpretation.

I turned to look at the graceful curve of her bare shoulder peeking out from under the blanket, the supple ebony skin gleaming slightly under the red light of dawn.

Turning my head, I caught sight of Lin’s peacefully sleeping face.

I sighed again as I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I just hope that I didn’t make things worse.




I feel like I’m floating. Darkness surrounds me from all sides.

There is no wind and the silence presses down on my mind like a mountain.

Suddenly, I feel a warm current of water winding around the lower half of my body.

It feels comfortable and for a while, I am lost in the sensation before I feel something rise within me, trying to break out of my body.

It drags my consciousness up an up and up until it breaks the surface of my dream…

And I wake…

… to darkness.

I realize that I am blindfolded.

I try to move my hands but they are bound, as are my feet. My mouth is gagged. I cannot speak.

It reminds me of my situation when I first got here. Panic clouds my mind and I struggle against my bonds, screaming through my gag. It doesn’t work. I can’t work loose. The superhuman strength that I had so recently gained refusing to come to my aid.

My fear intensifies and all sorts of thoughts tumble through my mind.

I was betrayed.

Disgusted by the indignities I visited upon her last night, my similarity to the men that frequented her brothel, Kara sold me off in exchange for more resources – for more men to suck dry. And Lin, she was either unaware of my plight or a co-conspirator.

My breath grew rapid, nearing the edge of hyperventilation. Was I going to die?

Despite my bravado and my boastful claims that I did not fear death for it was only another transmigration… I was scared. Extremely so.

The first time I died, I didn’t even know how it happened. Death sneaked up on me silent and unseen, catching me unaware.

Only when I woke in a new world did I understand that I had died.

That only meant that even after dying and being reborn, Death was as much of an unknown to me as it was to any other. I didn’t even have any assurance that I would surely be transmigrated if I died again. Death was an unknown.

And it’s human instinct to fear the unknown.

Something warm and wet wrapped up my penis and my heart leapt to my throat as I identified it to be the same feeling as the currents of water in my dream.

I was right! One of these Succubi was about to drain me of my life.

I trembled in fear as a slippery tongue jerkily swirled around my glans and a set of teeth sometimes brushed against my shaft as the Demoness inexpertly gave me head…

Wait! Since when did these Succubi learn to suck guys off?

“Don’t move,” whispered a sultry voice in my ear, blowing warm air and making me shudder. “The girl isn’t experienced. She might hurt you with her teeth.”

I trembled again, this time in relief as all the tension drained out of me and I fell back into the bed limply. The voice belonged to Kara.

The girl sucking me off was in all probability Lin. Kara had experience working in the sex industry. Fellatio wouldn’t be something strange to her. Her teaching Lin was unexpected but not impossible.

Now that I wasn’t panicking anymore, my mind started noticing more details. I was on a bed with a mattress, not a stone bed or a scaffold like I would expect if I was caught. My bindings were made of cloth, tied so they wouldn’t hurt me if I struggled.

There was a metallic collar around my neck – probably what was restricting my Qi and preventing me from breaking out of my bonds.

And this situation…

“… is revenge for yesterday,” said Kara confirming my guess. “Let’s see how you like getting tied up and ravaged.”

Her teeth brushed against my ear, biting down on my earlobe just as Lin’s ministrations down below intensified. Kissing her way up my face, her lips rested against my temple.

“Get ready to learn your place, boy,” she whispered breathily, her words reverberating through my skull. “I took the whole day off.”

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