Kama-sutra chapter 14

Just as I entered Kara’s house after my conversation with Lin, a hand shot out and grabbed the lapel of my shirt. Caught off guard, I was pulled through the door and pushed into a high-backed chair that was placed there.

“Hey!” I tried to protest but my assailant’s palm covered my lips, muffling my words. I stopped struggling when I saw my opponent’s amber eyes.

Seeing that I’d settled down, Kara removed her hand from my mouth.

“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked as soon as I was free to talk.

“Oh, keep quiet. Weren’t you the one who wanted me to tie you to the chair?”

“Oh. That… fine.”

She smirked. “Well, I won’t tie you to the chair but before we have sex, you’ll have to pass my test.”

“Test? What test?”

“You’ll know soon enough. But for now –”

She pulled out a strip of cloth from behind her and covered my eyes with it. A blindfold? Quite kinky. How come she’s so much more informed than her junior sister?

After she’d tied the blindfold on, plunging my world into darkness, I felt her grab hold of my wrists and place them on the armrests of the chair. Probably in preparation to bind them there.

“Hey, didn’t you say you wouldn’t tie me up?”

“I won’t. That’s the test. No matter what I do. For the next two quarters, you can’t take your hands off the armrests. If you do, you’ll fail.”

Robbed of my sight, that seemed quite a scary prospect. My mind began conjuring up several scenarios where I wouldn’t be able to withstand this test. What if she rubs poison ivy on me? Gets ants to bite? Or simply tickles me till I curl up into a ball? Wait, am I still as ticklish as I was back on earth?


“Fine.” I finally replied. There was no other choice. I just had to hope that the test was something reasonable. I had to gain her trust and if tickling me for half and hour was her cup of tea… then so be it.

“Good. Let’s begin right away.” she said and I could feel a surge in her emotions. Unlike what I had expected, it wasn’t excitement or anything like that. Her signal played quite the melancholy tune. Huh? What’s this all about?

Before I could ponder more on the confusing signal, I heard the sound of her clothes being taken off. It all became clear. It was that kind of test, huh?

It was quite reasonable to test my self-control for the partnership we were hoping to enter into. Bring it on, girl. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.

Suddenly, a feminine scent invaded my nose as I felt two fingertips pushing on my forehead, tilting my head back in my chair so that the back of my head was touching the wooden back-rest.

The lack of my eyesight caused my other senses to become much more sensitive and I felt her calves touching the sides of my thighs as she straddled me on the chair.

Two mounds of soft warm flesh slapped me on the sides of my cheek and my mind conjured up the image of her sitting up, leaning over my upturned face and slapping me with her boobs. The scent of her cleavage was intoxicating.

Instinctively, I opened my mouth to try and include her nipple into my mouth but she pulled back at the right time, making me miss my goal. What a tease.

Just as I closed my mouth, I once again felt the touch of her breasts on my face. This time, she boldly trailed her nipples over my nose and lips as if baiting me to bite. I remembered the feel of her nipples from when I had fucked her just a few hours ago. If Lin’s nipples were small, pink pencil erasers, Kara’s were like bullets. And right now, they were rock hard.

Judging my timing, just as one of her nipples passed over my lip, I lunged only for my teeth to click on open air. And it wasn’t as if I could follow her movement as she was still holding down my forehead with her fingers.

Her scent, her very presence so near me was causing my Spirit to act up and the yang qi in my body was boiling, driving up my lust. Right then, I felt like letting go of the armrests and holding her in place so I could ravage her. With great difficulty, I reigned in the impulsion.

Where the heck did this girl pick up her cock-teasing skills? She puts some strippers back on earth to shame.

I felt her free hand slide down my chest, over my shirt to my waist where she grabbed onto the lower hem of my shirt and raised it, revealing my body. Her palm explored all over my body, taking some time to outline my abs with her fingers before she reached my chest and began playing with my nipples.

I gulped down some saliva. This was pure torture. I was as hard as it is possible to be. I wanted her to get down to it already but I knew that if I opened my mouth, she’d just tease me more. I just had to bear this stoically.

I felt her sit down on my lap and I felt her taut buttocks deforming against my thighs through my pants. Now, she pressed her chest up to me, pressing her breasts up against my pecs. Even though her breasts were modestly sized, B cups at most, they were extremely elastic and springy. And the feel of her nipples rubbing against mine was driving me crazy.

To make things worse, her pussy was rubbing up over my erection as she squirmed in my lap. Her juices were soaking the fabric. A steadily growing undertone of lust was added to her melancholia.

I took comfort in the fact that she was just as aroused as I was.

Suddenly letting go of my forehead, she sat back and got off the chair, making me feel void. My shirt was raised, revealing my torso and I had a raging boner under my pants which were soaked through by her juices. I felt cold at the sudden lack of her body heat.

Then, I felt her hands fiddling with the drawstring of my trousers. Undoing the knot, she pulled my pants down and freed my dick. I felt her warm breath against the head of my cock and it twitched involuntarily in anticipation. So, of course she didn’t oblige me and put it in her mouth, instead, she cupped my balls with one hand, gently massaging them as she stroked my dick with the other.

I felt a warm stream of liquid dripping onto my penis, her saliva most likely, and lubricating my shaft allowing her to be more vigorous in her stroking.

I was getting dangerously close to climax. This wasn’t how I wanted to cum. I was sorely tempted to let go of the armrests and hold her head down so I could thoroughly fuck her mouth but I clenched my teeth, clenched my butt and insisted.

I never knew that half-an-hour was such a damn long time.

Maybe tiring of my insistence, she stopped stroking my cock and let go. I was glad and regretful at the same time. It was like I’d stifled a sneeze. Profoundly uncomfortable.

This was pure torture. I think I’d have preferred the tickling.

Just as I thought it was over, I felt something tight and soft envelop my dick. It was Kara’s ass. I’ll never forget the feel of that perfection.

I felt the muscles in her thighs clench as she sat down on my thighs, clamping my erection between her buttcheeks. Then she began a bump and grind routine. I don’t know where she picked it up. I didn’t care.

I just threw my head back, gripped the armrests tightly and endured.

Alas, I was but a mere mortal at the mercies of a dark goddess.

Thick strings of cum flew out of my cock, Kara’s teasing having maximized the amount in my balls. I didn’t feel any of the cum landing on my stomach so I assumed I must have decorated Kara’s chocolate back with my white icing.

Just let this damn test be over, and I’ll eat her. See if I don’t.

But apparently, it wasn’t. I felt Kara get off me. Then I felt the chair shake a little as she put her feet on either side of my thighs and stood on it.

A much stronger feminine scent hit me like a hammer as she held my face in place with both hands and brought her pussy near my face.

Even though I had just ejaculated, my dick became rock hard yet again. My Spirit was practically boiling and if not for my soul, I was sure I’d have attacked her.

As it was, I strained my neck and stretched out my tongue in the hope of tasting her nectar but she firmly held me just out of reach. It was driving me crazy.

“Senior sister, it’s time!” came Lin’s voice suddenly, distracting Kara and causing her to loosen her grip. Taking the chance, I darted my tongue forward and licked her slit from bottom to top, flicking her clit right at the end.

“Aaahnn.” With a loud moan, she collapsed on top of me, her legs giving out as she had a massive orgasm.

The chair we were sitting on toppled backwards, depositing both of us on the ground with her sprawled on top of my chest.

We lay there for a short while, breathing hard. I felt the melancholy music that had been playing in Kara’s emotions retreat fully, replaced by the concerto of her lust.

Then her lips were upon mine and we were furiously tangling our tongues, exchanging saliva as I sat up and embraced her tightly. Finally separating, I heard her gasp out, “Y-you pass.”

That was all I needed to hear. Ripping off my blindfold, I looked down at the sweaty woman in my bosom, a wide grin splitting my lips.

Now it was my turn.


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