Kama-sutra chapter 16


I like massages. Well, generally speaking I like all kinds of physical intimacy, but I specially like massages.

I like being on the receiving end. And I like giving them.

I might even like them more than sex.

So, when I learnt that the method of using those resources would be to mix them with some warm oil and rub them into each other’s skin, I felt like Christmas had arrived early.

Well, who knew, maybe the disciple acceptance ceremony was their version of Christmas and I was doing it right.

In short order, all three of us, Lin, Kara and I were naked on the bed, facing each other in a triangle.

“So, who goes first?” asked Lin.

“Let him massage me.” volunteered Kara.

“Fine with me.” I agreed.

Without further ado, Kara lay face down on the bed, burying her face in the pillow and wrapping her arms around it.

The posture really accentuated her curves and I couldn’t help but throw a glance at her lush posterior. The same wonderful tush that had jacked me off not so long ago.

Speaking of jacking off, careful observation of her back showed traces of my dried cum stuck on her back. I didn’t much fancy rubbing oil into that.

So, while Lin prepped the materials, I used my discarded trousers to rub the traces off her back.

Kara shot me a confused glance before realizing and letting me do what I pleased.

There, all clean.

Tossing the dirty trousers away, with a mental reminder to make a few more pairs and wash the semen and Kara’s love juice off it when I had a chance to do the laundry, I turned to Lin who was done preparing.

She set the shallow earthen bowl half-full of warm oil on the bedside table after clearing away the books on it.

I couldn’t read the chicken scratches on the book cover. Learning to read. Another task. Liu Yang had been illiterate.

Then, she opened one of the large earthen jars she had brought and carefully poured a small amount of a viscous transparent substance into the oil.

As soon as the nectar touched the oil, it floated on top of the oil, gathering into a disc shape and began to glow softly.

It appeared exactly like the reflection of the moon on a still pond.

How marvellous. A moon lily’s nectar indeed.

“Quick, Liu Yang, the efficacy dissipates along with the heat.” exhorted Lin.

Nodding at her, I dipped my hand into the oil. Making a claw, I brought out my hand, letting the oil stream through my fingers, leaving only an appropriate amount behind.

The ‘reflection of the moon’ was disturbed by my action, breaking up into many scattered points of light before slowly restoring to the disc shape along with the subsidence of the ripples.

Careful not to spill the precious oil, I brought it over Kara’s back and dripped it in a line down her spine.

The effect was quite immediate.

Kara clenched her pillow tighter and her muffled moan could be heard through the pillow. I even noticed her toes curling. I could hear her signal going wild.

Questioningly, I looked at Lin.

“The nectar contains a lot of Yin Qi. So, a massage with it activates our Spirit and as a side effect, really arouses us…” she said.

“The same for me with the pollen?” I asked.

“Yeah. Now, don’t keep senior sister waiting.”

Even though I was in direct contact with the oil, unlike the pollen, it had no effect on me. Focusing on Kara, I rubbed my palms together to oil them and then straddled her.

Her butt made for a really comfortable seat as I placed my palms on both sides of her spine and used my thumbs to press down on the pads of muscle attached to the spine and slid my hands up her back.

The sudden spike in her signal and her squirming under me was encouragement enough and I stroked down the length of her spine again, making her shudder.

Then, using my knuckles I slowly kneaded out the tension in the muscles of her lower back before moving upwards.

The oil-nectar combo seemed to act like a muscle relaxant and using it, Kara was putty in my hands.

I soon had a moaning like a beast and I was sure there was nothing in her mind except for the constant hum of pleasure I was hearing from her signal.

If I had been merely good at giving massages before (a few of my pupils were masseuses and they were very enthusiastic in sharing their craft) now, with the aid of the oil and the signal, I was Godly.

And it showed.

I distinctly counted two major orgasms and a several minor ones in the span of a quarter.

Occasionally, I would pause to dip my hand back into the oil and I would see Lin clamping her thighs and wringing her hands as she looked at us with watery eyes. Her signal chock full of unsatisfied needs.

It was actually torture for the both of us.

My member was the hardest it had ever been.

Having a woman so thoroughly under my power was quite the high. It lit something within me.

Moving down from Kara’s back, seating myself on her thighs, I started working upon her buttocks.

My fingers sank into them and when I let go, they sprang back enticingly.

Over and over I knead them, pulling them apart and letting them bounce back.

I got my first clear view of her puckered pink asshole. Well, I’d be developing that soon but not before I could ensure proper hygiene. So that would get a miss today.

Then I began working the tension out of her thighs.

They were tight bundles of elastic muscles under just the right amount of fat. Whether Lin or Kara, just going by their bodies, I had never met a better female specimen.


I dug the balls of my thumbs into the gaps between the muscles, loosening them. Kara moaned weakly, most of her already too weak to move.

Then came her calves and it was much easier as her entire body had begun to reflexively respond to my touch.

Finally, the part I loved the most. The sole of her feet.

Actually, there are several nerve endings at the sole of our feet. The first at the heel that sends a tingle running right up the back of your leg to your knee.

The second, at the instep of the foot that makes your ankles tingle.

Another one is at the inward curve of your sole that sends a tingle right up the side of your leg, up the inner part of your thigh right to your genital. That one’s a real shocker.

And when I triggered it for Kara, she orgasmed as if she was a machine and I was pressing her buttons.

I couldn’t keep the grin off my face. Tease me, will you?

Then take this.

The pads of flesh between the toes give a gentle tingle all over the top of the foot and pressing the pad of the big toe causes a jolt to run up the side of the leg.

Kara’s feet were my game pad and the goal was constantly pushing her up the ladder of pleasure. Halfway, she began to stop moaning altogether but if you listened carefully, you could hear a constant whine that fused perfectly with the pitch of her signal.

I began to get worried. I might have broken her.

Calling a halt, I flipped her over on her back. Most of the oil had seeped in during my long massage so there was no danger of the oil getting rubbed into the sheets and wasted.

Her face was the picture of foolishness with her tongue lolling out and her eyes rolled up. There was a clear stream of drool wetting the pillow.

Her entire body was twitching gently as though she was being attacked by multiple orgasms constantly.

And that was just the back of her body.

I turned to Lin who was looking at the expression on her normally serious senior sister’s face in shock and if I was reading this right… envy?

She was one naughty girl.

My lips curved upwards in a grin as an idea hit me.

Didn’t Kara say that she saw Lin like a daughter? Then what would she feel if she awoke to Lin kissing her?

No reason not to find out.

Beckoning Lin over, the girl came running at the crook of my finger, I whispered into her ear. Her expression grew strange at first, then curious and then excited.

Quickly pouring more of the oil and nectar into the bowl to supplement the consumption, she walked over to Kara and then inexpertly shoved her tongue into Kara’s open mouth.

In the short respite I had given her, Kara had already recovered a bit. In the sense that she had been rubbing her thighs together even as her pussy glistened from the constant stream of liquid seeping out.

Her desire had recovered. Her body wanted my hands.

And looking at how she subconsciously responded to Lin, she wanted her too.

A mother and daughter together. That would be a first even for me.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Pulling Lin onto Kara and making her straddle Kara’s waist, I let them keep kissing while I positioned them so their pussies were aligned.

Kara at the bottom and Lin at the top.

Their chests touched each other as well, Lin’s double-ds getting smushed into Kara’s B cups, their stiff nipples rubbing against each other.

They moaned into each other’s mouths and their bodies seemed to be on fire.

Then let’s add some oil to the fire.

Holding Lin still with my palm on her back I knotted up her hair to get it out of the way before pouring the oil onto her back causing her to spasm and moan loudly at the warm tingly sensation.

I kept pouring till nearly half the bowl had been drained. Any more and it would get wasted.

Swiftly placing the bowl on the bedside table, I used both my hands to smear the oil all over Lin’s back, butt, thighs and arms before pulling her up, separating her from her liplock with Kara so I could reach her front.

Using my oily palms, I touched every inch of her skin. The best feeling was when I ran my hands over her breasts with my palms flat and they slipped back down and bounced enticingly. The friction of my palm against her stiff nipple sending her into bouts of ecstasy.

Her hips bucked too, grinding her and Kara’s lower lips together. It sent them into a steady downward spiral of pleasure and Kara who had just started to recover, drowned again.

Just as Lin climaxed, I let go of her, letting her oiled chest fall onto Kara’s dry one before, I lubricated my dick with the oil, and in one hard thrust, I penetrated Lin.

All the air was pushed out of Lin’s lungs and she could hardly breathe as I mercilessly pounded into her, making her chest rub against Kara, spreading the oil.

Supporting my weight with my palms on either side of the stacked girls, I lifted my knees off the bed and jackhammered into Lin.

Lin’s signal went totally haywire as she clenched onto the bedsheet and held on for dear life. Unable to breathe, her mind started becoming fuzzy as pleasure and the lack of oxygen battled for her attention in her mind.

Finally, she gave up and just went with the flow, a tiny boat in the rapids, leaving her fate up to the whims of her God.

With three hard thrusts that made a resounding sound when my hips slapped against her butt, I released myself deep into her with a low roar.

A huge stream of energy flowed out of me and an equally large energy poured into me.

For a short moment, I had the misconception that me and Lin were the one and the same.

Then we snapped out of it and I sweatily collapsed on top of her back feeling her taking deep shuddering breaths as her body tried to make up for the deficiency.

I felt lazy. I didn’t feel like moving at all.

But I slowly sat up, the energy from the intercourse washing all weariness away.

Then my eyes met two amber pupils that were staring at me filled with a strange mixture of anger, anticipation and jealousy.

Oh well, my mind wasn’t working now. I didn’t want to psychoanalyse her at the moment.

She probably just wants my D.

And I’ll give it to her just as soon as Lin stops clamping on to me with her folds for dear life.

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