Kininaru Chapter 12

Her hell

I went into the bathroom, the purpose is Miyu’s cellphone.

In the bathroom, the uniform and underwear I stripped from her scattered around.

Because there’s a possibility that the uniform gets stained with the smell, I left it in another room.

I felt around the pockets and found her cellphone.

I was right, there was a message, from her mother.
The time is 1 PM.

『It’s already passed lunch、where are you now。 Did you eat anything?』

…is what she said.

I ate outside with friends, I’m staying at my friend’s house today so don’t worry, I faked a mail from Miyu like that and sent.

I also did confirm that a similar mail was sent by Miyu in the past.

This is not the first time she sleeps over, 『After this』 it would become less suspicious.

I’m not sending Miyu home today1.

I’ll thoroughly enjoy that girl’s body.




He came back into the room.


「The middle school girl became all sticky but、don’t you wanna know what happened to her?」2

…is what he said.

It’s my fault that the girl went through terrible things3, I thought I want to go through the same thing to make up for her, so I nodded.4

Then, he broadly grinned, he unfastened the chains on me.

Then he carried the girl on the bed under his armpit and moved her for some reasons.




While he walked along the hallway the girl’s consciousness came back.


「Nooooooo!Stop thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!Let me gooo!!」

…she struggled violently under his arm to escape.

But, after having sex with him her legs couldn’t stand, she crawled to escape but, she quickly got recaptured, he carried her on his shoulder.

Looking at her unusual state I also recalled my fear.

Arriving at the bathroom, he used the shackles to tie me up to the washing machine so I can’t run.

I thought something was certainly done in the bathroom.

But the girl he carried on his shoulder

「Eh?What does this mean?」

I heard she said so.

「Oi Miyu!This onee-san seems to wanna know what we did in here earlier、let’s show her the same thing again」5

He said.

Then the girl called Miyu

「Such things…at least、I don’t want to be seen by other people…」

She said so feebly.

「If it’s embarrassing then I’ll shut the door」

Saying so he shut the door of the bathroom. Through the glass of that door, I saw the silhouette of two people.

「Wait!That’s not it、That’s not what I meant!」

My words weren’t heard.

I sank down to the cold floor, looking at the silhouette of the opposite side, the girl named Miyu was pushed down, her legs were spread widely towards this direction.

Then, he took out something and applied it to Miyu-chan’s crotch. I don’t know what is it, but Miyu chan shook her head left and right repeatedly.



I heard the noises of a motor. At the same time with that sound, Miyu-chan’s shriek could be heard.

While screaming, her hips bounced up and down repeatedly. Then from her wide open crotch something soared out *bicha bicha*, it hit the glass door.

After a short while the motor stopped, Miyu-chan’s shoulder shook greatly as she gasped fro breath.

Then, when her breathing calmed down a bit, the motor sounded again together with her shriek, something flew into the glass door again.

It repeated many times.

Miyu-chan finally collapsed to the ground.

Then the bathroom’s door opened.

From the bathroom various kinds of thick smell coming from the girl drifted.

Then, the bathroom that should’ve been dry was filled with liquid scattered around, there are also liquid dropping from the ceiling.6 Under Miyu-chan’s butt was *doro* a puddle of white liquid , it stretched from her butt. Even now it kept flowing out from Miyu-chan’s crotch.

I couldn’t say anything at the bizarre spectacle.

Then, from the hallway I understood Miyu-chan’s panicked state.

It was indeed hell on the opposite side of the door for Miyu-chan.

For some reasons, something like a hand-held massage machine was there with a stickily wet string on it, that string came from Miyu-chan’s crotch earlier, it soon got cut.

He suddenly approached Miyu-chan, and violently opened her crotch and inserted his penis. Entering the penis, a white liquid *doro* gushed out from her genital, his piston made indecent sounds.

As Miyu-chan didn’t react to the penis going in and out her, he did whatever he pleases and violated her.

But, whenever he ejaculated inside her she raised a small voice 「Ah」, and she made one final breath like someone going to sleep.


  1. Of course…of course…
  2. Thus the brainwash begins…
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  6. What…!? Ceiling?