Kininaru Chapter 13


I stuck to the huge tits of Miyu, who got wet with various kinds of body fluids, and sucked it leaving a kiss mark.

I lifted the figure of Miyu that’s lying face up in the center of the bathroom, raising her up from the floor *chaa* a stream of semen flowed out from her bottom. I dragged her as is, and left her at the corner of the bathroom.

Earlier, seems like Suzuka resolved herself to go through the same thing to Miyu, but upon seeing the figure of her when Miyu splashed tides, leaked urine and discharged syrupy love nectar, she shuddered.

I welcomed Suzuka into the bathroom1.

I untied her from the washing machine and removed the shackles, once again freed both her hands, but she no longer had the will to resist.

I led her into the bathroom by the hand, and brought her to the exact same place where Miyu was earlier. Then I made a proposal to Suzuka.

「From now、you’ll be going through the same thing with Miyu earlier。 But you’d have to still be standing after 20 minutes no matter what is done to you。 If you can still stand after that it’s your win。 If you win I’ll release Miyu and send her home。 」

「U、Understood。 But、what if I lose?」

「Then the match is decided、tonight’s gonna be a long night for Miyu」

「*gasps*!!、no way!?」2

「If you lose then Miyu’s going to take your night shift、I’ll be embracing her。 」

「*gasps*!!But、if I can stand…after 20 minutes…then Miyu-chan can go home…」

Seems like she prepared herself.

「Alright、then it’s decided。 Let’s dive straight in。 」

I picked up the remodeled vibrator I used on Miyu earlier from the floor. The vibrator was shining with various kinds of wet juice from Miyu.

「What is that?」

Suzuka asked.

「Ah、it’s a toy that Miyu likes very much。 You’ll come to like it quickly too。 」

I put a waterproof clock where Suzuka can see, went around Suzuka’s back, and opened her legs a little.

OOOKAY, let’s start !  As the same time I made that signal, I pressed the vibrator on Suzuka’s crotch, the switched was flipped.


Together with that noise, Suzuka’s body turned into the shape of letter 「く」, *iyaaaaaa* she screamed while crumbling down to her knees.

But I didn’t let her get to the floor as I held her naked body and supported her.3

Normally the match would’ve been decided there, but I forcibly made it continue.
Having the vibrator pressed against her Suzuka’s crotch blew a tide, with the powerful vibration, her legs trembled.

The flirty voice *iyaaaaa* of Suzuka resounds the bathroom, she’s in the same state with Miyu earlier.

After the spouting of liquid weakened down, Suzuka’s shoulders trembled *buru*, this time she pee’d.
「This can’t be!Nooo、stop iiit!」
That voice was left in vain, *chorochoro* urine streamed down her legs.

Miyu pee’d at the same time with cumming, but Suzuka’s different. This new discovery is interesting.

Then with my support she pushed out her hips *guigui* several times as she climaxed, love nectar drops fell to the floor *potapota*.

I turned off the vibrator, and turned Suzuka around, I lifted and spread one of her legs, then put my penis in. Her intravaginal was extremely wet, I began to thrust *panpan* with a fast face. This is one of Suzuka’s hated positions, seems like it’s because she’s able to feel it in this pose, yesterday when i ejaculated her body trembled over and over again.

Today Suzua’s insides is drowsy because of the remodeled vibrator, so she doesn’t seem to feel it as much as yesterday.

Love nectar trickled *potopoto* down from where we were connected, her tits rocked up and down, she raised a voice 「Aaaa!」 near my ears, she’s trying to endure the increasing pleasure.

18 minutes later.
A womanly smell boiled from Suzuka’s body, her body project hot steam-like vapor. Right now her insides shrink after every single thrust, seems like she’s repeatedly getting a light orgasm. I came inside her as is, at exactly 19 minute mark, I let go of her body.

Suzuka’s body became wholly flushed after having sex with me, her white skin turned faintly red. Then when I let her go she didn’t have any support anymore, her legs trembled to struggle keeping her balance. She seems to want to release Miyu no matter what.

But, when there’s 30 seconds left, I picked up the vibrator, *viiiiiin* I turned it on and slowly brought it to Suzuka’s crotch as she stood there.4
「Doooooon’t!」 I ignored her shriek, I place the vibrator on her clitoris and Suzuka’s whole body trembled, *bicha* she fell into Miyu’s puddle of liquid on her butt.

「That’s regrettable。 Just a little bit more」

I played dumb.

In fact, the match’s already ended when we started, but I supported Suzuka personally and slowly enjoyed it.

Suzuka sat on top of Miyu’s liquid puddle and shook her shoulder weeping.

Getting into a match, 20 minutes passed, got played with however I pleased, she also couldn’t save Miyu so it’s understandable.

「Now then、I’ll be giving Miyu a lot of affection tonight」

Saying so I walked towards Miyu

Being woken up Miyu was so scared she leaked and pee’d.


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