Kininaru Chapter 14

Miyu’s flavor

After washing Suzuka’s body I tied her up again in the dressing space, after that it’s just me and Miyu left in the bathroom.

I didn’t use a sponge on Miyu’s body, using body soap I washed my own body.

But, Miyu doesn’t really understand the meaning of my intention, so I spilled body soap onto her huge tits’ cleavage, I grabbed her tits with both hands and *guni guni* stirred them to mix the soap.

Then, I hugged Miyu and slid her breast up and down my chest.

*Nurunuru* the slimy feeling of her nipples and skin was nice, I could clearly feel her warmth.

I washed my whole body in this way, her face turned bright red in rejection.

From there, I took the wet and shiny remodeled vibrator into my hand.
Then Miyu

「Nooo!!!I understand!I’ll do it、I’ll do it so please!」

…said so and drew closer to me.

This seems to be the answer.

Miyu started washing my body with inexperienced movements.

But, no matter how much time has passed Miyu kept doing one type of washing so I ran out of patience, and pushed her down to the floor.

I spread body soap onto the stiffened Miyu, due to being surprised, and I slimily glide my hand around Miyu’s whole body.

Then Miyu’s body got goosebumps.

I was only holding her in my arms, but there seems to still be resistance to touching.

But then, that fresh reaction will only go as far as tonight but…

I used my hand to spread the soap to every single corner of her body.

Especially, I massaged her tits while embracing her, they swung around *burun burun*, and persistently pinched her nipples using my fingers.

Since Miyu hated her tits being massaged and sucked, she’s terribly aroused by being inflicted pain.

Of course, I also stretched my hand to her crotch, Miyu shut her legs but I didn’t mind it and forced my hand through, starting from where the thin pubic hair grow, gliding on top of the labia, stroking her anus and also her buttocks, I made many round trips around those places.

「Waait!Nooo、wait!Stop your haaaand!」

Said Miyu while shutting her legs fidgeting her thighs.

I took my hand out of her crotch, I sniffed my hand and found the familiar odor of Miyu’s love juice.

I stuck out my tongue and licked my finger to taste Miyu’s flavor. Realizing the meaning of me licking my finger, Miyu blushed, and averted her eyes.

The scene was obscene, I made Miyu put her legs into M-shape.

Then, I showered only her crotch, washed away the body soap, and *peropero* licked Miyu’s beautiful genital.

She covered her face with both hands, her ears were bright red.1

I stuck to her clit, and gently licked with my tongue, then from the easy to get wet Miyu’s crotch, *torotoro* syrupy love juice quickly came out.

「っ!I don’t want to!But why I still…」

She bit her lips vexingly as she showed an expression of her body acting against her will.

Then, I covered her slit with my mouth, *chuuchuu* and sucked up her love juice.

Then Miyu

「Aaan!Stop it!Don’t *chuuchuu* drink my juice!」

…said so, she shut her legs from the M-shape, and held my head tightly in between her legs.

I got excited from Miyu’s reaction, I continued to *chuuchuu* strongly suck up Miyu’s love juice and drank it.

After I got enough

Miyu got cold feet, and weakened her grasped on my head, *doro* her thick juice was streaming so I drank it up.

I finally separated my mouth, Miyu went completely limp, her pussy repeatedly *hikuhiku* opened and closed.

I licked around my mouth, 「Thanks for the meal」 is what I said to the weeping Miyu.




By the time I left the bathroom to eat, it was 8 PM on the clock.

Miyu’s night still has a long way to go.


  1. I might sound like a criminal here but this looks kinda cute lmao