Kininaru Chapter 16


「Aaaan!Stop sucking my boobbs!There’s no milk!」

In my arms Miyu’s tits were sucked *chuu chuu* while I walked.

In entered the door next to the room where Suzuka is.

Earlier me and Miyu had sex in a soundproof room.

It remained as is since Miyu ran away.

The obscene smell of Miyu was there, the bed placed in the center of the room was, no matter how far you stand you’ll still understand that it was soaked wet.

On this bed, Miyu became soaked with sweat while I embraced her, she couldn’t bear the violent piston, she leaked urine, I ejaculated nonstop in her vagina.

Miyu ran without thinking about the consequences, so I’ll hunt her violently in this room.

Seeing the bed, Miyu trembled.

「Later on、we’ll have sex in this room。 I’ll give you lots of love」

I lifted her tits and licked the sweat.

「Not anymooooore!Stop with seeeeeeex!」

I held Miyu real tight and went to the bathroom.


Being taken into the bathroom Miyu-chan’s shriek could be heard.

That time, I fell down in the bathroom…

When I thought about it, it’s impossible no matter how you look at it.

She’ll definitely not be able to bear that.

I listened carefully and heard shrieks together with the motor.

Poor Miyu-chan.1

Miyu-chan had sex with him somewhere in a different room, she was done so much to the degree of that much sweating, seemed like she couldn’t bear anymore and ran away.

But, she’s suffering the punishment for running and her shrieks could be heard.

Even after this punishment, Miyu-chan would still have to have sex with him til morning.

Miyu-chan’s shriek was paused, the bathroom’s door seemed to opened.

There were footsteps of one person, he was carrying Miyu-chan under his arm.


Using the remodeled vibrator on Miyu in the bathroom, she lost consciousness to the torment, after that I carried Miyu under my arm back to the room.

Thick love juice was dropping *doro* from Miyu’s crotch, her body felt hot and flushed.

I got excited because of Miyu’s unladylike appearance, I immediately want to quickly have sex with  her.

Just as I arrived at the room, I put Miyu on the bed, and quickly spread her legs.

Right when her legs were spread thick love juice dripped out.

I used my finger to scoop that juice and tasted it, my penis reacted and became stiffened by her taste.

Then I aimed at Miyu’s hole and screwed myself in.

Miyu’s inside still kept its heat like during daytime, the *guchogucho* feelings were the best.

From here on I want to 『prepare』 Miyu’s body in the bathroom before embracing her in here. (TN: これから家でミユを抱くときは風呂場でミユの身体を『準備』してからにしたい。)

Miyu resisted violently, but I took her along with all my might.

If you noticed, I seemed to have intended to embrace Miyu from now on.

These huge tits and this good body I’ll fully please myself with them.

I hugged Miyu’s hot body tightly, I put her large nipples into my mouth and crawled my tongue over it lots.

Miyu leaked a voice 「uun…」. She’ll wake up soon it seems.

I held Miyu tightly in my arms so that she wouldn’t escape, the genuine piston began.


  1. Wait…why does this sound so hypocrite?