Kininaru Chapter 17

End of the night

「Let me gooooooo!」

It was a funny feeling when Miyu woke up.

I began my piston movements, Miyu’s skin quickly became moistened with sweat, Miyu’s easy to get wet down there, but she’s also quite a sweater.

I hugged her sweaty body tightly, since she’s lying face up her beautiful tits were smashed and stretched.

I roughly pried into her vagina after piston movements and Miyu legs stretched out *piin* while she floated her body up.

Then, to not let the piston being done she interposed her legs to my body solidly.

Her soft legs coiled around me, and tightened really hard.

My piston was stopped, but my penis plunged deeper into Miyu, the tip reached the crunchy uterus entrance.

「Then how about this?」

I moved my hips up and down to rub into her womb.

「Hyaaaaa!That’s no goooooood!」

As Miyu put more strength into her legs and pinned me, my penis entered even deeper inside her. (TN: Like, how deep? Isn’t in into her stomach already?)


I kept on moving my hips to rub her, Miyu’s vaginal insides shrunk *gakyuuuu*. Then her body twitched *bikun bikun* while sweating.

While Miyu trembled in sweat I vigorously pulled my penis out, Miyu *chororo* leaked herself a little.

The muscles in Miyu’s crotch was loosened since hours ago.

I brought Miyu up, and lifted one of her legs when she’s on all fours, I made her into something like a peeing pose of a dog.

I tested out many positions with Miyu, but she feels this one the most.

「Nooo、not this position!」

「Liar、this posture felt good didn’t it?」

As my penis entered her body bent back, a twitching reaction.

「Aa!Wait、no good no good!Don’t move!My head’s going blaaaaaaank!」

「Hora、feel good to your heart’s content!」

As I started my piston Miyu *bishaaa* pee’d vigorously.

I did her til morning in this posture.


Morning light peeked through the curtain.

I lowered Miyu’s leg and pulled my penis out while raising myself up.

The moment I pulled out, Miyu fell to the bed.

I also reached my physical limit, and buried my face into Miyu’s butt to sleep. (TN: Final fucking ly)