Kininaru Chapter 18

Miyu’s first love

I woke up at the coldness.

My body is sweaty, the bed is wet.

It’s 5AM

I felt something heavy on my butt and turned my head, Sakimori-san was sleeping burying his face into my butt.

Since moving would wake him up, so I decided to stay still for a while.

This person, he did terrible things to me yesterday, yet I don’t feel too much hatred. (TN: Hahaha. Let the bullshit begin)

Rather, deep down in my heart I felt calm being with him if I relaxed. (TN: Let’s count this. 2 bullshits)

Sakimori-san did my body many times since yesterday.

This person likes these huge breasts that I hated, he sucked and buried his face into them countless times.

He also hugged me tight, and kissed me a lot…

Even if I was such a sweater while having sex and became soaked he didn’t show a hateful face, it’s the same with when I pee’d, he just kept on doing me.

In the bathroom I also had a horrible appearance, yet he embraced me even more.

My…lo, love juice too he drank a lot…

When I think about it again this person have accepted everything of me, it feels rather sweet. (TN: How many bullshits have it been? lmao)

Sex is something performed when there’s mutual love.

This might perhaps be just a misunderstanding after we piled out bodies countless times.

This person raped me.

I didn’t hand over my life to this person.

But, this feeling is unmistaken my first love. (TN: Omg hahaha.)


I opened my eyes and my face was still buried in Miyu’s butt.

It was soft so I had a pleasant sleep.

Miyu’s already awake and she’s looking at me. Somehow, the atmosphere around Miyu was different before I went to sleep.

I lied on Miyu’s lap and rubbed her nipple. Then chewed on her nipple again


Miyu writhed.

I’ll send Miyu home today, before that I have to seal her mouth with the pictures of her in the bathroom.

While I was thinking such things for some reasons she pressed her tits against me.

I licked it once, and then decided to take Miyu to the bathroom.

I didn’t say anything and stood up pulling her hand, then led her into the bathroom.

I felt uneasy that Miyu didn’t resist.

If it’s in the bathroom then there should be Miyu’s trauma but…

Certainly there’s something strange. (TN: “Yahari Lululie wa okashii” hoho~)