Kininaru Chapter 19


I was worried about Miyu-chan that I couldn’t sleep.

Now I can hear the creaking sounds of the bed.

After bringing Miyu-chan into the adjacent room the creaking sounds and Miyu-chan’s voice were matching, it seems like he’s vigorously poking her.

Thinking that this is because of me, Miyu-chan’s shrieks make my heart throb.

I lost to a gamble with him in the bathroom, because I wanted to quickly send Miyu-chan home, but he ended up doing as he pleases with her all night.

She didn’t do anything wrong and yet…

Then, I think Miyu-chan’s hell continued until morning. (TN: Yeah…and she’s in love too by the way)

But, her voice earlier had unconcealed colors of pleasures.

He violated her despite her being just a middle school student, seems like she’s got used to having sex.

She raised a scream of joy as if having a feverish dream.

Hearing that voice, I recalled about myself a few days ago.

He also thoroughly embraced me, and made me cum countless times.

This time, he embraced Miyu-chan, who has slightly bigger tits than me, more vigorously while rubbing her breasts didn’t he.

Yesterday he didn’t do it with me even once. (TN: Okay okay…she’s getting to it)

My body became extremely hot.

The day before, my body was aching all over because of the recoil of countless times of cumming.

『That place』 got a little moist, my heart is going *badump badump*.

I’ve never done such dreadful things like masturbating.

But, I can’t endure my abdomen feeling itchy, I finally extended my hand to my crotch.

Right now Miyu-chan is gasping for pleasant breaths, her voice almost turned to flirty.




I entered the bathroom with Miyu.

Just like yesterday I made Miyu’s body slimy with the body soap, and had her use her tits to wash my body.

For some reasons Miyu’s face is way redder than yesterday because of embarrassment.

I thought that as one would expected, this is not possible, but Miyu nodded and pressed her slimy tits on my back and started moving.

Honestly, I didn’t think Miyu would really do it.

This child-faced big tits girl gives off the impression of a serious person, she can’t be a lewd child, or so is my analysis. (TN: Apparently your analysis didn’t include Stockholm)

But, what became of her that Miyu is so obedient this morning.

Perhaps, she’s too scared of me isn’t she

If the things I did to her was that terrible then she would’ve turned obedient since the beginning

The obedient Miyu is cute.

I reached out for Miyu’s crotch, and traced her clitoris with my finger.


Miyu was surprised, and drew her hips back.

「I’ll do you one last time」

I faced Miyu from the front, lifted one of her legs, I didn’t spread her legs and kept her in letter Y position for balance.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her.

Then Miyu trembled *buruburu*, love juice ran along her thigh.

Seems like it’s already ready for insertion. Miyu’s originally an easy-to-get-wet child, but yesterday she didn’t get this wet just by kissing.

I inserted while kissing. Then began to vigorously piston.


「It’ll end soon」

Pan pan pan

I grabbed Miyu’s ass with all my might and she convulsed, I kept on slapping my hips into her with a piston movement

As I quickly got excited I ejaculated as if spitting into Miyu’s insides.


With her mouth being block by the kiss, Miyu raise a wordless voice trembling.

I pulled my penis out after finishing and let her body go, Miyu crumbled down to the floor gasping for breaths.

The sloppy Miyu who got done had a red face, she extended her fingers to touch her lips.

Probably she’s shock that I stole her lips

I did that countless times yesterday already, and you’re just being shock now?