Kininaru Chapter 20

A cold

To send Miyu home, I picked up her uniform from a separate room

Putting together her uniform and meal I obtained Miyu’s contact info from her cellphone

Then, I also need to take Suzuka’s contact info so I grabbed her cellphone

The standby screen was displayed

There was a picture of two girls

One is definitely Suzuka

The other one was a beauty with the same eyes with Suzuka.

She smiled gently towards the camera

「This…unbelievable」 (TN: ONEE-SAAAAN GA KITAAA)

That is a person I know

Why does Suzuka have a picture taken with this person?

Why do their faces resemble?

When I think about that, I noticed that my body is in bad condition

My head hurts

I felt chills

That reminds me I slept on Miyu’s sweat, urine and love juice today.

「I got a cold huh…」

Heck it’s pretty bad, it’s probably because I had sex with Miyu in a dash that it accelerated the symptoms.

I leaned against the wall feeling dizzy

I haven’t threatened Miyu with her pictures in the bathroom yet

If I just go to sleep like this, Miyu’s going to help Suzuka escape

If that happens then it’s the end of me

But my body is at limit

I only need to rest 15 minutes

I set the alarm on my phone, and went to sleep for a bit.




There’s a wet towel on my forehead

The cool sensation feels good

When I came to my senses I was lying on the bed where I had sex with Miyu.

But the sheet and the mat were dried and the futon was hung up

And there’s someone looking at my face

It was Miyu

Seems like she somehow carried me into this bed, and let me sleep

But it was supposed to be troublesome for her body to carry me

I don’t understand anything

Why is Miyu still in this room?

More than that why is she nursing me?

Miyu noticed me waking up

「How are you feeling?」

「My head hurts、it’s cold too」

「I’ll take your temperature」

Saying so Miyu brought her hand from my neck and put the medical thermometer into my armpit

「Do you want a drink?」

Why is her face red while asking that

「Yeah、my throat is dry」

Then Miyu opened the cap of a PET bottle and tasted it herself

Then she fed me water mouth-to-mouth with a kiss.

Last night when Miyu was soaked in sweat and got dehydrated, I fed her water this same way.

Midway of doing this Miyu seemed to be happy.

「Do want to drink some more?」

「Yeah、I do」

When I said so, Miyu blushed bright red and nodded, she drank the water once again.

Nku nku

She glued her mouth to me *bchuu* without spilling the water.

As I drank Miyu had a happy face.

「Do you perhaps、like me?」


Miyu affirmed.