Kininaru Chapter 22


「Well there’s something like this too」

I put my notebooks into my bag and went home.

I go to school by electric train.
It takes 30 minutes to go by train from the school to my neighborhood’s station and it’ll let me down at Touji temple, from there it takes 20 more minutes of walking.

This Monday is a national holiday, so all schools get one day off.
I wonder if Suzuka went to school
Thinking that I get into the crowded train.
Then, I spotted Suzuka in the corner of my eyes.
It’s the usual Suzuka in uniform and ponytail.
Her white nape was beautiful, her uniformed is swelled up a little by her tits.

Looking at her like this confirms that Suzuka is such a beauty.

And I know
That Suzuka’s tits are unexpectedly big when naked, that her hair down there is thin, furthermore I know the positions that makes her feel it and her favorite spot…

Gazing at Suzuka, I recognized something strange.
Suzuka is wary of her behind.

There was an elite-looking middle-aged man standing behind her.
When I looked closely every time the train shook he matched it and felt up Suzuka’s body.
It might not be helped when the train is crowded, but that person shook his body too much compared to the people around him.
Then on his fake poker face, eyes of desire could be seen.

I see, it’s in order to not be spotted as obvious molesting, the people around also didn’t recognize.

However, I’m sure Suzuka herself is aware of the discomfort. She’s fidgeting a little.

I’m a man with a strong sense of monopoly.
Suzuka isn’t my property, but I embraced that body countless times.

I headed towards Suzuka.

「Yoo、ossan。 」 (TN: Ojisan for short)

「N?What is it? You are…」

The elite-looking man answered without changing his expression.

「Don’t just get all sticky with my girlfriend you molester bastard」 (TN: YUUSS. This guy boss as hell hahaha)

At the word molester the people around reacted, they looked at the man and started whispering.

「wait!I don’t know if there’s any misunderstanding、but don’t you say irresponsible things!I’ll sue you for slandering!」

I ignored the man and approached Suzuka, then I hugged her. (TN: HAHAHA BOSS)
Suzuka doesn’t seem to understand the situation, she just stared blankly.

「It’s okay now、it was scary right」

The voices of people around could be heard comforting Suzuka.

I continued to whisper into Suzuka’s ear so that only she could hear.
「Yesterday I also embraced Miyu lots。 She didn’t want it but I pinned her down and did it many many times、it’s all your fault…」

Then Suzuka began to cry quietly.
Then I started to console Suzuka and glared at the man.

「Seeing this and you still say you didn’t do anything!」

I made her cry on my own and shamelessly blamed the man.
The people around sympathized with the weeping girl, and started to blame the man.

The worst
Ero old geezer

Suzuka’s already used to me hugging her, so she didn’t resist.
We had sex thoroughly so she doesn’t have any personal space for me.

The elite-looking molester old man has kept going on about 「Wait I’m not」 repeatedly like a recorder.

「Don’t get close to this girl again」 (TN: 今度コイツに近づいたらただじゃおかねえからな)

I went down to Touji temple saying so over the shoulder.

The people around pressed him down to hand him to the police, but I paid no mind to the troublesome things.

When the victim isn’t found, he won’t be accused when handed to the police but that elite-looking old man would be dismissed from his company.
It won’t be too good for the society if it’s fine if he isn’t caught.
But, that’s none of my business

I held Suzuka’s shoulders while moving to a location with few people.

「You won’t tell anyone about the things in my house right」

It’s the evidence for my freedom right now.

「Miyu-chan told me that、and then…」


Suzuka’s appearance clearly changed since we got to this place with few people.
She looked at me with eyes of expectations for something.
I hit upon something
This girl was at the stage that she would feel it when I embraced her.
That’s right, I completely bullied Suzuka in places where she could feel it.
I’m sure this inexperienced Suzuka went through an intense sexual sensation

「No、it’s nothing…」

Suzuka is uneasy.

I pressed Suzuka’s back on a wall, this is the so-called kabedon position.

Then I reached to Suzuka’s thighs and traced her crotch.


「N? What’s wrong?」

「My leg is…umm…touching…」

「Your legs what?」


Instead of legs I reached out my hand this time


Suzuka blushed while letting out an unexpected breath.

This girl is cute…

I traced my middle finger as if to confirm the shape of her vagina on top of her panties.
The place was already soaked wet.


Suzuka endured trying to hold her voice in.

I suddenly pulled Suzuka’s panty down.
Being attacked suddenly Suzuka didn’t have any resistance so her secret place was laid bare.
There was a transparent string stretched from her genital to her panty.

「Noo!Don’t look!」

She tried to hide her crotch with her hands, but I played with her panty, which was sticky with love juice, creating *kuchakucha* sounds.

Then I licked my finger.
Seeing that Suzuka turned bright red.

「Oi oi、you got wet being touched by that old geezer huh…」
I spoke surprised.

「Such thing…it、it’s not like that…it’s」


Even during when we were talking Suzuka’s love juice ran down her thigh.

「Such things、it was a lie…I…」

「If you’re horny then I’ll violate you to your heart’s content」

I took my penis out from my trousers.

It’s already erect to its limit.

I traced Suzuka’s vagina with my penis.

Then Suzuka’s body shivered.


I teased her clitoris with my penis *kuchyu kychyu*.


I pretended to insert into Suzuka’s pussy


「Hora、do you want it in? Wanna feel good being poked to your heart’s content? The nights before、you heard Miyu’s voice when she was done from the adjacent room right?」

Yup, I didn’t notice up until morning but the soundproof door was opened. I was that entranced with Miyu.

「Miyu’s voice、how was it? It turned into a pleasant voice midway didn’t it。 That Miyu、she cum when I poked her in a dog-like position」

I continued murmuring while tracing Suzuka’s vagina with my penis.

There was a heavy flood at that place of Suzuka. I put the penis in but not really in, her pussy flapped open and close greedily.

「If you say I want you dick then I’ll poke you thoroughly like Miyu。 Even if you yell to stop I would still violate you until you’re satisfied and ejaculate in here」

I pushed the penis through her labia *kuchyuri*. What’s left is to enter.

Suzuka’s body trembled in shivers at my murmurs. And love juice continued to streamed down her thighs.

「Such things…I can’t…」

Even if she’s saying that, Suzuka’s eyes already obviously melted from expectations of it entering.

「That so、then I’ll stop」

I took my penis away from Suzuka’s pussy, then broke the bridge of love juice.


「After school I guess I’ll call Miyu and violate her、I’ll penetrate Miyu when she’s soaked in sweat。 But rest assured、at the end Miyu happily accepted it…if you heard her voice from earlier then you get it right?」

「Don’t…if it’s like that then take me instead…」

「Nope、I got horny because of this so I’ll embrace Miyu。 You’re good already」

「That can’t be…」

I continued to tease Suzuka.

「Well、if you say you want the dick then I’ll thoroughly violate and make you feel good。 」

I traced Suzuka’s pussy impatiently.

「Aaan、I、I…won’t say something like that!」

Suzuka’s too excited voice couldn’t be concealed anymore.

「That so、too bad then」

As I put my penis away Suzuka was at a loss

I left Suzuka and went to school.