Kininaru Chapter 47

A summer day Ⅵ

Akane wet my floor with just a kiss.

「Your love jucie dripped out again、I’ll just clean it up then」

I rotated Akane with my arms, lifting her upside down.

「I’m soryyy! Please put me dooown!」

Akane’s genital is right in front of me now. I got excited because of that red and slimy vagina.

Akane tried to shut her crotch, but my head already went in the middle so she couldn’t close her legs.

「Don’t be shy this late into the game」

I crawled my tongue around her tiny clitoris.


Akane’s upper body curved back like a bow.

Seems like she became quite sensitive. The kiss appeared to be extremely effective. (TN: It was super effective.)

「You won’t be able to handle one whole night like this yo」

「Don’t lick my pussyyyyyy!」

Akane held my head tightly between her legs. Without knowing that her soft thighs excited me even more

I continued to lick her clit at a fixed pace.



10 minutes later


As strength left Akane’s legs, she spread them more. The entrance of her vagina was visibly opening as if inviting me to lick.

I put my tongue inside and began to lick her vaginal walls. Her closed vagina clung to my tongue tightly.

「How’s it? How does it feel having your vagina licked?」


Akane didn’t respond, but she seems to be catching her breath trying to endure it. Seems like she didn’t want to let me know that she felt good from the cunnilingus.

But she shouldn’t be able to endure it forever



After a while having her vagina licked, Akane suddenly flapped her legs, acting violently.

「Take it out! I beg you! Take your tongue ooout!」

Her voiced showed that she was quite at her wit’s end already.


「It’s coming! I’m coming big-time! Let me goo!」

Because she was enduring the weak stimulation, Akane seems to have given rise to something she herself didn’t even know of.

I recklessly pushed my tongue in deeply and strongly stimulated only one spot.



Then at last

*Rapid twitching*!


「Ahh ahh ahh ahh ah ahhhh!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」


Akane’s body trembled greatly while she reached climax.


When I lowered her down to the floor, Akane writhe in disorder to the waves of pleasures.

I licked the defenseless vagina that was stil twitching in the middle of cumming.

Akane mumbled something while squirting transparent liquid and reached yet another deep orgasm.

The Akane that is springing up while cumming on the floor like a fish looks too erotic.

I forcibly pushed Akane down and put my penis on her still cumming vagina, then not missing the one instant when the constricting vagina loosened up, I inserted.



Akane spurt out some kind of liquid which I didn’t even know if it was piss or squirt. At the same time she put her hand on my shoulder, trying to escape towards the above.

But I hugged her tightly, not letting her run and deeply forced her up

「Aaahh ahh ahh right now is no good、I’ll let you do it later so stop it!」

「It feels good to be inside you while you’re cumming。 」



It felt like Akane’s inside is strangle me tightly.

Miyu’s inside was sloppily wet, so I guess it does vary depending on the girl when it comes to vaginal insides.

It seems like Akane received a lot more stimulation out of this than me. Then again she only had sexual experience once with me…
I wonder to what extent is she being in agony

I suddenly got fired up. (TN: Uh oh…that doesn’t sound good LOL)

She’s trying to to run away from me right now, but it’s be impossible soon



Akane choked as I plunged into her as if slapping into it.

Zupan zupan!


Akane just gave up and circled her hands around my back, preparing herself for being piston’d violently.

Her B-cup breasts stuck to my skin


Zupan zupan zupan zupan zupan zupan!!!


Akane screamed until her throat became hoarse.






「I kinda overdid it, didn’t I」 (TN: kinda? lol suuuure)

Looking at Akane who’s lying on a puddle of liquid on the floor, I self-reflected.

Akane straightened up with a twitch.

Just a while ago I resorted to violence, didn’t I.

It wouldn’t be strange if Akane got a sex trauma.


I’ll be gentle to her once she wakes up.

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