Kininaru Chapter 48

A summer day Ⅶ

「Save mee…Momm…」 (TN: PFFTTTT)

Heavily panting, Akane’s voice calling for help faded away as her chest moved up and down.

Because of the violent piston, Akane’s hair clips fell out and her twintails became untied.

Thanks to her hair style she looked cute naturally, but seeing her like this makes me admit that she’s such a beauty.

Thinking about a girl like this having her vagina poked by my penis and fell into disorder excites me to the point of feeling dizzy.

As she saw my penis erecting up again, Akane’s face was dyed in terror.

「Noo…I don’t want penis anymore nooo…」

「Nah I’m not putting it in again, don’t worry」 (TN: SUUUUURE)

I said that while gently stroking her beautiful black hair, but she didn’t believe me at all and kept trembling.

Let’s give her something delightful

I kissed Akane.


Akane stiffened up and stopped breathing.

I pecked her lips, strongly pressed my lips in while keeping up the pace.

「Puhaa…haa haa…umuuu…」

When Akane reached her limits of holding her breath, she exhaled and at the same time I slid my tongue in.

Pechaa…lick lick

As the inside of her mouth got violated, Akane’s strength left her body.

Recalling the taste of the deep-kiss earlier, her guard was unraveled a little bit.

To give Akane the mood, I hugged her slender body tightly.

「Ahh…again…like earlier…」

Akane’s shoulder trembled.

Then without giving her any margin I entwined our tongues violently.



After a minute I separated our faces and a silver string stretched in between.

「Haa haa haa haa」

Akane gasped hot breaths with moistened pupils. My heart made a jump smelling her sweet breath and seeing her girly face.

Without wiping the saliva on her mouth, she stared at me with a face being in heat.

When I brought my face closer again, Akane slightly opened her mouth, putting her tongue out.




After that I had no idea how much time has passed by. As I indulged in the kiss, when I noticed, Akane was hugging my head.


Akane also got passionate about this. Even when I licked the inside of her mouth and made her drink saliva she didn’t dislike it at all.


It’s fine like this right?


I slowly pressed my penis against her crack


Akane’s tongue twitched.

「At’s no ud…」 (TN: That’s no good. <well I tried>)

She immediately realized and called out to me. 『That’s no good』 huh?

However, because of the excitement of the kiss, Akane’s crotch is flooding wet.

If we have sex like this, how good can it be I wonder


「Well if you endure for one more time I’ll kiss you until you’re satisfied later on。 So, open your legs。 」


After hearing that, Akane thought for a bit and opened her crotch a bit, accepting me.

I was shocked, does she love kisses that much? Though I said it myself, I didn’t expect her to actually follow.


I entwined our tongues while inserting deep inside.



The sensation wasn’t different than earlier, her inside twined around my penis, hugging it.

If it’s this wet then there won’t be enough friction and Akane’ll be able to endure it, isn’t it.

I slowly began my piston.



Akane’s respond was unusual.

I just licked her tongue and lightly poked at her womb entrance but she’s already clinging to me.


Kotsun kotsun kotsun


「っ!!!!!!!Puhaa、it’s impossible already! I’ll turn weird!!」

Not even 5 minutes passed by and Akane already gave up

「No kisses for you if you can’t endure it yo」

「Noo…kiss mee…」

「Then endure it」


I blocked her mouth and began to move a bit more violently.


But soon

「Stop knocking meeee! My crotch is turning nuuuumb!」

She begged me.

I pinned Akane down for the sake of keeping our promise. (TN: PFFTTBAHAHAHA this bastard)





Akane wet herself a bit but I paid it no heed and continued.

*A ton of konkon*

「Hnn…hnn…hnn………haa! Hauuu!!!」


This time she completely pee’d.

「Pissing is fine too, so endure it until I come」

Akane nodded while crying



*A fuck ton more of konkonkonkon*



「Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t endure the knocking anymooooooore!」

Not being able to bear it, she began to act violently as if throwing a tantrum.

「Just be obedient!」

Akane bent her opened legs and kicked me.


I let my guard down so it hit me right upfront.

She crawled and tried to get off the bed.

I got kicked at the belly from upfront so I couldn’t move.


During that time Akane sloppily walked away and escaped.

For a second I thought this is dangerous but Akane’s uniform and underwear are here.

She won’t go outside naked anyway, right?

If that’s the case


「We’re playing hide and seek?、kukuku fine、if I ever find you I’ll drag you back to the bed and make you suffer lots, you heard!!」

I said that to Akane who is hiding wherever in this house.

「Miyu you wait in this room。 I’ll give you love later too」

Now then, let’s make Akane who kicked me feel good.

At the same time I felt joyful, I had this slight deja vu. (TN: So it’s his lost memories of the time with Miyu in the past)

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