Kyle’s Adveture

Author: Ruki

© 2019 Ruki All Rights Reserved

Synopsis :

Kyle has been an orphan all his life and he’s been going to college  so he could get better future but fate has other plans for him. His girlfriend left him for the asshole rich guy on college since he couldn’t give her the life she wanted.  Brokenhearted and angry, he attack the rich boy and got expelled but that was it, on his way home he sees an elderly woman that was about to he run over by Truck-kun.

On Futile attempts of saving the elderly woman, he gets killed by Truck-kun, but that’s not all because now he is standing in the middle of whole white room.

In that room there is God, waiting for him giving him the opportunity to redeem himself, by reincarnating him on a world of God own Creation called Battle Royale with any abilities he may choose, but there’s one rule and that is The Survival of the Fittest.

Will Kyle survive on this new world that he’s been sent to, or will he rise up the corpse of his Enemies and build his own army?

Care to find out?

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Volume 1