Chapter 4

Aiyana and Aziz were really fast and quick on their feet. They could easily outdo the gymnasts known to Kyle. Kyle struggled to keep up, but he kept up with them, having experience in field running. He thanked God for P.E.

“Kyle, can you keep up?” Aziz asked with a concerned expression.

Damn that bastard… Kyle’s face grimaced into a frustrated frown. Aziz wasn’t particularly trying to intimidate him, but his pride felt hurt anyway.

“What are we hunting?” Kyle said, as Aiyana and Aziz halted all of a sudden.

“That,” Aiyana whispered. Kyle liked the way her breathy whisper fell and tickled his ears, “it’s a wind rabbit,” She then added with a bit of a hope in her voice, “Have you caught one before?”


Aiyana’s face fell a little. Kyle felt terrible about it, but none addressed it.

Kyle glanced at the rabbit. It looked like a normal earth rabbit, the only difference being the little pieces of gems of different colors on its crest.

Huh… I probably won’t need to use my Glock… Thank god, I may need it for later. Besides I only have seven more rounds till everything get a refilled.

He gave a light laugh, which may or may not have been intended to mock Aziz. Aziz was too good natured to take offense at something as minute as that.

“You’ve never hunted a kind rabbit before, correct?” Aziz said, looking at Aiyana. She shook her head.

“Then it’s the time to learn, eh?”

She nodded, “I suppose so.”

Aziz stood behind her and placing the bow before her, his hand over hers, showing her where to aim.

“Stretch slowly. It’s not like hunting deer, Aiyana,” He said gently, “don’t be so tensed. Yes, like this… Aim at that spot.”

“Like this?” She asked. Kyle’s head was exploding. He wanted to be the one to teach her, not that he was a good teacher; rather, he wanted to feel her in his arms. He may have been a little, just a little, jealous.

Theatre of Kyle’s mind:

“Ah, you’re perfect, Aziz!” Aiyana says with sparkles in her eyes.

“Of course, my dear Aiyana,” Aziz swoons over her, leaning close to kiss her. She giggles and closes her eyes.

Wait! No!” Kyle yelled.

“What’s wrong, Kyle?” Aziz and Aiyana asked in unison.

“Is something the matter?” She asked, placing a hand over his arm.

“Ah, no… It’s nothing,” Kyle exclaimed, “nothing…”

“It seems to me that you want to hunt, too,” Aziz said, “given that you asked Aiyana to stop aiming. Would you give it a try?”

Kyle looked at the bow he held and then at him. He immediately felt the need to shoot a wind rabbit, or he would go crazy.

“Give that to me,” Kyle said, a little too aggressively.

“Okay,” Aziz smiled, “Kyle, you just have to shoot at-”

“Shut it, I know how to shoot,” He cut him off curtly. I have been on the archery team since middle school; of course I know how to shoot! What does he take me to be? A primitive tribal? 

He stood erect, his posture perfect. He stretched his hands and aimed slowly. He knew he was a good shooter. He had indulged in all sorts of sports to get the sports scholarship. He had to know something.

And then he let the arrow go.

It flew and missed the target.

“What the…” He said and softly added, “Fuck!”

Aiyana and Aziz did not laugh at him. Aziz raised his eyebrows and Aiyana stared at the wind rabbit for a while.

“How is that possible?” He said. Oh fuck, fuck… That is so embarrassing!  Ah, what will Aiyana think? I’m so bummed… Shit…  Man.

“Beginner’s Luck doesn’t exist,” Aziz said, in a failing attempt to comfort him.

“It’s because you didn’t listen to what Aziz was saying. You’re so absent minded, Kyle,” She said, with a little pout forming.

C-cute as hell,

He thought to himself as Aiyana reached to take the bow from him.

“Let me show you,” Aiyana said, “You need to focus and really concentrate. Hit not the rabbit, but the movement,” she released her arrow, “Like this.”

Kyle noticed that she had shot near the rabbit on purpose, and instead the rabbit got hit. He mused over it.

“You should’ve listened to Aziz’s explanation, you know.” Aiyana said with a cute frown.

“Whatever,” Kyle muttered out, “teach me, Teacher Aiyana…”Aiyana blushed a little being called ‘teacher’.

“See,” She imitated the way Aziz taught her, “You stretch and you hit the neat spot.”

“Next spot?”

“Yes, Kyle,” She said, “look carefully, you’ll see the pattern of how the wind rabbits move. They are blind, but they have sensitive right ears, as a result they move only according to what they sense. If you can predict their next move, which should not be a problem, you shoot at the predicted spot. And not at the rabbit,” She said and paused, “Can you see?”

“Yeah…” Kyle felt his body stiffen. It was hard to concentrate with her bouncy breasts pressed against his back. He thought Aziz was lucky to be able to hold her in his arms, he felt luckier to be held, and feeling those majestic breasts, gently pressing on his upper back.

“Hey,” She whispered, “Please be gentle, Kyle. You’ll miss your arrow if you’re too stiff.”

Whose fault do you think it is, you pretty woman? And don’t say that… Don’t tell me to be gentle. His mind wandered all around the notions of him thrusting into Aiyana after making her a moaning wet mess. And he bit his tongue to stop thinking.

He decided that the only was he would ever find the woman as a hot and wet moaning mess was if he was successful in wooing her, which was duly impossible unless he could hit a fucking tiny wind rabbit.

He concentrated at the wind rabbits, and indeed, there was a specific predictability.

He relaxed and aimed. Bitch I was a good archery student, I ought to hit.

He released the arrow. And it hit the target fair.

“Bull’s-eye!” He yelled.

“What’s that?” Aziz and Aiyana said in unison, “Is that something unique to your tribe?”

“I guess you could say that,” he gave an awkward grin. I’m not lying… Earth is basically my tribe and the people, my tribesmen and women… everyone is my brother and sister, except that pussy Larry and dumb bitch Monica.

“What are we waiting for?” Kyle said with a new energy, “Let’s go get them!”

Aiyana just smiled; Aziz raised his bow and gave an equally energizing yell.

“Let’s get them!”

He really knows how to hype things up, Kyle smiled wryly, I guess that’s a charming point about him.

The trip jumped from place to place, chasing wind rabbits. The men shot, while Aiyana collected the dead rabbits. The gems could be used for jewelry and Chief Aubade could even smith some luxury knife out of gems. The tribe would then feast on the kills brought home from the day’s successful hunt.

They went place to place for half a day. Kyle had shot four wind rabbits, while Aziz had shot seven. This made Kyle feel competitive. But he was lacking one thing Aziz possessed: experience. The day was almost over. They had decided to rest near a river and roasted one rabbit for their lunch. And they were tired.

“I’ll be back later. Wait for me,” Aiyana said, getting up, “I need to do something important.”

“Okay,” Aziz said with a cheerful smile. He was the only one who still had enough energy to hype anything up.

Kyle stared at her fading back and thought how well sculpted she was.
“She’s really admirable, isn’t she?” Aziz said with a soft smile.
Kyle’s ears pricked up, “Huh?”

“I mean it,” Aziz said again, “Aiyana is probably the only woman who has never been with a man. She’s strong, like Head Hunter Serenade, and gentle like her late mother. Isn’t that the best combination?”

“I guess so… “Kyle thought for a while.

“Are you interested in her?”

This question came as a surprise.

Of course I’m interested.

“I’m not sure how to answer that,” Kyle said with a shrug, “it’s been about a day since I met her and everyone else.”

“I see,” Aziz laughed.

“And you?” Kyle asked.


“Are you interested in Aiyana?” The question came out as a hoarse whisper.

“I’m sure it’s obvious,” He said, a red tinge on his cheeks, “Everyone knows. That is everyone except Aiyana herself. We’ve been friends almost all our lives, she probably has a hard time seeing me as anything more. But I’ve liked her for years.”

Kyle nodded and even smiled. But inside of his head, he was mad. Not exactly jealous because how could he be jealous? It’s not like he was really into Aiyana. He met her only the previous day. But he felt a thorn prick his heart and pride. Besides even if he was jealous, it’s not like Aiyana and Aziz we’re seeing each other, right?

“I want to court her,” Aziz continued, oblivious of Kyle’s displeasure, “But I need to talk to Head Hunter Serenade for that. I’ll probably do so when their expedition ends.”

“Good luck?” Kyle said with a smiling grudge.

“Thank you very much, I’ll need it.”

“Hey, Aziz,” Kyle said, getting up, “I news to go and pee. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

“Okay,” Aziz nodded

Kyle walked to some distance downstream, towards where Aiyana had gone. He thought she was peeing or maybe cleaning herself and allowed his imaginations to run riot. With self-reproach in mind he began unbuttoning his pants.

I can’t believe it… How do I woo my angel before Aziz? I only have time till her father returns… And what if he was unlike his daughter? Argh, this is so frustrating.

As he held is dick to pee, he felt a sense of pride.

Of course, Aziz may have known her for years, he probably can’t compete with the most important factor: the size of one’s manhood, he laughed like a maniac, oh my little treasure! You may be the reason I get my angel…

He wasn’t exaggerating. When he dated Monique, the girl he dated before Monica, his dick and subsequently hotter and maybe better sex had kept them together for so long. It was a grand nine oh five inches, measured by the same Monique the first time.

He laughed; thinking about an ex seemed to be a past time to him.
“Done?” He murmured. As he waited, he heard water splashing. Someone was probably at the river nearby. He hoped it wasn’t some kind of bear again.

He glanced towards the river, scanning through to see where the noise was coming from, and immediately felt blood rushing to his dick, hardening it.

“Oh damn,” He muttered.

He saw Aiyana swimming in the river, naked. She had probably taken a bath and was then enjoying the swim. She looked like she liked it, playing with the water; all alone, naked. Kyle was speechless, as he watched her swimming. She wasn’t necessarily swimming sexily, but to Kyle it was more than he could handle. He didn’t know what to do except watch until the image of her, naked and swimming would burn into his irises.

All of a sudden, Aiyana felt a shiver rub down her spine. She thought she was being watched and quickly looked around.
And she beheld, a red faced Kyle watching her… For how long, she couldn’t tell. But it was enough to make her feel embarrassed.
Quickly covering herself with her hands, she said in a shaky voice, “What are you doing here Kyle? Why were you peeping?”
Kyle felt weird. It was too late to run and Aiyana was in the brink of tears. He felt stuck between two things and to make matters worse, his pride, his dick was still erect.
“Please don’t misunderstand, Aiyana! Why did you leave your clothes so far into the forest?” He said, frozen, “I was peeing; really. I swear.”
He shook his dick; hoping water would trickle down to prove his innocence.
It only made her look down at his pride. He felt flustered but didn’t do anything. He had intended for his dick to be the surprise for her but it didn’t work out that way.

A whole minute passed. Kyle stared at Aiyana. Aiyana stared at his dick. And his dick stared back at Aiyana. She was curious, and was left uncovered. All of a sudden Kyle noticed that she was turned on. Her nipples were hardened. It wasn’t due to the cold, but evidently due to his pride.

The tension grew, and the heat intensified. He saw her body and wanted to pleasure her more than anything else.

You only live once… Is this it? Should I make the first move? Yes, I’m a man. I’m the man. I should.

But he stood still, breaths getting raspier as he watched her beautiful naked body. It was perfection and art at its finest. The curve from her neck, down to her supple breasts to her belly, and broad hips, and ass, and even down to her calves; and ankles… her soft curves around him; like a dog on heat.

As they eyed each other, the heaviness in the air was hammered by Aziz’s voice. They heard him call out. It was getting darker and if they waited after dark, it was too dangerous. It was also Aziz’s voice that made Kyle’s erection disappear. His upright dick went limp and dropped down like a Dead Sea horse.

He quickly peed again and buttoned his trousers back. Aiyana quickly dressed in her leopard skinned clothes. They awkwardly went towards Aziz, one after the other.

“Hey, man, where were you?” Aziz asked in good humor.

“I drank an awful lot of water, it seems,” Kyle laughed it off, “and I got lost. If not for Aiyana, I’d have wandered off towards the opposite side.”

Aiyana didn’t show surprise at this false story but only nodded.

“Aiyana?” Aziz repeated.

Aiyana smiled at him, “I had bathed and as I returned, I saw Kyle walking way back towards the Cloud Creeks. It would have been dangerous.”

“It’s a good thing you saw him,” Aziz said, “If he got lost there, there wild have been no hope for him and me.”

Yeah, it’s a good thing she saw me bastard, Kyle thought, it’s my prime nine oh five that will do the trick.

“Mother would have been mad at me if Kyle got lost,” Aziz said, as he laughed with Aiyana. Aiyana agreed; Aliva wouldn’t give her son an easy time if that were to happen.

“Shall we leave?” Aziz said, “We don’t want to be stuck here during sunset.”

“Yes,” Aiyana said.

Kyle only nodded. He was unsure how to actually behave. He felt like Aiyana would watch his every move, after seeing something as personal as a hard dick.

Please be mine, he mouthed at her back as they all walked towards the Griujk village.


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