I’ve been thinking over it for a long time but I left it because I enjoy translating.

The reward for the donations and the reward for me doesn’t fit well.

First, I translate fast1, I release it whenever I finish it so readers like it.2

Second, I created the coffee button for the purpose of asking people to reward me of my efforts, it’s not compulsory and it will never be, this means that I want money from translating.

Third, I don’t want to make sponsored chapters, you notice that the number of release per day depends on how motivated I am, Class has a cute story so let that go, but usually, I make at least a chapter a day,.

No, I’m not going to be a weekly TL, I have so much free time for that3

I’ll be asking for sponsored chapters? You can call it that, but getting 1 chapter a day and paying for another chapter to be translated doesn’t sound so bad.

What does this mean?

I won’t be posting more than 2 chapters a day4, whatever length of the novel it is. I’m imposing this limit to myself so I won’t be abused by leechers, I really want to release any number I want but…I want the donors to feel rewarded too. I usually forget to mention them in my post so I’m making them feel ignored already, I don’t want them to stop supporting me and I want to shout out that I’m extremely grateful to them.

TL;DR version:

Starting tomorrow, there won’t be more than two chapters unless there’s a donation

I hope you readers understand.

Thank you


  1. Pun is being cocky
  2. I know you do
  3. Since I’m on a vacation
  4. Except if there’s a donation, Just $10 (Or lower? please comment how much is the fair ammount for the donors) would add a chapter in a day