LOTA CH31 — Back To The Usual Life

The ray of bright sunshine creates a spectacular view on the campus filled with its classic artistic white buildings. A common sight once before, to the point of being bothersome and plainly boring. But now, it’s a pleasing and welcome return. As it indicates what once used to be normal every day.

Back to the usual academy life. Away from the unpredictable adventures to the peaceful, more stable life filled with books and learning.

But nothing’s the same anymore. I may have returned back to normal life again, however, things have changed. Before, I entered the academy with great ambitions, with dreams as high as the sky. To overcome the limitations that were imposed by my circumstances and achieve things that I’ve never been able to do in my past life. Now, I feel little of the past euphoria about going to the academy again.

Why bother aiming past the limit when my path is set in stone.

An inevitable doom.

「 It’s great seeing you Reinhardt-sama and Alderhide-sama again. 」Aaron says, cutting me off from my thoughts.

The only great thing about coming back to this way of life is how it keeps me busy and gets my mind away from my foolish past mistakes. With a rather good distraction in the form of decent friends that I surprisingly quite enjoy.

As we walk together to our respective classes…

「 It’s been a while, 」Elras replies,「 How’s Hasten been while we were away? 」

「 Nothing spectacular. As always I volunteered in the Saint Goxara Cathedral. By graduation, I will be at an advanced level and officially become a priest with the blessing of the wise and merciful Goddess Maria. 」Aaron nonchalantly says.

「 Aaron as expected. 」Elras seemingly boasts,「 I knew you’re going to be quite the figure in the church a few years down the line. 」

「 No, no no…. It is thanks to the head priest and the goddess Maria for greatly paying attention to my efforts. Not because of my talent. If you want real talent then it’s definitely Alderhide-sama. I heard he will soon achieve Advanced level when he entered the academy with not a single knowledge of his school of magic.  」

「 That’s nothing special… really…  」I say, trying to deviate from this pointless praise of my so-called “talent”, 「 if it’s that big of a deal it would’ve created a ruckus around the academy. 」

「 Indeed. Most likely because it’s the《School of Wits Magic》, what do you think Aaron? 」

「 Haven’t you heard? The white flower of Veinard, Princess Vivienne Veinard is greatly predicted to achieve a Master’s level in the《School of Aegis Magic》by graduation. The first princess ever in the history of Veinard to obtain the achievement. It becomes quite the topic in the university. 」

Princess Vivienne…

There’s still a striking and deep ache when I think about her.

I know that even thinking about her that way was undeserved for someone like me. But being hated this much hits deep regardless.

Reflecting back again, how come I develop feelings for her?

To think I would magically fall in love with someone just because of their bewitching beauty. I’m no different than the people who only look towards power and status…


Human, I Sense That You Are Greatly Perturbed. Maintain Your Composure, As It Surprisingly Disturbs This Great One’s Mood.


The dragon’s immediate thoughts rip me away from these depressing memories.

Looks like the dragon was able to re-establish our mind linkage…


Forgive me, this is a matter concerning my old dunce self. I did not know it would bother you.

『 It Matters Not. Though I Am In Wonder At Your Passivity. A Trouble This Depressing Should Be Addressed, Not Pitied. What Could Possibly Not Be Achieved With My Aid? 』


「 Hello, Renald…? Renald?! 」Elras says, reminding me that I’m still walking with them.

「 Uh… Yes…? 」

「 You seem to be spaced out more and more recently, what’s happening with you? 」

Can I even tell them an almighty ancient dragon is now living in my head? Of course not, they would think I’m insane.

「 Nothing — I was caught up in random thought. It feels like it’s been an eternity since I’ve been here. Oh, I need to go to the military academy building. Bye-bye. 」

「 Take care, Alderhide-sama. 」

「 Make sure to not space out too much alright! 」Elras shouts.

I walk to my respective destination in mind, separating ways from them. To the military academy building.

《School of Wits Magic》huh…

I caught up from far behind to upper average. Quickly, true, but even then, it’s just a school of magic for future lackeys of the truly strong. What pride should I take in that?

Amidst my deprecating thoughts, the usual military academy building comes to view. Although it uses authentic pure white paint on almost the entire building, it is quite distinctive with its square castle-like design. All sorts of Veinard war banners decorate and add flavor to it, showcasing the pride of the kingdom’s military. Or should I say the royal army? As the banners on display are only the army units under the royalty or the dukedom.

It is the same building I went to for [Military Doctrine] class, but now, in this new period another class awaits for me. A class that I chose out of the recommendation of Professor Smush. A class that’s also similar to my past study and profession — the [Warfare Logistics] class.


『 I Must Say, Humans, Are Quite Peculiar. Your Kind In This New Era Creates Never-Seen Before Magnificent Structures. And I Found It Rather Amusing Even When Dominating The Free Surface, You Still Prefer To Be Confined With These Stone Piles.  』

It’s both about strength and weakness, in a way. Building imposing monuments shows off the group’s power and resources. That, and humans are still as fragile as they were before the calamity.

『 That Reminds Me, Human. Every Single One Of The Dragon Kin Bows Down To This Great One Supremacy. It’s Unfathomable How Come I’ve Never Crossed My Name And Legacy In This New Era. 』


If there’s one thing that the dragon loves to talk about, it is always regarding the weight and pride of its name — Naga.

Even if it is just a mere legend, the dragon’s supreme legacy would’ve taken a substantial portion inside the dragonic history book, as the proud dragonkin will go to great lengths in researching their mighty ancestors’ history. The time where they conquered the whole earth and sky with their massive genuine dragonic body and inapprehensible mana manipulation. A far cry to the present, where they are a pushed back minority.

It is no surprise their race is stuck in the past, compared to humans who are currently at their peak. So how come I’ve never heard of the name Naga?

From my understanding, back in the Verum Shihi Era, the dragonic society was always a constant battle or warfare with one another, not under one supreme ruler who controls every single dragon. Is the dragon wrong? Or am I witnessing a forgotten entity that will shatter the history book?


『 Do Not Worry Human. I Do Not Expect Your Kind To Know How Much Weight The Name Naga Carries. Only The Dragon Descendents Will Quiver And Remember The Naga’s Legacy. 』

Alright, alright…  I get it. I’ll read your jaw-dropping tales of reign supremacy later on when I’m free… For the time being, I need to focus on my university and the present moment. I will cut off our mind connection for now.

『 As You Should Be, Human. Farewell. 』


With the dragon’s farewell, I grasp the complex mind linkage and cut off the dragon’s connection to my mind, and the ability to sense my surroundings. Surprisingly, however, I can sense another link between the dragon and some primitive, emotional parts of my brain, which somehow is impossible to disconnect.

It’s rather strange how out of all the others, I cannot sever the dragon’s ability to detect my emotions or feelings.

And as always, the only thing I can do is just accept this fate of mine that I have little to no ability to change…

I’ve finally come across the room I’m looking for. Inside is the typical classroom that you could find anywhere in the Bosart University. But something is missing….

This room feels rather empty. The class should begin very soon, yet only nine students including me are in this class. Even the《School of Wits Magic》class has around seventeen students…

Some students here are slightly overweight as if they are spoiled noble kids and surprisingly most wear glasses, a rather rare sight to see this many in a single view.

As I come to take a seat, a realization hits me… I’m in the nerds class, aren’t I?

「 Attention! 」

All students stand up tall and high as is expected in the military academy. As soon as the professor comes to standing still in the middle of the class with a single nod, the students drop down to their seats again.

「 Greetings students, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Aristide Snijder. As all you students were taught in the military academy, I’ll expect you to address me as “Sir Snijder” with respect, even if your nobility rank is higher than mine. Some of you might’ve already taken [Military Doctrine] and that’s fine, as in this class all of you will learn what supports every war effort — [Warfare Logistics].

「 A very underrated subject in academia. As you may know, most people would rather be in the front show, decimating their enemies with grand magic, in the hopes of going back home with honor and rewards. However, a starving and under-equipped army won’t give you those, something that most people forget. And in this class, we will discuss how to avoid those and many other pitfalls, starting with the disastrous event in the Cradsten war….  」




The new  [Warfare Logistics] class is over and I now start walking back home, in the rare situation of having no plan in mind.

I guess at the moment I need to find out what the dragon ultimately wants to do. It’s a bit ironic how although the dragon comments on my passivity in life, it also remains passive with me right now, only inviting me to use the dragon’s power for whatever it thinks I want. Which are always false.

What I want will never be fulfilled. Especially with force and power…

Lost in thought like so often lately, I barely remember anything about my path to the dorms. And stumbles upon Aaron at the front of the door seems to be quite troubled, carrying two big boxes in his hands and a bag slung on his shoulder.

「 Oh, it’s you, Alderhide-sama. How are the classes? 」Aaron says, trying to smile that fails to hide its burden in carrying them.

「 Same old, same old… How about you? What’s up with the boxes and bags you’re carrying? They seem rather plain. 」

「 Oh, don’t worry too much about it. I just need to carry these to an orphanage just southwest of the city. 」

「 That’s rather far, isn’t it… How about I help you carry them? 」

Feeling a bit of pity towards Aaron, I offer help to him. I mean, it’s just a simple walk with the added heavy loads right?


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