Min’s Story – Chapter 1

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Warning: Min’s story contains spoilers of TOAE, particularly regarding Min’s origins and motivations. I wrote this for a few reasons, but primarily for my Patreon Supporters. Once again, thanks for the support! For others, Please seriously consider donating! 

As sword met sword, the ringing of metal sounded out across the yard. Two people were in the middle of a duel, but calling it a duel was a little inappropriate. In fact, it could be considered fairly one sided. A tall, elegant boy was swinging a sword, deflecting off the attacks of much smaller person. However, it was the smaller person that had the clear upper hand.

It was only a few minutes before a wide swipe took the sword from the boy’s hand and sent it flying off. Upon losing his sword, the boy seemed to let out a breath and relax his shoulders, calling the match done. The other person didn’t let up though. As a result, he took an elbow in the gut.

“Uh!” he grunted as other person spiraled a sweeping kick, sending him flying to his ass.

They raised their sword again, as if they planned to deliver a killing strike. The boy’s eyes widened, fear and pain starting to overwhelm the sheepishness he had on his face so far.

“Elmindreda! That will be enough!” A man nearby barked.

The small woman’s sword stopped instantly. She took a step back and sheathed her sword in a single motion as if she wasn’t in a fight at all. However, she couldn’t help herself, and a moment later gave the boy on the floor a mocking grin.

He rolled his eyes as he worked his way back up to his feet. “Jeese, Min, have some mercy on me please.”

“Do you think soldiers on the battlefield will show you mercy, Danin?” The imposing man walked forward, shooting both of them rough looks.

“No, sir.” The boy called Danin responded, straightening his back just short of soluting.

The man made a pointer finger and pushed Danin in the chest. “Never let your guard down. You accepted loss just because you lost your weapon. Don’t expect your opponent to do the same.”

Elmindreda’s smile grew more condescending, while Danin’s shoulders slouched under the unrelenting criticism.

“And you!” the man turned suddenly, Min jumping a little as she scrambled to hide her obnoxious smile from her mentor. “Pride can be your downfall. I saw you playing and teasing with him, letting him think he’d win. That kind of overconfidence could cost you.”

Danin’s slouch grew even more severe as the words attacking Elmindreda struck his pride even more, but at the least, the smile was removed from her face as well.

“I’m sorry, Baron.” Min gave an unwomanly bow, “I will reflect.”

“I bet,” Baron rolled his eyes and sighed. “I guess, that’ll be it for today. I want you both to perform bow practice. Who ever can’t hit the target at 100 paces tomorrow morning runs 50 laps.”

“A hu-hundred paces?” Danin’s voice was high, but Min only responded with a nod, which Danin noticed before shooting her a sharp look. “Don’t tell me, you can shoot a hundred paces easy?”

Min lowered her head for a moment. “A-a skill.”

“Another one? You leveled again?”

“Mm… level 35.”

“Ho-how many special skills does that mean you have now?”


“Perhaps I should make it 200 paces for you.” Baron contemplated out loud, causing Min to make a noise of protest before he raised his hand. “Don’t worry, I won’t… for today. But to get a skill every 5 levels. Besides the hero, you’re the first I’ve seen in a thousand years to be blessed with so many skills.”

“Wow,” Danin looked at Min with open adoration until Min turned her head away with a blush.

“Elmindreda!” the words came from a woman’s voice some distance away.

Min’s blushing face immediately went white, “That’s my mom!”

“Don’t forget you were going to help me check the stream nets tonight!” Danin called out as Min turned and immediately dashed off in the direction of the voice.

“Mm!” Min responded as she continued to run up the trail path which lead into the elfish camp.

Camp would be the appropriate name for the small village, as everything was made out of makeshift fiber woven buildings. They had doors, but their support was skeletal at best. The elves were intrinsically migratory, and only stayed in any given camping area for a month or two before moving on to the next one.

One of the largest tents in the village, placed somewhere close to the center, was the one that Min headed to. As soon as she entered the door, she gave a curtsy.

“I’m home, mother.”

“Ah, Elmindreda, will you take off your shoes. Look at this, you have dirt all over your dress.”

“I was practicing, mother.” Min responded as she pulled off her sandles.

“Yes, yes, practicing swords and bows with that Baron guy.”

“Baron is a respected general, even father approves of him.”

“Him… yes, you going out roughhousing all day. No. All of your special skills are built around fighting and archery, it’s a travesty!”

“Ma… I’m an archer.” Min’s voice took on a petulant whiny voice as her mom wiped her face with a napkin and spit.

“It’d just be nice if you had a few special skills that’d served you as a proper wife.”

“Mom… not this again.”

“You’re 71 years old, Min. You’ve reached a marriageable age…”


“And I want you to know how to properly sew and cook. One of these days, you’re going to meet someone that you’ll want to cook for and sew clothing, and you’re going to be glad your mother taught you these things.”

“I can already cook and sew better than you!”

“That doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep practicing.” The woman crossed her arms and held a no nonsense aura.

Min rolled her eyes. “Yes, mother.”

The older elf sighed, then held Min’s cheeks, “One of these days, my dear, you’ll find someone who is worth giving everything you have. I promise you this. You may not realize it now, but one day, you will.”

Min allowed her mother to pull her into a nearby crafting room, and for the next three hours she was forced to needle thread until her fingers felt like they were about to bleed. It was boring work, but it was still time she got to spend with her mother, so she cherished it anyway. Still, she was young, and she spent the time thinking about when she’d be able to shoot targets with her bow. Many elves didn’t marry until 100, so she still had plenty of time.

“Ow!” She had poked herself with a needle in her inattentiveness, causing it to bleed.

“Be careful, dear.” Her mother responded without looking up.

Min shot her mother an annoyed look. Min’s mother, Alliana, was considered a beauty across the elvish settlement. It was no wonder then that she ended up marrying her dad, a top member of the council.

“What about father?” Min asked suddenly, trying to give herself something to else to think about.

“Oh, yes! That reminds me.” Alliana perked up. “Do you mind giving me some privacy tonight. I heard you were going to go out with that Danin boy, that’ll be fine.”

“Huh? What’s going on tonight.”

Alliana chuckled. “Ah, nothing much. Your father has been working hard, so I wanted to improve his life a bit. I suppose I should go take a shower about now.”

“Ew, mom, please, I don’t need the details.”

“Oh, ho, in that case, would my little Elmindreda want to hear about our wedding ceremony again?”


“You know you were conceived during the wedding ceremony. That’s very rare for elves. It takes some almost a decade of trying to conceive to be successful. But it seemed like as soon as your father finished up, you were on your way. It’s considered good luck…”

“I’m leaving mom, I have stuff to do!” Min rushed out of the room while covering her face as Alliana laughed

“I’ll see you soon dear. You can come home after the sun sets. I’ll be finished with your father by then.”

“I’m not listening!” Min slammed the door to cut off her chuckling mom.

In order to clear her mind, she followed through with the practice she was assigned. Finding her hay block with a target on it, she took a bow and arrow and started shooting. As she fired, allowing her special skill Precision to make her shots near perfect, she grew into a rhythm. Load, pull, fire, load, pull, fire. Each arrow landed true and it didn’t take long before the red center of the target was nothing but arrows.

“Beautiful.” The word snapped her out of her actions.

She turned to the source to find Danin standing nearby.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” Danin held up his hands. “I was just watching for a bit. You really have gotten good. You could probably enter in the archery tournament next year.”

“Mm…” Min merely shrugged.

As she put down the bow, she realized that her arms were already as tired as jelly. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat. She really had gotten into it. She didn’t realize how much of a workout she had put on herself. Her arms would be exceptionally sore tomorrow, which didn’t speak well for the challenge from Baron.

“Ah, it’s getting late. Did you want go afterall?” Danin asked.

Min merely responded with a nod. She had lost track of time, but the sun was already down to the treeline. There was only about two hours left of sunlight. Danin’s job was a pretty simple one. There were a few nearby streams and they set up nets to catch some fish. The streams were within the elf patrols, so they was unlikely to encounter monsters. Plus, Danin was a second classer like her, and the risk was rather low for them to meet something they couldn’t handle.

As Danin was checking the first net, he let out a sigh. “So… yesterday I ended up going to my sister’s wedding.”

As he spoke he blushed, and Min couldn’t help but blush as well as she turned her head and responded. “Uh, which sister was that again?”

“The older one.” Danin responded, leading into a few moments of awkward silence.

“H-how was it?” Min broke the silence, unable to contain her curiosity.

“Ah… that… l-loud, I didn’t expect… well… my sister was really loud. Mom says she was just trying to show off.”

“Sh-show off?” Min responded nervously.

“Ye-yeah. I guess it happens at a lot of the weddings. The… the women will be louder and more animated to suggest their husbands are really good at it…”

“Ah… right, I guess.”

“Well, it’s their first time, right?” Danin had put the net away and he stood in front of the blushing Min a little less nervous now. “Like, they can’t be good on their first time. But they don’t want to be seen as bad.”

“Is that how it is.” Min asked, while heat emanated from her face.

Elvish weddings were known for one thing. A man and a woman engaging in sex while being witnessed. It was considered good luck to conceive during the wedding. It was also common for couples to exaggerate their sexual prowess. It wasn’t uncommon for elves who just reach the marriageable age like Min and Devon to shyly discuss such exotic actions with a sense of excitement and wonder. However, they were still shy, and the pair of them struggled to even look each other in the eyes as they spoke.

“Some of the guys are saying you should practice first, so you don’t embarrass yourself on the big day.” Devon gave a side glance at Min as the pair continued to walk to the next stream net.

“Practice? That is… engage in…that.” Min lost some strength as she spoke.

“Well, remember that one guy. They say he lost it the second he started. Barely lasted 5 seconds his first time. Everyone still makes fun of him for it.” Devon explains. “What do you think?”

“Ah, about?” Min questioned, although she had an idea on where Devon was heading.

“Y-you know… practicing.”

“The first time… would make me their wife. We’d be married…”

“N-not if you don’t have witnesses.” Danin explained. “If no one sees it and you don’t speak of it, then its like it didn’t happen, right? You can pr-practice as much as you want. It’s just smart.”

“I don’t know, Danin. I’d want the one I’m with to be my only…”

“Then marry them later!” Danin seemed to be growing excited by the conversation. “I mean, if you find a guy, you can do stuff now, and then the pair of you marry later. I’ve heard a lot of younger couples are doing that now a days. They want to make sure they’re compatible. So-so, what about it? What do you think?”

As he said this, he turned around and stopped Min from moving forward and grabbing her hands. By his actions, it was very clear what he meant. He wasn’t asking what she thought about the process, he was asking if she wanted to become his sexual partner. Min couldn’t say she wasn’t tempted. She was at that age, and her libido was active. He was a good friend and not unattractive. The temptation of doing that taboo thing she’d never done before was certainly overwhelming.


“And here’s my fiancée, holding the hands of another man. You hurt me, my dear.”

Min’s voice cracked and her face whitened as she heard the voice of the last person she ever wanted to hear coming from just behind her. She spun around, pulling her hands away from Danin’s.

“Dante, what are you doing out here?” Danin spoke up with a tinge of anger in his voice.

“I heard my fiancée was running off into the forest with some lowcaste elf, and I had to step up. It’s a matter of pride, you see.”

Dante was a physically imposing man. He was twenty years older than Min, clearly within the realm of adulthood. However, for an elf, their age wasn’t so improper. He was the son of a rival council member, and in a culture where political marriages were common, it wouldn’t be considered odd in the slightest that Dante and Min would be paired up. However, Min’s father wasn’t the type of man to force Min to marry someone, and Dante was also an unbearably conceded asshole.

It had started nearly 30 years prior, when he had decided to claim Min as his own. He had actually beaten up a boy who Min was crushing on. That boy never spoke to Min again. She still remembered the condescending look he gave her as he explained that she was his and his alone. Her hand was already tightening on the hilt of her sword. However, Devon wasn’t so cool headed, and had already drawn his weapon.

“A filthy lower elf is going to threaten the son of a council member? Do you want us to cast your whole family out? At best, you’d end up slaves.”

He also thought himself as above others, and frequently used his position to abuse power. However, Min could only tremble when she looked at him. She was deeply afraid of him. At that moment, she seriously considered taking Devon’s offer. If he had her, then she could guarantee that she’d never end up in Dante’s hands. She’d had nightmares of that happening from time to time.

Dante laughed, pulling a sword from his own belt. Fortunately, Min didn’t share a sword master with him, but Dante was still twenty years their senior. If they both took him on at the same time, they might win. However, that was a maybe.

“Min, go!” Danin shouted. “I’ll hold him off.”

“Hold me off?” Dante only looked amused at those words. “My sweet fiancée, let us stop playing these games. Some day soon, you will crawl on your knees to pleasure me day and night. You becoming my wife is an inevitability.”

“You bastard!” Danin attacked first.

Dante’s eyes showed a bit of surprise, but he still managed to dodge the blade easily and with a swipe caused Devon to fly off balance. Attacking first was a mistake that Devon would have to pay for. Min knew the moment he attacked that he’d face repercussions. She didn’t think Dante would kill Danin, but he and his family would pay for breach of conduct. It was against the elvish way.

Even though she knew this, Min couldn’t stop herself from turning and running. In the end, she was still just a scared little girl. Therefore, she ran. She ran as hard as she could. She left the sounds of fighting behind her and headed straight back to her house. The sun hadn’t set yet, but she didn’t care, opening the door and closing it behind her before she finally allowed herself to gain her breath.

She wiped a few tears from her cheeks and recovered her breath as she started to relax safe in her home once again. It was only then that the noises started to assault her ears and she couldn’t help but blush. There were wet noises, the sound of skin on skin, and most audible of all were the moans.

“Oh, yes, don’t stop!” her mother’s voice flew into Min’s ear.

Min immediately exploded into a blush. That’s right, it was dad and mom’s night together. She had just barged in on them in the middle of something. She decided to tough it out. She wasn’t going to go back outside. She’d just have to plug her ears and pretend she wasn’t hearing anything.

However, a moment later she tripped over a pair of shoes. They weren’t a pair she recognized. In fact, the coat at the door was also one she didn’t recognized. For a moment, she allowed herself to listen to the moaning noises. The man’s voice…

Confusion and curiosity overtook all reason, and Min found herself slowly shuffling towards her parent’s bedroom. The door was open a crack, and the closer she got, the louder the sounds. She could hear the wet noises of skin sliding into wet skin. Her face was expressionless as she finally looked through the door and her heart fell.

Her mother was on her marital bed on all fours while a strange man who wasn’t father was plowing into her from behind. Min could see his taut ass tighten with each thrust, pulling hard on her mom’s hair like reigns.

“Ah, ah, it feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me!” her mom yelled out lewd words.

The man was hitting her mom on the ass, and it resembled some of the men Min had seen on horseback. He was riding her mom like an animal. He was mounting her and riding her.

“Ah… I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” The man growled.

“Cum inside me baby, fill me up!” Her mom said things Min never imagined would come from her lips.

He made a moaning shout as she panted and purred. “Ah… it’s inside me.”

They didn’t remain in that position long, because he pulled his dick out of her and it flopped down, white stuff dripping down onto the bedsheets her parents shared. A gush of white stuff dripped out of her mother’s stretched snatch too. Min didn’t find the scene erotic. Rather, she was completely numb and confused.

The man then turned and noticed Min standing there at the door. Rather than being shocked with his dick hanging out, he gave her a smile and a wink. The blood drained once again from Min’s face as she realized she recognized this man. He was a council member. Not just any council member, but one of father’s biggest rivals. He was the father of Dante!

“In for some mother daughter fun?” He gave Min a look that made her skin crawl.

“Huh?” her mom looked back in confusion, her ass wagging with a trail of dripping semen swinging back and forth like tail. “Elmindreda! What are you doing there?”

Alliana immediately grabbed a blanket and tried to cover herself. As if to further drive the nail home, the man leaned down and grabbed one of her tits, putting it in his mouth. Alliana doesn’t resist as he sucks noisily on her breast, one eye on Min. Meanwhile, Alliana seems completely lost about what to say.

Min doesn’t give her time to come up with something, as she turned and immediately raced to her bedroom.


She ignored it as she slammed the door shut, falling down her to knees as tears fell from her eyes.

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