Min’s Story – Chapter 3

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“Please, my daughter… if we do this now, you’ll take me to my daughter after?” the blindfolded Alliana asked again.

Dante bobbed his head up and down, his mouth still engulfing her nipple, causing her whole boob to stretch up and down with his lips. She took that as a yes and finally calmed down, putting a hand on the back of Dante’s head as he continued to play with her breasts while his father watched on.

“Is that all it takes to get her to spread her legs?” Min thought bitterly, “A promise and a blindfold?”

Min was too angry to realize that Alliana’s motivating factor was finding Min herself. She thought Dante and Hectus had Min in their possession, and once again, she was using her body to keep Min safe. If Min simply showed herself at that moment, she could immediately put a stop to this.

As Min expressionlessly looked on, both breasts were freed into the open, and Dante sucked, pinched and played with both like a pair of toys he had just discovered. Min wondered if he had mom before in similar circumstances, or if this was his first time as well. Without any experience, it was difficult for Min to tell someone experienced from someone who didn’t have any. Even if it was his first time, he must have been doing something right as Alliana gasped and moaned at his touches.

Most elves had a lanky form with typically small breasts. Alliana’s could be considered very large for an elf, but might be below average for a human or demihuman. Alliana’s chest was one thing Min did not inherit. Although she could be said to be as beautiful as her mother, elf culture found larger breasts and taller women more attractive. As a short, small-breasted woman, Min lacked the body to be called a knockout beauty like Alliana.

Her mother’s body now shimmered lightly in the starlight, her soft white skin bared as Alliana herself helped Dante strip her naked. Even as Min tried to remind herself that Alliana thought this was her lover Hectus, she couldn’t stop but feel rage over how sexually deviant Alliana was. Her whole life up to that point felt like a lie.

Dante tied her hands behind her back, but she didn’t seem to find this suspicious at all. Did Hector tie her up often? She soon got down on her hands and knees, but the over eager Dante couldn’t handle it anymore and no sooner did she get his cock in her mouth then he was pushing her down to the ground. She gladly lied back on her arms and spread her legs wide, unquestioningly allowing this man inside.

Could she honestly not tell the difference between Hector and his boy? Penis size? Breath? Body shape? Was Min’s mother such a hopeless slut that she’d take any cock as long as she could have plausible deniability? The bitter thoughts continued to flow through the angry Min. It never occurred to her that her mother might also be distraught, only thinking of Min’s safety.

Like that, Dante was inside her. He had his pants down to his thighs, so the only thing Min could see was a man’s butt thrusting into two legs spread on either side. The sounds weren’t as wet or as loud as before. Perhaps mother dearest didn’t find Dante as arousing as his father. She moaned with each thrust though, putting on a look of sexual satisfaction. Her face looked disgusting to Min, and she wanted to burn that image into her mind to remind herself to never be like that.

“Hah hah hah hah hah…” Dante was gasping and it was clear he couldn’t last much longer.

“Ah, you’re cumming in me, I feel it.” Alliana said with a smile, then a second later Dante ripped off her blindfold.

He continued to thrust into her as waves of cum shot into her pussy, but his face was focused on hers, that same arrogant smile he usually reserved for Min aimed at Min’s mom. Alliana went white, and the growing expression moving from confusion to horror gave Min a slight amount of pleasure.

“W-wh-what is this? D-Dante?”

“Ah, Alliana, your pussy is quite good. Dad said as much, I just had to try it.”

Her eyes immediately narrowed on the form behind her. “Hector, how could you?”

Hector gave a smile and a shrug. Then his body suddenly shimmered, and Min barely kept from gasping as the sight before her was impossible to believe.

“Baron?” It was Alliana who spoke out. “What are you doing?”

Min’s entire body felt like it was struck with another blow. The numbness throughout her mind deepened. She couldn’t even get angry any more. It was like she had suddenly been summoned to another world. Everything was strange and abstract. This world made no sense to her. She couldn’t process it.

“Ah…” Baron chuckled. “Well, what can I say. Dante paid me good money. A little illusion spell, and you went right for it. I honestly had my doubts. Never thought you’d be this easy or I would have had you myself.”

“Haha!” Dante slapped his hands. “Oh, but she is easy, do you want a taste, Baron? Her pussy is tight and wet and her nipples are hard little nubs on my tongue. I love the feeling. I can get used to this. When I marry her daughter, I’ll have them both at once!”

“You… you’ll never marry my daughter!” Alliana snapped, although she hadn’t stood up yet.

In fact, with her arms tied and Dante between her legs, he had a hand on her stomach that prevented her from moving much at all. She was still glaring up at him hatefully.

“Don’t be that way. I was just testing the merchandise. Be lucky that I tested you rather that going straight for your daughter. Well, not that I had a choice. After I found out about dad’s little affair, I had to see what the fuss was about. When dad hears about this, he’ll probably freak!”

Alliana’s face grew even more angry, “You… what have you done with my daughter?”

“Daughter?” Dante laughed, “I have no clue what you mean. I have no clue where she is.”

Alliana collapsed back, the strength leaving her as look of frustration passed over her features. “Fine then…. You’ve had your fun. Now let me go.”

“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, if you don’t want my father… or your husband… to know, then you’ll let me have my fun, won’t you?”


“Hey, I have a full night of fun planned for us. There are things I bet you wont even do with Hector. Hell, that reminds me.”

Dante raised his hand and waved. A second later, a shadow emerged from the clearing. The numbness deep inside Min spiked with pain as she recognized the person approaching nervously. Danin… after seeing all these shocking things, she had basically forgotten it was Danin who had brought her mom there in the first place.

“Hey, Danin. Like I said earlier today after I kicked your ass, as an enemy I’d ruin you, but as an ally I’ll give you benefits.” Dante chuckled. “You tricked her out here in the middle of the night like a pro. I think you deserve a run. Have at her. Enjoy the sloppy seconds!”

Dante casually got up and stepped to the side, nodding at Danin to continue forward. It had to be a joke. That was the thought running through Min’s mind. This couldn’t be real. Yet, Danin reached into his pants, kneeled in between Alliana’s legs and pulled it out, hard and erect.

“I-I-I’m sorry Mrs. Alliana, but I need to practice, right? It’s perfectly fine if it’s you, right, since you’ve been with so many guys, one more doesn’t even matter?”

Alliana stared at him flatly, “You don’t have to do this… you can still leave.”

“Come on, fuck her!” Dante kicked Danin from behind.

Danin fell forward and his hand touched Alliana’s boob. That seemed to destroy what little willpower he had as he squeezed it while grabbing at his crotch.

“Ah! Yes… I know now that I’ll never have your daughter, so perhaps having you once or twice will be okay. I deserve this much, right?”

He seemed to want Alliana to tell him it was okay. Instead, she turned her head away, a disgusted look on her face. He took that as consent, sliding his dick in.

“Haaaaa… it’s so good. Ah… I’m cumming!”

He barely made it five strokes before he said that, and after a few convulsions, pulled out. Alliana didn’t say anything. She wore no smile. She showed no pleasure. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t pleasurable.

Danin reached out and patted Alliana’s stomach. “Thank you.”

As he moved to get up, Alliana suddenly lunged forward. Her head hit Danin right in the nose, and he flew back, hitting the ground. He let out a shout as blood started running down his face. She struggled up to her feet, but Dante was too surprised to do anything but watch.

“You bastards! Never again! You won’t touch me again!”

That seemed to snap Dante out of his surprise as he responded, “But, my father…”

“I don’t give a shit about your father!” She shouted back. “You can tell him I faked it. Every orgasm. I smiled and told him his pathetic small dick was huge. It was a lie. It’s just as small and pathetic as yours!”


“Don’t believe me? Ask my husband. When he fucks me, I shoot like a waterfall. I cum buckets! I can barely get it wet with your pig father! And you’re even shittier.”

“Okay, then I will ask you husband… let’s see how he reacts…” Dante put on his cruel smile.

“You idiots… he knows.” Alliana’s lips curled with a hateful look. “You think our arrangement isn’t known? My husband is the one who suggested I spread my legs in the first place!”

The words cut into Min like a knife. The last bit of emotion her body could experience seemed to die at that moment. In the back of her mind, she had seen it as her mother being outrageous. However, it wasn’t just her mother who betrayed her. Her father was using her  own mother?

Alliana continued while backing away. “Your father was so stupid. You wave a pair of tits and some pussy at him and he does whatever you want. For years, I’ve gathered evidence on your father’s corruption and swindling. He practically left it in the open! A promise for pussy and he became reckless every time. For years, I used my body to distract and conflate your father while my husband closed in for the kill, and you know what, it worked…”

“Wh-what are you talking about?” Dante took a step back, confusion flashing on his face.

“Why do you think I’m here? I met your stupid father earlier today. I’ve been distracting him. This moment, my husband has already made his move on the council. The evidence is already in. Come morning, your house won’t have any more power than a slave!”

“You-you’re lying!” Dante screamed, pulling a blade.

“When Danin showed up, I was afraid your dumb father was trying to get vengeance with Min. Just one last time I’d have to mount that pig to protect her, and then I’d get to see him hanged in the morning. To know for certain his son is just as vile. Thank you, I never have to see your father’s filthy penis again. And you… and everyone who has aided you, you’re all done. I’m glad you revealed to me several more names on the list. We can cut out the filth by its root.” As she said this, she glanced at Danin and Baron. “And to think… my daughter respected the pair of you.”

Danin’s face turned white as he started to panic, still holding his bloody nose. Baron’s eyes merely narrowed.

“Now, excuse me, boys, I have a home to return to. Which is more than I can say about the lot of you.” Alliana turned and started marching away.

In Min’s numbed mind, a glimmer of something incredible struck her. She had seen her mother on her back. She was being raped, demeaned, put down. She was being treated like trash. Yet in an instant, she stood up with her back straighter than anyone. With her body, she had completely overturned the status quo. She sacrificed her body, her mind, the sanctity of her marriage, and even her daughter’s respect, all to win something greater.

Her body… is a weapon. Min finally understood what this meant. Her mother couldn’t swing a sword, or talk glibly, or make amazing things, but she was a beautiful woman who could use that beauty to seduce people. Mom was… a seduc-

“You bitch!” a roar came out from Dante.

Alliana had only made it half way across the clearing. Her hands were tied behind her back, liquid ran down her bare legs, her breasts were exposed and she had leaves in her hair, yet she walked with a straight back and a look of pride.

Dante raced at her with his sword brandished at full tilt. She spun around, surprise clearly on her face. The killing intent in his eyes was clear.

“No!” Min shouted, leaping from the bush.

She was only able to take a few steps. She noticed that Alliana had freed herself from her restraints and brandished a knife she was bringing up to block Dante. However, Min’s sudden emergence from the trees caught her to lose her guard and she looked away for a brief moment at Min in surprise. Her hand faltered. Dante in his blind rage hadn’t even realized Min was there. His sword carried through, and a second later blood splashed out as Alliana was cut across the abdomen.

Min drew her sword and screamed, using one of her special skills to increase her speed. She went from halfway across the clearing to in front of Dante in an instant. He only just became aware that Min was there. She slashed at him. It was mercilessly a killing blow. The blow struck something, and it took Min a second to realize that the sword blocking her blow was held by Baron. He twisted the sword and struck again, and her sword went flying.

Rather than race towards her sword, Min dropped down next to her mother. Baron had exhibited no killing instinct after disarming her, so Min merely focused on what was important. Meanwhile, Dante stumbled back in a daze, completely shocked at both seeing Min there and coming so close to dying.

“Mother…” Min whispered in a panic, desperately trying to push something against the gash wound across Alliana’s stomach.

“It’s okay… my… Elm-“ Alliana’s voice stopped broke.

“No… no, no, no, no, no, no! Mom… no!”

“I… love…” Blood rose up in Alliana’s mouth, and the rest of her words broke off in a gurgle.

Here eyes lost their light in an instant, and she merely stared straight on, seeing nothing.

Min desperately continued to treat the wound as tears fell down her face, even though Alliana had already passed on.

“You… you killed her!” Danin cried out, backing a few steps away. “How could you…”

Dante looked at the scene of Min crying over Alliana’s body and shrugged. “Actually, I think you’ll find that you killed her.”

“Wh-what?” Danin had a confused look on his face.

“it’s just so lucky that we found you and killed you in time!” Dante gave Baron a nod.

Baron sighed, and then his form suddenly blurred. Danin’s face went slack in an instant, a sword jutting right through his chest from the back. Baron pulled it out slowly, watching as Danin fell to the ground. A moment later, he wiped his bloody sword on Danin’s pants.

Meanwhile, Min had barely acknowledged Danin’s death. Her mind was only focused on looking at her mom. She looked so beautiful, lying there peacefully with her eyes closed. Min couldn’t even remember why she was mad at her anymore. She simply wanted to wake up from this horrible dream.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please, mom.”

Dante and Baron looked down at the girl in tears. “Don’t tell me I need to kill my other apprentice too. This has proven to be a very expensive mission I’ve taken.”

“You’ll get your money!” Dante snapped back, and thought for a second before smiling. “But killing her won’t be necessary.”

“What do you have in mind?” Baron asked cautiously.

“An obsessed childhood friend loses it and rapes and murders her mother. A distraught girl falls for the man who saved her from a similar fate. They have a runaway romance. Get married before her trusted mentor and teacher as a witness.”

“Ah, ho… That sounds plausible.”

“Do you think father-in-law will wipe me out once I’m announced as family?”

“Ah!” Min let’s out a scream as she was suddenly dragged away from her mother. “No!”

“Elmindreda!” Min started to fight back, trying to hit at the hands grabbing her. “Elmindreda, listen to me, you’re safe!”

She was suddenly put into an embrace, and it was at that moment that she realized it wasn’t the Baron or Dante, but her own father holding her. Focusing was hard, her mind was a complete blur, but she saw other elves running out into the field. The Baron had his hands up. Dante was glowering in Min’s direction.

That was the last thing that Min could remember. The tears started flowing, and she gripped the person in front of her tightly as her world seemed to fall apart.

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