Min’s Story – Chapter 5

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“The goblins have been growing quite dangerous. They’re requesting at least a B-ranked team to take them out. I really think you should hold off on your travels.”

“Hold off? If I hold off much longer it will be winter. My entire stock will spoil and I’ll be ruined!” the merchant declared. “We need to get down there before the first snow fall, or Shay, my wife and I will starve. Are you telling me there are no adventurers willing to do an escort?”

“Well, I’m not saying that. Most of them are shit though. You might as well ask to have your daughter and wife molested with a few of them. Although…”


“There is a woman I know. Second-class. She’ll take any mission, no matter the danger. I think she has a death wish, but at least she’ll leave your women alone.”

“She’ll do.”

That’s how Min found her way into a goblin cave. A desperate man hired one body guard and two private guards who were cousins or some such. A horde of fifty goblins overwhelmed them. When the merchant fell to the ground dead from a stray rock thrown by a nearby goblin, Min just gave up. The surviving goblins grabbed her and the other two women and dragged them into a dark, unforgiving cave.

It had been six months since Min had fled the demon country and her home. She ended up in the human continent. Not everyone hated elves, and besides, she typically kept her ears covered by her hair. She hadn’t expected to live this long. However, a dank pit where Min could be raped to death by goblins, that seemed as suiting a fate as any.

As the goblins came in her, one after another, she felt nothing. They thrusted away, and she simply sat in the cold, shivering. The woman called Shay tried to talk to her at first. She tried to stay strong. However, that barely lasted a day. By the tenth time a goblin had dumped his seed inside Shay, she had shut down entirely. Her mother had broken after the first rape, screaming and crying in apparent insanity.

That was just fine for Min. Each time a goblin lied on her, she remembered that hateful day when everything was broken. She could see her mother’s face one more time. Min would be joining her soon. For that, she was certain.

Then, she came. She was dragged in, unconscious, and strapped to a chain just like the rest of them. Another poor woman to suffer another poor fate. Min thought nothing of it.

“Hey… help!” The new girl had been staring vacantly at nothing for some time when she suddenly turned and tried to get their attention.

Min ignored her. She also ignored the woman going into labor. It was the wife of the merchant, and the first to get pregnant. Min knew it’d take an elf like her much longer to become withchild. She hoped she died before that happened. On the other hand, if someone quickly became pregnant, there death became assured. People known to be impregnated with monsters were rarely left alive. Even if rescued, they’d be cut down. It was considered a kindness.

The new girl desperately tried to coach her through it. Perhaps she was some kind of Midwife? Although she looked too young to be a master, so more likely an apprentice. It was an hour until that woman died, covered in a pool of her own blood. Another group of goblins was born that day.

The new girl only sat there naked, staring at the body in front of her. Where a normal person would break, this woman instead seemed angry. Her look was intense. The horrors of this scene seemed to bounce off of her. She still had hope, something Min had lost before she even entered that cave. She peaked Min’s interest, but only in the sense of staving off the boredom and hell of the remaining few months of life.

Then something happened. The goblins suddenly went into a frenzy. They all started moving into the room. Shay was afraid for a moment, and Min only watched them impassively. Then they all lined up in front of the new girl and started taking her with vigor, one goblin after another. They came in all shapes, ages, and sizes, and they raped her without abandon.

“Dear gods…”

The voice came from Shay so lightly that Min could barely hear it. Min had to agree as well. The goblins had never shown this level of aggression before. Had they attacked any of them like that on the first day, there sanity would have broken instantly. This poor woman had drawn the short end of the stick, to face such brutality.

However, by the third guy a smile erupted on her face. It was a smile of absolute joy. Her features started to improve. It was almost as if she was suddenly stronger. That was ridiculous, of course. However, the smile on her face as goblins scratched and thrust at her body was unmistakable. While Min never looked at her directly, she continued to watch the strange women out of the corner of her eye. What was this she was seeing?

She was moving her hips now, she actually thrust herself up against the goblins! She looked predatory. When a goblin finished, rather than horrified, she looked annoyed, her eyes flashing to the next with eagerness. She was starting to finally slow down, then as if a spark ignited, the color returned to her skin once again. She was like a phoenix, rising from the ashes to spread her wings.

A particularly large goblin got on top of her, and she actually draped an arm around his shoulder. As he thrust into her, she stared into his eyes with a look like a lover staring at their beloved. It sent chills running down Min’s spine. The woman suddenly grabbed the goblin, pulling him forward and forcing him to thrust into her. She moaned, actually moaned as her legs wrapped around him and tightened. She… she was orgasming? With a goblin?

She had a full-blown smile on her face as she held the filthy goblin against her body. He actually had to claw her off of him. Did she just kiss the goblin’s cheek? What was Min actually watching? This had to be a lie.

After that event, the days stated to pass by once again. The goblins didn’t line up on any of them. Most of them became strangely distant from the new girl. The way they looked at her was a look of pure fear. Afterwards, they would attack Min or Shay, but they avoided the new girl.

It was only the strongest and the most fearless that would touch that woman. Particularly, the one she had shared such a strangely intimate moment with. It was like something had happened between the two. The goblin started to visit the new girl more and more. Every time he did, she’d burst into an open smile like a lover’s husband coming home.

They would have sex, but she’d act animated and ravenous, enjoying his body. When she didn’t cum, she’d give an annoyed look. When she did cum, she’d give him a kiss on the cheek. This act seemed to make the goblin more and more ravenous. Soon, none of the other goblins would approach the woman and she became the exclusive property of the large goblin.

“What’s your name?”

Min nearly jumped out of the chain when she saw the woman sitting next to her. She was giving Min the same predatory look she had been giving those goblins. It sent strange shivers running all across her body. She hadn’t been this close to another person in months, and this woman seemed to have no sense of proper distance ettiquette. She was so close Min could feel her breath on Min’s neck.

Despite the filthy environment, the woman smelled sweet. It was the strangest thing. No woman should smell this good, especially given the circumstances! Eventually, Min decided to respond.


“Hello, Min, my name is Aria.”

Min didn’t want to know her name. She didn’t want to get close to someone who would die soon.

“Min… I think I can get us out of here. But I’m going to need you to do something… a little bit outrageous.”

What is this woman saying?

Aria took a deep breath before continuing on. “If we have sex, I can get you out of here.”

Se-se-sex? Did this woman just propose to her? A woman? Two women can have sex? Well, she had heard stories of the possibilities. She had heard that some humans liked the same sex. However, why would this woman want marriage? Did she know who Min was? Was she sent my Min’s father?

Min didn’t understand, but she didn’t have to. Marriage. It had almost been taken away from her. So, why not? Why not give it away? This was her last chance. If Aria was wrong, they’d die. If she was right, she could live. Did Min want to live? She could choose. Choose a life with this Aria. It wasn’t much of a choice, but it was the first choice she felt like she had received in a long time.

Aria’s hand reached out and touched Min’s shoulder. She gasped. It was the first time she had been touched in what felt like forever. The warmth transmitted in that hand was so welcomed that she nearly felt like crying. She couldn’t help herself. She nodded. She would marry this strange woman. She would choose life… just a little bit longer. At least, she didn’t have to die alone.

Aria had a little more hair, but she had expected this. Humans were said to be harrier than elves. As she laid on the hard stone floor, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. Aria swung her leg over Min’s head like this was normal. Min ended up with a woman lying on top of her and a snatch between two buttcheeks wagging over her face. By all accounts, Aria should smell awful, but there was something sweet and intoxicating emanating from it. Despite the months of abuse, her pussy looked like an untouched flower to Min. It was oddly beautiful to look at when compared to the view of a dank cave and ugly goblins.

Although they were facing opposite directions, a warm body was pressed against her own. The skin was scratchy, but comforting. She rarely slept in this hellish goblin pit, but under Aria’s body, she felt more comfortable than she had since the day her mother died. A tongue slid into her snatch, and Min’s hands instinctively tightened on Aria’s thighs as she gasped.

It felt absolutely incredible. She barely felt anything when the goblins shoved it in. Dante seemed to do nothing stimulating either. However, that tongue seemed to ignite fireworks in Min’s brain. It was amazing. Min herself then realized that it was the expectation that she do the same. Aria was providing her such a warm and comfy feeling. She had to return the favor. She rose her head up cautiously and brought Aria’s flower pedal into her lips.

The taste should have been gross, but it wasn’t. Aria tasted good. She smelled good. She felt good. Min’s wife. Min’s vessë. This was what weddings were like? So warm, so comfortable… so much like home. Tears started to fall down Min’s face, and she was glad that her vessë couldn’t see. Why was she so happy? It was just… it was just… marriage.

She tried her hardest to please her new vessë, wanting to leave a good impression. She hoped she’d done a good job. At some point, liquid gushed on her face. For a moment, she thought vessë had peed on her, but it tasted different. When she herself orgasmed, she felt a similar gush between her legs, causing her to relax a bit. The power of Vessë’s tongue was amazing. For the first time in her life, Min had experienced an orgasm. This was the thing her mom had so much enjoyment out of, at least with father. Min was starting to understand what all the talk way about.

She had created her own little world under Aria. It was hot and wet and smelled of Aria’s sex. All Min could see in this world was Aria’s shivering, wet pussy, her rounded ass, and the thighs of her legs that cusped Min’s head, blocking out the sounds of goblins and replacing them with the sound of quickening blood running through her veins. She felt warm skin pressed against her body, and gentle fingers and a mouth playing with her snatch. It was a world that made her feel happiness for the first time in what felt like forever.

She didn’t want to leave this world she had built. It wasn’t home, but it was the closest Min had ever felt. Eventually though, Aria raised her legs. The warmth went away, the stench of the goblin cave returned, and she was plunged back into the dark and horrifying reality around her. Min was about to cry again, but then Aria hugged her. She entwined her body around Min once again, as if to claim her as her own. The warmth returned, and Aria’s face filled her vision. She smiled gently at Min, not an ounce of shame, disgust, or rejection.

It was as if to say Min could no longer hide in that world of sex. She had to face the goblin cave again. However, she wasn’t alone. This woman was with her, holding her. The tears came, but they were tears of happiness. She found herself burying her face into her new Vessë’s shoulder and crying. It was so embarrassing she felt like she could die, but the woman in front of her only smiled and stroked her head.

How? Just how had such a horrific event turned into the happiest day of her life. In a typhoon she was married to a woman. This woman. A woman that could bring her such happiness with ease. She felt herself falling into a realm of numb happiness.

Unfortunately, a time came when Aria finally pulled away from Min after patting her head for the last time. However, her face had a resolute look on it. She seemed determined, and it comforted Min knowing that her Vessë had a plan, even if she had no idea what it was.

The goblins came again. It was a goblin train just like the last one, all lining up to have sex with her. Was this something Vessë had caused herself? So soon after Min slept with her, to watch her being rough handled by goblins was tough. The fact she seemed to enjoy it was even more tough. However, a flash of Alliana’s face popped in at that time. A body could be a weapon.

The first goblin fell over unconscious. Then another. Then another. This couldn’t be coincidence. Vessë was causing this to happen. She was defeating goblins one after another. Min’s eyes opened wide in shock. She was seeing it. For the first time since her mother’s death, she was seeing a battle where someone used their body as a weapon. To Aria, who kept fighting on, knocking down one goblin after another, Min could only mutter one word.


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