Min’s Story – Chapter 7

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“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”


“Very well, since this girl does not which to speak for herself, then I have no choice but to declare her guilty. How much are the losses claimed?”

“Yes, 50 gold, my lord.”

“50 gold? That must have been a prized boar then?” The judge asked wryly.

“Ah, yes, of course, my lord. Would have won first prize, to that I’m sure.”

“Don’t listen to the bastard! I ain’t never seen no fence. It was a wild boar!” a woman spoke up, causing a loud roar of people talking until the judge slammed down the gavel.

“She’s just jealous, your honor! She wanted her daughter to marry my son and I told her that her daughter had the face of a horse’s ass!”

“You bastard! You’re a liar and cunt!”

“Enough!” The judge barked. “You’ve never entered a competition. I find it far more likely that the boar was in fact wild.”

“But, my lord, the boar was shot with an arrow on my land. At the very least, this elf wench poached on my land-“

“Yes, I understand.” The judge held up a hand to stop the man from continuing on, a tired look on his face. “No one is arguing that the elf isn’t guilty. However, 50 gold for a prized boar differs a bit from 15 silver for an unlawful poach. My lady, do you perhaps have ANYTHING to say on the matter. I do recommend you talk, as this may be your last chance to influence your fate.”


The judge shook his head sadly. “Then, in your unwillingness to speak, and in accordance with this town’s laws, the victim can set the terms of recompense.”

“Slavery!” The man said excitedly without even a second of thought.

“Slavery? For 15 silver? That’s absolutely outrageous!” The woman from before protested again.

There seemed to be a great deal of mumbling from many different people until the judge banged his gavel again.

“Slavery? I must warn the victim that the Gods consider forgiveness and benevolence as virtues. The priest might suggest that such a harsh treatment for such a mild crime would weigh heavy on the soul.”

“Don’t preach at me!” The man snapped indignantly, “I want my due! I’ll take care of the woman, I promise. I’ve even free her once she has worked off her 50-gold debt. See how generous I am?”

However, as he said that, he glanced over at her, and the lewd look in his eyes betrayed his true intentions. A sharp stare from the judge was the only thing that kept the small barn that had been turned into a makeshift courtroom from exploding in protests again. However, it was clear from the beginning that the man was aiming to molest and otherwise possess the woman on trial. Elf women were, after all, prized possessions to many humans.

Min wasn’t angry about it. She just didn’t care anymore. When it came down to it, would she let him rape her? No. She’d kill him, and then run. It didn’t come from any specific desire to live. Rather, she saw her life at the end of an arrow. It might be this very lord who leads the hunt that kills her.

“Lady, and I do suggest you answer honestly now, you can just nod. Do you have the means to pay 15 silver?”

Min considered continuing to ignore him, but after a few heavy seconds, she finally shook her head with a ‘no’. The judge sighed, once again looking worn and tired.

“Very well. It gives me no pleasure, but I must sentence this elf woman to slavery.”

“Thank you! Your honor!” the man said excitedly, his eyes growing even more lewd as he took bolder glances at Min while imagining what he’d do to her that very night.

“What? My lord, this is-“ the woman started to protest but the judge stopped her with a raised hand.

“She’ll be sold to the nearby slave trader at a fair market value. You’ll receive your 15 silver, and the remaining profits will be donated to the coffers to repair the bridge. Gods know it needs it.”

“What? What! My lord, this is outrageous!” The pleasure completely left the man’s face and his angry shouts were overwhelmed as the rest of the town exploded in cheering.

To all but that man, money to repair the bridge could be considered a much-needed blessing. The judge left the room immediately leaving no room for argument, but the townspeople were very incentived to carry out his declaration. He could have been said to be extremely generous to Min in that moment. By sending her to a slave trader, he saved her from that rape. Any judgement that left her in town would have left her in that man’s potential clutches. However, by making her value to the rest of the town, she’d be protected until she was sold, and then she’d have a high likelihood of being brought into a mansion as a maid. Even if the noble was the type to demand sex, it could be called a better life than most commoners could ever hope for.

That’s how Min found herself on a stage being sold in a line of other beaten demi-humans. It was a suiting a fate as anything. She couldn’t even manage to hunt a boar without ending up becoming a slave. It was the end of the line now. Except that the slave collar around her neck wouldn’t allow Min to commit suicide. When would this world be finished with her? When could she just die? She’d join her vessë…

“Min!” the words caused Min to fall out of her cycle of pity.

She glanced around in confusion until her eyes fell on a strange cloaked woman. It took her a moment to make out the face through the woman’s hood, but when she did she could only gasp. She was absolutely beautiful. It was as if an angel had been made flesh and dropped onto this world. It was a few moments later when the recognition set in.

Min turned her face away. It was impossible. Her vessë was dead.

Did you see her body? A voice inside her teased.

The woman she vaguely recognized was pushing forward without reservation. A guard had to stop her from stepping right up onto the stage. Min lost any doubt that this was the same Aria. She was just as foolhardy as ever.

“Woman, you’re getting too close to the merchandise, stand back.” A man shoved her away.

She ended up slamming right into a noble behind her. Min winced at this. Aria herself might end up in the same predicament if she insisted on barreling her way around. The noble behind her didn’t look upset though. Instead, he looked worried. He reached forward and touched Aria’s arm, whispering something in her ear. Aria shook her head.

“M-min… they have Min!” She declared, turning back to the man.

The man said something with a confused look.

“That girl, the girl on stage. She’s mine!”

Min nearly blushed once again. Aria’s extreme possessiveness had not diminished. In fact, she was as strong as ever. However, it was at that point Aria’s hood fell back and her cloak opened. Min’s eyes widened at the sight before her. Aria was absolutely stunning. It wasn’t just her face. She wore wealthy clothing, although it seemed to be clothing that would better fit a man, such as the noble in front of her. No, it was more than that. She was wearing the noble’s clothing.

That meant only one thing clearly. Aria was sleeping with this man. It had only been a month since Min had seen Aria, yet she went from death’s door to wrapping a noble around her finger. However, the difference were more than just physical. Aria held her entire body differently. Her nose was up in the air. She spoke more precisely. She held herself just like  a noble. But she was his concubine, right?

“No… not that… she’s um… a servant… of sorts…” Min caught the words from her vessë and frowned.

A… servant?

The way the man looked at Aria, he wasn’t simply a noble entertaining his mistress. He seemed more worried and concerned, like a big brother. Aria herself moved with an air of certainty and superiority. It felt like she was in charge.

Aria… she couldn’t be. That. A noble?

“Well, let’s ask her. Do you know this woman?” the man asked, looking up at Min.

If Aria hadn’t been looking at her bright eyed while shaking her head yes, Min might have continued to remain silent, but she decided to answer honestly. She felt a strange sense of competition from this man in particular.

“Mm… I’m her woman.”

The man showed something to the trader. “Perhaps… we can come to some kind of arrangement.”

The slave trader jerked. The atmosphere instantly changed. What did he show him?

“M-m-my apologies. I didn’t realize you were royalty. I hope you can excuse my earlier rudeness, in all fairness, you look like you could use a seamstress, although I apologize for not seeing the fine cut of your wear.”

Royalty! A prince? Aria wasn’t a noble, she was a princess? That perverted, strange girl who had wedded Min was a princess? It… couldn’t be true.

“Er… yes… we were on our way to freshen up, but then my… companion noticed her friend. I trust her absolutely, so you can understand why we felt the need to present ourselves. If I recall, the king has made it illegal to enslave demi-humans who haven’t been convicted of a crime.”

“Of course… as I said, I run a clean business here. I purchased her from the stockade a town over. She was caught stealing food from a farmer. She created such a commotion that she made the farmer knock over a lantern and the whole barn burned to the ground. I have the paperwork here. I purchased her at great expense to myself, she has substantial debts that must be paid.” He snapped his fingers and presented the man who called himself royalty her documents.

Min had hardly been an expensive purchase for the slave trader, but she suddenly felt unexpected guilt as she saw her vessë look over the man’s shoulder over her documents.

“How much is this debt?” The man asked.

“Oh… of course, I’d be happy to give the royal family the chance to bid first. I could recoup my losses with just 300 gold coins.”

Min grimaced. She knew the man had bought her for 50 gold coins. True, he had taken care of her for the last few weeks. She hadn’t been beaten, harmed, or starved during that time. It was considered bad business to abuse slaves, and Min never talked back or disobeyed.

Once again, Min was shocked when it wasn’t the man who pulled out the money, but Aria herself. She was selling beautiful jewelry. There was no way a woman like her could have just run acrossed it. Min was starting to believe Aria was a princess after all.

“I’m glad I found you…” Aria suddenly grabbed Min and kissed her.

A strange feeling burst in Min’s chest. Min was… free? Not exactly. It was considered poor form for a noble to free a newly purchased slave. However, Aria now owned Min. She didn’t waste a moment to hold Min in her arms. Min had thought… she thought that Aria didn’t really care about her. She’d done nice things for Min once or twice, but she was supposed to be some crazy woman. Yet, this crazy woman saved Min a second time. How could lightning strike her pathetic life twice?

It couldn’t be an accident. It couldn’t be chance. This woman was Min’s vessë. It finally started to sink in. It was someone who possessed her completely, who would hold her, and save her, and be with her.

“So, you really did care this much…” Min’s voice breathed lightly.

The slavetrader nearby shot her a look. It was the first she had spoken in his presence. She decided to ignore him and focus on the woman who owned her. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. Suddenly, the intimacy Aria was giving her didn’t feel like too much. If anything, she wanted to hug Aria even harder. She didn’t want to let go of this woman, not again.

“From now on, you’re going to stay with me, is that okay?”

Min nodded. She had finally come to a conclusion. It didn’t matter who this woman was. This woman was her wife. They had done the vows. They were connected. Min would never let that connection go. Not again. She would protect this woman, any way she could.

Her vessë was having a conversation with the man. They were talking about clothing. As a matter of fact, Aria should have been wearing a dress after all. It was odd that she was wearing his clothing, especially if they weren’t lovers like Min had initially thought. Aria grabbed Min suddenly and pulled her close. Min froze as Aria whispered sweetly into her ear.

“Long story. For the moment, I am Princess Cornelia Bartrum, I’m engaged to the third prince of Nidia, and we’re about to go to the castle.”

For… the moment?

She answered some of Min’s questions, but just as easily created new ones. However, Min could do nothing but nod. Aria’s sweet breath was still on her neck, and it was making her feel dizzy. Now that she allowed herself to see Aria as her wife, she suddenly felt certain parts of her arouse in ways she didn’t think were possible anymore. When Aria pulled away suddenly, Min felt regretful. She suddenly found herself wanting more of Aria’s attention. She reached out and grabbed Aria’s shirt.

“Clothing… I make… cheaper.”

It came to Min as she said it. They were talking about clothing. Min had sewing shoved onto her by her mother for years. She wasn’t a terrible seamstress, thanks to her mother’s constant prodding.

One of these days, you’re going to meet someone that you’ll want to cook for and sew clothing, and you’re going to be glad your mother taught you these things.

Those were some of the last words her mother had told her. Min never imagined it’d come true in such a strange way. The annoying man was trying to look down on Min’s ability. He said something about it taking two weeks for a good seamstress to sew a dress.

“One night,” Min insisted.

Could she really do it in one night? Min hid the gulp in her throat. She’d have to stay up the whole night. Well, her vessë did save her from slavery. It was the least she could do.

This led her to shopping with Aria over fabric. It quickly became clear that her poor vessë had no eye for material. Min herself found the entire situation strange. The tailor treated Aria with a great deal of respect, and Aria handled it smoothly like it was natural to her. She said she was a princess for the moment, but this Aria was a princess at heart. It was strange that this woman seemed so natural in this situation, since she also seemed just as natural in the forest, toying with adventurers like an erotic nymph.

After buying the fabrics, they found themselves outside in a courtyard. The man left, giving Min some alone time with Aria for the first time in a while. It was nice to be with Aria alone. She wished they were private.

“Min… can you wait here for a bit, I’m thinking I might be able to sweet talk the innkeeper into giving us a night and a meal.”

Min couldn’t stop the disappointment from reaching her face. She wanted to spend time with Aria. Given how quickly things had changed, it had felt like a whirlwind. She just wanted to stop and hold Aria for a moment.

Who is being clingy now?

Min reluctantly sat down. If she was really going to make dresses in a single night, she didn’t have time to waste. She immediately started working, pulling together all of the knowledge she had on dress making to try to create a few simple dresses for her vessë. She always hated sewing when it was done with her mom, but there was something oddly satisfying about knowing her vessë would wear it. She tried to imagine Aria’s dimensions, and every time it caused her to remember their wedding ceremony, resulting in blushing moments.

She made rather significant progress, but was starting to worry when Aria didn’t return. That was when Devon got back. She didn’t want to speak to the man, but he had an aggressive personality that demanded authority.

“Where is Aria?” The man asked Min directly.

“Left…” Min responded.

“Left? Left where? How long ago?”

“When you left… she left.”

“You didn’t stop her?” the man was a head taller than Min, which caused Min’s hackles to rise.

She didn’t like overbearing people. Well, Aria was an exception.

“There you are!” The man said with exasperation, turning away just as Min reached her limit. “I take off for just a little while and when I come back your servant is alone and saying you came in here an hour ago and never came back! I thought someone might have kidnapped you!”

Min gave a sigh of relief as Aria came walking through the crowd with a casual smile on her face. As she came closer, Min’s eyes sharpened. She noticed that Aria’s clothing was slightly disheveled. Her lips looked chapped. Her behavior was immaculate, but… yes… the smell.

“Well, then…” Aria declared proudly, “I secured us a spot for the night, see? That’s what I was doing?”

Secured… that would be, Aria used her body to pay for a night at the inn. Min’s expression went cold for a moment. That’s right… this is Aria. It’s in her nature. However, it was Min she bought. It was Min she saved. It was Min she married.

Once they reached the location Aria lead them, Min for the woman in the inn was incredibly familiar with her wife. She wanted to step in, but Aria held tight smile on her face and shot Min a warning look. So… It was this woman? It had to be. Did she just call Aria a ‘beautiful mistress’?

“I… simply talked to her, told her about my situation. It… turned out we had a lot in common, so we hit it off. I’m sorry we ended up spending so much time… talking… we were just… enjoying ourselves… just the company of another woman… that is… although her husband was there too…”

Min sniffed and turned away. She wasn’t particularly angry. This was part of her wife’s nature. They still had food to eat. They still had a place in the inn. She still couldn’t help but feel a little competitive, now towards this innkeeper who was eyeing Aria with lewd looks. Knowing Aria was so easily tempted only made Min want to show her that she was better.

“I’d like to get a bath as well before bed.” Aria spoke after dinner, when the man had already left.

“Of course!” Danielle nodded excitedly, “I’ll be happy to wash your back for you as well. Let us-“

“I’m Aria’s… my job.” Min suddenly spoke up.

The idea of this woman doing it suddenly irritated Min a bit. Aria seemed fine with that, and Min hid a relieved breath. She found herself alone with Aria in a bath. It was everything she had hoped for. It had been a chance to finally be intimate with this woman. They had been married for months, yet the situation had kept them apart.

After cleaning themselves off, Min and Aria both got into the bath. Aria acted surprisingly shy. It made Min feel extremely aware of the situation they found themselves in. If Aria pushed her for sex, would Min comply? She likely would. It was her duty as a wife to pleasure Aria properly. She understood now. That was the point of being saved. That was why she had lived this long. This woman, Aria, it was to meet her. It was to be her wife, properly. Min would do it to the best of her ability.

“Min… I have something to tell you, a lot of somethings, actually. I’ve told no one else this, but you… I feel like I can speak.” Aria said, sliding around the bathtub and sitting right next to Min, so that their outer thighs touched.

“Mm… trust.” Min said, feeling a little pleased at those words even though she didn’t know where they were going.

“I’m from far away. Really far away. I only came to this… place… about two months ago. I’m… how do I say this… I’m from another world. My world… there is no magic… no monsters. So, what do I do the first second I get here? I get kidnapped by goblins. But then something happened. I had sex with the goblin… I took charge… and somehow, that caused me to get this strange class… My class is that of a seductress.

Someone summoned from another world? Like a hero? A seductress? Min felt dizzy hearing these words. She had been wondering who this Aria was. Now Aria was telling her the truth, and she didn’t know if she could believe it.

“I don’t know how it works, but I can seduce people.” Aria continued. “I can make people fall in love with me.”

“Me?” Min suddenly asked, feeling a tad worried.

“No, I never used it on you.” Aria said, her eyes seemed so concerned that Min wouldn’t believe her that Min found herself accepting it without question.

“Very well.” These feelings she had, her fluttering heart, they were all Min’s.

“That’s what I did to the innkeeper though, Danielle. She’s obsessed with me because I made it so. I don’t know how permanent it is.” Aria continued. “I also gain experience through sex. That’s how I got us out of that cave. I was leveling. I asked you to have sex with me because I could earn more experience that way. I was able to gain a skill that allowed me to put those goblins to sleep.”

The implications of what Aria just said set in. Min felt like she had just been kicked in the gut. That’s right, Aria came from another world. No magic, no elves. She’d have no clue about their customs. One thing was certain, she never intended to marry Min. The sex was a means of experience gain. Min felt like she was falling for a few moments. It really was all a lie. It really was a mistake. Min felt like an idiot. She felt used. She felt-

Tears were falling down Aria’s face. She could see them, even through the foggy hot bath.

“I’m trapped here. I’m trying… I’m trying to keep it together, but I just can’t. I’m scared. After I left you, I thought I could just find a safe place and be happy, but it’s all become messed up. This ring, it makes me look like a princess, but I’m not. I’m not anything. A bandit, The Bandit King Denova, he’s making me masquerade as a princess. He’ll kill me if I fail. He might even kill me if I succeed. I have no clue what I’m doing, Min.”

Aria grabbed on to Min. It was an act of desperation. She wasn’t holding Min out of some seductive desire, some unconscious behavior, or some form of manipulation. She was holding Min because there was nothing else she could do. The ring felt cold against Min’s back, but Aria’s tearstained face felt warm against her cheek. Aria finally pulled away, looking down at the water in embarrassment.

““I just… I just needed someone to know. You’re the first person I met in this world… and… and I just don’t want you to hate me. I want you to understand me, more than anything… and… and… please just don’t leave me…” Aria broke into sobs at that point, giant tears running down her cheeks, unable to stop.

Min had thought this woman was so strong. She thought this woman was taking over the world with sex. She thought her a slut. A whore. A manipulator. She had thought similar things about her mother. However, this woman was no stronger than herself. They were both the same, just trying to hold things together. However, perhaps the most important thing of all, this woman needed Min.

Min grabbed Aria’s arm, pressing her body against this woman. She put her head down on Aria’s shoulder and closed her eyes, feeling the intimacy in their touch.

So, it was that,” Min finally replied. “What done… is done. Won’t leave… Aria…”

Aria saved Min’s life twice. This woman Min thought was larger than life was just a woman like her. Min felt envious. Now that she thought about it, this woman really was much stronger than her. Even barely holding it together, she faced hordes of goblins, corrupt adventurers, spiders, bandit kings, and princes. It was incredible when you thought about it. What had Min done? She pouted, remained silent, and remained determined to self destruct her own life.

Min had lost her mother and had responded by burying herself in a living death. Aria had lost her very world, and responded by fighting tooth and nail, sacrificing her very body to do what she felt was right. Min saw her as a hero from another world, whatever Aria believed. Min felt this was the truth. Min had wasted her life. Her father was right, she was being a child. It was time to grow up.

Whether Aria saw them as wed or not, Min would treat Aria as her vessë. From now on, she was her vessë. Min would support this woman. She would do what her father couldn’t. She’d keep this woman alive through thick and thin. She wouldn’t be alone anymore. They would fight together. It would be Aria and Min. That was what Min decided for herself.

Aria’s hands started to move up Min’s thigh. She suddenly pulled back, giving an apologetic look.

“If Aria… okay. Please, gentle.” Min said with a sigh, spreading her legs slightly, even though it made her nervous.

Aria was a seductress. She needed sex to gain experience. She likely needed sex on many different levels. Min decided she’d be there for Aria. She would be Aria’s body. As Aria gave her body to fight the world, Min would give her body to help Aria fight. Min quickly found that Aria had improved sexually, and Min found herself reaching new heights of sexual pleasure she hadn’t thought possible.

From now on, it’ll be just me and Aria. Min thought happily as she came from Aria’s machinations.

Min’s aroused face became expressionless as she worked on Aria’s dress. Aria was unabashedly being eaten out by the innkeeper. She laid their butt naked, her legs open, while a strange woman licked her snatch for half the night. Min had to finish the dress as promised, and simply lacked the endurance to keep up. Exceptions would have to be made.

Min hid a grimace as Aria moaned, her hand reaching out a squeezing Min’s butt as she climaxed. It would take a bit longer for Min to adapt. That is what she got for falling for a seductress, it seemed. It was going to be a bumpy road, but Min wasn’t going to give up. She’d travel this road with Aria, wherever it took them.

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