Extra chapter : Sakaya’s valentine


It seems that today’s valentines day.
The place where Sayaka is now is a world with no sense of seasons and no calendar but anyway, today’s Valentine.
When you talk about Valentine’s day, it’s a very important event for maidens in love.
It is an essential event for high school love that for Sayaka, it’s similar to being highly praised by her classmate, Kirishima Ran.

‘I’m thinking of giving my love, Ran some chocolates but’
‘For some reason, this world doesn’t have any edible chocolate existing’

‘There might be some in foreign country but anyway this country doesn’t have that brown and sweet enchanting food’
‘Or rather, cacao doesn’t even exist’

‘There’s a nut that’s similar to Okaka but since I could only imagine the taste of bonito and soy sauce by name, I didn’t even want to use it’
Their actual shapes are similar but the taste seems to be slightly different.
Since the processing method hasn’t been discovered yet, it seems that it’s only used as a medicine to be crushed.

‘I had a glimpse of hope by trying to taste test it but’
Because it’s expensive and it’s only drunk by those who can’t use healing magic, the healthy Sayaka can’t have it

‘What should I do?’
Even if you try hard to obtain something that’s impossible, it’s meaningless if you can’t find one.
‘I don’t want to waste efort’
‘But since this is an important event, I would like to give Ran somethng’
‘We’re always doing lewd things so I want to do something else’


「ーWith that said, do you have any good idea?」

Sayaka leaks a bored sigh to Fujiyoshi Yuri.
The skill given to Yuri isn’t offensive so she’s given a different training from the other saintsーor rather, she’s engaged in business.

What Yuri can do is simply making maps.
Making full use of the given skill, she making a foundation for achieving the journey to beat the Maou as safe and quick as possible.
However, that has nothing to do with it now.

Soaking the quill pen on the ink with one hand, Yuri shakes her twin-tail and look back at Sayaka.
Though it seems that her hairstyle is imitating an anime character, it strangely suits her.
If it’s two-side up then this is a splendid twin-tail but it’s somewhat a pathetic to look at hairstyle for high school girl.
But for some reason, Yuri’s hairstyle doesn’t cause that much discomfort.
It must be because Sayaka’s used to it.

「If you ask me what pleases men then isn’t it usually sex?」
「Hmm… Since it’s a rare event, I want to try it without sex」

However, they’re piling up their bodies more than usual so there’s that.
‘True, I think that it’ll be exiting to leave my body to Ran, saying「Happy Halentines」’
Then, they’ll just do it the same as usual.
It’s a luxurious talk but she can have sex with him anytime.
Even hugs and kisses.
When it comes to physical satisfaction, most of it is fulfilled.

「If the juicy talk won’t do then how about asking Mirin rather than me」
「I’ve consulted Emi-chan too you see…」

Before she came to Yuri’s library, she once asked Otomezaki Emi.
‘Foreign country lovers give out sweets and cards to each other’ she said in a pure beautiful voice.

True, there’s that idea too.
Ran won’t be pleased from just giving a card and saying Happy Valentines.
He’s a guy who treats women however he likes.
Even if they go flirting in this world, it won’t be able to shake Ran’s heart that much

「If you can tell me who the guy is then it’ll be easier for me to make suggestionsー」
「Nope, never」

It doesn’t mean that Sayaka doesn’t trust Yuri.
But, Sayaka will never leak that one information.
You can call a person’s mouth a door. Once you talk about it to one person, it’ll start spilling out.
Sayaka intends to stay silent until Ran reveals himself

「If you ask me what pleases men, then…how about wrapping yourself in ribbon and say『do what you want』」
「That’ll only end up with lewd things」
「…Okay, let’s see. I’ve heard it somewhere before that boys like to pamper girls」
「No, even if it’s a substitute for a gift, it’s just no good for me to go deredere」
「Then how about going reverse? You’ve got an unexpectedly onee-san character, won’t it be a strong point becoming a tolerant girl or something?」

True, Sayaka put her hand to her mouth in thought.
She wants to give something sweet but that’s impossible. Then instead of a thing, how about time?
A sweet timeー
‘I wonder. I can only think of a pink development’
It’s because it’s Ran.
It’s definitely because she became a lewd girl.
She believes so.

「…Oh well, I’ve got some idea」

It’s not a present or an event.
There should be a way to please Ran other than having sex.

After having their daily conversation with Yuri during break, Sayaka left the archive.


Sayaka walks in the corridor looking at the snow flickering in the sky across the window.

Today’s training was put on rest, so she’s free from the morning.
The cause is the snow. The weight of the snow falling since last night, collapsed the objet of the training ground.
It seems to cause problem on various places so the knights and the lower employees are all out so they can’t supervise the training of the saints.

For a heavy snowfall coming on a day before the special day, furthermore, it gave Sayaka free time, it’s just too good of a story.
But Sayaka didn’t mind it in particular and head to her beloved’s roomーmaking a step forward while pushing the cart.

The gray cart with silver decorations have teapot and teacups, and this world’s food(though only upper class people can eat) and tea on it.
Sayaka kept looking at it multiple times, she curls her back and turns her face away embarrassed.

‘No, it’s not that I’m thinking that the sweets on the cart looks delicious’
It’s not what’s on the cart that stirs Sayaka’s heart.
It’s Sayaka’s look reflected on the cart.

「…I wonder what should I do if Kirishima-kun doesn’t give a good reaction from this appearance?」

Flapping her black skirt, Sayaka grips and tightens the costume around her chest.
Playing with the white prim on her head with her fingertips, fixing up the rose colored flower decorations that displays a lot of charm.
Sayaka looks at her own face reflected in the dim window glass, then raised a soft gentle smile.

After staring at her smiling face for a while, Sayaka’s face dyed in red then she turned her back against the window and shook her head.

「Nooooo! Embarrassing! Too embarrassing! If he doesn’t respond or just show a wry smile, I’ll jump out of the window!」

The window glass Sayaka ‘s facing is reflecting a pretty black haired maid wearing a fluttering apron dress matched with a miniskirt and white knee socks.
It’s not an ethereal experience reflecting a nonexistent employee but it’s Sayaka herself.

A deep pink colored flower decorates her Japanese-like black hair that’s turned white prim sweetly.
The hair that’s usually braided is untied today, it’s gathering around below her nape.
Her slightly tanned nape and stretched collarbone shows up cozily, the chest that doesn’t insist it’s existence is opened to the extent that it doesn’t become vulgar.

The whipped cream colored apron contrasts the black clothing.
Her waist circumference is squeezed more than necessary and her miniskirt is pread like a flower.
Her Zettai Ryouiki that shows up like normal, and white knee socks that wraps from her knee to her toes.

And, a black high heeled shoe.
No matter how you look at it, it’s a Maid.
Of course, there’s no maid in the royal palace that has a fluttering skirt like this.

「The prep work is too good… I wonder why Yuri-chan made this outfit and have it in her room…?」

It seems that Fujiyoshi Yuri imitates famous eroge costumes in the former world.
Sayaka refrained from retorting to her being familiar with a high school girl structure for eroge characters.
It’s obvious that it’s mostly a struggle on searching on the original.
Apart from the authenticity.

‘Speaking of which, that reminds me that Yuri’s a girl that demonstrates tremendous concentration and skill when it comes to her hobbies’
At the last year school cultural festival, a schoolgirl selling some seriously thick doujinshi was a hot topic.
The truth is, the girl in the story is Fujiyoshi Yuri.
It’s more amazing than surprising that she sold all copy of the book that has a thickness of a phonebook.
‘Just how many students in our school have gotten addicted to that taste’

Aside from Fujiyoshi Yuri who’s a part of Go Home Club.
Sayaka herself is the having a problem now.

It’s said multiple times but, Today’s valentine’s day.
Though she’s doing such a monochrome embarrassing cosplay, it’s not Halloween.
Therefore she’s not going to play pranks but to give a sweet timeーa rendezvous between lovers.

‘What should I do to spoil Ran?’
After thinking of various things, it ended on ‘should I pamper him in a naturally hospitable manner’
The so-called date in for high school students are where they head to a coffee shop dining cakes and coffee while chatting.
Talking happily to your beloved while eating sweet things. Just thinking about it makes one’s heart beat fast.

‘Okay, let’s do this’
‘Let’s have an idle talk with Ran while watching the snow fall down for today’
Sayaka who made a decision wants to tell Yuri who gave her an advice. 「There’s no need to think, it’s already decided」
Since it’s a rare event then wear some cute battle clothes, as she was coaxed by Yuri, it became like this.

According to Yuri, ‘there’s no man in the world who hates maids!’
‘Ran doesn’t seem to be familiar with Akihabara’s hobbies so I’m a little worried if he would accept it or not’
However, because a maid is a servant, it meets the requirement of the original thought of「pampering Ran」
Since she thought that it’ll just be a waste of time to think further, she settled on healing Ran with the appearance of a maid.

While she was thinking, she reached Ran’s room before she noticed.
It was lucky that she didn’t encounter any classmate along the way. As expected, this moment becomes very tense.
If Ran is absent, or he was in the middle of doing lewd things with another student, what she should do, those kind of thoughts appear in her head.

「If I was rejected I’ll bear a grudge Yurii…」

Raising up her spine, she knocks on the door.
The few seconds of waiting for answer feels like hours.
She licks her dry lips from the nervousness and tries to stop her trembling legs.

「Who’s this?」
「I-It’s me. Sayaka」

The door’s opened as soon as she introduced herself, and her beloved Ran shows his face.
He must be sleeping until now. His hair is still disheveled, and there’s a trace of saliva in his mouth

「…H-Huh? Sayaka, right?」

Ran stares at Sayaka’s face while rubbing off the tear at the corner of his eye.
After confirming that the girl in maid uniform is the classmate he knows, Ran looks at Sayaka’s body.
Then, he looked up at her face again, matched with Sayaka’s eyes, and smiled.

「Come in」

With Ran opening the door, Sayaka pushed in the cart inside Ran’s room.
She looked around as soon as she entered the room but it seems that there’s no other girls taken in.
If you ask what’s indoors, the yellow butterfly that’s beside the curtain, sucking nectar on the flowers.
She makes a small guts pose as everything’s going as planned.

「It’s rare for you to come at this time. Besidesー」

Ran gaze at the cart Sayaka brought and points at the tea set on top

「Looks like you brought a lot of things. What’s the event?」

Though she was somewhat frustrated that he didn’t talk about the maid clothes she’s wearing embarrassed, Sayaka didn’t show a fragment of shaking, closed her eyes and spoke.

「You see, it’s a very important day for maidens in love」
「An important day for maidens in love you say…」

Ran lowers his gaze and looked at Sayaka’s crotch.
‘No, that’s not what I meant’
True, that’s also an important day for a maiden in love but.
‘Didn’t Ran promise to do child making sex after everything has calmed down?’

「Today’s Valentine’s day!」
「Valentine’s day is the day where girls in love give sweet-bitter chocolate to the boys they like!」
「It seems so」

‘Is he hiding embarrassment, his response is short’
‘From the blushing of the cheek and the restless aversion of glance from Ran, I can feel he’s filled with expectations’

「But, this world has no raw chocolate material so I can’t make it!」

Staring at Sayaka’s eyes, Ran shows a disappointed face.

「I thought that you’re in apron dress because you made chocolate…」

Disappointed, Ran puts his hands on the floor1
Sayaka’s flustered from his reaction beyond her expectations.
‘I never thought that he’d be shocked this much’
‘So he wants to eat chocolate that much’

Actually, he was thrilled to get chocolate from a female classmate for the first time but it all he got is despair from the betrayal.
Sayaka who thinks that Valentine’s day is a mere confession event doesn’t understand a pure boy’s feelings2

「Then, why is Sayaka dressed like that?」

Still pressing his palm against the floor, Ran looks up.
His face looks like a living corpse lost it’s spirit.

「…You see. At first, I wanted to give Kirishima-kun a chocolate filled with love but」
「But, I can’t, so instead of chocolatesーAh, I thought of giving a sweeet time as a present」

While playing with the white prim on her head, Sayaka pouts her lip to hide her embarrassment.

「I want to enjoy drinking tea and talking like lovers in a coffee shop after school or something」

Poking both her fingertips in front of her chest, Sayaka looks at Ran’s face.
Ruminating on the line she learned from Yuri, Sayaka kneels in front of Ran.

「M-Master. Would you spend a sweet time with me/」

Ran who’s told like that by Saka who’s wrapping herself in amazing maid clothing was unable to endure the impulse rising and fell down bleeding from his nose.


「…Sorry, I lost myself」
「It’s fine. I know that I’m speaking something that’s out of my character」

Ran and Sayaka sits on the edge of the bed, leaning their shoulders on each other.

Wiping his nose with a handkerchief, Ran sends glances on Sayaka.

Maidーa maid!
It’s not his first time experience as he has seen his classmates, Misuzu and Kanami in maid clothing before but;
But as expected, it has a difference of value when you ask them to wear it from them wearing it on their own.

Furthermore, it’s Sayaka.
The one who’s been thinking about Ran even before he used his skill, the classmate that’s love is pure and without lies.
This girl is wearing a maid uniformーfurthermore, the one that’s strangely frilly…

「…Furthermore, is this hand made by Fujiyoshi-san?」

Casually rolling up the skirtーwhen he tried, the back of his hand was slapped, so instead, he tried to touch the frills attached to her shoulder.
Because he’s not knowledgeable with sewing and tailoring, he doesn’t know the particulars but;
Even Ran could understand that the quality is too high for it to be made by an amateur that makes imitations.

「Then that means we’ve got to return it」
「We probably also can’t wash it soー」
「If we do clothed sex, it would be troublesome if we spray semen on it」

Even if that’s not the case, if he goes and jump into her maid clothes, teeth and stain marks will be there.
Since it’s only lent by a friend of Sayaka, it’s not that important but.
Think that she believed Sayaka and lent her an important treasure.
If you do something unneeded, then it’ll only make a crack on Sayaka’s friendship with her.

Then, sex would be for later.
There would be various liquids sticking to it, and it would be meaningless if Sayaka strips off.
Maid clothes must not be taken off
Though it may be the second time, it’s not that it’s forbidden.

「…Err, then I’m brewing tea」
「Ah, let me help you outー」

When he tried to stand up Sayaka grips his hand stopping him, he then looked at Sayaka in surprise.
After staring at each other for a while, Sayaka lets go of his hand.

「I-I’m fine. Kirishima-kun should just sit. Today, I will be healing Kirishima-kun a lot」

Though he notices that she’s red to her ears, Ran doesn’t mention it.
Sayaka’s a maid so Ran’s the lordーhe must be a gentleman.
Gentlemen doesn’t pursue a lady’s secret excessively.

Though he can also say that ‘the gentleman is actually a perverted gentleman!’
Sayaka would be seriously sad if he does something strange so he decided to hold back for today.
It seem,s that Sayaka is trying to make a fancy atmosphere using the event called Valentine’s day.

Though Ran made five beauties fall for him, he’s still a beginner when it comes to healthy relationships between high school students.
‘Let’s leave this to Sayaka and enjoy it’

「Oops… Do it softly, so it won’t spill…」

Sayaka tilts the teapot and pour in the amber liquid into the matching teapot.
The mellow aroma drifts from the pure white steam, Ran leans back on the bed instinctively.

It smells good.
And it’s a wonderful sight.
On her chest filled with frills and ribbons, her waist is constricted tight. Then her fluttering skirt spreads like a flower.
Sayaka’s thin and long legs extending from her short skirt is very lovely.

‘I want to caress it’
‘Or rather, I want to hug it’
‘Sex would be impossible but it’s fine to do at least that right?’
‘That’s right, once she puts down the teapot on the table, there’s no need to worry about spilling tea’

「Done. ーKirishima-kun, the tea’s ready」

Ran makes an obscene movement with his hand on the air but when he saw Sayaka’s flower like smile, he quickly put his hand back on his knees.
‘Impossible. I can’t betray Sayaa’s kindness, that pure smile’

「Thanks, Sayaka」

He stands from the bed and caress Sayaka’s chin with his fingertips.
Sayaka’s tickled face heals him so he kisses her lightly on her flushed cheeks.

「It’s a reward for the maid who did well. …Let’s forget having sex for today and have some fun」
「Geez, Kirishima-kun」

Sitting face to face, staring at each other.
Though he said about not having sex, as one would expect, you’d definitely want to touch your beloved if she’s in front of you.
While persuading himself to wait until the tea is on suitable temperature, San and Sayaka twine their fingers on the table and began to rub each other’s fingers.

The two eventually can’t be satisfied with their fingertips touching each other, they soon stand up and brought their faces closer.
They stare at each other while feeling the breath of the beloved closely.
Their feverish gaze intertwines and the two instinctively sound their throat.

「Happy Valentine’s day, Sayaka」
「Happy Valentine’s day, Kirishima-kun」

After piling up their lips lightly, they began kisses that’s sucking each other’s lips.
Enduring to intertwine their tongue multiple times, their hot sighs mixed.

Their fingers twine with each other, they kiss each other’s lips lovingly.
When they release their lips, Sayaka looks at Ran’s eyes lonely.

「…Once all of Kirishima-kun’s worries are away, let’s do more」
「Yeah of course」

‘Actually, I want to remove the Retainer Training right now and make love with Sayaka a lot’
‘I want to forget everything and leave everything behind, I just want to make love with Sayaka’s body leaving it to my animal instincts’

But, Ran can’t take that step by all means.
Even though she loves him so much.
Even though Sayaka who seriously loves Ran won’t do anything to betray him.
Ran who’s surrounded by false love is unable to believe in the strong trust he have deep in his heart.

「Let’s stop the sad story. Rather than that, the tea has cooled down a bit so let’s drink it」
「You’re right. Yeah, I’m thankful for this」

Putting the teacup into his mouth, the rich aroma spreads in his mouth entrances him, then he leaks a sigh.
Turning his gaze, he met Sayaka’s eyes who’s just putting tea cakes on her mouth(Though it’s like a baked pastry with just a little flavor)
Looking at her gesture of licking the piece that stick to her mouth, Ran’s spine shakes.
‘Speaking of which, this may be my first time seeing Sayaka drink and eat’

Not only Sayaka, but the other girls too.
‘Ever since coming to this world, Ran only did sex with them’

Thinking about it, Ran’s doing a very valuable time than having sex with a classmate.

Exchanging glances with the beloved, eating tea cakes and spending time drinking tea happily.
Though it’s uplifting that makes one’s chest throb, the desire to have sex doesn’t rise.
It seems the pure love aside from the carnal desires have woken up between Sakaya and him.
Ran realized it late that there’s also other acts of making love with girls other than kissing and sex.

「It too me so much time to realize such a normal thing, it seems that my thought process isn’t going well…」
「?…Kirishima-kun, what did you say?」
「No, I just thought that the enjoying the process is the best」

Ran relaxed and smiles as he watch Sayaka sip the tea.
‘As expected, I should remove the skill I put on Sayaka’
Deepening the love stage by stage, taking it slowly.
In order to do that, they must believe each other.
‘It might take time but, if what’s ahead is a happy life with Sayakaーthen I’ve got to work hard’

「There’s food in your mouth」

Saying that, Sayaka stretched out her hand and brought her body closer.
Then, then she stroked the edge of Ran’s mouth, and put her mouth with the fragment of the baked pastry into her mouth.
Capturing the eyes narrowing in satisfaction, Ran flushed unconsciously.

「That’s the start of high school student’s dates. I still have plans to spoil Kirishima-kun a lot」
「Oh…for example?
「The massage Emi-chan taught me, hizamakura3 and mimikaki4. Look, I have them」

Rustling her pockets, she shows off a wooden earpick proudly.
So this world has ear cleaners too, Ran admires.
However, hizamakura and mimikaki, no matter how you look at it.

「If you go that far, we look like newlyweds」
「Newlyweds? Kirishima-kun, if you get married, you’ll never seduce other girls right?」
「As expected, I don’t… Think I can say that I’ll never do it」

It’s hard to deny it completely.
If he listens to his lower body.

Raising his face as he think of that, Sayaka stares at Ran.

「Oh, I wanted you to deny it even if it’s a lie thoughー」
「You’re okay with me lying?」
「You can do it as much as long as I don’t find it out」
「Ah, that’s definitely impossible」

‘Or perhaps, how should I say it?’
‘I still haven’t thought of having a formal relationship far from being married’

While having such talk, the teapot became empty
After they finished drinking tea, Sayaka and Ran breathes a happy sigh after drinking after drinking the last drop.

「Now then Kirishima-kun. Now that the sweets are gone, then I think we should switch to our next service」
「I can’t think of anything else but lewd things if you say『service』in that look but, it’s a completely wholesome thing right?」
「If you say massaging the waist or thighs of a girl in maid dress is wholesome though」

Urged by Sakaya, Ran lied down the bed while raising his expectations.
At the edge of the bedーSayaka sits on the side of Ran and then poke Ran’s exposed and defenseless back with her fingertips.

「Good sensitivity. Then, you don’t have to hold back your voice okay?」

Sayaka speaks provocatively, Ran’s triumphant mouth loosens.

「You think I’ll moan like a girl from a wholesome massage?」
「Ehehe… That’s pretty cocky」
「I’ve already had sex with a lot of girls so a gentle stimulus won’t work on meeeeeeeeee~?!」5

Pushed by Sayaka’s fingers, Ran unconsciously raised a miserable voice.
‘Shit, what’s this?’

Looking at Sayaka, she draws an arc with her mouth, looking down on him.
Her warm eyes feel strangely ticklish.


Ran’s lower abdomen convulses from the pleasure while raising a miserable scream from Sayaka’s massage.
He feels strength loses from every part of his body.
If this continues, another liquid would leak from the groin because of pleasure.

「Don’t move」

Raising a scream like a woman reaching climax, Ran leaks drools saliva from his mouth as his whole body trembles.

That was dangerous.
If Sayaka exposed a bit more of her sadistic side then Ran would be exposing something that men never want to expose to Sayaka.
Even though Sayaka’s someone you can’t get be cocky with, if he shows such weakness.
Then he might not be able to see Sayaka’s face anymore.

When he moves around his trembling upper body feeling his waist would crush;
Suddenly his chin was stroked and his face was raised by Sayaka’s hands.
‘I wonder if it’s the recently popular jaw raise’
The stance is quite different thoug


Sayaka stares at Ran’s face seriously as her boyfriend’s lying with his stomach below.

「Once we return to the former world, let’s do it properly okay?」

What? Or rather, what is it about? Those obvious questions don’t come to his head.
Today’s an annual event, Valentine’s day.
It’s a day where girls give chocolate to her beloved.

「Yeah, I’ll look forward to it」

Exchanging glances, the two shows an embarrassed smile.

Outside the window, pure white snow continues to fall down.


  1. Orz
  2. Pure, lol
  3. Lap Pillow
  4. Ear Cleaning