Chapter 14 : To a new place


In the end, Misuzu used her reinforced recovery, coerced Ran to ejaculate five times in one night, and he crumbled on the spot.
Though reinforced recovery is used, as expected today’s tiring.

Looking at Misuzu and Kanami who’s breathing and uniform disarrayed, Ran scratched his head.

Their stamina reaches an abnormal level.
It’s indeed strange.
Is this the vitality and stamina cultivated from training in these past few weeks?

Then perhaps, they might be receiving some magical special training in the palace.
Human remodelingーthey won’t go that far but, an other world training method that makes an individual stamina raise explosively.

If that’s not just Ran’s hypothesis, then.
The other classmatesーToraol and Glasses are receiving it as well.
The difference with Ran who doesn’t receive such training will be widening faster.
As expected, if he keeps his hikikimori life in the cave, things could gt worse.

「Hau… Ran-kun came inside me twice」
「He came three times in my mouth. My body’s filled by Ran’s semen」

Looking at the two happily lying down, Ran shrugged his shoulders.

ーIt’s okay to do it outdoors but, you’ll get bored after a while.

The sense of liberation outdoors isn’t bad but, if this continues every night, the feeling of freshness from the first time will gradually fade away.
Softーunknown if it isーloving the two of them on top of the bed, would be a good experience.

「Ah…Err, are you the saint, Kirishima Ran?」

While Kanami and Misuzu lay on the bed of delusion, a strange voice breaks into the paradise.

Turning his face to the voice, three men with firm physique caught his eye.
Muscular dressed that’s been forged by many years of training wearing a matching knight outfit.
Even now, the smell of sweat drifts from them.
But, Ran’s not interested in men’s muscular body so he decided not to think about the details further.

The two knights stand making a complicated face as they look at the two school girls lying down and leaking happy sigh.
They’re the strongest heroes called from the other world who literally match against a thousand.

Furthermore, both of them are beauties.
A situation where strong and cute girls succumbs in front of one boy, leaking out a sweet sigh.
The words float differ depending on the person.

「Yes, that’s right」
「I’ve heard about your story from saint Inugami Kanami. Uhm…could you wear something first?」

Being told by the knight with an exquisite face, Ran finally realized that he’s naked at the moment.
Picking up the underwear he threw away earlier, he wore it immediately.
He reached out for the native dress he threw away earlier but Misuzu who’s still lying down on the ground grabbed his legs.

「I’d like you to wear the thing I brought earlier nyaa」
「The thing Misuzu brought inー」

Looking at it, there’s a mass of cloth folded close to the tree.
Spreading it, it’s this world’s clothingーfurthermore, it’s comparatively an expensive clothing.
Compared to the uniform, the fabric is soft and fluffy.
But, it’s light and easy to move.

Not wanting to show himself wearing only underwear, Ran begins to put on the clothes.

Thin cloth that protects the skin and on top of it is a dark blue costume.
It’s quite a different clothing from what the knights are wearing.
But, something’s bothering him.
It feels like I’ve seen this similar costume from a manga or something from the original world.

Kanami and Misuzu happily looked at Ran dressed up.
They don’t seem to be holding lust on the act of him changing clothes.
It seems that the costume handed to Ran excites Misuzu and Kanami.

Correcting the collar on his chest and then he corrected his posture by making a turn.
The fit’s not bad.
Rather, compared to the uniform he only had, there’s no sweat and dirt attached to it, this might be better.
It’s been a while feeling refreshed.

「How’s the fit?」
「Hmm, quite good. Could it be that this is what they call training wear?」

Do they usually wear this during training?
Though, it’s not easy to move compared to the sportswearーjersey from the former world.
It’s much better than running around with uniform however.

「Ah, it’s noty If you wear matching clothes, they’ll immediately know that it’s Ran-kun」

Misuzu rubs her thighs while saying.
Kanami’s staring at Ran with an enchanted expression.

「Hauuun. As expected, Ran-kun looks great with that clothing
「Yeah, he really is. It’s really good…」

It’s pleasant to be praised by two beautiful classmates but.
Just who normally wears this clothes?

「What kind of clothes is this?」
「It’s the senior employee of the royal palaceーit’s a clothing worn by a butler」

Ran doubted why this but he understood the gist of it looking at the reaction of the two.

「Saint Inugami Kanami and Nekoyama Misuzu definitely wants to see Kirishima Ran wearing that dress. ーThey insisted greatly」

Turning his gaze to the two of them, Misuzu and Kanami quickly averted their eyes.
Well, it doesn’t mean that Ran can’t understand their feelings.

There are a lot of men who wants the girl they like to wear an maid-style apron dress and serve them.
There’s nothing strange if you asked for the opposite.

If you talk about strange things, then it’s about Misuzu and Kanami familiar with such Japanese subculture.
They had such matching hobbies at strange places.

「Besides, if that’s your clothes, it won’t be strange if you stay in my room…」
「Apart from lower level servants,t he senior employees can enter the opposite sex’s room. Ran would be pleased that way, right?」

Well you’re right, Ran thought.
If you have to increase the slaves to become strength in the future.
It’s much more efficient to dress as a person with a position within the royal palace as much as possible.
If he’s an employee or a knight, then he won’t stand out in the royal palace even he walked around.
In that regard, this costume may be useful.

Include what the two people just said.
It’s obvious that he’ll increase his retainer but that said, he doesn’t intend to contempt his relationship with them.
Raise the relation of Misuzu and Kanami more than now and increase Retainers as well.

「ーOh right. If I’m going to disguise, what should I do about this?」

Saying that, Ran points at the『retainer training』above his head.
Even if it’s a perfect disguise and Ran’s『former』classmates can’t identify him.
f this icon appears all the time, he can’t hide what he should.

「I see, Ran wasn’t taught about handling of skills」
「It’s easy. You just think of putting down the ability name in your headーlook」

Shutting her eyes, Misuzu thinks of something.,
Then, the『reinforced recovery』written above her head blended into emptiness as if a sandcastle breaking down.
The strings became disjointed as they scatter like grains of light then it vanished before long.

「If you want it back, it’s like this」

The next moment, the words『Reinforced recovery』emerged above Misuzu’s head.
It’s easy to show and take out much more than he thought.
owever, if that’s the case, there’s no need to purposely bring it out.

「Weーeveryone in the class has pledged to the King, we have to know what kind of skill we possess when we’re in the palace」
「But, Ran-kun doesn’t have to worry that far nyaa」
「…Right. It’s embarrassing but, it seems that there’s a faction of knights who try to destroy the escaped saints somehow. You don’t have to reveal your own identity」

The people in the spot agrees unanimously.
Ran think of his skill name disappearing and shut his eyes.
Change the appearance and shape.
The only proof that he’s a saintーthe skill above his head has disappeared.

Wearing the golden wig and the glasses to protect his eyes.
There’s nothing floating above his head.
Clothes worn by the senior employees of this worldーof the royal palace.
The saint summoned from the otherworldーholding a provoking and disgusting skill, the worthless boy who’s unknown if he’s dead or alive, is no longer here

The 21st saint who’s existence is ambiguousーKirishima Ran.
His existence has become certain and carved into this world right now.


「ーThen, this way」

The senior butler who’s guided by the three guards agreed silently and entered the given room.

The pair of eyes filled with determination over those glasses looks around the room given to him.
It’s a small room with a compact bed and a simple writing desk.
But for the silent senior employee, that’s what he wanted more than anything else.

「…Finally, I can spend the night on a soft bed」

Wiping off the tears on the corner of his eye, Saint Kirishima RanーSenior employee “Ryan” took off his butler clothes and jumped to the bed.
It’s warm and fluffy.
Compared to the beddings of the former world, the poor comfort can’t be erased.
But compared to sleeping on the straw paved on the caved, this is a better place to sleep.

「An artifact after a while. Ceiling that’s not a rock. A beautifully painted wall…」

Stroking the floor and wall, Kirishima Ran(Ryan)
Was inside the building this reassuring?

Ran spreads the pocket of his butler clothes and released the yellow butterfly in the room.
The knights have properly recognized that Ageha will be living in the royal palace.
It has the weakness of having to prepare a flower plant filled with enough nectar at a rate of once every few days, he can’t call himself the owner of Retainer Training if he can’t take care of one retainer.

「ーThis will be Ageha and my new residence」

Ageha docked at his finger and Ran smiled thinly.
The moonlight coming through the window illuminates Ran’s room, only the two of them