EX-1 Inverse Nekoyama Misuzu


Royal Palace, Midnight.
A single light torch sways in the corridor wrapped in darkness.

The shoes striking the floor are fine gems.
A clothing only senior servants or higher positions are allowed to wear within the royal palace.

The blonde boy walk in the corridorーthough he’s a senior employee, he’s a servant with not that high of a rank.

He’s different from high rank butlers who had long experience going to the royal family, to remember the faces of the knights.
He’s just somewhat more trusted to a degree than a low level servant.
That position doesn’t exist but if insisted to be namedーit would be an intermediate servant.

The blonde butler knocked the door twice with unskilled hands then straightened his posture in front of the door.

He’s a silent guy.
He won’t say anything unnecessary, and he’s rarely seen chatting with someone.
Furthermore, there’s a rumor that the servant wasn’t there until a few days ago, he just came in unnoticed.
It’s just a rumor.
Apart from the low level servants, there should be no change in the number of senior employees.

Butー Recently, there’s the story about the summoned heroes called saints from the other world.
In that case, the rumor of entertaining and hiring new employees went around.
The mystery butler was rumored to be a mysterious servant at the beginning seems to have been one of those allowed in.

「…Please enter nyaa」

The door opened in front of him who stands silently.
There’s a beautiful girl turning her eyes upwards from the gap of the door.
Though most of her body is concealed behind the door, only her smooth shoulder shows up a bit.

「Err…It’s embarrassing to go out looking like this so don’t hesitate and go in Nyaa」

The blonde butler agrees silently then enters the gap of the door of the room of the beautyーNekoyama Misuzu.
Closing the door behind him, the blonde butler distorts his mouth to a grin.
In his eyes is a dream like sight clearly reflected.

「…Ran, kun. Please embrace Misuzu nyaa」

Nekoyama Misuzu wearing a matching light blue underwear asks for Ran’s body from the bed is the best spectacle.


The butler took off his clothes, wig, and the glasses, the mystery blonde butler turned to the saint Kirishima Ran.

Of course, what he took off isn’t literally butler clothes.
Taking off his underwear too, Ran is on his birthday suit and stand in front of Misuzu.

「Ran-kun, you’re already erect…」
「There’s no way a high school boy won’t be aroused when invited by a girl classmate on top of the bed you know?」

Furthermore, he hasn’t been doing it with Misuzu or Kanami for the past three days.

The knights made a lot of work so that there won’t eyes of doubt about the number of servants increasing, before the group of people who have doubts about Kirishima Ran’s disappearance meets up.

He was taught in advance the scope of movement so he won’t meet other saints.
He also practiced on walking so he won’t make any footsteps as much as possible.
Widely different from living in the cave idly, he’s asked to do various matters.

「That’s why, please love Misuzu a lot tonight!」

He jumped on the bed naked and pushed down Misuzu.
They only did light kisses then it turned to tongues twining with each other.
In a place with his mind and body warmed up, Ran turned his body to the top of Misuzu.

Misuzu tilts her head in curiosity.
However, as soon as Ran’s penis appear in her face, her facial expression turned to a face of an obscene girl.
After lightly kissing the tip of his penis indecently, Misuzu’s arms turned to Ran’s waist and embraced him tightly.

「Ran-kun’s penis is so exposed. Yaan」
「Aren’t you normally looking at it a lot?」
「Hmm. But, it’s my first time at this angle nyaa」

Feeling Misuzu’s breath on the tip of his penis, Ran takes off Misuzu’s underwear
Rolling it a bit and her plump peach colored slit shows itself.
He lowers it while deliberately burning it in his eyes.

He didn’t take it off from her legs.
It’s generally unknown but, Ran likes this way better.

Misuzu’s cleft of Venus twitches from the expectation of the events that will happen.
Ran licks her splendidly shaved pussy and slowly traced his finger along the slit.

「…!?…Nn, nn!」

He can hear an enduring voice from his lower body.
A warm sigh wraps around his lower abdomen and Ran’s arousal accelerates.

Using the tip of his finger dexterously, playing with Misuzu’s slit.
Misuzu’s cute voice resonates with the movement of his finger on her lower body.
The plump, swollen, slippery pussy begins to leak out sweet nectar.

「Misuzu’s important place is wet」
「…I told you not to say it. Geez, payback time!」

Misuzu’s body jumped up then kissed Ran’s penis.
Ran’s penis inserts into her sticky wet mouth.

Caressing his testicles with her hand, Misuzu coerce Ran’s penis with her tongue in her mouth.

Sucking it like a baby, Misuzu tightens Ran’s penis inside her mouth.
A lukewarm breath mixed with her breathing gently wraps his penis.

「…fuh, Kuh」
「Nyaa?! Ran-kun, your hand stopped nya~」

Gently stroking his testicles, Misuzu provokes Ran.
Actually, Ran’s hand teasing Misuzu’s slit hasn’t been moving since a while ago.
But, that was because Misuzu’s mouth was more intense than expected.

「…You said? Even I, if I get serious. …Au」

Ran started to stroke Misuzu’s thighs while mixing miserable voices.
While his nasal breathing turn rough from the soft touch, Ran caresses Misuzu’s vagina hole.
Even though he’s not touching the main part of the clitoris, Misuzu’s love nectar overflows.

Putting his hand on her thighs, Ran shoved his face to Misuzu’s crotch.
The tip of his nose hits her slit and the convulsions is directly transmitted.
After breathing deeply, Ran puts out his tongue.
His tongue scrapes through her slit and stimulates Misuzu’s important part.

「ーHa!? Kuun!?」

Misuzu’s body splashed for a moment then she clings to Ran’s waist.
Stimulating the same place over and over again, Misuzu leaks out a sweet voice and convulses every time.

「Misuzu’s voice is so cute」
「T-That’s unfair. Teasing that place only」

As payback, Misuzu pushes her tongue against the most sensitive part of Ran’s penis.
Squeezing his penis to the root with her mouth, she sucks on it.
On top of that, Misuzu’s tongue technique stimulates the tip.

「I never touched it here but it’s soft and cute nyaa」

She kneads Ran’s testicle while saying.
It seems that Misuzu knows that it’s also an important organ but she’s not giving more stimulation than necessary.
But, Ran’s penis begins to reach it’s limit from being teased bit by bit.

「Ah, Misuzu… G-Go easy a little bit」
「Nfufufu, nope」

Was that line a breakthrough? Misuzu’s mouth became more intense
Teasing the tip with her tongue, sucking up to the root and tightening his penis.

「It’s okay, let it out. Even if you leak it, I’ll just use reinforced recovery again」

Ran’s endurance breaks from what Misuzu said.
Stopping the caress on Misuzu’s crotch, Ran’s body is completely as what Misuzu wants.

Occasionally weakening the movement of her mouth and looking at the situation is very indecent.
The last bank is about to collapse.

This might be Misuzu’s first experience dominating.
Even at their last night, Ran pinned down Misuzu.
But this time, it’s completely Misuzu’s.

「Ahーau, Misuzu, please, stop, ua」
「Nfu, nmu, nku, n, nnnnn」

Ran’s penis is tightened up by the stroke that changes bit by bit.

Ran who realized resistance is meaningless throws down his face on Misuzu’s crotch.
With her slippery slit touching his cheek, his penis reacted.
The penis reacted inside Misuzu’s mouth is pressed down by her tongue and unable to move.

He keeps receiving Misuzu’s fellatio while making her slit a pillow.
Every time he exhales, Misuzu’s slit twitches but there’s no other reactions seen.

「Are you already done nyaa?」

The penis swallowed to the root twitches inside Misuzu.

「Then, lastly…」

Taking a firm hold of Ran’s waist, she pinched Ran’s face with her thighs.
Ran’s happy voice plays in between Misuzu’s crotch.
Feeling thrilled by that voice, Misuzu plays with Ran’s penis.

Carefully treating his swollen testicles, Misuzu licks the tip of Ran’s penis.
Ran’s waist jumped for a moment and he leaked a miserable voice.
Misuzu’s hold doesn’t allow the waist that’s trying to go away.

「ーAh, au! Uu, Uu, uaaa!?」
「ー?! N, Nn…nku, nbu, nku, nbu」

The hot cloudy liquid pours in from Ran’s penis to Misuzu’s mouth.
Misuzu doesn’t show a disgusted face and let it pour into the depths of her throat.
It’s very cute that Ran’s thighs are twitching.

Licking the spilled semen at the tip, Misuzu pulls out Ran’s penis from her mouth.
Love plentily by Misuzu’s saliva, it’s twitching pleasantly.

「…M-Misuzu. I’m, about to」
「It’s okay nyaa, I’ll return you to perfect state soon nyaa」

Smiling on the weakened Ran, she used her own skill on the penis wet with saliva.
The weak penis becomes hard, erect, making a throbbing sound.
Misuzu’s cheeks blushed lovely from the penis erect in front of her.

「It got big nyaa」
「A, hauu…」

There’s sticky cowper fluid coming out of the standing penis.
Sticking out her tongue catching it, Misuzu makes an arc with her mouth.

「I’d like to cum properly for the second round nyaa」
「…Of course. Next time, I’ll make Misuzu feel better」

Misuzu’s back shivers from her beloved, Ran’s all out voice.
Misuzu’s M nature is strong but this is okay occasionally.
Misuzu kissed his penis while thinking so.

This act of Misuzu seems to have awakened her S.
In ordinary sex, Misuzu’s unable to compete with Ran and reached climax while raising a sweet cat voice.