EX-4: Maid’s service!「Latter part」


「This is the second time but this is really a superb view」

Two beautiful classmates wearing maid costumes.
Kanami and Misuzu who just finished their superb double fellatio are sticking out their asses towards Ran while leaking sweet breaths.

The slits peeping out from their asses are already dripping down with nectar.

Misuzu’s hairless pussy tightens and leak out love nectar.
Kanami’s hole with high school girl-like hair opened waiting up for Ran’s invasion any moment.
Ran’s penis twitches from excitement from the two different temptations.

Both of them had taken off their panties from their legs and folded it on top of the bed.
High school maids wearing no-bra and no-panty stick out their asses in front of Ran.
That alone was arousing enough.

「Now then, who should I start with?」

Caressing the plump asses, Ran pushes the tip of his penis against their wet slits without rush.

Pushing it against Misuzu’s crotch, her body twitched.
Pressing and pulling it for a while, a string of cowper fluid and love nectar crawl in between Misuzu and Ran’s crotch.

He did the same thing to Kanami.
Since Kanami’s slit is firmly opened, if you push it just a little, her hot membrane makes a noise and stimulates the tip.
As soon as Kanami’s temperature was transmitted, his testicles tightens up.
Being careful not to ejaculate before inserting, Ran pushed the tip against Kanami’s vagina.

「…Nn, Naaa, ah」

He slowly released his penis from Kanami’s vagina hole while listening to her lovely voice.
An obscene bridge connects the two just like the time when he did with Misuzu.
Aroused by that sight, his penis overflowed with pre-cum and twitched.

「D-Don’t tease us…」
「H-Hurry up, I want Ran’s penis inside」

The two hips sway as if saying they want to be ahead, tempting Ran’s penis.
‘Should I go take Misuzu’s small and slippery slit?’
‘Or should I violate the high school girl-like easy-delivery type model?’
It’s an envious indecision on the highest point of the life.

「What should I do? Misuzu’s cute and lewd but, Kanami’s so wet it’s embarrassing already」

Misuzu and Kanami’s body bounced from what Ran said.
Misuzu made her decision immediately and stretched her hands to open her crotch.

Her trembling fingertip reached her slit and hold it, opening her vagina with her obscene hands.

「E-Even I am this wet already you know?」
「Oh? Let’s see」

He brought his face close to Misuzu’s vagina.
The pure pink twitching vaginal wall is overflowing with love nectar.

Just as she said, it’s dripping wet.
Aroused by the fact that Misuzu opens up her lewd part by herself, Ran instinctively rolled his tongue over her vaginal wall.

「Hyaa, hyauuu~!」

A cute voice comes out from Misuzu’s mouth as his tongue suddenly attacked her.
A numb heat and a tormenting tongue that licks her up.
Misuzu’s overflowing nectar is sticking to Ran’s tongue.
After sucking it for a while, he released his face.
A lewd thread of light connects Ran’s mouth and Misuzu’s hole.

「Misuzu’s pussy’s very hot」
「…Nyaa, nyaaau」

Misuzu’s waist twitches and her vagina hole dripping with love nectar.
Misuzu’s vagina is wet enough.


Kanami looks up at Ran holding her fingers in her mouth.
Misuzu opens her beautiful wet slit with her fingers.
If he had two penises then he could’ve done them both at the same time.

There’s two vagina holes twitching, wanting the penis right away.
Unable to endure that dream-like spectacleーRan pushed his waist to the crotch with thin hair.

「…Nnnn, Hyaaa!」
「Ah, Kanami-chan, that’s unfair…」

Kanami’s captivating child bearing hips and round ass is lewd.
She’s wearing an apron dress filled with the heart to serve, unlike her usual uniform.
Kanami happily swings her waist while rocking the hem of her skirt.

「Ran, Ran’s penis. This pose…I love this」

Putting his hands on Kanami’s butt, he caresses it without hurry.
He crawled his hands up to her waist and enjoy it thoroughly.

Surrounded by the moderately muscular stomach is a vertical cut navel.
The moist and sweaty skin is sticking on Ran’s fingertips.

「Ran, when Ran touches me, I convulse a lot!」

Kanami swings her ass while saliva drips down from her mouth due to the pleasure
The vagina hole tightens according to the movement and it seem to begin to squeeze everything from the root of the penis.

Kanami’s vagina tightens and firmly sucks Ran’s penis.
Swallowed by the wet honey pot, Ran reaches his limit near soon.

「Kanami… Could you turn around and face me」
「Eh, ah? Here? Nn, nnn, aaaaaaahn!」

Kanami’s ink-like black hair and the white headdress.
That wonderful contrast captivated his eyes and destroyed his endurance.

The classmate he’s used to seeing wearing a headdress on her head and swinging her waist lewdly.
In this posture, her face cna’t be seen all the time.
But at the moment of climax, Kanami turned around and their eyes met.

「Kanami, your face is so entranced」

Kanami’s eyes flicker from pleasure, having tears floating on the corner.
Saliva drips from her mouth lewdly, her bangs stick to her forehead because of her sweat.
A red tone covers Kanami’s thinly tanned face doubles her sexiness.

A pure white torrent pours the seed of life into Kanami’s vagina.
Because her ass is sticking upwards, Kanami’s vagina hole is drinking up Ran’s semen deliciously.

「Shit, I can’t stop」

Kanami’s ass convulses from the ejaculation is so erotic that he can’t stop swinging his waist.

Kanami’s crotch tightens strongly because of the strong piston.
Kanami’s vagina wall entwines with Ran’s penis and sucks the contents until his testicles are emptied.
Kanami seems to have reached climax halfway and she stretched down on the bed and lied down exhausted.

「…Haa, haa. N-No more」

He pulled out his penis from Kanami’s vagina and his penis is wet with her love nectar and his semen.
After trembling for a momentary sage mode, Ran went to their faces.
After patting Kanami’s head who’s rubbing her cheeks on the bed, breathing roughly, Ran kneels before Misuzu.
Ran looks at Misuzu who’s sulking for a bit.

「Misuzu, could you use reinforced recovery on my penis?」

Pointing at his penis and testicle that lost it’s power, Ran puts his hand on Misuzu’s cheek.
Licking her nape, ear, and fingers, Misuzu happily closed her eyes.
Loosened her mouth cutely like a cat, she lets out a『funyaa』comfortably

「It can’t be helped nyaa, Ran-kun asked me」

Letting go of her hand opening her crotch, Misuzu puts her hand on Ran’s penis.
Grabbing his penis with her small hands, she picked up the testicles with her palm

It seems that it got erect from just stimulus.
But, the stimulation Misuzu’s giving isn’t only touch.

Each of Misuzu’s fingertips are sending energy using reinforced recovery.
The testicle touched by Misuzu happily jumps as it’s pressed against the penis
The penis given the same reinforced recovery is standing erect with the firmness you won’t expect it just came a while ago.

Misuzu’s cheeks dyed red as she look at the penis vigorously erect in front of her.
The penis sensitive from cumming a while ago is hard erect from Misuzu’s feather touch

Before long, the desire from inside cannot be held back, transparent pre-cum leaks from the tip.

「…Ran-kun, your penis is leaking」

Using her tongue lewdly, Misuzu licks the pre-cum.
An electric current runs through the sensitive penis, Ran’s waist bounces off.
He’s at his limit already.

「Misuzu, stick out your ass like a while ago」

Misuzu turned her hands to her crotch and show off her dripping wet slit.
Unable to bear the lewdness of the hot and melting slit, he pushed the tip of his penis gently.
The penis cheerfully leaking out pre-cum is caught in the vaginal walls, then swallowed completely by Misuzu’s vagina.

「…Ah, Ran-kun’s penis」

He pushed in his penis and put his hands on Misuzu’s ass.
It’s not as big as Kanami but it’s cute and firm butt.
Caressing a line from her ass to her waist, he then reached out for her soft belly.

It’s not muscular but it’s not fat either.
It’s soft and delicate like a cat’s stomach.
Making his tongue crawl around it, Misuzu leaked out a voice unable to hold back.

「Ran, kun… Ran-kun’s touching me inside and outside of my pussy」

Twisting her body, Misuzu tries to escape the endless pleasure.
Ran holds down her body and wrap her tightly so she can’t run away.
Embracing Misuzu’s delicate body, he sticks his waist further.

「ーAh, ah, nyaa!?」

Pushing it far, the tip of his penis reaches the deepest part of Misuzu’s vagina.
Every time he touched the deepest part, MIsuzu’s small body twitches.
She must be feeling good.

「Does it feel good here?」
「…D-Don’t ask that. Funyaauuu!」

She can’t endure leaking out a sweet voice as she tremble.
Sticking out his waist as much as possible, he stimulates Misuzu’s pleasure point with the tip of his penis.

「Nyaa, not, there, no, no I said…!」

Starting from her butt, going around to her belly through her waist, he gives her a light touch.
Touching her with soft hands like licking, the obscene atmosphere increases the lovely voice leaking out.
The nectar dripping from the connecting part accelerates Ran’s arousal further.

「Misu…Misuzu… I’m about to」

The penis erect because of the reinforced recovery hollows out Misuzu’s vagina while releasing pre-cum
Making a piston on Misuzu’s vagina drawn by an exquisite feel, his testicle lifts up twitching.

「…R-Ran, kuuuun」

Drooling saliva from the edge of her mouth, Misuzu faced his way.
The fingertips separated from the crotch is desperately scratching the bed to withstand the pleasure.
Misuzu’s innocent flavored expression having a flushed cheeks is greatly erotic.

Nekoyama Misuzu let out a happy while tears floating on her eyes.
At the moment their eyes met, Ran felt his endurance breaking down.

「I-I’m at my limit…」

Ran’s limit collapses from the voice leaked out.
The vagina wall that wraps around his penis tightens and squeezes semen from his testicle.
A white torrent flows through and thick semen is poured inside Misuzu’s vagina.

「Nhyaaaa, aaah, ah, nyaaaaaaaan!」

Nekoyama Misuzu twists herself in pleasure of receiving the hot torrent.
The tormenting pleasure from the depths of her vagina, Misuzu makes a enchanted face while leaking out a lovely scream.

Every time Misuzu twists her body, Ran’s penis is tightened by her vagina.

Ran’s ejaculation doesn’t stop because of the boiling up euphoria.
As if literally being squeezed out, the white liquid is released according to Misuzu’s movement.

「If you let out that much, I’d be troubled…」

Misuzu weakens due to climax.
Pulling out his penis from Misuzu’s hole, his dripping semen overflowed lewdly.
He loosened his cheeks involuntarily from the feeling of conquest and satisfaction.

The too classmates wearing maid dresses.
Love nectar and semen overflows from their woman part while they’re breathing roughly, exhausted.
There’s nothing happier than this.

「But still, I’m a bit tired as expected」

Even though reinforced recovery is applied, he let out too much indeed.
Even Ran thinks that he can’t do Misuzu and Kanami further than this.

His breathing is rough, he embraced the girls sitting idly and gave them a cheek rub.
Kanami’s hand reached out to his penis but he grabbed her arm and stopped her./
She wants to say something but he kissed Kanami’s soft lips to keep her silent.
He’s not using his tongue either. It’s like high school students who just became couples, a docile one.

After enjoying Kanami’s lips, he piled his lips with Misuzu the same way.
Pecking on the closed lips, it’s very pleasant.

Sandwiched by two beautiful classmates wearing apron dresses, Ran happily pat their heads.