Chapter 2: The given Skill

ーーYou would be unable to go back him until the Maou’s defeated.
The students who heard that began to pray for their ability to appear reluctantly while looking at the otaky guy who’s lying down on the floor crying.

Battle specialized ability began to float overhead one after another.
Holy Sword User (Saber Slash), or Infinite Mana(Over Energy), or Mass Intelligence(Ultimate Technology)
Ability that can make swords he handle Holy sword.
Ability that can make magic endlessly.
Ability that can make the knowledge scattered in the world as his.
The so-called cheat abilities appeared one after another.

Appraisal seems to have been really a loser skill.
The other otaku friend has Dragonification (Dragonic Metamorphose) or Physical attack reflection (Ippoo Tsukoo1), some blooming abilities, they’re consoling the Appraisal Otaku.

But their lips are grinning badly.
They’re probably thinking that they’re glad it wasn’t them.
The extremity of scums.

「As expected of the otherworld Saints. You have obtained the abilities impossible for us very easily, and be able to control it」
「Just like the legends…it seems」
「Yes my King! The time of peace will come to our country with this!」

The three looks pleased selfishly and that made Ran very angry.
They distorted the lives of 21 ordinary people and yet they’re being pleased?
They’re using the shield that they won’t be able to return unless the Maou is defeated to prevent any rebellion.
They were summoned selfishly and will be used to war selfishly without even minding Ran and the others.
Ran shows anger unusually.

「…Furthermore, what the hell is my ability?」
『Underling Training (Lunatic Sexual)』
Four words are floating at Ran’s overhead.
The ability seems to be able to be used to monsters and the ability itself seems to be able to make a manservant.
But the the name isーEspecially the Ruby[The small Hiragana/Katakana above the Kanji] is something troublesome.
Lunatic Sexual. Literally translating it, they’ll feel insane from sex?

The look from everyone became painful.
It’s different from the otaku megane who had appraisal.
The girls had strange looks and the men speaks 「Uwaa, nai waa」and averts their eyes.

「Hohou, my my, Kirishima-kun. Don’t you have such a dirty looking ability at hand」

The otaku megane points his finger at Ran when he found an opponent he can beat.
Though he’s being glared at with a lot of hate, the appraisal otaku shrugged his shoulders.

「Furthermore, isn’t this ability only usable on women? Making those pure schoolgirls are your underling, train them, what do you intend to do?」

The glance from the surroundings became more unpleasant.
But the glance isn’t turned to only Ran.
The appraisal Otaku is also being looked at the same way.
He reap what he sow.

「My ability can’t be used in a direct battle anyway. It’s an ability that won’t make any harm on my companions at least」

He moved his glasses while nodding and it reached this point.
Of course, in an unpleasant way.

「It’s being painful to be with you. What do you think girls? He might turn it into an ero-doujin while you were sleeping」

Ero doujin you say…
He wanted to tsukkomi but He’s in a situation where he can’t say anything.
That doesn’t change the fact that he have underling training as ability.
Even if Ran has good communication skills, that would cut it’s way through.
She’s being seen by eyes of fear from everywhere and it became uncomfortable.

「Hey, glasses, you’ve said too much!」

The class president, Torao Shigenobu who was quarreling with a girl a while ago put his hand at Glasses’ shoulder.
By the way, Torao’s ability is Tigerfication(Fang Metamorphose) It changes his body just as the name says.

Torao Shigenobu is a twisted and very hated good looking man.
He who has an honest mind and body has high popularity with men and women.
Of course his popularity from men isn’t filled with love.


That’s right. In Torao’s case, he might be able to somehow stop the unreasonable rascal treatment on Ran.

He doesn’t care at all but Ran right now is being hated by the whole class.
The cause of this isn’t Kirishima Ran.
The given abilityーUnderling Training is the one at fault.


“Thanks for helping me”, he was about to stretch his hand.

「Sorry but can you leave this class?」

The stretched hand was pulled back mercilessly.
Dark emotion well up from the hand that was pulled back.
Then there’s discomfort and pity from being sneered at.

「The girls will be frightened when you’re here. And one day, the lack of fighting spirit and unity would appear. We have to avoid collapsing unity by all means. Alsoーー」

Torao stops and looked back at Nekoyama Mizusu standing at the back
Noticing Nekoyama’s glance, she showed her fang and an embarrassed smile.

「I can’t endure you laying a hand on my girlfriend, Nekoyama Misuzu」

He’s going to grab him to make a complain but Ran’s body was sent flying by Torao’s arm.

The arm that hit Ran has the thickness can’t be compared to a human.
It has yellow and black stripes.
It has a bikini pattern that an unfortunate human wears when it fell in love with an alien.
Torao Shigenobu’s arm became a partial tiger.

My girlfiendーHe said.
NekoyamaーThat angelic Nekoyama Misuzu is Torao Shigenobu’s girlfriend?
That Nekoyama Misuzu that’s gentle to everyone, pure and cute? Torao’sー.

Is she wearing that stimulating light blue panties for Torao!?

「You just talked about hating the unity collapsing don’t you?」
「I did. What’s wrong with that?」
「At the very begginningーWe don’t even know what’s in this world yet, then you’re going to throw away your classmate, where’s the unity there!? What the hell is lack of Unity!?」

Anger held in three people was shot at Torao.
“Was I this kind of passionate character?” he asked
“I wonder if I have such a character when I leave it to my emotions and throw out unnecessary words” he asked

Ran’s roar made the schoolgirl’s even more afraid.
Even the men are looking at Ran with eyes of disgust.
Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop!
Don’t look at me with those eyes!
…Don’t look at me with those eyes…

「We’ll get you back when everything’s done. When the Maou’s defeated, when we can come back home Kirishima will also return properー」
「…Shut up 」

I’ll take you back.
What’s with that? Aren’t you just saying that I’m an extra luggage?

The Underling Training is an ability that can make demons or something become my servant.
If ever you go to defeat the Maou in the future and got attacked by innumerable amount of demons, who would protect you?
Isn’t that the turn of Kirishima Ran?
Isn’t that why Ran was given this ability?

But I don’t want to use this ability for this people anymore.
Ran will live by his own power.

「Fine… I won’t rely on you guys anymore」

Ran turned back to Torao and Glasses and began to walk wobbly.

He was excluded by those guys who stayed together with him in the classroom until last week and spent time learning together.
He’s being a loner like air until now.
Is this what the class boycott means?


Even if you didn’t notice that I rubbed your chest, I won’t mention it.
She didn’t even ask if I saw her panties jokingly.
To Ran who was at the lowest layer of the class castle, Nekoyama Misuzu smiling face doesn’t change.
For ran, she’sー.

「No, I can’t speak out anything more than this?」

Thinking about it, he mustn’t speak.
He’ll be satisfied when he does.
Saying it after hiding it for a long time will only be a lip service so it’s better to translate it to action.
He’ll never give up in frustration.
Kirishima Ran walked at the long dark corridor slowly.
Nobody noticed that he confined a revenge he can’t break in his heart.


  1. イッポオー・ツーコオ, Sorry, I don’t know what this is so I’ll just put this here