Chapter 18 : The worries of the class representative.


『…S-Sadogashima-san. Would you like to be in a relationship with me?』

The sunset enters the room.
The class representative, Sadogashima Sayaka is pondering about the confession she just received a while ago.

Sadogashima Sayaka is a self-asserted literary girl.
Lowering her exquisite black hair dyed just a bit so it won’t float from the surroundings, the eyes in beyond the glasses are usually downcast.
She wants to be useful to everyone in the class, though she’s in a subtle position as a class committee clerk, she doesn’t want to stand out that much.
Sayaka likes the position where there’s only a few who ask for opinions, even silent in class meetings.

Re-crossing her legs wrapped in black stockings, just how many times Sayaka have sighed on the bed.

She’s been doing this since a while ago.
Remembering the confession, her chest becomes heavy then she sighs before she notices.

「How should I reply?」

Tanaka Haruto, the one who confessed to her is well, a very common high school student.

Not the Ikemen on top of the castle like Niigaki or Torao, not on the bottom of the castle like Megane or Ryuzaki
He’s a male student who’s keen on studying seriously during class, does club activities after school, he’s enjoying youth in a sense.

To put it badly, he’s someone without individuality.
When you talk about a classmate who’s serious, gentle, and clean, you can say that he’s a so-so quality article(rude)

Sayaka knows that there’s no girl among the class who called dibs on Tanaka Haruto,
He might have a girl related to club activities or a childhood friend but that’s another story.
Even if she says OK in this confession, there won’t be anyone who’d resent or have a grudge against her.

「I don’t know when this life will last」

‘I don’t want to think about it’
Suppose they have to live in this world eternally.
Sayaka and others have to make lovers in this world, get married, and have children.

No matter how much gentle the person is, living under the same roof and giving birth to the child of an other-world resident.
Furthermore, the child born would have half of the genes completely unrelated to oneself.
It’s a common phrase.
Sayaka doesn’t want such future.

「I do have a person I like」

Sayaka softens her cheeks with an expression of a maiden in love.
The impetus is so simple it’s not worth mentioning.
When writing the committee diary, “he” has praised her writing being thorough. ーThat’s all.

But her love never came true.
Sayaka thought of that person’s appearance, Sayaka looked at the sunset with a lonely face.

Suppose that it’s the usual melancholic Monday.
If wall cancel, a meaningless magic skill wasn’t given to her, if she can live her daily life like usual.
“He” would never have such experience.

Or if Sayaka herself had the ability to confront Niigaki or Torao.
This situation might not have happened.

「…It’s always like this. Because I’m indecisive and think I won’t obtain it, I’d want it so much I can’t bear it」

‘I wonder if it’s the same case this time’
She’s always been the same from before till Tanaka Haruto’s confession.
If she refused him and cling to her useless dream
‘I wonder if I’ll regret it in the future’

And this time, she can’t do anything.
What she has lost from this worldーthinking of that person who doesn’t exist already, her love will never be fulfilled.
It’s Sayaka’s bad habbit.
She’s satisfied by envisioning the future of something she wasn’t able to obtain.
And, how many times have she stopped.


Muttering the name of her beloved, Sayaka rolls over the bed.

During her unrequited love, she was confessed by another boy.
Intoxicated on a development like the Shojo manga from the former world, Sayaka is swallowed by the whirlpool of hesitation.


Stone corridor, rusty iron smells like death.
A saint training his unique magic in the training ground in basement.

Rubbing the cheeks on the cold and hard floor, giving a glare on the eerie smiling woman, he averts his eyes as you can say this disastrous scene is impossible to look at.

These past few daysーRan’s been using his Retainer Training multiple times during the day.
Every time the woman in front of Ran flatters him, she touches Ran’s body and her voice blurs.

Ran releases the Retainer Training on the distance where it’s ambiguous whether it’s touching or not.
Then, their facial expression changes to fright, and they try to escape.
Eventually, they weren’t able to, captured by the knights, they were brought back in front of Ran again.
Everyday, this is repeated.

「Does this even have a meaning?…」

Of course, he’s not doing repetitive practice of his magic every day.
He also trains fighting spirit and use of spirit magicー In addition, certain level of combat knowledge.

The other classmates have started training since their second day after summoning, so he’s lagged behind from others.
Of course, it’s impossible to do all of the training of the saints because of time and equipment.

「But still, if we just abandon this repetitive practice on Retainer Training, we’d have a bit more time I think」

Since the training time has increased, Ran’s been indebt with Misuzu for her reinforced recovery every night.

Ran who’s impersonating the butler Ryan, goes to Misuzu’s bedroom at night to get rid of his body and mental fatigue with her healing skill.

That said, when men and women at pubescent age make contact like that, things do happen.
The two overlap their bodies, lips, and have sex filled with love.
The only time he finds meaning in living is when he’s stirring his penis inside Misuzu or Kanami.

Of course, it’s also time of bliss to deepen Misuzu and Kanami’s love.
Rather than that, Ran wants to collect fighting power named Retainers as soon as possible.

Unknown when the saints would leave, nor the faction of people who gave Ran a shelter.

It’s the knights who support Queen Rebecca who also appeared from Kanami’s story the other day, she’s controlling and managing the state of practice condition of the saints other than Ran.

By the the way, the queen faction strongly recommends against the use of Retainer skill, on the contrary, the faction giving Ran shelter is the highest rank aside from the queen, the first concubine faction.

Queen Rebecca and the first concubine both have given birth to a son with a succession qualification.
The Queen’s sonーthe next generation king is a pure child, he was a the Queen’s side who summoned the saints.
The first concubine’s son tries to jeopardize the position of Queen Rebecca.

When you step into the significant part.
The first concubine originally is someone with a low-rank position, thinking of politics in consideration of the lower aristocrats and commoners.
The Queen on the other hand is born as a upper class noble. With an old-fashioned thought of the position as weapon, she’s carrying out her same thoughts as before.

Simply put:
The Queen’s faction devotes their energy in prosperity of the upper class noble and the kingdom.
The first concubine faction has the lower-class aristocrats, commoners living in muddy water and knights who are rising up.
The current state of the country seems to be like this.

That said, Ran is a normal high school student with no friends.
He doesn’t intend to poke his nose on a political talk at all.

Let’s return to our topic.
When will the saints depart from the royal palace.
Ran who’s a black sheep can’t know that fact.
If so, what should he do?
It’s important to take action as soon as possible.

For that sake, Ran wants time.
If he has time for such meaningless skill practice, Ran would do something with that time.
Using this amazing skill and steal another classmate’s lover.

「Similar with spirit magic, unique magic gradually increases in power and accuracy when you do it over and over again. This is also a worthy exercise」
「Not to argue but, I don’t think the retainer training’s power has gone up though」
「But, the range of effect and reaction speed should have increased. It’s not a waste」

At any rate, being objected straightly like that, Ran has no choice but to obey.
Actually, he’s given the same resting time as the other saints so he can’t be greedy to want more.

「It’s about time I reach out for other fields soon」

Since it’s troublesome to have them completely fall down, he doesn’t think of making his classmates fall down to the third stage.

Using his skills is accompanied by the disadvantage of the female students knowing that Kirishima Ran, who should be kicked out and died, has survived.
At best, it’ll only be one stageーif it’s a cute girl then drop her to the second stage. ーWell, that should be good.
Either way, regardless of his restrictions, he’ll entrust to his instinct and do the act.

But still, well.
If there’s one thing he should do, it’s to have sex with his classmates, a luxurious and blissful worry.
If you think you can experience taste and compare with girls in their uniform, Ran right now thinks that it’s considerably good.

「Now then, the break’s over. Next would be the basics of spirit magic, and training healing magic」

Called by the knight with a gentle corner of eye, Ran returns to the training area while relaxing his body.
His face shows the color of determination.