Chapter 23 : The world’s most disgraceful princess.


Sadogashima Sayaka has climbed the stairway to the happiest adult in the world, and she made fun of Tanaka Haruto’s hardships unreasonably at the same time
There’s another change about to take place inside the class.

Mikoshiba Aya. A school girl belonging to the same class as Sayaka and othersーin a nutshell, she’s a problem child.

If you apply the rules on the narrow school and wide society, the female student Mikoshiba Aya is considerably a problem child.
A lump of mass school regulations violation, a lawless zone for other than the results at the opening.

Her gold and brown colored hair that clearly violates the school regulation extends to below her shoulder, cutter shirt that’s open as far as the second button, and a flashy colored T-shirt can be seen through.
Her high school girl like thighs exposed outside without care, her panties give glimpses from under her provocative length skirt.
Someone attached an insult of walking school violations on her.

But, she has consistently kept one strong policy.
That is so simple that it’ll end if you say that it’s obvious.

She never broke any legal rules that would put humiliating insults on her.

For example, smoking, drinking alcohol, assault, or even compensated dating.
Even extortion and breaking any equipment.
She has never caused a problem that would require legal measures.

That said, the society spreads half-truth rumors because she looks like she’ll do it.

It’s just a baseless rumor.
There’s the rumor that if you bring three thousand yen bills after school in the back of the building, you can ejaculate as much as you want with her mouth, breasts, and vagina.
There were also people showing up with a report that they’ve actually done it.

But, actually;
She declares for her own honor and image;
The actual Mikoshiba Aya who’s rumored to be a slut is actually an undoubted virgin.

Though she was wearing a man’s sneaker socks during the transfer, Mikoshiba Aya is walking down the corridor of the royal palace while tramping down the heel of the sports shoes.

Sulking her mouth in bad mood, Mikoshiba Aya enters the dining room.
As soon as they saw Aya in the dining room, the atmosphere of the students splits into two in no time.

One is like Sayaka and Yuri, they look away from Aya trying not to get involved.
Or rather, most of the students in the class has this response.

She’s basically a lone wolf and she’s hardly seen to be hanging out with someone.
If there’s no student she’s getting along with, there’s no one for her to call out.
The girl isolated from a different reason from Ran eats a meal alone.
She understands that she’s excluded from the class so she goes to the narrow table in the corner.

Wearing a beige cardigan that emphasizes her violently protruding breasts, she waits for the dish carried to her while exposing her provocative and charming legs.
She takes out a nail file to divert her boredom thenーa black shadow fill Mikoshiba’s vision.

「May I join you for breakfast?」
「Ah, ah, err… M-Mikoshiba-san. C-Can I sit here?!」
「Me too? Or rather, it’s okay isn’t it?” I won’t ask for an answer!ーOr something?…Look, that violet guy, that」
「I think it’s better to eat together than alone」

The black shadows pull a seat tremblingーNo, the saints wearing black clothes is sprinkling Mikoshiba smiles.
Though it’s black clothes, they’re not from a suspicious trafficking organization.

To be frank, it’s that.
When a person who don’t usually goes outside goes to a clothing shop, for some reason, they get black clothing like it’s inescapable fate.
It’s better to say that it’s the so-called otaku clothing.

Megane Eichi, Otagawa Kenjirou, Ryuzaki Tsubasa, and Kawasaki Shinzou sits down to surround Mikoshiba.
By the way, the second atmosphere that as changed as mentioned before isーto put it in one word “Rejoice”, expressed by these guys. That was it.

When Nekoyama Misuzu who was kind to everyone has taken a blunt attitude, and Inugami Kanami who’s an ally of the weak didn’t talk to them much recently.
The time to be in contact with high school girls that are already lacking has been narrowed even further.

Apart from Niigaki or Torao who’s given charm by the heaven(their faces), having also high communication power; Megani and the otaku group literally values every moment chatting with high school girls.

Since their life is confined at the royal palace, the time to live with the schoolgirls within a day has definitely increased.
But, if you ask for the chance proportion to it increases, they can only shake their heads with confidence.

Especially Otagawa who’s bad at usual conversations, it’s impossible to continue talking on one-on-one basis.
If there’s more than two girls, he’ll escape unconsciously.
Well, that is Otagawa’s personality and there’s nothing bad at it.

「What’s with you? Need something from me?」
「It is as Kawasaki said. Mikoshiba-san always eats alone so we thought if we could accompany you sometimes? Thus, we came here to ask you」
「T-That’s right! M-Mikoshiba-san, together, together, that…」
「…As expected, her tits are huge」
「Rather than that, is the food not here yet?」

Ryuzaki makes a suspicious gaze wander while she hides her stylish palm from the corner of her eyes, Kawasaki changed the topic to breakfast as soon as possible.
Megane and Otagawa were grateful that Mikoshiba spoke.
The girl they yearn for is talking to them this early in the morning.
Though it’s a simple reply, it was a reward for their hardships.

‘Why does girl’s voice sound so cute?’
‘I want to record that voice and listen to it in repeat in the bed’
‘I got hard because of Mikoshiba’s tits’
‘I’d die if I don’t eat breakfast soon’

ーEach of them have different thoughts.

That said, Mikoshiba is only one high school girl.
Worrying about them (at least that’s what they feel from Mikoshiba), and talking to the hated people.

It’s pity that the otaku group can’t be said attractive even by standard, it’s a fact that she spoke to those boys.

Since she was at good mood at the time, Mikoshiba unconsciously gave out a verbal slip./

「…Thanks. You guys are surprisingly nice」

Mikoshiba smiles kindly while resting her chin on her hand.
For them who has no resistance against women and smiles, Mikoshiba lands quite a damage on their hearts.
It won’t be strange of they make an obvious misunderstanding.

Mikoshiba’s smile is healing.
Cute. Mikoshiba-san’s so cute. I’d like to take a photo and watch it over from the bed forever.
Me tooーMy lower half become healthy thanks to you.
I’m so hungry I’m losing strength.

Just hearing that remark from Mikoshiba, their daily life has been lit up.
The four students found the meaning of life and regained their existence that has been lost.
Mikoshiba Aya is a goddess for themーno, she’s a princess.

At that day, Mikoshiba Aya got the tile of the world’s most disgraceful in a way she didn’t wish for.
It’s a cursed position to be named princess by the otaku group.


「Funyaauuuu… I-I’m at my limit」

A hole in a crotch is natural. Her modest breasts and delicately curved navelーshoulder and that has a flexible curve and a soft plump thigh. And her squishy cheek that creates an innocent atmosphere. Nekoyama Misuzu throws her body on the bed wearily while cloudy liquid spill from the hole at her bottom.

Ran leaks out a sigh while looking at Misuzu who’s whole body is defiled with semen.

「Sorry, Misuzu… I might’ve overdone it a bit」

While wiping Misuzu’s face with cloth wet from water magic, he pats her head to console her.
When he’s doing it with MIsuzu, he’s overdoing it unintentionally.
The innocent look stirs up your desire to protect, her body that’s not growing enough for a high school girl and the lovely voice she makes.
Everything stimulates Ran’s preference accurately.

Beforeー Ran only yearn for Misuzu who’s only seen wearing uniform.

Her usual smile is the center of the class and each of her behavior is strangely charming.
‘I’d like to hold her hands at least once. Even if it’s an accident, I’d like to embrace her tightly in my chest.’

It’s not just sexual curiosity.
‘I want to touch her. I want to be with her. I want her to be mine’
That desire was going around inside Ran endlessly.

「ーAlso, she herself opens her pussy happily. No way I can hold back」

That said, he overdid it this evening.
It’s still acceptable decorating her whole body with semen but it might not be good to let it out in her butt.
Though you can’t thrust inside if it’s not prepared beforehand.
Misuzu’s but that twitches when you rub it gives a different pleasure from the vagina, and it’s really good.

That said, Ran won’t do something Misuzu would hate.
Misuzu’s face turned gloomy when he ejaculated inside her butt so he intends to make this the last time.
No, he didn’t mean to treat Misuzu that roughly today.

「It’s said that Megane picked a fight with Niigaki but I don’t get it」

Unlike students who were given two rest days a week, the saints can’t be given holidays.
It seems that the training time per day shortens bit by bit, but the fact that there are no holidays you can spend without worrying about time is mentally and physically worrying.

If it’s just physical, Misuzu’s reinforced recovery can do something about it.
Recently they can use physical bestowal magic so they can recover some of his fatigue with his magic alone
That said, the difference is tremendous compared to Misuzu’s unique magic.
Therefore, Misuuz’s still using reinforced recovery to all saints every morning.

「Un, Misuzu’s reinforced recovery really helps」
「I’m glad for your praise nyaa. …Want to do it again?」

She reached out for his penis hanging down but Ran stops it.

‘Let’s stop for tonight’
It’s indeed overdone.
If he violates Misuzu more tonight, she might really go crazy.

The reason why he’s enthusiastic when he’s with MIsuzu isn’t just because Misuzu’s so cute.
If it was Kanami or Sayaka, Ran can be satisfied ejaculating two to three times including foreplay.
Though he’s a high school boy at the peak of adolescent libido, there’s still a limit. It’s impossible to ejaculate creating a sea of semen like some peerless protagonist.

But, with Misuzuーthat limit disappears.
As long as Misuzu’s cuteー If she uses reinforced recovery, he can continue having sex with Misuzu until he gets satisfied.
He can even literally paint her whole body with semen and stay connnected all night.

「That said, I think it’s not good to treat Misuzu like a toy」

It’s a remark that would make you retort “I don’t want to hear that from you” but, he thinks that he can press this role to only Misuzu.
There’s no need to worry about exhaustion or smell.
Not only an outlet of lust but also a way to vent out stress, Misuzu’s treated as such.
Continuing as such, someday he might just see Misuzu only as a sexual processing tool.
That made him feel uneasy.

「I want to keep pouring my love to Misuzu forever」
「Ran-kun’s puring in semen right? I’m the one pouring in love」
「…No, I’m not talking about liquid」

Holding such a conversation, he wipes Misuzu’s limbs with a towel.
Stroking her young skin that’s sticking to him, delusions spring up in his head.

The smell of Ran’s semen drifts along with the sweet womanly fragrance.
This also stirs up his sense of conquest.
But, he has to hold back today.
It’s not about secretion.

「I’m wiping your armpits, raise your arms」
「Here, Ran-kun」

Misuzu licks her glossy mouth as she put her arms on the back of her head.
Modest it may be but her breast softly sways, that scene made him swallow his saliva.

Looking at it closely, Misuzu’s breasts are swelling more than usual, her pink nipples are protruding plumply.
Turning up his gaze, Misuzu’s expectant eyes met with Ran’s.
She’s aroused from having Ran wipe her body. Misuzu’s limbs twitches along with the movement of the cloth.

Knowing that his beloved partner is aroused, there’s no way a man would be able to hold back.
The cowper fluid overflows from the tip of his penis that was just limp a while ago. Ran doesn’t need the word endure for now.
Forgetting the job of wiping her armpits, Ran sucks Misuzu’s breasts.
There’s a hard part among the softness, this might be a habbit.

Just a bit moreー Thinking that he wants to be healed by Misuzu for a bit more, Ran decided to proceed thinking on who will he change to his Retainer next.