Chapter 29 : Mikoshiba Aya 2


Ran entrusted his body to Aya’s chest as if his eyes are drawn to it by seductive temptations.
Ran’s chest caresses Aya’s nipple that’s pointing upwards, the sweet feeling is like a nail scratching deeply.

The places Aya touch are so hot it’s unbearable.
The penis that just ejaculated a while ago is swelling, just a small stimulation would make it ejaculate immediately.

「…Is it because of the bestowal magic I used a while ago?」

Physical type bestowal magic itself is an instant use body strengthening that can be used on anyoneーthe exhaustion vanishes, and the increase of stamina goes up quickly.
Though it’s a convenient magic, it’s not powerful to that extent.

The fuel economy is poor compared to Misuzu’s unique magic – reinforced recovery magic, and unlike healing magic, it doesn’t increase the natural healing power, so the scene it’s used is quite limited.
It’s mainly used on melee combat warriors and knights and swordsmen who take enemy’s life with a whole body blow. Those who take only a moment to decide victory or defeat are those who use that magic.
Even as a mistake, it’s not an obscene magic to make the genital that reached climax get erect once again.

That said, there are everyday occurrence of male prostitutes and aristocrats using the magic for immoral matters.
Therefore, the usage isn’t bad in particular.

But as said earlier, it has bad fuel economy to make penises gain erection using bestowal magic.
If a healthy young man uses it for the last push, there’s a huge amount of mana needed to energize the completely withered penis.
Therefore, Ran can only give minimum amount of bestowal magic to make his own penis erect.

Mikoshiba Aya’s unique magicー with her Infinite Mana, it’s meaningless.

「Fufu. Kirishima’s penis is drenched with lewd liquids」

Aya stretched out her hand towards Ran’s lower abdomen, then strokes the sensitive penis.
Persistently attacking around the glans, Ran’s mouth leak out a sigh.
The sensitive penis is painted on semen and cowper fluid, Aya’s fingers softly tightens. His waist instinctively pull out from the milking sensation.

「It’s been twitching since earlier. So cute」

Playing with the twitching penis using her hand, Aya breathes heavily.
For Aya who’s a virgin, it’s her first time touching a raw penis, and it’s also her first time hearing a boy’s seductive sigh.
Aya’s a high school girl too. She’s interested in lewd things, she also want to have sex with a boy.

Every time she hears the joyous voice leaking out of Ran’s mouth, Aya’s stomach aches hotly.
Ran’s voice, gesture, scentーeverything that’s overflowing from the man in front of Aya arouses her.

As the penis grasped by her hand gets harder and hotter, Aya’s expectations increases.
This lovely organ will stimulate Aya’s vagina.
The depths of her vagina which her fingers can’t go throughーthe cause of the heat and pain, deep in her womb would be hollowed with love.
Just thinking about it, Aya’s vagina is ready to welcome the penis’ intrusion

「Hyaa, D-Don’t, Kirishima, that’sー!」

Ran mercilessly pressed his thighs to her drenched vagina.
Though she instinctively closed her thighs, her reason can’t go against her instinct. How can you resist the act of being stimulated by the other sex’s honey pot overflowing with love juice?

Feeling like she’s melting from the sensation of the thighs pushed to her, Aya sprawled limply.
Spreading the slit that’s sopping wet, it’s waiting for Ran’s stimulation impatiently. Pushing his thigh once again, Aya’s body jumped up.

「No, you can’t, Kirishima… Any more than this and I…」
「It’s fine. Relax, take it easy」

With his gentle voice, Aya’s body weakens.
Being this wet in front of a boy, what a shameless story.
Though tears float on her eyes, that droplet never fell. Becauseー

「Should I make you feel even better?」
「Fue?! More? Howーah! N-No! If you do that, hyauuuuuuu!!?」

Releasing his thighs from the heated crotch, a gentle feeling wraps her crotch instead.
The source is different but she can roughly imagine what is the object she’s feeling. Because, Aya has done this act over and over since the past few days.

「It’s wet enough that there should be no problems inserting.」

The man’s index and ring finger goes straight and split the crack open.
The two fingers spread Aya’s embarrassing part, andー

「Fua, aaaaaaa! I-if you put in your finger thereー H-Hyuuuuuuuun!?」

It’s not herself. The pseudo penis that moves unrelated to her will plays with Aya’s vagina.

‘Also, what a gentle way of using fingers’
‘Is he used to it?’ He stirs exactly where Aya wants to be touched and the sweet feeling wears her vagina walls.

「Ah, aaah! Afu, fueeee Eh, Ehi, ehiiii… Hyaaaan!」

Leaking out a miserable panting voice, Aya grips the edge of the seat with both her hands.
The sweet nectar overflowing from her slit opened loosely doesn’t stop.
For Aya who comforts herself every night, the stimulation from someone else is a reward for everything. Talking about desires, her true intention is to have an erect penis stir up her insides strongly.


Showing a melting face, Aya looks up at Ran’s face wistfully.
‘I want to do it. Though your fingers are good, I want to be stirred by that energetic penis. I want you to push and grind the entrance to my womb’
Plunge with that kind of feeling. Did Ran think of it? He gently blocked Aya’s lips with his own.

「Nnnnnー! Nnnnnnnnn! Nnnnnn! Nnnー!」

Aya’s body twitches as Ran closes her lips.
The waves of amazing pleasure she never felt before made Aya felt like screaming butーher mouth is tightly sealed that only muffled voice comes out.

Aya’s vagina twitches as she raise a scream that doesn’t come out.
Making a wet sound, Ran pulls out his fingertips from Aya.

Releasing the lips sealed, glaring over at Aya’s still dreamy state, Ran lowers his gaze to her abdomen.
Ran admires the lewd bridge that goes from her slit to his fingertips, Ran loosens his cheek.

「Mikoshiba-san, you’re quite sensitive」

Licking the tip of his fingers, he once again look at her face.
Aya who’s drooling on her mouth and having tears in her eyes from too much pleasure, she looks up at Ran with feverish glance.

Her cheeks blush red from the lust, Mikoshiba Aya gasps exhausted.
Aya who reached climax from Ran’s hand has entered the third Retainer stage early.
The mouth opened shamelessly in relief, the meaty breasts matching her breath, the slit that’s twitching as it overflows with love nectar are all Ran’s


Aya calls out Ran’s name with a sweet voice that could tickle one’s spine.
Showing an expression that she’s not satisfied, wanting something, Aya crawls her fingers to her crotch. Breathing roughly, not letting her gaze away from Ran. Aya didn’t hesitate and opened the most important part as a girl with her own fingers.

The love nectar drips from the opened vagina, it twitches every moment.

「I want you to violate me with that hard penis in here」

Looking at the vagina dripping wet wanting his penis, Ran stroked his own penis with his fingers.

In front of Ran is a classmate widening her crotch obscenelyーMikoshiba Aya’s lying defenselessly.
Lying on her back wearing nothing, she stares at Ran with a sloppy expression.

Gulping his throat to the untouched salmon pink pussy, Ran softly brings his face close to Aya’s crotch.
The smell of a girl is swallowed under his nose, he almost had nosebleed from the thickness of the scent.

The rough nasal breathing reaches Aya’s thighs and he caress her inner thighs with a loving hand. Listening to the sweet voice in response to the contact, Ran puts the twitching girl part into his mouth and lick it with his tongue.

「Hyaaaaaaaaaaa! heaaa…Aaaafuu, nhyaaaaan!!」

Raising a scream that stirs up sadistic minds, Aya’s vagina overflows love nectar like spring water.
Making splashing sounds with his tongue, Ran continues to attack Aya’s important part.
What high sensitivity does this high school girl that’s already been a third stage retainer.

After bullying her with his tongue to some extent, Ran let go of Aya’s crotch.
A thread of light from mixed saliva and love nectar connects then eventually breaks.
After wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Ran stares at Aya’s face.

「D-Don’t tease me, hurry up and put it in…」

As if trying to hide her melting face, Aya pins down her eyes with her plump arms, Aya breathes roughly.
Blushing cheeks, saliva dripping from the lovely mouth glimpse from her face.

「Hurry, Kirishima’s penis, I want it to be deep inside…」
「Sure. But, before that」

Diverting his eyes away from the melting crack, Ran gazed at a point.
A part bit lower than Aya’s face.
The healthy breasts firmly shaped moving up and down matching her breath.

‘I’ve been interested in Aya’s tits since in the former world. Aya who’s normally a failure when it comes to sense of virtue, never opens up the buttons of her uniform. I don’t mind if she wears a shirt inside during winter but, it’s a sudden change when summer. The second buttonーin severe cases the third and fourth button are opened from her chest, Aya’s colorful and stimulating bra and her cleavage shows without reserve, gathering the gaze of the adolescent men’

It’s said that afternoon class without air conditioner is some kind of heaven. The uniform that becomes transparent due to the sweat makes the flashy light green or purple underwear show up, whenever she flaps around her chest not minding the gaze of the surrounding because of the heat, her collarbone to her breast area is exposed.

That said, Aya has common sense. She’s not a slut nor an exhibitionist.
If you talk about the category of underwear glimpses occurring to the most gorgeous environment in the high school life, Aya’s defenselessness creates various fuel dishes that stir up the delusion of young men.

But, that’s only when a stiff high school girl guarding firmly her uniform.
The important parts of a woman such as nipples and vagina were never exposed even once.
Mikoshiba Aya’s been stripped naked in the brains of the high school boys for many years but actually, this is her first time exposing her naked body to a male student.

Therefore, Ran seeing Aya’s secret place hidden in her underwear is also a first time.
It’s not his first time seeing a classmate’s breasts but it’s his first time seeing Aya’s.
Well, it’s already known but the healthy shape and the nipple pointing up, the skin damp with sweat is indeed charming.

Ran’s a healthy boy.
Of course he’s interested about girl’s crotch but he’s also interested in breasts.
Or rather, there’s no other way but touching it.

「Mikoshiba-san’s breasts are really big」
「B-Breasts? Hmm, well if you talk about size, then I’m quite confident about it」

Hauling her arms hiding her eyes, Aya raises her own breasts.
The nipples standing up pointing to the heaven and the breasts shook up emphasizes obscenity.
The pink nipple asserts it’s own plumpness. Unable to endure the temptation to the gentleman, Ran covers on Aya without hesitation.

「F-Fua?! Kirishima’s hot and hard thing, it’s hitting」

Pushing his hard penis against Aya’s slit, Ran glares at Aya’s breasts while breathing roughly.

Are the tan lines due to the training wear? Her cherry buds on her breasts are slightly fairer compared to her arm and face. Emphasized by Aya’s arms, it’s obscenely pressed in front of Ran’s eyes.
If he approach his face a bit more, the tip of her nipples would touch his nose.

The fragrant sweet milk drifts from her breasts, Ran’s reason snaps off.
His classmate’s breasts sway in front of him. And, an expression of lust of her classmate as she look at him as if wanting something.
Is there a male high school student who won’t lose his reason if a female classmate is totally in heat?

「…Your breasts look deliciou」
「Fuee, fuaaaaaaa!? Heauuu… Wait…that’s!」

Unable to endure the plump breasts meat, Ran jumps to Aya’s breasts.
Stuffing his mouth with Aya’s breasts, he continues licking the protruding part with his tongue.
Delicious. So Delicious. It doesn’t actually have a sweet taste but the texture when putting it in his mouth is unbearable.

It’s a young and healthy elastic breasts whose size isn’t inferior to Kanami’s breasts.
Then, he grinds the nipples inside his mouth.
Aya leaks out a cute voice every time he licks, it stimulates Ran’s desire even further.

「Y-Yaaa! If you suck it that strongly, my breasts would come off!」
「Such a sensitive body… Mikoshiba-san, this isn’t your first time, right?」

Sucking up her nipples, he then pinched the other nipple with his hand.
Looking at Aya who’s convulsing as she scream voicelessly, he carefully massage Aya’s breasts.

Kneading it with the palm of his hand, he stimulates the tip and twists it.
Massaging the right breasts with his hand, he licks and sucks the left with his mouth.
Reacting to each of the individual stimulation, Mikoshiba Aya twists her body as she raise a sweet voice.
Unable to endure that lewd reaction, Ran’s sadistic mind gradually rises.

「I want to hear more of Mikoshiba-san’s cute voice…」
「W-What do you meanーHyaaaaaan!?」

Around the entrance of her vagina, he presses the tip of his hot and hard penis.
He’s not inserted it yet but Aya’s mouth releases screams of pleasure.
This much reaction from just touching the tip. What would Aya show if he does more than this?

「Should I do as you said earlier?」
「…As earlier?」

Aya who’s having a dreamy face and tears on her eyes got stunned then her face dyed red.

「You’re going to violate that place…?」
「Hm, I won’t know if you say “that place”」

Ran looks at Aya’s face while pressing his penis against her hole.

「Mikoshibna-san, where do you want to be violated?」
「Like I said, that…」

Pouting her mouth, her cheeks dyes faintly.
Does it feel embarrassing saying the name of the part of her made to feel good to be prepared to welcome the penis?

「P-Please…violate my pussy!」
「Yup, of course」

Feeling arousal from her shout, Ran puts his hand on Aya’s crotch.
Aya’s melting vagina accepts the penis and it’s pushed deep inside her.

「Fukyuuu, kuu, kuuun!」

Along with Aya’s scream, her vagina walls undulate sweetly, it swallows Ran’s penis deliciously.
Aya’s face melts down as love nectar overflows from her widely spread crotch.
As he push his waist listening to Aya’s lovely voice, an unbelievable phenomenon happens in front of Ran.

「ーAh, iiiiuuu!」

A sense of deja vu rises in Ran due to the sense of breaking something.
It might be different from the deja vu he felt butーthis is right.
The sense of discomfort Ran feels isn’t when he pushed his penis.
There’s another event that’s happening now. That’s what’s important to Ran.

If it’s just a sensation then it would be just Ran’s misunderstanding.
But if he relies on the visual information in front of him, it won’t be a misunderstanding anymore.


There’s a heavy liquid that’s spilling from the vagina hole that’s swallowing his penis.
It’s not love nectar. It has a color and it fell down her crotch, spilling on the sheets.

After burning his eyes of the liquid falling on the sheet, Ran looked at Aya again.

A cute brown and gold mix hair that’s violating school regulations.
Tanned skin, long eyelashes, eyes that fascinates men without even doing anything. And a plump pouting pink lips.

The sweat running in her nape, the provocation length of her skirt that makes her panties give a glimpse as if tempting men, her abundant breasts shaking obscenely, waist showing an attractive line, and a violently plump thighs.
All of it creates an atmosphere that Mikoshiba Aya is an experienced slut.

Or rather, Aya makes herself look like such so boys can’t leave their eyes from her.
With that as a cause, rumors of Aya being a slut has flowed to various places.
Ran heard that even those whose not in a friendly relationship with her, as long as he brings 30k yen at the back of school building, she’ll give fellatio and sex.

「A virgin with this look, atmosphere, and sensitivity…? Seriously?」

This might be a bit of prejudice mixed in but, isn’t the virgin Mikoshiba Aya an endangered species?
Ran’s stunned as he has defiled an angel that has protected her virginity while having such appearance.

That said, he can think of this way as well.
Kirishima Ran took the first experience of the angel. She’s different from the rumored person who just bangs anyone. Ran’s the only male student who actually violated the school girl named Mikoshiba, both their minds and body are connected.

「…K-Kirishima. Why are you trembling?」

Everything would be a first experience for Aya.
First oral sex, first time she reached climax from Ran’s hand, first time having a man suck on her boobs.
Ran’s going to violate Aya and dye her in his color. All of it will be engraved deeply in Aya’s heart as her first experience.
Thinking about it, it’s such an arousing idea.

「It’s fine. Then, I’m going to move okay?」
「Eh, it’s already inー Hyaa, ah, auu…Nn Nneeyaaaa!?」

The penis that stopped it’s piercing pushed even deeper.
The penis intrudes the vaginal wall seriously and it’s chewed slowly without resisting.

Pushing the whole penis into Aya’s vagina, he then turned his arms to her neck. Embracing Aya who’s panting obscenely on top of the bed, Ran pressed his chest on Aya’s breasts.
‘Is it because of the sucking earlier? Aya’s nipples is stiff’ Every time the bud rubs against his chest, Aya’s body twitches.

「Hyaaaa!? Aaaaaaaーー!? The tip of my nipples are rubbing, it feels good!」

Aya’s thighs goes around and holds Ran’s waist firmly.
Her plump elastic thighs presses against his waist and an exquisite soft comfort runs through.

「I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!」

Aya takes Ran’s lips while tying her legs together.
A moist and plump lip clog Ran’s a wet tongue enters his.
The coquettish tongue wets Ran’s tongue, running through his teeth, licking it all over.
Ran also feels arousal from that passionate kiss.

「It felt so itchy, hot, aching deep in my stomach all this time… But doing this, it feels like a strange place is stirred up, it’s good!」

Releasing her mouth, a thread of light connects Aya and Ran’s lips.
Aya’s face melts in pleasure as the bridge connecting their mouth breaks.
Her face blushes sensuously, her saliva’s dripping down slovenly.
Aya who’s aroused from the steam leaking out from the breath, she turns her arm around Ran and kisses him from the nape to his earlobe repeatedly.

「Mikoshiba-san…that tickles」

A sweet sigh wraps around the earlobe and his spine felt chills.
Making a wet sound, she licks the entrance of his ears. The slippery sensation runs through the entrance to the earlobe, the soft lip then bites Ran’s ear.
Aya gives it love bites with only her lips, she releases her face from the ears and speaks amorously.

「I want you to call me Aya smoothly. Hey, fufu…」

Licking his cheeks, Aya then gaze straight to Ran’s face.
The eyes painted in lust, expectation, love and pleasure are colored in bright pink

「What, Kirishima?」

Her eyes narrowed and her mouth smiled happily.
Thinking that it’s a cute smile, Ran pats Aya’s head gently

「I’m moving」
「Fuee?! W-Wait a momeー! I haven’t prepared my mind yet, therefore…」

The stopped waist moves and the penis pushed in deep inside Aya.
The wet vagina is invaded without any resistance. ‘I wonder if the sensation on the tip is Aya’s uterus’
Earlier, Aya said that it’s a place that’s helplessly itchy.

「Does it feel good here?」
「Hyaaaaaaaaaan! T-There!! It’s been aching all this time, wanting to be teased by someone!」

Leaking out a vulgar scream, Aya sticks her body to Ran boldly.
Aya’s voice that stimulates men usually transforms to a much more obscene and fascinating voice.

A pleasant scream like her breath doesn’t articulate fully.
Looking at the classmate showing an appearance from his act, Ran’s arousal accelerates further.

「I’m going to pour in my hot semen inside Aya’s pussy!」
「Fu-Fuaaaaaah…」 Kirishima’s hot and thick semen…」

She looks at Ran with wistful eyes as the meat collides with each other.
Aya’s already drunk in pleasure, she’s unable to make a kiss or caress due to the movement of his waist.

Embracing Aya’s body that became a doll, Ran pats Aya’s back and neck.
Swallowed by the tremendous pleasure of having her uterus being violated, it seems she’s feeling Ran’s touch as well.
When he pats her back, a lovely voice leaks out from the mouth of Aya.

Like her heart is being caressed directly, Aya’s lovely scream.
Listening to that voice, Ran stirs Aya’s vagina continuously.
Ran’s penis screams as if it’s sweetly wrung by the vagina walls, his testicles are squeezed up.

「uu, Uaaa…! A-Aya! I-I’m going to cum!」
「C-Cum?ーF-Fuaaaaan! Kirishima’s penis, the hot stuff…」

The pure white torrent is released from the tip of his penis. Pushed to the deepest part, the thick semen is poured inside Aya’s womb.

「This is bad… It feels too good I can’t stop」

His testicles swell up from the feeling it’s being squeezed. The ejaculation rises up consecutively can’t stop easily.
The more he ejaculates, the more the ejaculation feeling swells up. Is it because of bestowal magic? or is it because Aya’s too lewdly cute?
Experiencing Aya’s whole plump body, Ran falls down to her limply.

Ran whose white liquid is finally drained tosses himself and lied down next to Aya.
The penis hanging from his crotch then gets softer.
Aya who’s lying down next to him breathes roughly while showing a satisfied expression.
Looking happily, She loosens her mouth.

‘Is this the effect of bestowal magic?’
Thanks to the unrestricted energy due to Aya’s infinite mana, it’s possible to ejaculate to Aya this way.

Raising up his body, he take a look at Aya’s crotch.
Aya’s vagina hole where Ran just poured in his semen a while ago, there’s a thick cloudy liquid dripping out.
Aya’s spread out slit twitches pelasantly.

「Kirishima’s penis feels sooo gooood…」

Showing a composed expression even though it’s enchanted, Aya reached out for Ran’s penis.
The sensitive penis that just ejaculated is wrapped in her soft hand.
His penis has withered but it’s still unexpectedly energetic.
Just one ejaculation doesn’t seem to be enough. ーIt’s unknown whether it’s a single shot because it’s shot continuouslyー

With Aya’s touch, Ran’s penis got completely erect once again.

The testicles swells up, the penis caressed by Aya trembles pleasantly.
Even though he ejaculated that much, Ran’s penis doesn’t seem to be satisfied yet.

Thinking of her moderately tanned skin be shining with white semen, Ran hangs over Aya’s body again.