Chapter 31 : Tranquility


「…Okay, this okay now」

Inside the room where the dazzling sun comes in, Inugami Kanami smiles satisfied while holding a pure white fabric towards the window.

The cloth in Kanami’s hand has a pink ribbon as decoration in a sorry state.
There’s three holes in the fabric.
This is for the second time, the color of the whole fabric is undoubtedly pure white.

「I can finally wear it. I can finally wear the only underwear I brought from the former world today!」

There are various kinds of women’s underwear in this world.
The most common is a pumpkin panties that’s one size fits all.
When they first come to this world, the students who didn’t care about fashion all bought cheap underwear without regards to the gender.

Kanami was the same at start but miserable panties becoming in full view when your skirt is flipped is not good for the discipline so she abolished it in class.

Also, there are some that didn’t like the bra included with it.
The underwear coming as set with those panties were string adjusted as well.
KanamiーOr rather, for high school girls who value supporting their growing breasts, the performance isn’t enough.

If they wear those things everyday, the shape of their breasts will turn worse.
They want to refrain from having the whole class having dropping breasts.

Therefore, recently, everyone’s using underwear that has a better performance than the ones above.
As expected, there’s no wire or rubber for bra, it’s a subtle point where you ask if there are two underwear alike as those in Japan.
Those that were made by processing demon materials, they were somewhat acceptable to use.

「That said, the touch is the worst. As expected, the underwear you’re used to is definitely better」

The other students wash their underwear like every evening and wear the ones they purchased from the former world everyday.
Kanami’s unable to wear the panty she’s used to wearing due to a certain cause.

「But, I feel relieved with this. The smellーand the dirt are all taken away. That’s case closed now」

Using deodorants made from demon body fluidsーand mixing it with some antibacterial agents, it’s already been a month since then.
Though there’s still some that’s sticking on it, there’s no need to wash it further than necessary.
It’s only a problem of mood afterwards.

After taking a deep breath, she puts her panties through her legs.
Sliding through the line from the calf to the thighs, her pure white panty is placed on where it should be.
Sighing out a long breath, stroking her lower abdomen in front of a full length mirror, Kanami’s cheeks blushed in relief.

「As expected, this feeling」

Sailor uniform on top, nodding satisfied on the piece of underwear on her lower half that’s quite indecent, Kanami begins to wear her navy blue skirt and black knee socks.


「Kana-chan, good morning!」

Walking in the corridor with a refreshed feeling, a familiar voice calls her name from behind.
Stopping and turning back, she saw a face that’s sighing.
Normally, it’s a spectacle that’s surprising but Kanami didn’t show any surprise and just returned a cute smile.

「Good morning, Shirayuki. You seem to be more energetic this morning」
「Nー. Well yeah, I’m feeling electric or rather, I feel high tension, or rather! It feels that the morning is so great!」

Shirayuki Saki, the athletic girl on top of the castle, shows a smiling face like the sun while stretching her soft limbs
The smile showing on her tanned face has captivated a number of male students.

Showing a cheerful smile, a sprinter that can make friends regardless of gender.
Her figure running through the track during club activities are just like a beast.

The body that’s lacking in unevenness, has an exquisite proportions where the muscle in her body doesn’t impair her charm as a high school girl.
Far from plump and soft JK body, but plenty of pheromones from her no-fat slender body is filled with sexiness.
The tanned sweaty skin is very sensual.

「A good start of a morning? Have you seen a good dream?」
「Yeah, it was seriously the best! Just remembering it makes me happy!」

Raising a happy scream, Saki hops around while holding her cheeks with her hand.
It’s mostly her loved school boy going out, Kanami sends a smiling gaze to Saki.

Basically, Saki’s getting along with everyone but, normally she’s on the same group as the castle’s upper group including Kanami, Misuzu, Niigaki, and Torao.
Her relationship with Niigaki is especially good.
Normally, they call each other’s first names, the two have also been seen going home from school together.
The two seems to be going out often when holidays, surely, the two are going out.

Shirayuki Saki who’s the ace of track and field team, and Niigaki Takeo who’s called Ikemen by eight out of ten schoolgirls.
The two of them happily walking together makes a picture.
They’re a good looking couple.

「Kana-chan, did you have a dream about the person you like?」
「…I don’t remember. I might’ve, I might not have」

Basically, Kanami is the type that wakes up and forgets the content of the dreams at the same time.
But, for some reason if it’s a scary dream or a disturbing one, she remembers it quite well.

「I don’t remember the contents of my dreams that much」
「I see… Then, has Takeo come out in Kana-chan’s dream?」
「Niigaki?… As far as I can remember, no」

Kanami’s response made Saki smile regrettably.

「You see, Takeo did it seems」
「What did?」
「He saw Kana-chan in his dreams, several times he said」

Why is this the topic now? Kanami tilts her head curiously.
If I recall, Niigaki in the former worldーor rather, it was always them in a group of five.
Kanami doesn’t care about Niigaki, Niigaki probably doesn’t think anything about Kanami as well.

Rather, Niigaki seems to take a bit of distance from Kanami compared to Misuzu and Saki.
Niigaki surely is a man who likes cheerful, gentle, and cute girlsーjust like Misuzu and Saki.
Thinking about it, Kanami’s the type that’s different among the three.
If he creates a distance only on herself, she’ll only think that there’s no helping it.

「ーAh, but I think Torao might’ve appeared on my dreams」
「Eh, ah? Shigechi? Appeared in your dreams?」

Just as said earlier, she remembers disturbing and scary dreams.
If you ask what kind of dream Torao appearsーwell, that’s how it is.
She doesn’t want to remember it that much

「Well, it’s not something big. Forget it」
「Euuー… I’m so curious though」

As they continue their pointless talk, Kanami and Saki have reached the dining area.
Because there’s still time to prepare meals, the number of students in the dining area are less than half.

Her eyes met with Mikoshiba Aya who’s polishing her nails, she greeted with only her hands.

Mikoshiba is currently alone.
But, Megane and the otaku group will be coming soon so her time alone in the dining area isn’t that long.

Though Mikoshiba’s tied with her by being Ran’s girl, her exchange with the otaku group is still continuing.
Ran himself doesn’t think that much about Megane and Mikoshiba getting along.
If her only place in the class is taken away, she’d be completely isolated from the class, he thought, so it seems that he compromised not minding as long as it’s only a healthy friendly relationship.

Even Kanami, she thought that Mikoshiba who’s madly in love with Ran won’t be won over by Megane and Otagawa, she thought that she wouldn’t worry about it anymore.

「Ah, Takeo’s here it seems. Hallo~」

While Kanami’s watching MIkoshiba, Saki seems to have found their group.
Taking Kanami’s hand, she rushes to the table as if skipping.

「Takeo, Shigechi, Misuzun, mornin’ You three are early today as well!」
「Good morning, Saki.」 Oh, there’s some bed hair on your back, lemme fix it
「Eh, no way? Geez, Kana-chan! You should say it if you noticed!」
「…Sorry. I didn’t think that it was bed hair」
「True, it looks like a hairstyle depending on the viewpoint nyaa」
「Misuzun! Don’t give her a follow up!」

Niigaki combs her neck, Saki dyes her cheeks red in embarrassment.
Her clumsy attitude that causes trouble for others is also one of her charms.
A girl who’s a bit airhead is popular among boys. Their desire to protect is stimulated.

「It’s okay, Shirayuki-san with bed hair is also cute」
「…!? G-Geez…Shigechi」

Smiling softly, ShigechiーTorao Shigenobu pats Saki’s head.
Back in the former world, Torao’s madly in love with Misuzu but.
Recently, it seems that he’s not in touch with Misuzu.

After a few daysーa couple of weeks Misuzu was taken away by Ran, Torao completely lost his energy and became like an empty shell.
Just what went wrong?
Did he throw a metaphorical sex joke on the day of transfer?
Or did he do something that Misuzu hated?
Did he fancy making a harem behind the scene?

A countless scenes of Torao keeping his head down to Misuzu continues but Misuzu never showed her smile to Torao like before.
That’s all due to Kirishima Ran’s skill’s command but nobody knows about that but Ran and Misuzu.
Even Kanami doesn’t understand why Misuzu’s shunning Torao like this.

But as time went through, she understood some things.
Misuzu’s not avoiding only Torao.
Misuzu’s taking distance from all of the school boys looking at her with bad eyes.

It’s an unusual change for Misuzu who’s close to everyone.
Did the stress from the change of environment cause it?
Or was Misuzu originally a quiet girl, and her former world’s behavior was an act?

Anyhow, it’s true that Misuzu have changed.
But, nobody want to talk about it so nobody bothered to dig it up.
If Misuzu wants the current status quoーthen they’ll touch her as she wants.
That’s the decision consensus of the group of Kanami and Torao.

Sometimes, you just get used to the environment.
Bit by bit, the atmosphere of the class is returning to the former state.
Kanami and others on the top of the castle, is always the five of them.
Sayaka, Otomezaki Emi, Fujiyoshi Yuri, female otaku group are still talking about anime and special effects excitedly.
Mikoshiba the lone wolf including the otaku group, though Ryuuzaki Tsubasa isn’t there, it looks like they’ve settled down.
Even Ryuzaki seems to be getting along with Tanaka Haruto, Yamashiro Hirokatsu, Shiratori Kakeru (Though they’re somewhat annoying)

「Ohohohoho, it’s finally time for breakfast!」1

The blonde wavy haired ladyーJougaoka Reika enters the dining room with her followers.

Though they’re followers, it’s not that they’re students who took initiative and become Reika’s servants.
Reika’s the class vice chairman and furthermore, a rich one, has always chased by various people since childhood.
This time, it’s also the same.
Taking care of Reika’s leftovers, the two somewhat good looking schoolgirlsーand

「No but still, Reika-sama’s beautiful today as well. Like a swan swimming on the pool that reflects the moon, that beauty and eleganceーas one would expect from Reika-sama」

The handsome boy spouting out bullshit on his mouthーKiryuin Subaru smiles gracefully on Reika’s side.
And for some reason, he’s wearing a black tuxedo instead of a uniform.
Though it stands out when walking side by side with three girls wearing sailor uniform, But Kiryuin Subaru doesn’t seem to care about it.

Well, even if you say that, the one having a blonde wavy hair(her real hair it seems)ーis also wearing a pure white knee socks, Jougaoka Reika is standing out in a strange meaning though.

「The four of them are as usual」

Looking at the four sitting down on the most conspicuous seat on the dining room, Kanami sighs showing no particular concern.
Well, that’s how it is. Eventually, the environment of the class has regained their calm.

「Somehow, it’s peacefulー」
「Yeah, seriously. You won’t even think that we’re going to fight the Maou anytime soon」

Kanami answers jokingly on Saki’s mutter.
Giving cheat skills on each of them, a situation where they continued training everyday.
The students who were swirling in anxiety and anger at start are like this now. As if studying on a long stay, they spent their daily life in that sense.

「The travel to overthrow the Maouーwhen are we going to depart for that?」
「Anytime will do As long as we can finally return to the former world」
「Eh, I’d rather do it as soon as possible.「」 I don’t want it to be stretched and we return after a few years」
「That’s true too」

If they defeat the Maou, they should be able to return to their former world.
In fact, it should cost quite a lot to give shelter, training and everything.
It’s thought that you can return if you finished your role but.

「…But somehow, I feel like there’s a catch」

Will this harmonious situation really last forever.
Kanami knits her eyebrows feeling some discomfort.

「What’s wrong?」
「No, I’m just overthinking it」

Anyway, for now, they’re just going steady on what they’re given.
If the king dies before they take down the Maou, then they’d lose everything.
Then, as soon as the country is prepared, they’ll summon Kanami and others and depart.

Sitting down in the chair, exhaling in her nose weakly, the doors just opened and a spicy appetizing scent drifts.
Desperately trying to gloss over the ringing of her bely in response to the sweet scent, Kanami enjoys the breakfast given.