Chapter 32: Phalaenopsis’ poison


After coming out of the relaxed dining room, Saki’s waiting for Kanami at the side of the door.
The skill given to Saki is *A flash of sword*(*Forever Punishment*) It’s a wide range attack skill that shoots in an infinite distance in one slash

It’s quite a dangerous skill as if you make a single mistake everyting around would be cut, Saki is still not serious on holding it up.
Currently, they’re being trained individually in the backyard using swords made from wood and ropes.

Therefore, what Saki’s desperately trying to acquire is the control of the ability.
Wide rangeーIn order not to attack all in the area of effect, she focus on attacking on only one place.

For example, cutting off only the neck of a demon several meters ahead with one flash, that kind of technique.
Actually, it seems that it wears our her nerve considerably and Saki often get tired when she finished training everyday.

「It’s rare for Shirayuki to wait for me」
「Ehehe, I have something I really want to talk with Kana-chan about. Here, let’s go」

Taken by Saki’s cheerful attitude, Kanami walks through the corridor of the royal palace in a quick pace.
By the way, Kanami receives training in the same place as many others, so if she follows Saki, it’ll be quite a long way around.
But, she’s been invited by a friend.
She judged that she mustn’t refuse it coldly, she thought that it would be okay just to send Saki to her personal training ground then she’ll go back to her training grounds.

「Kana-chan, do you believe in dreams coming true or prophetic dreams?」
「I don’t」
「An immediate answer?!」

Saki stares at her with an unbelievable face.

「No, well you see. I don’t remember most of my dreams anyway, it won’t even be a topic if I believe it or not」
「B-But…you remembered a dream where Shigechi came out right? Then」
「…Oh, well, that’s you see」

Or rather, if that dream becomes a reality, Kanami will surely beat up Torao.
Since Inugami Kanami doesn’t like violence, she puts aside whether she takes action or not.

「Let’s put aside my dreams. …Did the dream you had this morning became true?」

Kanami asks, Saki blushes.
I see, Kanami nods as she understood.
It was the development earlier.
Having her beloved point out her bed head, having his hand comb it while teasingher.

「I’m really happy. I don’t want to wash my head forever」
「Wash it. Men won’t come near to women if they’re sweaty」
「Eeeh, I wonderー I’ve heard that there’s a lot of people who are attracted to the sweat of opposite sex because of pheromones」
「Where did you hear that from?」

Saying that far, speaking of which, Saki’s a sprinter, she remembers.
Track and fieldーfurthermore, a short distance player, she’s always sweaty after morning training.
It’s not strange if she looked up on such a thing because she’s worried about her body odor.

Well, the smell talk doesn’t matter.
Rather than that.

「Oh… That was seriously cool, it’s a crime!」

Like a maiden in love(She actually is) Saki holds her blushing cheeks.
It’s not that she doesn’t understand her feelings, Kanami stares at her with warm eyes.

「But, I was sure that Shirayuki and Niigaki were dating a long time ago」
「…Fuee?! Takeo and me? Why?」

As if being pulled from her pleasant dream world, Saki’s eyes are flapping in surprise.「」

「Why?… You’re calling each other by first names, I guess」

The face of the man she calls by his first name comes to Kanami’s head.
Kirishima Ranーshe’s always calling him with his first name

「No way, geezー My relationship with Takeo isn’t like that, we’re just friends. We’re just a little overfamiliar with each other since middle school」
「I wonder. I was sure that Shirayuki and Niigaki are in mutual love…」

Kanami said, Saki said「ahー」

「Takeo likes girls who are stylish and good looking, I’m not a match to Takeo’s tastes. Of course, Misuzun too」

A shadow’s cast on Saki’s face when she said ‘Misuzun too’.
Kanami knows this face so she won’t say anything unnecessary.
The woman who’s mind is mature to some degree generally insult and backbite when the target person is gone.
Kanami who’s often said to be masculine and or cool is undoubtedly a flower of a high school girl.
Whether a friend she’s in good relationship or an important friend backbites, she don’t think she’ll deny or refuse it on the same way.

Of course if their friendly relationship breaks, even the disciplinary committee Kanami herself, there’s no way she could overlook it silently.

「Misuzun has peeled off her mask, it’s already impossible to be pampered like beforeー She doesn’t seem to be speaking with Shige-chi anymroe, it’s already over with her
「I see」
「Just acting friendly made her that popular with boys. With her environment changed a bit, she turned so quiet. …Then, she shouldn’t have done that from the start」

Though it looks like a backbite, it seems different.
Saki drops her glance looking lonely.

「If they’re going to break up without even holding hands, they shouldn’t have that relationship in the first place. In wonder how much damaged Shige-chi from being done that much」
「I’m saying that Shige-chi’s so pitiful, even though he finally got to go out with the girl he liked, he got dumped without doing anything」

Saki speaks seriously while looking at Kanami’s eyes.
After a long sigh breathed out, Saki mutters『Sorry for blowing it off to Kana-chan』

「If it was me, then I would have never done that」

Saying so, Saki quickly walk to her training ground.
Looking at her back, Kanami exhales a deep sigh.

‘The class has restoredーI thought that we have regained peace but it seems to be a miscalculation.’
There are small misunderstandings and dispute budding in invisible places.
Kanami thought of covering it as soon as possible before it becomes an irreversible damage.

The poison Kirishima Ran has dropped is starting to perpetrate the class bit by bit from the inside.


「Nkuuu…! Hyaa, yaa, fueeeaaaaa!?」

In a closed room at midnight.
While lewd water sounds and panting voice echoes, a male and female in uniform face each other in bed.

The man’s experienced hand wraps the plump breasts and carefully rub it.
Then, the other oneーhis empty hand is stirring the woman part desperate to be messed up.

Kneading the woman’s left breasts with his one hand, the boy presses his face against her right breasts.
Sucking the breasts filled with womanly aroma, the boyーKirishima Ran bites Kanami’s nipples and suck it without hesitation.

「Haa, haaaau! Fuaa, fuaaa, fueeeaaaan! There, it feels really good there!」

Looking at Kanami who’s panting lewdly, Ran pinches the nipples on the left breasts.

「Heaaaaaaa! There, there, it feels amazing! More, do it moreeee…!」

While paying attention so he won’t forget to finger her clitoris, Kanami caress Kanami’s plump breasts with his hand and mouth.
To tend and care for Kanami’s body.
Not to satisfy Ran’s own sexual curiosity but to make Kanami feel good.
Ran continues to attack the pleasure points of Kanami’s body.

「Hau, haeee, haeeeaaauuuーーーー!?」

Fiddling around her crotch and breasts at the same time, Kanami bends her body in pleasure.
Stretching out from head to toe, leaking out a scream, eventually she weakened like her power supply’s been turned off.

「Haaa, haaa… No moreee…」

Looking at Kanami who’s breathing roughly and staring at the air, Ran pats Kanami’s head worriedly.

He didn’t have a schedule of having sex with Kanami tonight.
Ran already has four girls he’s having a body relationship with, so he can release his desires whenever he wants it.
Because girls have their circumstances, he can’t have sex with a girl he likes on the day he likes.
For Ran, Misuzu, Kanami, Sayaka and Aya are all his treasured Retainersーbut also girls.

Recently, Ran himself heads to the girl’s room, healing his mind and body by flirting, then return to his roomーthat’s his daily routine.

That said, there are days where Ran doesn’t have any libido.
The penis not reacting all day long apart from the morning wood, finding no value in groping a woman’s bodyーthere were such days too.
By the way, today was that day.
Therefore, so he can sleep soundly and enjoy his sex life tomorrow, he thought of restoring his energy.

When he entered the bed thinking that it’s already the end of the day, the door was knocked.
Though it’s a day where he has no libido, it’s not that they don’t have any desire to be embraced nor sexual curiosity.

I want to be embraced, wrapped in the pure feeling of wanting to be together, Ran treasures his girls.
There’s no need to pretend that he’s already asleep or that the business is closed.
Ran joyfully accepted the visitor, but

At the same time he opens the door, Kanami embraces Ran’s body tightly.
Though he’s entranced by the body temperature of Kanami spreading through his whole body, it’s true that he also felt some sense of incompatibility as Kanami’s leaning her body silently.
She looked at the penis not reacting, Kanami sends Ran an upward glanceー

「I don’t need to have sex, I want you to comfort me」

She begged.

‘Well, with that said, I comforted Kanami(in a sexual manner) as she wanted’

「I know that you want to be embraced so your emotions are overcome but. What happened to you that you suddenly wanted to be comforted?」
「Well, something」

Kanami speaks up.
‘Speaking of which, this was also the feeling when I first embraced Kanami’
Imagining the figure of the black haired ponytail girl, Kanami’s a girl that’s strong to the core.
Belonging to the kendo club which the practice is severe, furthermore, correcting the morals of the school, she voluntarily runs as the disciplinary committee.
She’s a very serious, and a very wonderful schoolgirl.

But, before being a serious and a firm disciplinary committee girl, Kanami is a high school girl.
She’s a normal girl who doesn’t have anything special.
Though she’s a strong and straightforward one, she also feels stress and pain like other people.
Kanami just can’t reveal it plainly.

「If anything happens, I’ll listen to the story. Of course, if Kanami doesn’t want to talk then you don’t have to force yourself. If you just want to be embraced silently, then I’ll hug you tight for tonight」

Staring at the breasts that’s moving up and down matching her rough breathing, Ran gently combs Kanami’s bangs
Kanami’s black hair is smooth and beautiful.
It also smells good.
Ran thought that he want to bury his face there and breathe deeply.

Combing her beautifully cut bangs, she looks up at Ran’s face.
‘I want him to listen but I don’t want to say it’
‘I want to tell everything but I don’t want Ran to worry’
‘I’d like to be spoiled but I don’t want to show weakness’
Such feeble glance speak such words.

The worry Kanami’s holding is in the classーthe cause of Misuzu’s change.
The story where the class has rejected Ranーand the story of Misuzu’s relationship.
It’s not hard to think that Ran’s not involved at all, it’s possible that the cause of problem might be Ran.

If Ran feels bad because of what Kanami says.
If he comes to hate Kanami.
Thinking so, Kanami can’t confess her current problems to Ran.

「…Then, could you embrace me?」
「Sure. Come, Kanami」

Spreading his arms, he hugs Kanami who’s wearing uniform in his chest.
Patting Kanami who’s trembling in his chest, Ran stares at the wall of the room and think about.

What is Kanami most afraid of?
Inugami Kanami was able to keep her calm even she was caught in a situation that would be traumatic for girls of her ageーher underwear being stolen and used.
Perhaps the problem Kanami’s currently holding isn’t her own.

Kanami’s an ally of the weak even on the former world.
And, she’s the one that’s thinking of the class more than anyone else.
In that case, Kanami’s worries is a classーa problem of a classmate.

「It would be better if I carry out the plan as soon as possible」

Misuzu, Kanami, Sayaka, AyaーRan already has four retainers in his group.
Though they’re reliable allies with amazing cheat skills.
With five people including Ran, it’s unthinkable that they’ll be a match against 16 remaining saints.

As originally planned, he must draw as much classmatesーwarriors match a thousand, as possible.
Ran’s skill can’t be used on male students so he’ll inevitably lead school girls.

‘I don’t like the work of having deep kisses and sex but, I’ve been violating female students on my pace until now’
If a problem arises within class, then it might not be said.
Even small troubles, there’s a possibility of it becoming a big crack in the future and destroy the atmosphere.
‘I’d like to coax the school girls as soon as possible’

‘I don’t want to think too much but because of the strained atmosphere, there are bullying among girls breaking out, someone breaking because of stressーit’s possible someone’s life be lost because of skills and magic’

The dark thought dominates his mind, he unconsciously embraced Kanami’s body tightly.
Who should I target next? Who will I make my retainerーlet’s think about it tomorrow.

‘Let’s make Kanami’s healing our top priority for tonight’
Feeling the warmth of Kanami in his chest, Ran closed his eyes and fell asleep.