Chapter 33: Recollection and Estimate


Kanami who finished her breakfast came out of the dining room, Shirayuki Saki was waiting for Kanami besides the door again

But, Saki’s not alone for today.
The former otaku group member and currently a member of Tanaka Haruto’s groupーRyuzaki Tsubasa is chatting with her happily.

「Ryuzaki-kun what kind of anime do you usually watch? If you’d like could you recommend me something to watch?」
「Ah, sure. I-I like the special effects more than anime soーwait, Anime, right, it’s about Anime. If you ask me, slice of lifeーUhm, those with light stories coming out recently, I don’t like those that much. I prefer those with a deeper theme. For exampe, mecha and robo animeーor heroines that are fighting. A recent recommendation I could give is an idol who’s singing dancing and participating in a space war is amazing for me but, it’s a remake of a past work or a spin off so it can’t be recommended for beginners. That’s why, let’s seeーa touching action anime about magical girls fighting witches became popular a while ago but I guess I can recommend that. Yeah, I think that even people who’s not watching anime usually can enjoy it, besides it doesn’t have any strange or perverted scenes so it’s healthy, huh, what am I talking about, hahahaha…」

Kanami doesn’t even understand what Ryuzaki Tsubasa is talking about.
Saki nods her head with a curious look in her eyes, showing a bright smile to Ryuzaki’s eyes.

A healthily tanned skin. Though her face is appropriate for her age, the sweat that’s oozing out of her forehead creates a loveliness and youth to her.
The cheerful outdoor girl who’s expressions are precisely youthful, is currently wrapped in her training wear.
Wearing a dress that reminds you of gym clothing, from Kanamiーa girl’s point of view, it’s not a sensual dress.

But, for adolescent boysーfurthermore, cherry boys who never talked to actual female students, all the dress the school girls wear stir up their sexual curiosity.

The tanned upper arm peeping from the sleeves turned over to the shoulder. When she stretch her body, the athletic abdominal muscles takes a peek And above all, her healthily tanned thighs, knee, and calf combo.
It can’t be called an overexposure clothing but it rather makes you feel uncomfortable. The skin of the maiden’s shown dignified as it’s not a place that she would be embarrassed even if seen.
In that situation where he could worship it straight, Ryuzaki’s nose stretches lossely

「Oh, looks interesting! I guess I should take a look after I return to the original world1 What’s the title?」
「Ah, err, ah. It’s a long title so I can’t remember it」
「I see… Then, I’ll give you my chat ID so tell me later. You can send it without mistaking a character if it’s in text right?」
「E-Eu, you’re telling me your chat ID?」
「It’s inconvenient if we can’t contact each other right?…Here you go Don’t ever lose it」

Looking at Saki scribbling on paper, Ryuzaki gulps his throat in expectations
The track and field beauty in front of him is going to give her contact details by herself.
It’s a natural reaction.

「O-Of course! T-Thanks」

Handing a peace of paper with numbers written on it to Ryuzaki, Saki smiles.

Ryuzaki stretched out his hand feeling healed from that smile, then making a mistake on his sense of distance, his fingertips touches Saki’s soft palm.
Ryuzaki looks surprised twitching his body on the soft skin of the maiden unintentionally wrapping his fingertips.

「Wa-wa, err, sorry!」

Ryuzaki’s puzzled from the contact with a beauty speaks out words of apology, then escaped the place with his ears dyed red.

Saki saw his back waving her hand.
Before long, Ryuzaki eventually disappeared, then she turned to Kanami having an arc in her mouth.

「Thanks for the wait, Kana-chan」
「It’s not a big deal. …Rather than that, you haven’t exchanged contacts with Ryuzaki yet」

The cheerful athletic club girl Shirayuki Saki is the central figure of the class like Misuzu.

Misuzu’s the little sister type you’d want to protect, and Saki’s the childhood friend type that’s energetic.
If you ask who are the two big beauties in the class, the two of them would be listed first.

By the way, Kanami and Aya are labelled as『scary girls』so their popularity is equal to the two above.

Misuzu and Saki are popular in the class as they’re on the top of the castle.
If you ask what part is the different in the two of them, the upfront school girl would be listed first on popularity.

Misuzu’s actions and behavior is like a young one and Saki who’s innocent and energetic.
Saki’s popularity is also high from female students but Misuzu isn’t thought well by the female students in the class.

Well, that’s from the perspective of the students.
Actually, it’s inevitable as there’s no human that’s liked by everyone.

「Ryuzaki-kunーwait, It’s not that I’m exchanging contacts with all of my classmatesー」
「But you exchanged contacts with Megane, or Otagawa, right? Isn’t that everyone?」
「Hm, I don’t have Kirishima-kun’s. That guy’s so dark, I don’t know what to talk about with him. In that respect, Megane-kun and Otagawa-kun will usually bite when you try to talk about anime so they’re easy to speak with」

Now that she said it, Saki hits her palm saying「speaking of which」

「It’s already been long ago since Kirishima-kun has gone away from the Palace. It’s like a taboo topic even in our class so even I was silent about it but, aren’t you curious about it」
「Kana-chan hates it when someone’s being excluded, or when there’s a student that’s disturbing the group behavior. You even seem that you’ll say that we’ll all return to the former world」

Putting her hand on her chin, Kanami closes her eyes and think about it.
What should I reply here?
Kanami is aware that Ran is living and is causing some trouble.
She can’t say that, and must not let her realize it.

「…I want Kirishima-kun to be alive」
「Saki thinks so too?」
「At that time, I was scared of the brainwashing skills butーnow that I’ve thought about it calmly, isn’t it quite horrible for us to turn all of the hate of the class to him?」

Showing a dry laugh as it’s already too late, Saki scratches the back of her head.

「I wasn’t able to hear Takeyama’s contact information too」

Takeyama Yokoshima Jaimi Well, it’s a so-called unconventional baby name.
The appearance is exactly like a certain Gouda’s sister, it’s a female student who has a hobby of painting.

Not good at talking, always painting by herself Yokoshima Jaimi
She’s not a bad girl but she’s a schoolgirl that’s easy to bully.
She wasn’t transferred to this worldーshe’s a student who’s been bullied by the students so she became a truant.
There are rumors of her suicide attempts but it’s unknown whether it’s her real intention or not.

「I think that it’s a common thought to boycott people who’s not wanted to be together with the class. In this unknown world where you have nowhere to go home to, I recently think that it’s no different from death sentence」

Thrown away from your daily life to an unusual world
In order to distract themselves from such transfiguration, at first, they’re moving unconsciously trying to follow their daily life in Japan as much as possible.

Recently, the saints are also wearing the everyday clothing of this world.
When they just came to this world, everyone’s wearing uniform almost everyday.

The sense of their feet floating from the ground as they separate from their daily life, is a fearsome feeling they don’t want to feel it multiple times.

「…Hmm, but, well. Let’s end the gloomy story! Sorry, Kana-chan. Let’s have a fun story!」
「Yeah, then let’s seeーwhat would you do after returning to the former world?」
「That’s obvious! I’d like to fill my stomach with junk food and pudding and then take a bath filled with warm water! I guess」
「Fufu, Shirayuki has spoken all of the things I want to say」

True, it’s absolutely impossible in this world.
When it comes to bathsーMikoshiba’s skills can prepare enormous amounts of water and fire, recently it has become possible to spend some time bathing like in the former world.
As for pudding and chips, it’s helpless.
It’s unthinkinable that there’s a similar food, there’s no choice but to do it.

「Alsoーhmmm, I want to do a double date with the four of us when we return to the former worldー」
「Me and Shigechi, Kana-chan and Takeo」

Kanami stops showing a blank face, Saki blushes her cheeks seeing that.

「Yesterday, I thought that you were able to guess ーwait」
「No what I guessed is that Shirayuki liked Torao from the conversation yesterday…」

What’s Kanami puzzled about isn’t the fact that Saki’s madly in love with Torao.
As a matter of course, Kanami and Niigaki were supposed to be going out

「Me going out with Niigaki?」
「Takeo’s madly in love with Kana-chan. It’s a rare opportunity, I thought that we should all hang out. If it’s Kana-chan and Takeo, I’m sure that you’ll be a perfect coupleー」

Aside from excluding Misuzu casually.
Although it’s indirect, Kanami who’s suddenly thrown with feelings of love lowers her eyebrows troubled.

「I-I see… But, I」

If the other world transfer didn’t occur, and they were spending their daily life.
Supposed she received a confession from Niigaki in the midst of having fun with the five young people.
What would Kanami reply with?

But, the situation’s different. It’s meaningless to ask『what if』
In fact, after the other world transfer, she has been turned to a retainer because of Ran’s skillーnow she loves the male student named Kirishima Ran from the bottom of her heart.
Even if it’s said now, Kanami’s heart won’t move a bit.

「Huh, could it be that Kana-chan has someone she likes ?!」

Wondering what to do, Saki holds down her mouth with her hand.
She surely thought that Niigaki’s feelings have reached Kanami somewhere in her heart.
She probably didn’t think about Kanami speaking about rejecting it.

「S-Sorry, Kana-chan! I was sure that you were free so I thoughtー What should I do, I spoke about his feelings without permission, won’t Takeo get angry at me?ー」

That said, the appearance of Niigaki won’t trouble her.
Niigaki who’s good looking on the surface is popular with school girls, especially the seniors and juniors so Saki thought that he could have a happy romance someday.

「S-Sorry… I’ll pretend I didn’t hear about Niigaki’s love so」
「I-It’s fine, Kana-chan doesn’t have to mind it. S-Still! Kana-chan who’s a beautiful swordswoman falling in love, so there was such a lucky boy!」

Looking at Kanami who’s blushing her cheeks silently, Saki gazed at Kanami’s ears while showing a smile like she exposed a gossip.

「ーThen, who’s the boy who shot Kana-chan’s heart?」
「C-Can we skip this talk?」
「Eh, well you see. Didn’t Kana-chan say that she was free before we transferred to this world. Then this means that it’s only one of the boys in the class, of course I’ll get curious!」

With her eyes shining, Saki in front of Kanami looks like a dog wagging her tail.
Speaking of which, Saki loves rumors and love stories, Kanami remembers.

「Who is it? Hey, I won’t tell anyone, so could you tell me? Tanaka-kun? Or could it be Shiratori-kun? Is it Yamashiro-kun? Or, no way, it’s Kiryuin-kun?」
「If you’re just speaking that loud then I’d be in trouble too…」

Kanami who’s usually dignified shows a rare desponent look, Kanami’s cheeks blushed in embarrassment.

The face Kanami shows is a maiden in love.


「How is it, Kirishima-kun? It’s impossible to see here from the other side, on the contrary, it’s a great place to see everything in full view」
「No, that really helps me. Not only that you granted my selfish idea but also you give me such a wonderful place to peep」

Ran’s been preparing his plans that would be carried out on the day he visit the training ground of the saints.

That said, as Ran himself said, the place Ran’s locatedーis a room in the clock tower that’s unused now butーis a place where the classmates sweating in the training grounds can’t see.
It’s not used to hold equipment and weapons but, it’s not that there’s a hidden treasure or books that are troublesome if seen.
But, it’s troublesome if seen so it’s occasionally done, the wooden floor turned yellow because of time passing by, there’s white and yellow sticky liquid sticking on it.

It’s impossible to see inside from outside the tower but you can see the scenery from inside the tower.
It’s probably the room where the minister and the servants do it as there’s cold wind or that it’s secluded.
There’s scraps of rope dropped politely too.

「When will they depart to overthrow the Maou? Is it still not known?」
「The one’s making fuss about overthrowing the Maou is mainly the Queen side. As for me, the servant of the first concubine, information isー」
「I see」

Ran peeps through the gap of the window and stare at his classmates training.
Kanami who’s in training wear is seen to be cutting scarecrow into pieces.
Ran thought that it’s amazing.

「It’s not everyone trains in here」
「Yes. Several saints are doing individual training and drills on other locations」
「As expected, there are no saints that can’t put on touki2ーright」
「All of the saints can put on their touki already. Thereforeーit’ll only be a matter of time before the departure」

Hearing the words of the servant, Ran closed his eyes in thought.
‘As expected, I must hurry’
‘I’ve got to make the school girls my retainers as soon as possible and turn them to allies’

‘It would be too late if they depart before I execute the plan’
Ran wasn’t allowed half-assed choices from the start.

Apart from the uncertainty if Ran is alive or not.
Misuzu and co.ーRan’s retainers are determined to take a journey to overthrow the Maou.

The young and healthy high school girls on a journey.
helping each other, they gradually deepen their relationship.
But, Misuzu and Kanami will never open up their hearts to boys.

Kanami and Aya who got aggressive skills can resist men but Misuzu and Sayaka who got conservative skills can’t.
If such an atmosphere boils here and there, even virtuous students can succumb to temptation.

‘It’s a topic I don’t want to think about’ Suppressed with skills and touki, they might be raped.
It’s unthinkable that there’s a demonic rascal that would forcefully violate an unprotected girl but an adolescent student’s sexual desire has infinite possibilities.

Ran’s the same.
He never thought until he came to this world that he would be filled with sexual desire that he could continue having sex with school girls every night.

Even if the four girls resists「I don’t want to go overthrow the Maou(I don’t want to leave Ran)」they’d be forcibly taken away.

But if it is everyone, then it’s different.
It should be impossible to forcibly bring all female students with cheat skills and touki.

Violenceーis a disgusting word where weak is being opposed by overwhelmingly strong people, but it can’t be helped actually.

Ran’s skill is also a strong skill to compete to one or two saints unless used wrongly.
In the royal palaceーin places where other than saints, there’s only harmless maids and few female knights, this place isn’t a big threat.
That said, if you try to bring a dangerous creature out of royal palace, you’ll only be caught by a guard or someone else.

Prepared piecesーit’s extremely rude however They have to face only female classmates that has enough exeptional talent.

「But well, since it’s a rare occasion, there’s no punishment if I try to pull allies one by one」

If there’s divine punishment in this world, then Ran who’s trampling human rights upfront can’t be overlooked.

Looking outside the window while making stupid thoughts, Sayaka who’s raising her leg enters his sights.
Her shorts that expose her thighs her legs that aren’t too thin nor too fat are exposed perfectly.

Her healthy skin is a tempting sight for adolescent high school boys.
Because he thought of punishments a while ago, a delusion of being teased by Sayaka rushes up his head.

Sayaka’s got some sadistic tendencies.
If he asks to be sandwiched in between her thighs or grind him with her bare feet, she’ll accept it happily.
Sayaka’s cute that way but when she’s pressing down Ran is her most sparkling time.
‘I’d like to flirt with Sayaka in her gym uniform on top of the bed’

Reminiscing Sayaka’s thighs bending forward, Ran sighs and strokes his cheeks.

「The downside of Isekai harem is the lack of costumes…」

It’s a rare high school girls harem.
‘I’d like to do various plays unique to high school girls in addition to uniforms’

Thinking that there’s no school girl wearing sports uniform or school swimsuit, Ran chases the figure of Sayaka with his eyes.


  1. By the way, the anime he’s recommending is Madoka Magica try giving it a watch
  2. Fighting spirit